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Dates are now starting to appear for the forthcoming 2009 World Tour.

The family tree section has been rewritten, reformated and expanded to include all the major line-ups of Simple Minds over the years.

(I've tried to find pictures of each of the various line-ups but in some cases this has proved too difficult. Therefore some of the line-ups have no pictures).

JohnnyBGood continues his quest to remix the entire back catalogue:

The news archives from the old Dream Giver site have all been reformatted, tidied up and added to this new site. You'll be able to access them via the links at the top (and bottom) of this page or via the news index.

For a summary of Simple Minds' entire career with albums, singles and tours marked on a per-month basis, then take a look at the timeline. This is a handy way of navigating to single, album and/or tour pages, and provides a handy recap of their history.

Many thanks to all those who sent in set-lists - the tour (so far) is complete.

An alternative tour diary
By Martin Charles Burchill Valentine

(yes, really)

Jim Kerr’s diaries are always a great read – but what’s it like to be fan on tour? This is my description of an amazing 11 days – when my life really did change forever...

Summer 2008

Oh my god – really? Back in the arenas where we belong? This is going to be wonderful.

Five seconds later: Decide I must do the whole tour. I book tickets for all the shows as quickly as my mouse will allow me.

Five seconds after that: Realise that if there’s ever going to be a perfect moment to propose to Gill, then it will be in the SECC on December 4 – by the waterfront, as they play Waterfront.

Month later: Shows announced for Newcastle, Belfast... yep, we’ll go to those too...

Work out that, due to work commitments, I can only get three days off. Hatch a plan to travel to Newcastle and then to Glasgow by train, then fly to Belfast and then home to Nottingham.

Cash for kids show announced: Damn, travel plans in chaos. Too late – sold out anyway.

Thursday: Manchester

Sounds stupid to say ‘I don’t know what to expect’ – but, I don’t. It’s been two years and three months since I witnessed the end of the Black and White tour in Edinburgh. A lot has happened to me then – an awful lot, and for the better. (To cut a long story short let’s say that Simple Minds quite literally saved my life in 2006).

This time Gill is with me. What a wonderful experience to be able to share the two great loves of your life in one place. We walk up the steps to the MEN arena – wow, this place is huge. We’re back in the big time! I see the programme and merchandise on sale – this is really happening!

What will they start with? Is it going to be lost on the people who’ve come for the 80s hits?

At 8.50pm we get our answer. And what a start – the song that changed my life forever back in 1983, a mere 13 years old. Waterfront is a brutally beautiful now as it was then. Is that really Factory they’re playing? How will they do Someone up there likes you? Oh, like that – brilliant. 30 seconds in and I’m in floods of tears. This is stunning. Drunk and annoying man next to me solves the problem of how to get past the unnecessarily aggressive stewards by climbing over the eight rows of seats to get to the front. With two beers in his hands.

Friday: Birmingham

Gill’s not been well and struggled through yesterday, so end up taking Tom – who doesn’t even like Simple Minds. He does by the end.

Not quite as incendiary a show as Manchester, but very, very good. It even sounds good in this horrible building, where nothing has ever sounded good. I’m already at the point of exhaustion having worked 15 hour days for the last six months. But nothing will stop this tour.

Saturday: Wembley

Meet up with my dear old friend Mat – we’ve been playing music together since 1986, and our Simple Minds jams are stuff of legend. We almost miss the start – both stuck on the north circular after an accident. Again right down near the front. And it’s very, very LOUD! I turn around during the end bit of Don’t You (Forget About Me) to see everyone right to the back going completely mental. A brilliant show, a wonderful night. I get home at 2.30am and am still wide awake at the majesty of it all.

Sunday: Day off

Am now right in the zone. I don’t know what to do with myself. Gives me time to think about the small issue of buying a ring for Thursday – typical man, still haven’t done it.

Am also hoping to conclude the deal to buy us a house tomorrow. It’s all going to happen this week!

Monday: Sheffield

Monumental versions of Catwalk, New Gold Dream, Glittering Prize and a couple of others – but otherwise this isn’t the greatest show. Charlie in particular seems to be having difficulties – his amps are on stage and he seems to be struggling to hear things properly. Takes until about half way through to get it all sorted out, but the crowd seems quiet as well.

During Alive and Kicking Jim wanders over our way and gives us a hearty wave – he must recognise us from when we met at his hotel in July (a whole other story!)

Tuesday: Cardiff

Finally agree a price for the house – at the exact moment I chose the ring in the jewellers. What are the odds of that? It’s a good omen.

The boss lets me leave early to make the long drive – nearly made longer by a car on the verge of breakdown, but nothing will stop me. This is the only show I’m seeing alone.

Get there in time to catch most of the excellent Deacon Blue, and am again down the front near Eddie, and near the fellow travellers who are becoming more familiar to me each night. I meet a family from Southampton – all Simple Minds fans and Nottingham Forest fans. So much so their kid is called Pearce, and he sings along with gusto. He gets a drumstick and one of Eddie’s plectrums for his efforts – and a reminder from Jim that’s it’s long past his bedtime.

Everyone’s right up for it, and the place goes up like a bomb. By the end it’s so hot the heat generated coats the hall like a thick fog – and promptly sets all the fire alarms off, leading to a hasty evacuation!

I’m home and in bed by 3.30am.

Wednesday: Newcastle

Up at 7.30am to make the train. Get to the hotel, then over to the Baltic for a dose of art and culture. Fall asleep and miss Deacon Blue. This is the first show we’ve seen from the back. Will we be surrounded by the people there for a bit of 80s nostalgia? Will they like it?

Yes and yes – and that’s great. Hopefully they’ll all come back for the proper tour and buy the album. The show works well from this distance and people are into it, despite the vast majority of the set being from 1984 or earlier. I dance like an idiot to I Travel, making its second appearance this tour.

Thursday: Glasgow

Today’s the day then. What if she says no?

No Deacon Blue tonight – the Alarm instead. We arrive at our hotel to find Mike Peters in the lobby, telling us we’ve just missed Jim. What’s he doing here – he can’t be staying here, surely? He lives in this town!

Five minutes to show time: For the first time I’m really nervous about what I’m about to do. It’s the opening song – decide to go for it as the intro music fades. Get down on one knee. She looks stunned but says yes. That throbbing intro starts and I’ve done it.

What a moment. I couldn’t have imagined it could have gone any better. I spend the rest of Waterfront screaming at the top of my voice in celebration.

The show is a stormer. We’re 10 rows from the front and right in the middle. Home makes its debut in the encore – appropriately enough – and I go completely mental, much to the amusement of the woman next to me.

We get back to the hotel – only to find a certain Mr Jim Kerr in the lobby! He becomes the first person we tell about our engagement and is absolutely thrilled for us. We get a picture taken that we will cherish forever. Jim remembers us from the summer and tells us he saw us in Sheffield. He asked Gill to send him some of the art she was drawing out in Sicily.

At this point, I am freaked out beyond anything I have ever known. This is the greatest day of my life.

Friday: Statues, Parks and Galleries

Spend the day in Glasgow doing the museums, modern art galleries and stuff. The day flies by in a blur.

Saturday: Belfast

Get to Glasgow airport to find Deacon Blue and Simple Minds on the same plane as us! Grab a quick chat with Charlie in Belfast airport – I thank him for the tour and for the last 25 years. I don’t remind him of my 1992 name change (but have told him before – he must think I’m mad).

Get to the hotel to find Simple Minds checking in at the same time. Are we accidently stalking them or the other way around?!

Walk to the show and can’t believe this experience is about to end.

We get to the last song of the main set – how will it go down? I needn’t have worried – the familiar refrain of Belfast Child drifts out and the noise from the crowd is terrifyingly loud.

Belfast Child has never sounded better than on this tour – and never better than tonight.

And then – is that really? It is – it’s Let there be love, making its debut. A long, long time ago I adopted its pay off line ‘love will conquer anything’ as my personal motto. Gill’s here with me as living proof of that. It’s all too beautiful for words.

I shed a fair few tears at the end of Alive and Kicking, but for all the right reasons. The past 11 days have been truly life changing. I’ve never felt more proud and overjoyed to be a fan of the greatest band in the world.

Sunday: Check Out

I interrupt my breakfast to grab a few words with the band as they check out. Talk technical with Andy (want to know how to recreate the blippy bit in Love Song), tell Eddie he nearly deafened me a few times, and get a very positive and thankful goodbye from Jim.

He’s thanking me? Ridiculous! There are no words that can express my love and gratitude to him and his fellow band members for the last 25 years. I wish them all the best for tonight and Jim starts taking requests from other fans just to wind me up. Genius!

Monday: The best is yet to come...

Make up my mind to write the book. This band and my connection to it is a story that must be told. Book tickets for hotels and flights to Edinburgh for July 18 2009. It’s going to be wonderful.

Martin Valentine
29th November 2008

Jim's track by track description of New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) for the Sunday Herald has now been transcribed. You'll find each transcription on each song's page.

JohhnyBGood has put together some more remixes:

The 30 Years Live Tour bowed out (for the time being) at Glasgow's Cash For Kids last night. A stripped down New Gold Dream allowed the band to include some extra surprises into the set: Home (which was first played at the SECC), Premonition, Factory (a welcome return to the set-list) and Let There Be Love.

Billy Sloan introduced the band, but his show wasn't broadcast from the venue (see the news from the 3rd October). I hope his two Chrismas shows with Jim still go ahead.

The final 30 Years Live show will be at Edinburgh Castle on the 18th July; don't forget that tickets can be ordered from the official site at 9:00 AM on Wednesday morning.

(And does anyone have a set-list for the Belfast gig?).

Information about a rare Black And White 050505 Thailand Promo has now been added to the discography.

Following the success of their sold out UK tour this December, Scottish rock legends, Simple Minds have announced a very special out-door show at Edinburgh Castle on 18th July 2009.

The '30 Years Live' show celebrates the band's longevity in the business as well as marking Jim Kerr's 50th Birthday; and will be the band's first Scottish date to be filmed for a DVD release.

Simple Minds' frontman, Jim Kerr says "To play at Edinburgh Castle is more than a dream come true, and particularly since we have been looking for a sensational backdrop in which to film and record this tour where we play our landmark album New Gold Dream in its entirety. The concert next July is bound to be among the highlights of 30th year anniversary and I am sure that many of our legions of fans will be traveling from all over the world to be with us on this very proud occasion."

There will be a pre-sale of tickets for members at 9:00am on Wednesday 10th December, in the member's area at

The tickets will go on general release at 9:00am on Friday 12th December at / hotline: 0871 220 0260

"Thirty years of Simple Minds with Jim Kerr, we hunt for that perfect black dress". I'm not sure if the two are connected, but Jim's interview on The 5:30 Show (where he announced the Edinburgh gig) can be seen here (fast forward to 1:20 for Jim and fast forward to 6:20 for all-important black dress information. UK only).

The Coventry Telegraph give Simple Minds a stirling 5/5 for the Birmingham NEC gig:

Whilst the Evening Chronicle reviews the newcastle gig.

To keep track of what's in my collection, I've finally inventoried the albums and singles. This is also a handy list of what's going to appear in the main part of the discography over time.

This list is far from complete and will be updated with videos, bootlegs, radio shows and artwork in due course.

Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield, UK
1st December, 2008
Support: Deacon Blue
Main Set: Intro / Waterfront / Speed Your Love To Me / Mandela Day / Love Song / The American / See The Lights / Chelsea Girl / Ghostdancing - Gloria / Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) / Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel / Promised You A Miracle / Big Sleep / Somebody Up There Likes You / New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) / Hunter and The Hunted / Glittering Prize / King Is White And In The Crowd / Up On The Catwalk / Don't You (Forget About Me) / Belfast Child
Encore: She's A River / Sanctify Yourself / Alive And Kicking

The Ghostdancing - Gloria combo returns (replacing Hypnotised in the set-list).

International Arena, Cardiff, UK
2nd December, 2008
Support: Deacon Blue
Main Set: Intro / Waterfront / I Travel / Mandela Day / Love Song / The American / See The Lights / Chelsea Girl / Ghostdancing - Gloria / Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) / Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel / Promised You A Miracle / Big Sleep / Somebody Up There Likes You / New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) / Hunter and The Hunted / Glittering Prize / King Is White And In The Crowd / Up On The Catwalk / Don't You (Forget About Me) / Belfast Child
Encore: She's A River / Sanctify Yourself / Alive And Kicking

And I Travel makes a welcome return.

Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle, UK
3rd December, 2008
Support: Deacon Blue
Main Set: Intro / Waterfront / I Travel / Mandela Day / Love Song / The American / See The Lights / Chelsea Girl / Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) / Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel / Promised You A Miracle / Big Sleep / Somebody Up There Likes You / New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) / Hunter and The Hunted / Glittering Prize / King Is White And In The Crowd / Ghostdancing - Gloria / Up On The Catwalk / Don't You (Forget About Me) / Belfast Child
Encore: She's A River / Sanctify Yourself / Alive And Kicking

All set-lists from this tour can be found on the 30 Year Live Tour page.

I've now finished the pages dealing with the Sanctify Yourself single.

The main page gives all the background behind the release, whilst separate pages detail the UK formats, US formats and various promotional variants of the single. There's also links to the single's press release and a description of the video. And for the hardcore collectors, the acetates and test pressings are also covered.

Whilst finishing off Sanctify Yourself, it made sense to document one of the rarer videos in the band's back catalogue: Alive In Rotterdam. Alas, this has yet to be released commerically.

The South Wales Echo have reviewed the Cardiff gig.

All registered members of the official site who have successfully entered and viewed or downloaded items in the Members Area (at any time before the end of 2008) will be entered into a competition to win a VIP TRIP for two people to see Simple Minds in Europe next year.

This is the same competition being run in the back of the tour programme. In this case, you can either vist the Members Area of the official site, or text 'SIMPLE' and your e-mail address to 60300. (Each text cost 25p plus your network charge).

Of course, this confirms Simple Minds will be playing Europe next year.

The band have also given away three live tracks recorded at Werchter Classic 8, Werchter, Belgium on the 8th July 2006 as "thank you" to all registered members of the official site.

30 Years Live - Triple MP3 Gift Download (not has a title been so literal since 1981's Urban Sampler) includes New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84), See The Lights and Stay Visible.

Go to the Members Area of the official site and you'll find the download in the Welcome Gifts section.

The Guardian – Simple Minds Manchester MEN review (Monday December 1st)

Daily Telegraph – Simple Minds London Wembley gig review (Monday December 1st)

Birmingham Evening Mail – Simple Minds Birmingham gig review (December 1st)

Manchester Evening News – Simple Minds Manchester gig review (Saturday November 29)

On A Clear Day You Can See Nebraska - London Wembley Arena gig review (Sunday November 30)

My Reviewer - Manchester MEN gig review by Si Wooldridge (Saturday November 29)

Wolverhampton Express & Star - Winning Formula is Simple (Saturday November 29)
Birmingham NEC Gig Review

News of the World Online - Kerr's Son changes mind: Jim's boy joins the tartan army (Saturday November 29)

Gigwise - Simple Minds Wows Crowds at 30th Anniversary Manchester Show (Friday November 28)
Review by Jason Gregory, Photos: Shirlainne Forrest - Simple Minds celebrate 30 year anniversary with Manchester gig (Friday November 28)

Touring & Tenting Caravan Forums - Hilarious comments from fans who attended the Manchester MEN show (Friday November 28)

WireImage photos of Simple Minds live at Manchester MEN Arena (Friday November 28)

Celebrity, Gossip and News - Simple Minds celebrate 30 year anniversary with Manchester gig (Saturday November 29)

Side Line (Belgium) - Simple Minds 30th Anniversary Tour news story (Wednesday November 26)

Birmingham NEC, 28th November 2008
Main Set: Intro / Waterfront / Speed Your Love To Me / Mandela Day / Love Song / The American / See The Lights / Chelsea Girl / Hypnotised / Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) / Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel / Promised You A Miracle / Big Sleep / Somebody Up There Likes You / New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) / Hunter and The Hunted / Glittering Prize / King Is White And In The Crowd / Up On The Catwalk / Don't You (Forget About Me) / All The Things She Said / Belfast Child
Encore: Sanctify Yourself / Alive And Kicking

Early in 1986 (23rd February to be exact) I attended my first concert as a wide-eyed innocent teenager. My memories are still vivid of that night: the spectacle of the Once Upon A Time era Simple Minds on-stage, the vastness of the hall, being swept away by the sheer volume and exiting the arena vowing to see them again.

I’d hoped the band would play New Gold Dream, my favourite track, but it was not to be. That was the one slight disappointment from my initiation into the world of live concerts. Although we instantly made plans to see the band again later that summer (at Milton Keynes Bowl where they did play my favourite), I had no idea I’d be back at the same venue over twenty years later to see Simple Minds again.

The band took to the stage in darkness backed by a heady new gutsy instrumental which heralded the dipping of the lights and furtive activity on stage. The opening chords of Waterfront brought the crowd to their feet, the stage lights flared up, and Simple Minds were off. All were dressed in black sporting various Claddagh motifs with the exception of Andy's plain red T-shirt; all looked fit, lean and well. Since the last major tour, Eddie had plumped for the "old testament" look and now sported a wild looking beard.

Three cameramen occupied the no man’s land between band and crowd, keeping cameras trained on various band members, the images relayed to viewing screens either side of the stage. Alternating between band and screen, you could now appreciate the sheer workmanship involved whether it was a gesture from Jim, furious finger work from Charlie or the bearded concentration of Eddie.

Waterfront, the perfect opener, got the crowd up on its feet instantly. The Sparkle In The Rain theme continued with Speed Your Love To Me before the band dipped into their catalogue and picked crowd favourites: the reflective Mandela Day, foot stomping Love Song, a rousing The American (everyone in the arena seemed to know the chorus), See The Lights, a dramatically changed Chelsea Girl and Hypnotised.

For the die-hards, the new arrangement of Chelsea Girl (first unveiled during the Floating World Tour of 2002) had further evolved, leaving much of the original song behind until Charlie hit the riff during the chorus. Whilst it was customary for the drummer to handle the backing vocals (witness Brian McGee's dying vocal chords on the demo), Mel threw custom to the wind and left the protection of his drumming booth to join Jim at the front of the stage to share vocal duties. Sans drums in this new stripped down arrangement, Chelsea Girl became an acoustic lament, miles away from its poppier original guise.

After Hypnotised, Jim smiled, announced "we’re ready" and the unmistakable opening chords of Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) echoed around the arena. Most of the songs from the album had been played many times in previous years but it was magical to hear the album in complete form. The highlight was the neglected instrumental Somebody Up There Likes You; its ethereal form was transmuted by the acoustics of the NEC and a stripped down new arrangement, into a haunting, visceral punch. The live rendition remained true to its instrumental roots, Jim remaining on stage, motionless and eyes closed for the duration.

(Interestingly, Glittering Prize and Hunter And The Hunted swapped positions in the running order, wrong-footing many fans who obviously knew the album well.)

Steve Pollard exceeded himself with the lights, decorating the back of the stage with a vertical array of tubes augmented with coloured floods to the sides. Initially I thought we were due a repeat of the Floating World's strong fluorescent backdrop, but Pollard used LED tubes, allowing a spectrum of colours and ambient effects to wash the band. From strong blasts of light to match the headier Sparkle material, he knocked down the illumination for the New Gold Dream album, producing a spectrum of warm effects. The visual chatter marking the keyboard cycles of Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel was particularly striking.

The ending drone of King Is White And In The Crowd had barely faded before they exploded into Up On The Catwalk (a nice touch which meant the entire play of New Gold Dream was followed by the first track of the subsequent album). This third and final act tied up the loose ends and polished off the performance with live favourites, amongst them Belfast Child, Sanctify Yourself and Alive And Kicking (the final two tracks being performed as the encore).

Aside from the new instrumental opening track, long term fans will know all these songs and their live arrangements (with, perhaps, the exception of Chelsea Girl). That didn’t matter to me; this tour was about New Gold Dream in its entirety, peppered with a selection of hits from the back catalogue. The only criticism was the lack of any material post 1995's Good News From The Next World.

Twenty years later, I returned to the same arena, to again watch Simple Minds. For over two hours, I was that wide-eyed teenager again, mesmerised by the band's muse. And not only did they play my favourite song, they played the whole damn album. Fantastic.

Simon Cornwell
29th November 2008

Manchester MEN, 27th November 2008
Main Set: Intro / Waterfront / Speed Your Love To Me / Mandela Day / Love Song / Factory / See The Lights / Chelsea Girl / Hypnotised / Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) / Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel / Promised You A Miracle / Big Sleep / Somebody Up There Likes You / New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) / Hunter and The Hunted / Glittering Prize / King Is White And In The Crowd / Up On The Catwalk / Don't You (Forget About Me) / All The Things She Said / Belfast Child
Encore: Sanctify Yourself / Alive And Kicking

Opening night technical issues meant the gig started slightly later than planned. Owing to the MEN's strict curfew policy, the band had to finish at 11PM, so The American and Ghostdancing were both dropped from the set.

Factory was played (it was dropped from the NEC's set-list the next day) and was dedicated to Tony Wilson and Factory Records.

Charlie also got a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday (which I'm sure he was chuffed to bits with).

The tour merchandise has been designed by de-lux and has a strong retro feel (which obviously ties in with the 30 years live celebrations).

Various T-shirts and hoodies are available, which range from the latest Claddagh designs through to more retro Once Upon A Time style graphics with doves and the old logo.

And Jim's Prom's T-shirt is also available.

Whilst most of this is available at the gigs (some items weren't available at the NEC for example), everyone will be able to purchase the tour merchandise from the Official Simple Minds Shop (which has just launched).

The tour programme is probably one of the most lavish produced yet. Weighing in at 32 pages, the programme is packed with live pictures (from 1978 through to 2006), text and memorabilia.

A lengthy Q&A with the band occupies the centre section of the programme, with additional contributions from Jim, Bruce Findlay, Alessia Bighi (fan), Pauk Kerr, Rosy Giuffre (fan), Pete Walsh (on the recording of New Gold Dream), Michelle Armour (fan), Kay Melrose (Simple Minds' PA), Jaine Henderson (early lighting), Barry Wright (promoter), John Ramsey (EFX Audio), Frank X Gallagher, Steve Pollard (lighting and set design), Steve Robinson (fan), Billy Sloan and Simon Cornwell (on the Dream Giver website). I also supplied memorabilia scans and wrote the discography and tour histories.

It is also available from the gigs and the Official Simple Minds Shop.

Wembley Arena, 29th November 2008
Main Set: Intro / Waterfront / Speed Your Love To Me / Mandela Day / Love Song / The American / See The Lights / Chelsea Girl / Hypnotised / Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) / Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel / Promised You A Miracle / Big Sleep / Somebody Up There Likes You / New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) / Hunter and The Hunted / Glittering Prize / King Is White And In The Crowd / Up On The Catwalk / Don't You (Forget About Me) / Belfast Child
Encore: She's A River / Sanctify Yourself / Alive And Kicking
There were a few sound problems when Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) started as Charlie's guitar couldn't be heard. Jim restarted the song: "Hold on, hold on, how can we start this without the guitar?

Here are the pictures from Jim's Sunday Herald interview. This feature was published on Sunday November 23rd. This was the only major Scottish newspaper interview that Simple Minds did for the sold out Glasgow SECC concert on December 4th.

(Click on the image for the full-sized version).

The 30 Years Live tour kicks off tonight at the Manchester MEN Arena.

I'll be seeing the band at the Birmingham NEC tomorrow. Because I don't want to spoil the surprise, I won't be updating Dream Giver tonight with any set-lists or news - expect that all on Friday evening or Saturday morning.

The old Dream Giver website has completely blown its quota allocation and has been temporarily shut down by Demon. I was going to merge both sites together in the forthcoming week anyway, so I'm having to work faster than I originally intended. But, I'll get it sorted out over the next couple of days.

Jim will be interviewed live from the backstage of the MEN Arena by Century FM Manchester tomorrow (27th November). You will be able to hear the broadcast via the radio station's website.


As part of the celebration surrounding the band's forthcoming 30th anniversary gigs, I will be gradually updating the tour sections of Dream Giver Redux.

The first section published lists all the various tour programmes issued by the band over the years.

(Many thanks to Daniel Albarran for drawing the new Claddagh logo from Jim's Proms shirt).


The Sunday Herald have put together a slide-show of various images of Simple Minds over which Jim gives a track by track anaylsis of New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84).

Not only does he reveal some details about the album which I didn't know, but the slideshow includes some images (including two of Johnny And The Self Abusers) which I've never seen before.

You must see this! You must listen to this! It can be viewed here.

The Herald also interviewed Jim on Tuesday in London. He's on the front cover of the Sunday magazine and the full interview has been published online.

And so the Minds have finished their last Proms gig. However, unfortunately, Charlie didn't escape the clutches of Igudesman & Joo.

(Burst couch?)

Jim will be appearing on the TV show Loose Women tomorrow (19th November). The show is broadcast on ITV1 at 12:30.

A full performance of Night Of The Proms from Belgium will be broadcast on Belgian National Television ( on the 28th December and again on the 4th January.

And then there's Igudesman & Joo's Tour Diaries...

Jim's has also appeared on All80s Radio. A recent interview with him can be heard here.

Jim's interview with Ben Jones (on Absolute Radio) filled the last hour of the show from 11:00 through to 12:00.

  • Simple Minds will be touring again next summer.
  • The new album doesn't yet have a title, but there are four or five choices.
  • It will be released spring 2009.

Music: Alive And Kicking

JK: We're always saying to people that Simple Minds are foremost a live band, a good live band, a great live band, which allows us to get through thick and thin. However, we're not very good at looking back to the past. We're taking a trip down memory lane with this tour. But we've always been reluctant to dip into the past too much as we're far more interested in future work.
BJ: So it's nice to be retrospective for a while?
JK: We're taking a couple of weeks, ten dates, to celebrate the last thirty years. People are coming from all over the world to see us. So we’re celebrating the thirty years and then we have the next chapter up our sleeve...
BJ: So is doing a tour like riding a bicycle? Do you just all 'click' back into it?
JK: Yes, that's true. Although the first night is interesting as the set is still being bolted together, but a week later it's like "grease lighting". However, as we say, 'it's only music' and if there's a cock-up, you can always start again.
BJ: What has the fan's reaction been to these gigs?
JK: They are well up for it. People have made up their minds and they're going to have a ball. We then added Deacon Blue, another great live band, so it's a great deal. It's gone down a storm. There was a temptation to add second nights but we're going to play again in the summer.

Music: Sanctify Yourself

BJ: Simple Minds are still relevant. Tom Chaplin from Keane said Spiraling is completely lifted from Simple Minds. So you're still relevant in 2008 - new bands are citing you as inspiration.
JK: I followed Keane through their difficult third album (not their difficult second album) and I thought thirty seconds into the album that "they've still got it." It sounded really good. Billy Sloan said when you listen to something you know instantly when it's really good. We were in Wales, on the last day recording our new album, and the Manic Street Preachers turned up at Rockfield. James Dean Bradfield knew more about us than I did -
BJ: Does that make you feel proud or old?
JK: It makes us feel part of a line. People inspired us, we took from them. People who influenced you, they're your genetics. But you grow something out of it. For example on the new album we'd say "use that Roxy Music piano" or "Velvet Underground feedback." The influences are still there.

Music: Love Song

Music: Glittering Prize

BJ: I'd like to talk about the 1980s. Can you try and tell me about becoming the biggest band on the planet?
JK: We loved the journey which took us to a level of success we could never have dreamed of.
JK: It's great to see a band like Elbow make it because it's taken a long time coming. In other cases, bands like Franz Ferdinand and the Arctic Moneys came out of nowhere, but their music has this great impact. I'm happy, in our case, that it took a long time to come. It took four or five albums. We were learning our trade. Although you're never fully prepared for the big time, you're more prepared for it - you can feel the momentum building.
JK: We were a little too tight arsed for our own good to begin with. For example, Don't You (Forget About Me) - we didn't write it ourselves and we'd knocked it back a couple of times. We thought the demo was alright but not as good as the demos for Alive And Kicking and Sanctify Yourself which we were working on at the time. We did end up doing it, after knocking it back, when Keith Forsey (the producer and writer) came over from America off his own back, came to our rehearsal studio and refused to budge. We liked him. He said it would only take a couple of hours and would get the record company off our backs. So we did it.

Music: Don't You (Forget About Me)

JK: The record company spent a fortune promoting it [Don't You (Forget About Me)]. We were really nonchalant about it. It kept climbing the charts. I was in the south of France, alone, and I got the call: Don't You (Forget About Me) is going to ne number one in America. And I'm a Scotsman who doesn't drink(!) so I thought - I've got to go to the bar. Which was empty. So I ordered a magnum of champagne from the lone barman and said "Whoever comes in this door gets a glass of champagne." I told him I'm in this band and we're number one in America. He looked at me as if I was a fruitcake. But I'm not a drinker, so after a couple of sips, with everyone walking in I was like Elvis. "You will have a drink with me, buddy!"
BJ: The music on the tour is going to be the hits and you're working on new stuff.
JK: The new album will be out in the spring 2009. As for a title, we go from day to day, but the artwork has to be done, so currently there are four or five different songs [which could be album titles].
JK: We only did the 30th anniversary tour as we had a new chapter coming and this new chapter is vibrant, energetic, noisy,...
BJ: You sound very excited by it.
JK: We added another three weeks of recording. Because it was better than we thought it would be. So we added the time, not because it was going badly, but so we could think about these songs a bit more.

Music: Waterfront

Music: Belfast Child

BJ: Does politics and rock music mix?
JK: I’d never heard of Biko before Peter Gabriel and wanted to check it out and read about it. But it was a great song, great melody, so engaging. Does it mix? It's still music. Mandela Day still sounds like a great standalone record. We're still singing "Mandela Day, Mandela's free” as the legend goes through the walls, through the prison gates. It was amazing to be playing 20 years later to him. Similarly Belfast Child - when we wrote Belfast Child, there was a ban on songs on the BBC mentioning Northern Ireland. When we did that song, we were going out on the limb - plus it was an 8 minute, Irish Ballard.

Music: Mandela Day

Ben Jones then wound up the interview by stating Jim Kerr was the nicest guy he’d interviewed – well, Jim and Dave Grohl.

And without further introduction...

Simple Minds on Ben Jones’ Wednesday Night Live
Wednesday 12th November, 8:00PM – Midnight

"Ben Jones chats to Jim Kerr as we play back one hour of classic Simple Minds. It’s 30 years since the band first started out and Ben will be finding out more about the eagerly awaited 16th album which is due for release early next year. Absolute Radio listeners can also win tickets to see the band perform live on their UK Tour."

The interview with Jim will go out between 8PM and 10PM; and between 10PM and Midnight the station will broadcast their selection of Simple Minds songs.

Absolute Radio (formally Virgin Radio) have their own website ( through which you can listen to the show.

Belfast, London, Glasgow and Cardiff are now completely sold out.

Those attending the winter leg of The Proms gigs are in for more surprises. Unfortunately the Simple Minds Medley has now been replaced by the more topical James Bond Medley but this Proms sees the debut of an orchestral Waterfront and a version of Belfast Child with Sinead O'Conner singing the second verse. (She opens the song with the original lines from She Moved Through The Fair).

The full set list is:

All the dates of these final 2008 Proms Concerts can be found here.

Various recordings of Simple Minds' appearances at the 2008 Proms can be found on

"Could you make sure everyone knows about our aftershow party at the Classic Grand in Jamaica Street, Glasgow. We are performing a lot of old Minds songs, that we have never attempted before, I have been in touch with Jim and Charlie recently, and I will be sending out their invitations to come along for a 'swally' with the lads and lassies of FourGoodMen. We will be onstage after the SECC show is done and dusted, and the venue and club is opened for our use until 3am. So, all come along for a party, and meet us. The date, as you all know, is the 4th of December. Tickets at the door, or through our website and ticket Scotland." - Derek

After the Simple Minds gig at the SECC on the 4th December, why not pop down to the Classic Grand in Jamaica Street where Derek and friends will provide the perfect aftershow with a choice selection of Simple Minds and FourGoodMen tracks.

Tickets are available through FourGoodMen's offical site ( and cost £15 plus £1.50 booking/admin charges.

FourGoodMen will also be playing a Christmas show at the same venue on the 28th December. For more details see their website.

Mel's been featured in this month's Rhythm magazine. Here he reveals his favourite Simple Minds drumming track as Up On The Catwalk:

Apparently Jim will be interviewed on Absolute Radio on Wednesday night (12th November). This would be the Ben Jones show which airs from 8-11 PM.

Definintely worth a listen just to check as Jim due to be taking about the forcoming tour and new album.

Here are more remixes from the ever-prolific JohnnyBGood. He's currently setting up his own website which will include links to all his remixes:

And this is for the hardcore collectors. And I mean the hardcore, completist collectors.

A very slightly different version of the Daily Mail CD is available. This version was issued by the Daily Irish Mail and differs only by the logo on the album sleeve and CD.

So, if you're a completist then click here.

Jim and Charlie are now performing at The Proms concerts in Europe. Whilst Waterfront has now joined the set-list, getting a full orchestral backing, everyone seems more taken by their new Simple Minds T-shirts with new logo design.

(Hopefully this will be appearing as merchandising at the 30th Anniversary Gigs.)

I've still yet to find out exactly what's being played, so if anyone can send in a set-list then that would be excellent.

Alive And Kicking has now been given the full Dream Giver Redux treatment.

More remixes from JohnnyBGood:

Wolfgang's Vault have opened up their King Biscuit Flower Hour archives again and this week are featuring the Minds' appearance at Newcastle City Hall in 1982.

The tracks are available on their website.

These songs were originally featured on the King Biscuit Flower Hour and most were broadcast on the 24th February 1985 and 21st July 1985. Hunter And The Hunter appeared on the flip of the Waterfront single release, and various filmed segments turned up on 1992's Glittering Prize 81/92 compilation video, but it wasn't until Seen The Lights - A Visual History DVD that these six tracks were commerically released.

Ever wondered where the pictures for the Sons And Fascination sleeve were taken?

This latest release from Russia claims it features 20 Simple Minds albums (including Our Secrets Are The Same and both Glittering Prize 81/92 and the Best Of). That's 18 hours and 6 minutes of music or 232 tracks.

The music is spread across these 2CDs as MP3 files. The artwork includes shots taken from Live In The City Of Light, Street Fighting Years and Neapolis.

JohhnyBGood's obviously given up sleeping:

An interview with Jim was published in this week's Sunday Mail to promote the Cash For Kids concert.

He revealed that Moscow Underground will be new album's opening track and also mentioned the song Light Travels (which first appeared during the Black And White 050505 sessions.)

The full interview can be read here.

In this interview with Jim, Jamie Sinclair catches up with the lead singer at Rockfield and asks about the new album, the forthcoming 30th annivesary tour and discovers the plans for 2009: the new album and a world tour which includes the UK, Europe and North America.

As Simple Minds come close to finishing their latest studio album I caught up with Jim Kerr at Rockfield Studios in Monmouth, Wales to find out what has been happening and in some sense of the word a look at the past, present and future. For many years now Simple Minds have gained the accolade as one of the greatest live bands in the World and the enthusiasm for the band and the music has never been stronger.

JS: Hi Jim, how’s the new album progressing?
JK: We have been recording the new album at Rockfield Studios in the picturesque town of Monmouth. The studio is steeped in history and in a lot of ways very inspirational, the recording process has gone really well and we are all very pleased with the strength of the songs. I take some time out in the mornings to get some fresh air and exercise and you would be amazed how much comes to you with the music that we have been working on and I think it is a good thing to get some space and get some air. Sometimes it is really difficult to get all the answers to all the questions, but sometimes when you take a step back the answers just naturally come to you and that is one of the great thing about Rockfield. We have recorded here at various times in our career and every now and again everything seems to come flooding back, but the album is looking great and the more we get close to completion there is definitely an excitement and a buzz in the air.

JS: Have you any ideas on a title yet?
JK: No not as yet – There is a lot of thought and care that goes into a title and we like to work with our graphic designers. They look at the whole feel of the music and a design structure that fits in well with the songs. We talk about it on a daily basis but nothing is set in stone yet.

JS: How would you best describe the feel of the songs? Also does the selection of songs have the strength of Black & White? Is there a chance you could be playing the entire album live?
JK: With the collection of songs that we are working on now there is a good feel about the continuity of the music. Some of the songs flow nicely into each other. Black And White was a strong album that had that natural flow. Often Charlie will send me a riff or be working on the piano and develop a frame and this often inspires the lyrics, in some cases I have a bunch of lyrics and with some of the brilliant melodies Charlie comes up with, like clouds, some great songs just form themselves. As regards to playing all of the songs live, I would say there is every chance that we will play the new album but there is a lot of things that this depends upon – for example – how positively the album is received and more importantly the reaction from the audience. In the past Simple Minds have always tried to play a few promo gigs for every tour – these are essential in order to get feedback and try to capture the feel for the set that we are playing.

JS: It seems like Simple Minds is as strong as it ever was, would you agree to that?
JK: I totally agree – the camaraderie that we have experienced as a bunch of friends and musicians at Rockfield has been totally uplifting – this has definitely filtered down to the music and the band is as tight as ever and the whole experience at Rockfield has been totally enjoyable. There is a guy here called Kingsley Ward, he is a huge part of Rockfield Studios and every now and again he will come in and tell us a story about some band or one of the many things that have happened here over the years – Queen recorded Bohemian Rhapsody here and many bands have recorded many many great songs and albums here. This can be a tricky thing – it can be immensely inspirational but also you can get the opposite and create an immense pressure that you have to keep up to the exceptional standards that Rockfield has become accustomed to over the years.

JS: Will any new songs be played on the 30th anniversary tour later this year?
JK: Possibly not – we are looking at this collection of dates as a journey from the beginning really with everything about Simple Minds. We are playing our New Gold Dream album in its entirety. Even though I am a great believer in looking to the future these concerts are about all the highs of Simple Minds and in this case it is going to be a musical journey – but on the other side of the coin it is hard to imagine that at some point we are not going to play a few new songs and we have a huge back catalogue to choose from. When playing live it is important to keep the momentum going and sometimes when you throw in a new song between two classics you have got to ask yourself, will we loose the continuity and take that risk of possibly going through a dip but I can assure you that these concerts will be a great experience for us and our die hard fans and something special to celebrate all things Simple Minds.

JS: What kind of plans do you have for the forth coming tour, will it be World wide and what kind of venues would you be looking at?

JK: We are looking at all options and venues for next year. On the Black And White Tour we kind of wanted to play smaller venues, clubs etc. Sometimes this can be a really difficult thing to do – you can’t rely on the big production and you are kind of stripped of all the glamour – along with the big stages. An audience doesn't care what sort of day you've had or whether you've been touring for weeks. For them, that show is the one they have been looking forward to for months and that's a magical inspiration. We have always tried to approach each and every gig as "tonight’s the night" it also raises our game to make every night the best night on the tour.

We made it as a great live band playing small venues and at this particular time in our career we thought it would be a great experience to go back and play the smaller circuit gigs. With more intimacy and a stripped down, more lean production it gave the music a chance to breath and more often than not these ittle places were absolutely jumping – and I have to be honest we all loved every minutes of it.

JS: After all these years does playing live still feel great? How do you see the music industry today? If Simple Minds were starting out would you find it easier or harder? What advice would you give to a young band trying to get their music heard in today’s market?
JK: All of us are getting terribly excited at the moment – we are so looking forward to playing live again. We built our whole reputation on being a great live band, with talent, enthusiasm and with the determination to succeed and I think that still transpires for today. The whole structure of releasing a record has changed. When we first started there was no internet or technology and we would make journalists and representatives from record companies come and see us. We were very persistent in never taking no for an answer and the same applies today. I think this also applies to the future as well, regardless of how the industry changes and trends that follow - enthusiasm and the will to succeed will always be your most powerful attributes in making any band or musical act succeed.

JS: Finally what does the future hold for Simple Minds?
JK: At the moment we are just putting the finishing touches to the album and then Charlie and I are off to Belgium and Holland to be featured in the Night of the Proms Concerts which we absolutely love. We get the chance to play some of our best songs with a full classical orchestra and we get to play our music to people that wouldn’t normally come to a Simple Minds concert. After the Proms gigs we start rehearsals for our 30th Anniversary concerts starting on the 26th November at the MEN Arena in Manchester then after that we have a wee break coming up. 2009 is going to be a very busy year for Simple Minds – the album is being released in the early part of next year and then we are going to do a World Tour. We will be playing in the UK and all over Europe and then on to North America and then who knows where our music will take us. We are all looking forward to getting out on the road and doing what we do best – playing our music live.

In 1984 as a young school boy wondering what to do next - I can vividly remember seeing Ultravox at Cornwall Coliseum, for those of the same generation the support band was called Zerra One. This was the first taste of live music which lead to Simple Minds at Milton Keynes Bowl in 1986. It was one of those pioneering moments in ones life where for the first time I knew that I wanted a career in music – whether it was being a performer or behind the scenes. The compulsion was overwhelming – to this day I have never experienced anything as powerful as that. Today, 24 years later as I look around my office which is littered with posters and memorabilia and with countless gigs and concerts coming up, I can’t imagine what it would be like not to have that inspiration at some point in your life. - © Jamie Sinclair 2008

Scots rock legends, Simple Minds have announced this morning that they are to play an exclusive, special one-off concert at Glasgow's ABC1 venue in early December with all proceeds being donated to Radio Clyde's Cash for Kids charity.

The concert will take place at the 1250 capacity venue on Sauchiehall Street on the night of Sunday 7 December with tickets priced at £35. All profits will go to the charity which launched its Christmas Appeal yesterday and raised £1.6 Million last year to help under privileged children throughout Scotland.

Anyone who registers on will be eligible for ticket presale from 9am, Wednesday 8th October. Tickets to the general public will go on sale at 9am, Friday 10th October.

Simple Minds with founding members Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill along with Mel Gaynor have worldwide popularity and secured a string of successful hit singles including the massive global number one, Don't You (Forget About Me). The band recently played the 90th Birthday Party tribute to Nelson Mandela on 27th June in London's Hyde Park.

The Minds are about to tour to celebrate their 30th Anniversary and will take in a number of major UK arenas towards the end of 2008 including Glasgow's SECC on 4th December. During these gigs the band will perform tracks from their landmark 1982 album New Gold Dream and will also perform classic songs from their other albums.

Radio Clyde's Billy Sloan who's also good friend of Jim Kerr will be broadcasting live from the Cash for Kids gig at the ABC1 and Jim will be hosting two Christmas shows on Clyde 1 and Clyde 2 and playing a lot of his favourite artists. More details on the shows will be announced.

Simple Minds frontman, Jim Kerr said, "As a benefit concert the ABC show presents us with the opportunity to work with Radio Clyde on their annual's Cash for Kids campaign. Within that we would like to encourage and congratulate them and their listeners for their continued efforts that over so many years have raised so much for local children's charities.

Radio Clyde's Programme Director, Paul Saunders said, "We're absolutely thrilled that an iconic band like Simple Minds who have sold millions of records throughout the world have made this generous offer of support for Radio Clyde's Cash for Kids. It's a brilliant gesture from the band. It promises to be a night that none of us will forget and will surely help thousands of disadvantaged children in the West of Scotland have a better Christmas".

Jim has been recently interviewed by the Birmingham Post. Whilst it's mostly promo for the forthcoming 30th anniversary gigs (although there are only 250 tickets left), Jim often mentions the recording of the new album. There's also a hint they'll play some exclusive new material: "There’ll be plenty of old favourites and highlights from the band’s new album, due out early next year."

However, before the 30th anniversary tour, Jim and Charlie will be at the European Proms. So they've recorded a promo for this (just click on the play button).

Covers band Nouvelle Vague have released a new album called Hollywood, Mon Amour. Out at the end of the month, it features their interpretations of songs from films. And it isn't known yet how different their version of Don't You (Forget About Me) will be.

JohhnyBGood's been busy again and put together another remix of Cry. It can be downloaded here.

Jim's appearance on German TV can now be viewed on WDR's website.

On the 16th September, the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt appeared on the Swedish television show Videokvall Med Luuk. On the show he had to choose three songs that had made a difference in his life. His final choice at the end of the show, "a really good song in his life" was Simple Minds with Don't You (Forget About Me).

Full details about the Daily Mail free Once Upon A Time album can be found here (scroll down to the bottom).

The new digital download of White Spaces remixes can also be purchased from

UK daily paper The Daily Mail are offering a Greatest 80s CD Collection. Every day for the next couple of weeks, a free 1980s album can be obtained by collecting the voucher in that day's paper and taking it to Tescos, WHSmith or Eastons.

Once Upon A Time is being given away as part of the promotion. Whilst I can't believe anyone reading this site hasn't got a copy of that album, I'm sure collectors will be interested in this version.

It's believed Once Upon A Time will be the featured album this Friday (12th September). So check the Daily Mail on that date.

However, if you're not in the UK, then don't despair. I suspect many will be offered on eBay, allowing one to be picked up cheaply.

Jim will be appearing on German TV this Sunday (14th September) on channel WDR. The programme, called Wunderschön! Fantastisches Schottland, features Jim showing presenter Tamina Kallert his favourite places in and around Glasgow.

Rare Mixes From Great Songs is now available as a digital download. This is a compilation of White Spaces featuring Jim Kerr remixes which were released through Absolutely Records over the last few years. As many of these tracks only turned up on promo 12" singles, then it's a great opportunity to finally get the digital versions.

Alongside remixes of Don't You (Forget About Me) and Alive And Kicking is the rarer The Man Who Sold The World, the great funked up version of One Step Closer (originally released as Biba-Rom) and the ambient White Spaces original composition Magic Innerworld (originally released as Pascal Life).

The White Spaces remixes are classic eighties styles remixes and are highly recommended. Definintely worth downloading.

For more information click here.

Some Sweet Day 2008 - The Simple Minds Marathon

* indicates requested material.

When Spirits Rise - SFY
New Sunshine Morning - Cry
Waterfront - Sparkle In The Rain
Chelsea Girl - Life In A Day*
Life In A Day (live) - Silver Box (disc 1)
Love Song (remastered) - Glitering Prize (UK ver)
Someone Somewhere In Summertime - NGD 81828384
All The Things She Said - Glittering Prize (US ver)
Promised You A Miracle - Glittering Prize (US ver)
Book Of Brilliant Things - Sparkle In The Rain*

Home - Black And White 050505
For Your Pleasure - Neon Lights
And The Band Played On/Real Life (live) - Hypnotized cd single #2
Glittering Prize (live'86) - Theme Box 3
Ghostrider (live) - Real Life (cd single)
Speed Your Love To Me - Sparkle In The Rain*
Song For The Tribes - Neapolis
See The Lights - Real Life
Great Leap Forward - Good News From The Next World

BBC Radio One 1990 Special Part 1 - Street Fighting Years Box Set

BBC Radio One 1990 Special Part 2 - Street Fighting Years Box Set

Sanctify Yourself (live) - Real Live '91
----SONS OF DAN INTERVIEW ------ (Mick/Brian/Derek)
I Travel (Bass Solo on You Tube) _ :)
Cuttin it (sample) - SOD sample
Countdown (sample) - SOD sample
Changeling (live John Peel Session)w/Brian McGee on Drums - Silver Box (Disc 1)
Premonition (live John Peel Session)w/Brian McGee on Drums - Silver Box (Disc 1)
Falling (studio demo) - Heart Of Winter 2006
Stand By Love - Real Life

Don't You (Forget About Me)(HuMate Mix) - Live And Rare
Stranger (London Mix) - Stranger (CD Single)
Cry - Cry (CD Single)
The Kick Inside Of Me - Sparkle In The Rain
Soul Crying Out (live) - See The Lights (etched 12")*
Hello, I Love You - Neon Lights *
Happy The Man - Slver Box :Our Secrets Are The Same Disc
New Warm Skin - 7" floppy disc bonus *
Bird On A Wire - Stranger CD Single

New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) - New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)
The American - The American (12")
-----Robin Clark Interview --------
Alive And Kicking - (Todd's Mix for SSD08) (Album/Instrumental combined)
Dance To The Music (live) - Live In The City Of Light
Love, It Ain't Easy - Surrender (Robin Clark)
Once Upon A Time - Once Upon A Time
All The Things She Said - Once Upon A Time

Belfast Child - Glittering Prize
She's A River Todd's Mix for SSD08) (Album/Instrumental combined)
Disconnected - Cry*
Sweat In Bullet - Sons And Facination/Sisters Feeling Call
Let The Children Speak - Real Life
Capital City - Empires And Dance
Wall Of Love - SFY
Homosapian - Neon Lights
Jeruselem - The Amsterdam EP

Waterfront (live) - Silver Box Disc 3
----spontaneous interview with Peter Walsh - ---
In Every Heaven (2.0 Mix bonus track) - NGD 5.1
Glitterball - Neapolis
Sweat In Bullet - Sweat In Bullet (12") *
The Man Who Sold The World (remix) - Live And Rare
---- Eddie Duffy Interview!!!! -----

---- Eddie Duffy Interview!!!! -----
Sanctify Yourself (Iive) - Sunday Express LIVE
For What It's Worth - Cry CD Single
Someone - Life In A Day
Colors Fly And Cathrine Wheel - New Gold Dream*
Big Sleep - New Gold Dream
Night Music - GNFTNW
Death By Chocolate - Silver Box: Our Secrets Are The Same*
Space - Silver Box: Our Secrets Are The Same

Don't You (Forget About Me) (12") - Theme Box 2
Speed Your Love To Me (12") - Theme Box 2
Come A Long Way - Once Upon A Time*
Street Fighting Years - SFY
New Sunrise - Spaceface CD Single
Dirty Old Town - Dirty Old Town Benefit Single
Dancing Barefoot - Neon Lights
Underneath The Ice - Black And White 050505
Banging On The Door - Real Life

Ghostdancing (live) - Live In The City Of Light
Up On The Catwalk (live) - Hypnotised CD Single (Box)
Theme For Great Cities - Greatest Hits
Mandela Day (Todd Mix for SSD 05) - SFY
Jeweler To The Stars Part II - Black & White 050505
WarBabies - Neapolis
Saturday Girl - This Is Your Land (CD Single)
Life In A Day - Greatest Hits!

The American 12" - Theme Box 1
Real Life - Best OF (01)
Street Hassle - Sparkle In The Rain (LR cover)
This Is Your Land - SFY (feat. LR)
Whilte Light White Heat - Live And Rare (VU cover)
Love Song - Glittering Prize (UK Ver)
King Is White And In The Crowd (5.1/2.0 Mix exteneded) - NGD
Spaceface - Cry
One Step Closer (alt mix) - Cry Sampler

----Mick MacNeil redo :) ----
Countdown - (Sons Of Dan)
Someone Somewhere In Summertime (live) - Heart Of Winter 2006 4GM
Dream To Sleep (live) - Heart Of Winter 2006 4GM
Glittering Prize - Glittering Prize
Hypnotised (Malfunction mix) - Hypnotized (CD Single)
Take A Step Back - SFY
She's A River (Duo Mix) - SAR CD Single
Kissed The Ground - Black And White
Dolphins - Black And White

All The Things She Said (live) - Sunday Express Live
A Life Shot In Black And White (live) - Sunday Express Live
Too Much Television - Stranger (CD single)
Sign Of The Times - Amsterdam EP
Gloria - Neon Lights
Someone Somewhere In Summertime (live) - Real Life Aus. Tour Ed.
Theme For Great Cities - Best Of 01 *
And The Band Played On - GNFTNW*
Homosapian (Malcolm Duffy Mix) - Homosapian CD Single

Alive & Kicking ( Todd's SSD Mix) - OUAT and inst. mix
Oh Jungleland (12" mix) - Ghostdancing (theme box disc)
Stay Visable - Black And White 050505
All the Things She Said (live) - Sunday Express Live *
Disconnected (live) - Sunday Express Live
C Moon Cry Like A Baby - Sparkle In The Rain
Kissed The Ground - Black And White 050505

Waterfront (Union Jack Mix) - Glitterball Cd Single
Theme For Great Cities 98 (Fluke's Atlantis Mix ) - Warbabies CD Single
My Life - GNFTNW
A Life Shot In Black And White - Black And White 050505
Sweat In Bullet (demo) - Silver Box disc 2
Someone Somewhere In Summertime (session) - Silver Box disc 2)
Stranger - Black & White 050505
Home - Black & White 050505

See The LIghts (12" mix) - See The Lights (promo cd 5)
Up On The Catwalk (live) - Alive And Kicking (theme 3 box)
She'a A River (Todd's SSD Mix) - GNFTNW, Inst. Mix combined
Kick It In - Street Fighting Years
I Travel (Bass intro by Derek Forbes via YouTube) :)
I Travel - Best Of (01)
Waterfront - The Best Of (01)
Sanctify Yourself - The Best Of (01)
Belfast Child - Glittering Prize (UK Ver)

Mick returned to the air after a rehearsal with FourGoodMen and a curry.

Apparently the previous interview with Mick, Derek and Brian sounded fine transmitted over the air but was completely garbled over the Internet streaming. Although Mick pointed out that any technical problems could’ve been caused by all members of the band using separate phones on one phone line and there was a gale blowing outside.

The Simple Minds reunion was mentioned, which Mick said lasted 20 minutes. They all had a week pencilled in, but it didn’t pan out as expected and it all went pear shaped. Because they all had the time booked, Mick, Derek and Brian carried on without Jim and Charlie. And they got really excited by the result.

They had great press coverage, it worked out well and they all got on really well. It was just a pity the reunion didn’t work out this time.

The Sons And Fascination era sound came naturally. They were not the best musicians: Brian wasn’t Phil Collins and Mick wasn’t Vangelis, they hadn’t improved, so the noise they made today was the same as the noise they made then. The guitarist they booked for the sessions was a bit of a Charlie fan, so he did what he thought Charlie would do.

The demos still need to be developed, and need vocals – they’re looking into getting a lead singer. But they felt they had five great ideas which could be made into something special at the end of the day.

FourGoodMen were currently rehearsing for Retrofest which is a festival featuring bands from the 1980s, which they’ve played at for the last couple of years. They were also looking into writing songs with Ian – but it was a problem finding the time as they’d all got kids, wives and girlfriends. But they were definintely also developing FourGoodMen and keeping it alive.

There were some ideas to play a Sons Of Dan gig in Glasgow on the same day as the Simple Minds’ 30th anniversary gig in the city. Brian was going to be back for that one. They felt after doing the Rotherham gig last year and doing the short set, it was really great having Brian at the back, there was something really special about it, so they wanted to keep that. So they wanted to do something around the time of the Simple Minds show – not to hang on the coattails of Simple Minds – but for people to see Sons Of Dan. But if there was genuine interest, they’d be interested in doing something.

Mick signed off by confirming the rehearsals for Retrofest had gone very well – but were rather short as they all wanted to get to the curry house before closing time.

So far Sons Of Dan, Robin Clark and Eddie Duffy have been interviewed along with surprise guest Pete ‘Big-Dream-Sound’ Walsh.

Unfortunately the Sons Of Dan interview wasn’t clear (the phone lines were terrible) and I won’t comment in fear of misquoting someone. Todd’s aware of the fault and hopefully this technical issue will be sorted out, and a clearer version of the interview will be repeated later.

Thankfully, Robin Clark was loud and clear, and was great. At first, apologies were made, because Todd has been trying to get her on the show for two years, but it hadn’t worked out in the past for a multitude of reasons.

Todd asked her what she’d been working on for the last few years. She’d been keeping busy by travelling, recording (material with Aretha Franklin and Beyonce) and recording jingles. She was enjoying a multifaceted career: record career, jingle career and theatre work. She joked she was heard all the time but you just didn’t know it.

Her work with Simple Minds came through her friendships with Frank Simms (one of the backing singers on Once Upon A Time) and Bob Clearmountain (co-producer and mixer of Once Upon A Time). Looking for a female backing singer, Clearmountain wondered aloud where Robin Clark was – and Frank Simms knew exactly where to find her. So she was called up, and invited to the studio, where a song was thrown at her, and she was asked to sing backing vocals. She originally thought she’d be singing with Simms, but they said it was just going to be her. That song was Alive And Kicking.

She initially thought it was going to just be one song, but she ended up singing on several for the album. And then they asked her to go on the road with them. Which turned into a wonderful moment in her career, and she really enjoyed her time with them.

It was all a happy accident. She related how a lot of things in the record industry occurred by word of mouth and happy accidents. Her work with David Bowie on the Young Americans was also a happy accident. But Once Upon A Time was an album she was very proud to have worked on.

The next step was tour. She wasn’t involved in the early rehearsals as her participation was very specific and limited to just the Once Upon A Time tracks she’d be singing on. Her initial rehearsals were one-to-one with Jim. But she had a fantastic time – both at the rehearsals and on tour. They all clicked – it was like kindred spirits, and they shared the same sense of humour. There was a lot of joking and playing around which they though she (as an American) wasn’t getting – but she was – and this set the stage for a great relationship.

The Sly And The Family Stone track (Dance To The Music) was Jim’s idea after talking with Robin about how she got into the music industry. She was originally in a group with Luther Vandross and one of their first shows was as the opening act for Sly And The Family Stone at the Apollo Theatre. Jim said he loved Sly And The Family Stone's music and that’s how the song ended up being played during the Once Upon A Time gigs. During rehearsals it was decided to have Robin close the show with Dance To The Music - again Jim’s idea. It was total fun.

Todd mentioned finding Robin via her Myspace webpage. Robin related how her daughter put the site up for her, as she thought people would want to get in touch. She was then contacted by old friends from school, people from the Apollo, and so was very grateful her daughter put the page up. She also mentioned getting lots of mails from Simple Minds fans, especially since the forthcoming 30th anniversary tour, with over one hundred e-mails asking if she’d be involved and including wonderful comments.

Todd asked about the videos shot for the Once Upon A Time period [Robin appears in the videos for Alive And Kicking and All The Things She Said]. She said the videos were crazy, and the longest days of their lives – and the longer it went on for, the crazier it got. They were absolute fun. And she had no idea they were going to feature her as they did. The Alive And Kicking video director kept asking her to move closer to the edge of the cliff, which she was concerned about. (Which prompted more joking about not falling over the cliff). And even though it was shot in upstate New York she didn’t know it would be so remote – so she had to deal with high heels in mud and a dressing room in a field. But making those videos was a real highlight.

She closed by stating she’d love to do a guest appearance for the forthcoming anniversary tours. And she hoped she’d see everyone there. It would be wonderful.

This year’s surprise guest was Pete Walsh. He originally just e-mailed in to say he was listening to the show, but Todd had to get him on the phone!

Todd asked about the drummers on the New Gold Dream album. Pete said they’d recorded the drumming [with Mike Ogletree] but found it lacking so he asked his old friend Mel Gaynor to step in to help with the recordings. Pete mentioned how he met Mel when he was an engineer at a previous studio.

When the recording of New Gold Dream started, the basic instrumentals were quite complete, but no vocals had been recorded. The band had previously spent a couple of weeks in Fife, and decided to go more for the vibe rather than anything. So the recording was a matter of putting it into shape, arranging it and tacking on the vocals.

A lot of the material recorded at Fife was riffs - New Gold Dream was originally called Festival Riff and was just the first part of the song and several other separate pieces. It was a matter of putting it in the right order and finding the vocals.

When asked about the 5:1 surround sound version, Pete Walsh said he hadn’t heard it(!) but there was a reason for the original edits. When producing a vinyl album, level is an important problem during the mastering process. Therefore they shortened the songs, so they could spend more time working on the level and therefore improving the quality of the album. Pete Walsh remembered King Is White And In The Crowd being edited down specifically.

They were working at Townhouse and Herbie Hancock was working in the other studio. Bruce Findlay knew his management and made the connection. Before they knew it, Herbie walked into the studio and wanted to know what to do. They’d planned a keyboard solo for the end of Hunter And The Hunted, so it was absolutely perfect for him to work on that track.

After New Gold Dream he hoped they’d work together again. He’d done some live recordings and live mixes for the band (such as the Rotterdam concert) but when Neapolis came around, he thought it was going to be quite daunting to live up to the success of New Gold Dream. It was a very different to make – initially it was just Jim and Charlie alone, with Derek coming in on bass later. But it was a different unit, not like working with a band. However it was brilliant, technology was moving on, it was a challenge, but it was very enjoyable.

It was a very transitional album for the band as they were moving away from the major stadium label approach.

Pete Walsh then requested In Every Heaven from the DVD-Audio of New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84).

Eddie was on next, speaking from his home in USA. The three weeks recording had gone very well. They’d done parts individually for the previous albums but for this one, they wanted to capture the live feel in the studio. The demos which Jim and Charlie had put together were left quite open; some tracks were just vocal, guitar and perhaps a drum machine. (For Black And White 050505 the demos were more structured). So it was good to get into a room to see what would happen. That was the initial plan and it really worked.

It had been two years since the last major tour, people had been doing other things in other places, so could they do this? And because the demos were left so open, could he do it justice? Come up with the bass lines to fill them? And it all turned out extremely well. The original plan was to do ten songs. And after an initial slow start, they really got into it, and did between two and three tracks per day. And they worked off each other. Your interpretation of an idea might be different from everyone else’s and inspire them to do something different. And so you get a lot more done that way.

It all really worked and they ended up getting thirteen tracks down.

Rockfield was somewhere the band could escape. They were associated with that studio for three albums; they recorded two there and wrote one there. So this will be the fourth Simple Minds album associated with it. It was a real pleasure to be there. It had so much history attached to it: Iggy Pop, Oasis and Queen. You couldn’t go wrong in that environment.

Todd asked if any of the material was shot for any potential new bundles. Eddie confirmed that the guy who worked on the bundles [Kit] had been down at the studio; he was in the recording room, the control room and had interviewed everyone. Kit had got some good stuff and Eddie was looking forward to checking it out.

Todd asked how the new album would be released (downloads, digital release, physical record etc.) Eddie said he wasn’t sure if any decisions had been made yet. As for gigs, they had the 30th anniversary gigs coming up in England and Ireland and some planned for the next year; the USA was a possibility. The last time the band played the USA was in 2002, and as he now lived there, he’d love to play there. The crowds they got during the 2002 shows were amazing and they had an incredible time.

For concerts before 2002, the band typically rehearsed 14-15 songs. It was Eddie and Andy who expanded this – with Jim and Charlie so close to their own material, they had to say ‘this is a great song’ and remind them how good some of their back catalogue is. Therefore they built up to 60 songs which they could play on a particular tour. It was really great to get the chance, because he grew up with these songs. It was great to be able to go back and readdress them, mix them up and come at it from a different angle.

It wasn’t really difficult learning the 60 songs as he didn’t view it was work. You have to do the new album and the crowd pleasers. But if you really enjoy the songs and enjoy playing them then it becomes fun. This also happened recently in Wales. They got the backing for the new songs done so fast they realised they were finished after two weeks. So they went into the live room and played: Simple Minds songs, covers, and enjoyed being back together again. It was a pleasure having so many songs from a back catalogue to mess with and play.

After Todd raved about Eddie's performance on Sanctify Yourself (given away on the Sunday Express CDs) Eddie admitted that he’d not heard it. But when you play one something, you find it hard to sit and listen to them back because you become too critical. However, he’d heard some live material which sounded absolutely incredible (especially a live version of East At Easter recorded at the first Liverpool Docks gig).

The world of Eddie now involved him resting at home in Colorado for a couple of months otherwise his wife was going to choke him. He’d catch up with Simple Minds when they started rehearsals for the 30th anniversary tour in November.

Some Sweet Day 2008 kicks off tomorrow. Todd and Aaron will be playing an entire day of Simple Minds music, ranging from their most well known tracks through to obscure remixes and B-sides.

Highlights this year will be inteviews with Sons Of Dan (all three members), Robin Clark and (fresh out of the new recording sessions) Eddie Duffy. And, perhaps, the possibility of other special guests?

Be sure to tune in. The show can be heard via WBWC's website.

Abolutely Records have put together a new release by White Spaces featuring Jim Kerr called Rare Mixes From Great Songs. The package includes Don't You (Forget About Me) [Gerret's Mix] and One Step Closer [White Spaces Investigation Mix]. It's being released exclusively to iTunes on the 2nd September with a worldwide release on the 30th September.

It isn't known if this is a digital only release.

Remixes of One Step Closer were originally issued under the Biba-Rom name. Is the White Spaces Investigation Mix the same as the Phunk Investigation indaMix? - only time will tell.

Sample Minds - SUMMERTIME IN DRIFFIELD – Tribfest 17/08/08

Coming off stage in Beckum, Germany the night before - and then getting to South Yorkshire in the UK was always going to be logistically challenging for Sample Minds, though a brick thrown through the train window in transit to Dortmund Airport was something not factored into the travel time! With only 5 minutes to spare the band made the only connecting flight of the day and arrived in the UK at approx 8am. Following the long drive ‘up North’, they finally arrived at the Driffield Showground where Tribfest 08 was in full swing.

What a tremendous event! With some of the World’s leading tribute acts the band felt really privileged to be involved.

“It was quite surreal rubbing shoulders backstage with Mick Jagger, Phil Collins, Bryan Ferry and quite strangely Johnny Depp in ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ mode!” said frontman Steve. “The calibre of the acts was simply awesome and it was with some trepidation that we took to the stage.”

The set was:
NEW GOLD DREAM / MEDLEY (featuring Bono!)

Steve should not have worried. From the opening bars of Waterfront to the finale of New Gold Dream the crowd showed a great reaction – even continuing to support the band through a brief down pour (the only one of the day – typical!)

The finale was something special. For Simple Minds fans, one of the most iconic live moments came from when Bono dueted with the band in Glasgow 1985. At Tribfest the moment was recreated featuring the amazing Andy Bagnell (Bono) from Achtung Baby – arguable one of the best U2 tributes in the world! Blasting through the classics Take Me to The River and Light My Fire this could have been one of the festival highlights.

The band would like to say a HUGE thank you to Ed Faulkner for organising such a spectacular event, the stage crew - who without doubt were the FINEST the band have EVER worked with in the UK, the support staff, the caterers – especially the Indian trailer, Alicia for sorting out the camper van (and a tent to isolate Simon’s snoring!) and finally all the bands on the bill – it was a genuine privilege for the guys to share the stage with such talent.

Did the band have a favourite act ?

“All the bands were simply amazing,” commented keyboard player Simon. ‘Badness’ deservedly headlined the night with a show stopping performance (if you looked closely you might have spotted Steve and I on stage with them!). However, we have to say that we loved ‘Achtung Baby’ – what a gig and what a great bunch of guys (band and crew) – we made lots of notes! And as for Andy, well – thank you for making our 'dream' come true.”

Sample Minds next perform a headlining appearance - Saturday 30th August 2008 - Fiesta City, Verviers , Belgium.

Some Sweet Day 2008 hits the airwaves on the 28th August, another day of Simple Minds records and exclusives back-to-back. One special guest already confirmed is Robin Clark - she'll be talking about her career (including her time with Bowie), how she came into the sessions for Once Upon A Time and her tour experiences on the Once Upon A Time tour etc.

(And I know Todd's talking to FourGoodMen and Simple Minds about the possibility of appearing on the show as well - but nothing definite yet.)

I'll publish more here once it's been confirmed.

But the date to tune in is the 28th August - and it's also streamed over the Internet, so you can listen whereever you are.


Next week will be a busy week for MiND2MODE – beginning with a gig at THE TEMPLE BAR, HANNOVER – Wednesday 13th August, through to CITYFEST, BECKUM, GERMANY – Saturday 16th August and then back to the UK for TRIBFEST, DRIFFIELD, SOUTH YORKSHIRE – Sunday 17th August, performing as sample MINDS.

"Playing a gig in Germany and then the UK the following day has presented many logistical challenges," commented frontman Steve Hempton. "There is only one flight that fits into our schedule so it will be a nervous time for all."

Wednesday and Saturday’s M2M shows will be back to back hits from Simple Minds, U2 and Depeche Mode. "The set keeps getting stronger as we rotate songs and find out what gets the best reaction," said drummer Thorsten Ortmann. "We are really enjoying playing these songs and I think that comes across in our performance."

Then on Sunday the band switch to sample MINDS – performing what is sure to be a memorable Simple Minds show. Keyboard player Simon Hayward let out the following tantalising details as to what to expect, “We have an hour set and have to follow one of the top Rolling Stones tributes in the world, so we have to pull out all the stops and be at the top of our game. There’s a fabulous song selection and we have an ace up our sleeves – a VERY special guest. If you’re a Simple Minds fan you won’t want to miss this – a clue? Think Barrowlands, Glasgow 1985! – one of Simple Minds most iconic live performances."

Tribfest features many of the UK’s top tribute acts and promises to be a spectacular event.

More details at:

Dave Kelly is selling a gold presentation disk on eBay. (See Ebay No. 220266791317.) It's a Once Upon A Time award, presented to Schoolhouse Management, for sales in Switzerland.

Whilst there are many fake presentation disks on eBay, this one is definintely genuine and comes with a letter of authenticity from Bruce Findlay himself. So, if you ever wanted to treat yourself ...

Don't You (Forget About Me) has been recorded by Hawk Nelson for a new JC Penney advertisement. The advert recreates key, iconic scenes from the movie with all the actors appropriately dressed in Penney's garb.

Further information can be found here and the advertisement is also available on YouTube.

(And it sounds like exactly what you'd expect a band called Hawk Nelson to sound like.)

Some great pictures of Jim and Charlie at the recent Mandela Gig can be found on contact music.

JohnnyBGood has found a remix of Theme For Great Cities which he's added to Rapidshare: Theme For Great Cities Kreed Inc. Remix.

Oliver Tanson® has recently interviewed Jim. Exclusive pictures and several snippets from the interview can be found on his website.

(I've asked when the full interview will be available).

For more information (in Italian) about the day Coldplay stayed at Villa Angela (Jim's Sicilian hotel) then click here.

(Coldplay were in Siciliy to shoot their Violet Hill video).

MIND2MODE - Kurparkfest, Hamm, Germany
Saturday 26th July 2008

MIND2MODE present the music of U2, Simple Minds and Depeche Mode in one spectacular show. Featuring all the iconic hits from 3 of the greatest live acts on the planet, including Pride (in the Name of Love), Don't You (Forget About Me), Just Can't Get Enough and many, many more, MIND2MODE take you on a roller-coaster ride celebrating 3 decades of outstanding music.

This Saturday 26th July 2008 the band will perform a landmark headlining performance at the Kurparkfest, Hamm, Germany. Taking to the stage at 22:50 and then performing for a staggering 4 hours this is sure to be a special event.

"We've never played anything like this before," commented keyboard player Simon Hayward. "It's going to be a real test of endurance to get through the 45 songs we plan to perform. While we have a repertoire of about 50 Simple Minds songs we can draw upon, this gig also gives us the opportunity to lengthen the U2 and Depeche Mode sets and try some tracks we've to date only played in rehearsals. All the songs are very up tempo and noisy, so if you're local and are thinking of getting an early night - forget it!!!"

To make things even more interesting, bass player Dirk Schulte will stand in for Jacky Biermann who is currently 'on tour' in the USA!!!

"We've played with Dirk before and we have complete confidence in his ability and leather trousers!" said frontman Steve Hempton. "Hamm has always held a special place in the bands history and as Jacky would say, 'we will rock the house down!'"

Further details can be found at:

Simple Minds will record the tracks for their new album in Rockfield Studios, Wales, throughout the month of August 2008.

It is bound to be a rather emotional return as Rockfield is where the band recorded some of their fledgling and most innovative work, specifically both their second and third albums - Real to Real Cacophony and Empires and Dance.

With Jez Coad who co-produced the band's last album Black and White 050505 returning to fulfill the same duties, drummer Mel Gaynor and bassist Eddie Duffy will join founder members Charlie Burchill and Jim Kerr - both of whom have spent the last few months writing the set of new songs that are due to be recorded. Andy Gillespie will add additional keyboards.

Legendary mixer Bob Clearmountain is set to complete the finishing work at his own Mix This studios in Los Angeles and the album when completed will be ready for international release within the early months of 2009.

Click here for details about Simple Minds' 30th Anniversary Tour -

And I've just noticed The Alarm are the support for the Glasgow gig.

Virtual legend Derek Forbes continues his bass-line masterclass with a video of him performing Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel.

Do you want an instant, entire Simple Minds collection?

Kurt Meuleman is selling his entire collection as one lot. His collection consists of:

  • Nearly 200 different vinyls
  • More then 200 different CDs
  • Includes promos, rare and very rare stuff
  • Plus lots of videos, cassettes, books, tourbooks and memorabilia
This collection was started my collection in 1983 and 90% of the items are impeccable, 9% mint and 1% very slightly damaged.

He's asking 10,000 euro for the entire collection (nothing will be split) and the whole collection has to be collected from him in Belgium.

E-mail for further information.

(The images below show his collection of items from the New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) era.)

David Johnson has been selling items from his collection on eBay over the last few months. He's now going to start selling the vinyl.

"with regret I will be selling the vast majority of my Simple Minds vinyl collection from 1977 - 2008. I'm keeping some of the choice bootlegs and some 1980 - 82 autographed stuff but the rest will be appearing on eBay or you can email me for the vinyl-only list and make some offers."

"It includes promos, bootlegs, 12" remixes, 7" singles, doublepacks, pic disks and rare items from around the world."

"The band are still 'the best live band in the world' but I no longer see the point in hoarding my collection so I'm sure it will find good home(s) amongst other Simple Minds fans & collectors."

"Items up for grabs will be:

  • Jungleland 12" test pressing
  • Live In The City Of Light 5 track Canadian vinyl promo
  • Catch A Wave 2x10" punk compilation 1978
  • Street Fighting Years Spanish version
  • Biba Rom - One Step Closer 12" remix
For serious collectors:
  • New Gold Dream Class Remix - one of only 20 pressed on blue vinyl
  • Gold Dream - Zimbabwe LP
  • She's a River 12" promo France
  • East at Easter / Alive And Kicking 7" from the Philipines
  • Simplemente peru 12"
And the top rarity is the All The Things She Said/Alive And Kicking 2 x 7" UK doublepack - which is still sealed!"

Email him ( for a full list of 250 vinyl items or keep your eyes on Ebay from late August.

Videos of both Mandela Day and Don't You (Forget About Me) from the 46664 Concert can be found on Stuart's site.

The section on the Themes Volumes has been updated with a press review, detals of the promo versions and further documentation.

We will delight our fans with a blast from past

SCOTTISH superstars Simple Minds have a Birmingham band to thank for giving them their big showbiz break 30 years ago.

The group's first gig was supporting Handsworth's Steel Pulse at Glasgow's Satellite City Club on January 17, 1978.

Recalls Simple Minds' frontman Jim Kerr: "For us to get any kind of gig was a big thing. We'd been writing and rehearsing for a few weeks and this was a chance for us to play in front of a couple of thousand people. It set us on the right road. We went down a storm."

"Not many reggae bands played in Glasgow back then but we knew about Steel Pulse because John Peel had been playing their Handsworth Revolution album."

"In fact, Steel Pulse were the first Rastas we'd seen - there was no West Indian community in Glasgow." Jim, aged 47, says they got the gig, their first as Simple Minds, because they already had a local following as a punk band.

"We'd built up a bit of a reputation as Johnny and the Self Abusers and I suppose the promoter thought we'd sell a few extra tickets," Jim grins.

To mark the 30th anniversary of the formation of Simple Minds there are plans to make their show at Birmingham NEC on November 28 extra special.

"We wanted to do something a wee bit different so we thought we'd pick a complete album to play in concert," explains Jim. "New Gold Dream was our landmark album, our break-through record, so we'll be playing that from start to finish. But there are a few songs on it that we've never played live so we need to start rehearsing!"

"It will be quite special for those who like the album but it's only a 38 minute record - and it's a two and a half hour show, so fans will get to hear plenty of other songs."

And there may even be a song we've never heard before slipped in.

"The shows are about the past but we may put in a new one for the hell of it."

So new material is on the way but there will still be a link with the past.

Tracks are being written by Jim and guitarist Charlie Burchill with former Simple Minds members Brian McGee, Mick McNeil and Derek Forbes. "I don't know if they'll be on stage with us in Birmingham. What would I like to happen? I'd like the best to happen!"

*Ticket info
Simple Minds Nov 28: NEC Arena Tickets: £35, plus booking and transaction fee, from or 0871 945 6000

Andy Coleman
Birmingham Mail
4th July

A Queen fan has prepared a torrent of the entire Nelson Mandela 90th Tribute Concert which was recorded from the Dutch digital channel Nederland 3 (who showed the whole gig).

It's available as four separate 'DVDs' and Simple Minds are available on the third DVD.

You will need Torrent software on your computer to view it. The address of the torrent is

Samples of three of the tracks Sons Of Dan (Mick, Derek and Brian) have been working on have been posted to Derek's Myspace (click on Simple Sampler) and also to Sons Of Dan Myspace.

They're just rough demos at the moment (no vocals etc.) but definintely show promise (especially the last one which has an The American feel).

You can also hear their chilling new version of Pleasantly Disturbed.

The Themes Volumes are now available on iTunes. Be wary though: although the correct version of This Earth That You Walk Upon is present, the wrong version of Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) is included (it's the album version instead of the extended version).

So far this decade, Simple Minds have done us proud. There’s been a constant stream of new albums (Neon Lights, Cry, Live And Rare and Black And White) and singles; the band have been touring every year taking in small clubs through to arenas; remixes and oddities have surfaced from hip Italian record companies; and they’ve even given away freebie live albums through Sunday papers. Plus, there’s the forthcoming tour and albums to look forward to. It’s been a great time to be a fan.

Virgin Records, on the other hand, haven’t done us proud. They’ve been grappling with the Mind’s back catalogue in a most unimaginative way, repeatedly issuing the same material in all manner of guises, and repeatedly failing to approach their library of recordings in any intelligent way. Silver Box and Seen The Lights are the exceptions, but they had their own problems.

(Incidentally the DVD-Audio remixes of New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) and Once Upon A Time were completely down to Charlie Burchill and Ronald Prent - Virgin didn't even seen to notice they'd got something special, and the new versions were only discovered by accident by completist die-hards like myself.)

The new Themes box set and Themes Volume Five are, unfortunately, another example of Virgin falling wide of the mark. The bottom line is I don’t have to purchase it if I don’t want it and I should stop moaning about it. And yet, if I don’t raise my objections and point out why such releases aren’t desirable, then I suspect Virgin will continue issuing remasters without bonuses, worthless compilations and endless reissues on a theme. In the end, fans will stop buying this material; not because the market for Simple Minds isn’t there, but because the product has been so repeatedly offered.

Virgin should mark the band’s 30th anniversary by releasing a CD box set of the first ten singles, thus clearing up a constantly ignored section of the discography and releasing several exclusive B-sides and live tracks from vinyl purgatory. Or release a deluxe edition of New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) to tie-in with the forthcoming 30th anniversary tour. Just two ideas which would be worthy additions to fan’s collections and would be snapped up making Virgin a tidy profit.

Virgin still have time to do us proud this decade. So, let’s hope the era of the reissues and compilations without bonuses, exclusives, good packaging and intelligent sleeve notes is well and truly over.

Themes Volume Five

The release of the original Themes Volumes in 1990 caused quite a stir. Not only were they intelligently compiled, beautifully packaged and well informed (through authoritative sleeve notes), they were an absolutely necessity - as the majority of material released on 12" singles through the 1980s was still languishing on vinyl. Fans relished the opportunity to own them on CD and many bankrupted themselves to purchase all four sets.

Whilst many of the remixes, B-sides and live recordings were appearing on this format for the first time, the CD revolution had gradually crept into the single’s discography as the singles from Street Fighting Years had been issued on CD. This made Volume Four a redundant reissue rather than a must-have proposition. The carrot in this case was The Verona EP, the jewel in the Theme’s crown; an acknowledgement by Virgin that Volume Four was lacking and needed spicing up. The tasty, unedited live versions of three tracks catapulted Theme Four from completist-only purchase to absolute necessity.

The Themes Volumes then paused (although promising a return) as Real Life and its associated single campaign swung into action, a set of singles completely different from its predecessors. The lavish single packages saw multiple format releases spreading the tracks across all the formats; no longer did we get a cheap-and-cheerful 7", some limited edition gizmo of the 7" and bonus material collected exclusively on the 12". Virgin now saw the value in spreading the wealth ensuring almost every format featured something different.

If Themes Volume Five was ever compiled, it would have to take that into account. Furthermore, the dominance of the 12" was over, usurped by the CD, and both formats often shared track listings; therefore 'CD firsts' for Volume Five would be extremely rare. A dogmatic approach to the volume would’ve replicated a series of CDs which most fans would already have. Themes Volume Five, if ever issued, was going to be tricky.

Unfortunately this is exactly what Virgin has now done. Themes Volume Five is no more than a narrow adherence to the 12" only rule, creating a box set of incomplete recordings from the Real Life singles, all bar one (Soul Crying Out [Live]) which fans will already have on CD. Additionally the previously abundant and informative sleeve notes have collapsed to brief factoids, barely covering half the page. One wonders if more descriptive text would've revealed how much was missing.

A CD of unissued material (in the same vein as the original Verona EP) would’ve transformed this set’s appeal; but Themes Volume Five is exemplar of Virgin’s abject refusal to cater for long term fans (witness Best Of, the album reissues, Early Gold, Gift Pack etc.). Silver Box showed what the company were capable of when they set their minds to it, but such generosity (when compared with almost any other artist on any other record company) is extremely rare when it comes to Simple Minds and Virgin.

The failure to include other bonus material from the Real Life singles means the new fan’s more likely to search out the original CDs and pressings rather than buy an incomplete box set; the lack of any new material won’t appeal to the long term fans who already supported the record company by purchasing everything when it was first issued.

The Virgin Records of the late 1980s was savvy enough to bend the 12" only rule, and include exclusive material when required; it’s a pity the Virgin Records of the late 2000s is unable, or unwilling, to do the same. Themes Volume Five is a disappointing conclusion to what started out as an extremely desirable and interesting set of releases.

Themes Volumes One - Five Box

The lavishly packaged box with its deep lid opens to reveal the newly issued Themes Volume One through Four and the new Volume Five. The original Themes have been lovingly replicated; the mistakes on the original issues have been fixed (namely This Earth That You Walk Upon and Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) and the graphics on the CDs are clearer and sharper than the originals. Oddly the sleeve notes are rendered in different colours but that’s a minor difference.

However, these Themes sets are far more flimsy, and therefore feel more fragile, than their 1990s counterparts. The sets also unfold in a different order; a small detail but annoying after you’ve tried to fold the box back together the wrong way several times.

The sleeve notes have been completely reproduced down to references to the original CD issues and the Theme’s fortnightly release schedule; an opportunity to update them to refer to the remasters and expunge redundant information wasn’t taken.

Fans who missed the original Themes Volumes, and can only purchase costly, scuffed second hand originals from eBay can now decide if Simple Minds’ most costly commercial release is worth buying. Themes One to Four still remain as necessary as they were when originally issued, and are the only ways to build a collection of Simple Minds' extended, remix, and obscure B-side and live material; plus, you also get Theme Volume Five, the disappointing coda.

Everything you want to know about the Themes
An official 46664 Interview with Jim can be found here. And here's a video of last night's performance.

Meanwhile audio of Simple Minds playing Mandela Day from yesterday's gig can be found on the Hungarian Simple Minds website.

Derek posted a reply on his YouTube account (see the I Travel bassline link below) concerning the band reunion: "Don't worry. Mick, Brian and myself have written 5 tracks already, and plan to complete another 5 for an album, which should be out late this year or early next year. It is reminiscent of "Sons and Fascination". Exactly what Simple Minds need."

In the meantime, everything known about Simple Minds' new album (which also sounds like Sons And Fascination) can be found here (and it's worth keeping an eye on as I usually quietly update it when snippits of information surface).

Now, this is great.

A Simple Minds fan and bass player posts a video to YouTube of the I Travel bassline: Simple Minds, I Travel, Bassline.

This comes to the attention of Dan Yer Man who videos himself (whilst a little inebriated but it doesn't show... honest) playing the real version: Simple Minds I Travel correct bassline.


Jim, Charlie and Mel appeared at the Nelson Mandela 90th Concert with the event's backing band - which was the standard set-up for all the acts as I understand. They performed Mandela Day, backed by the Soweto Gospel Choir (to a somewhat luke-warm crowd response, but many probably were only hearing the song for the first time) followed by a rousing performace of Don't You (Forget About Me) (which did get everyone up on their feet and singing).

If anyone's made a copy of Simple Minds' set then please let me know and I'll post a link up here.

"Mick MacNeil, Derek Forbes and Brian McGee, 3 of the original Simple Minds line up, would like to take this opportunity to thank their loyal fans for the overwhelming support shown to them since it was announced that there was to be a reunion of the former band members. Regrettably, the lead singer, Jim Kerr, is unable to participate in the reunion. However, inspired by the encouragement of their fans, Mick, Derek and Brian have written and produced new material reminiscent of Sons And Fascination."

"Having thoroughly enjoyed working together again, they hope their fans will be equally delighted with the new tracks."

"Thank you for your continued support!"
Mick MacNeil

Message posted to Mick's Myspace site at

Scottish rockers Simple Minds have been busy writing new songs for their next eagerly anticipated new studio album, and have enough material for two new albums. The band released their last studio album Black and White 050505, three years ago but have been so inspired by recent writing sessions in their native Glasgow, they've got more than enough quality material for a double header.

Front man Jim Kerr promises fans to expect another album after their upcoming 2009 release. He says, "The writing sessions have somehow taken over our entire lives, but they have worked out perfectly. I am having difficulty in remembering the last time we had such an abundance of material prior to recording. We may even have enough songs of sufficient quality for two albums."

Kerr says the raft of new work is similar to the stack of tracks on Sons And Fascination / Sister Feelings Call - a double LP set assembled from one session by the band in 1981. However the singer says he's not likely to release a bumper double album. "There is no plan to come out with a double album as such," says Kerr. It is entirely possible that we could release two albums within the space of a year, the first hopefully occurring very early in the New Year. The second release thereafter, who knows?"

Jim Kerr said: "I suspect we will embark on a cycle of work that will be non stop at least up until Christmas - with a fairly hectic year to follow.

After Simple Minds perform at the 46664 Nelson Mandela 90th birthday concert tonight in London's Hyde Park, they'll embark on a UK arena tour to celebrate thirty years in the music. Their 30th Anniversary UK Tour will see the band performing the entirety of their 1982 album New Gold Dream.

Simple Minds 30th Anniversary Tour Dates:
* Manchester MEN Arena - November 27th
* Birmingham NEC - November 28th
* London Wembley Arena - November 29th
* Sheffield Arena - December 1st
* Cardiff International Arena - December 2nd
* Newcastle Metro Arena - December 3rd
* Glasgow SECC -December 4th
* Belfast Odyssey Arena -December 6th

"On the eve of Simple Minds landmark performance at the Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday Concert, Hyde Park, London we are delighted to make available Live EP2 which topically includes 'Mandela Day'.

All tracks were recorded at the Sample Minds gig in Osnabruck March 2008 and are taken direct from the mixing desk.

Tracks are:

We'd like to thank everyone here for their continued support and hope to see you 'on the road' soon."
Sample Minds

11th July 2008 - Das Parkhaus, Duisburg, Germany
Performing as MIND2MODE

26th July 2008 - Kurparkfest, Hamm, Germany
Performing as MIND2MODE

13th August 2008 - Maschseefest, Hanover, Germany
Performing as MIND2MODE

16th August 2008 - Cityfest, Beckum, Germany
Performing as MIND2MODE

17th August 2008 - Tribfest, East Yorkshire, UK
Performing as Sample Minds

30th August 2008 - Fiesta City, Verviers , Belgium
Performing as Sample Minds

29th August 2009 - NRW-Tag, Hamm , Germany
Performing as MIND2MODE

Please note the last line of this press release from Noble PR (which is in bold):

"Following last week's addition of their Belfast Odyssey Arena concert, Simple Minds have added another date to their 2008 UK 30th Anniversary Tour. Tickets for their Newcastle Metro Radio Arena show (December 3rd), goes on sale Friday June 27th at 9am. Ticket Hotline: 0871 424 4444, Book Online:

'Simple Minds Celebrate 30 Years Live' Tour 2008

Thursday 27th November Manchester MEN Arena
Friday 28th November Birmingham NEC
Saturday 29th November Wembley Arena
Monday 1st December Sheffield Arena
Tuesday 2nd December Cardiff Arena
Wednesday 3rd December Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
Thursday 4th December Glasgow SECC
Saturday 6th December Belfast Odyssey Arena

For further info about the 30th Anniversary Tour, click here -

The anniversary tour will see Simple Minds perform the entirety of their landmark 1982 album New Gold Dream for the very first time.

Jim Kerr will be interviewed about Simple Minds' participation in the forthcoming 46664 Nelson Mandela concert on BBC Breakfast News (BBC1 Television) on Thursday June 26th at 8:50am GMT. Don't miss it.

I'm still working on the new section devoted to the new release of the Themes Volumes. Keep checking back as I hope to get it all online today... it's currently standing at 358 files and counting... Themes Box Sets, Themes Volumes, indivudal Themes CDs and cassettes, promos, mispressings, press releases, original Virgin documentation, artwork and more.

Two extra dates have been added to the Celebrate 30 Years Live Tour: the Odyssey Arena, Belfast (on the 6th December) and the Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle (on the 3rd December).

There will be a presale offering of Newcastle tickets on the 24th June through the official site. (The tickets go on general sale on the 27th June).

Wolfgang's Vault have issued part of another Simple Minds concert. This time it's their classic appearance at Newcastle City Hall on the 20th November 1982 (the details on the Vault site are incorrect).

The three tracks are Hunter And The Hunted (which was released as the B-side of the Waterfront single), Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) and New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) (with the last two previously available on the Seen The Lights DVD.)

The concert can be found here.

(The confusion over the dates stems from the original transcription disc of the show. These three tracks from the Newcastle gig appeared on the King Biscuit Flower Hour broadcast on the 24th February 1985. For further details of the broadcast, see the radio show discography.)

A new version of Mandela Day is available in the members area of the official site. This is the rehearsal version for the forthcoming 46664 Concert and features Jim, Charlie and Mel along with the backing band and female backing vocals.

"As imagined we are immensely looking forward to the Mandela benefit that takes place next week on the 27th of June. The chance to play our song 'Mandela Day' with the Soweto Gospel Choir is a one off opportunity and if the recent rehearsals are anything to go by it should be a spine tingling few minutes that will live long in our memories' - Jim

As part of their Roots (The Influences Of Your Favourite Albums) series, the NME recently reviewed Kings Of Leon and their Because Of The Times album and suggested how New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) was influencial.

"Since the mid-'80s, of course, Scotland's most commerically successful group have been a deliriously uncool name to drop. They're best known for that song that appeared in The Breakfast Club, Don't You (Forget About Me) - a track even derided by leader Jim Kerr for what he saw as over-simplistic lyrics. On the albums that precede this one, however, they were better known - and critically acclaimed - for off-kilter, experimental, art punk. Like the Kings, they decided that, while being praised in the printed press was all well and good, they wanted to play stadiums, and New Gold Dream is the tipping point, the point at which they consolidated the music they had created before and made something more ambitious and widescreen. Whereas on the albums that followed this they descended into the anonymous, anthemic rock, here the mix is just right - their ambition and previous sense of adventure working side by side."

VH1 will air the star-studded concert in celebration of Nelson Mandela's 90th Birthday later this month. The network will broadcast The 46664 Concert Honoring Nelson Mandela At 90 live from Hyde Park in London on June 27th. Academy Award-nominated actor Will Smith will serve as VH1's on-site correspondent for the event as artists like Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis and Annie Lennox take the stage in honor of the iconic former South African president. The concert will be streamed live on via Be sure to tune into a two-hour special featuring highlights from the big show on June 30th at 9 p.m. on VH1.

The concert (or part of it) will also be broadcast by ITV 1 on June 27th.

Several more fan remixes have been published:

Several new fan remixes have appeared in the last couple of weeks.

Dreamtime has together a great extended version of She's A River which combines the album and instrumental takes to create a new version which clocks in at 9:37.

And more remixes from JohnnyBGood:

A new 10 minute MIND2MODE promo video is now on-line:

It features the band performing:
Simple Minds:
Waterfront - Featuring Mick MacNeil!
Alive and Kicking

Depeche Mode:
Personal Jesus
Enjoy the Silence

Where the Streets Have No Name

Their summer tour starts this weekend in Munster, Germany.

More stuff at /

Tour Dates

1st June 2008 - Euro City Fest, Münster, Germany
Performing as MIND2MODE
Onstage from 7:30 to 10:00pm Citystage (Drubbel)

14th June 2008 - The Highland Games, Hamm, Germany
Performing as Sample Minds

11th July 2008 - Das Parkhaus, Duisburg, Germany
Performing as MIND2MODE

26th July 2008 - Kurparkfest, Hamm, Germany
Performing as MIND2MODE

13th August 2008 - Maschseefest, Hanover, Germany
Performing as MIND2MODE

16th August 2008 - Cityfest, Beckum, Germany
Performing as MIND2MODE

17th August 2008 - Tribfest, East Yorkshire, UK
Performing as Sample Minds

30th August 2008 - Fiesta City, Verviers , Belgium
Performing as Sample Minds

The "original" line-up of Simple Minds pictured at Bruce Findlay's 60th birthday party in 2004. From left to right: Brian, Jim, Mick, Bruce, Derek and Charlie.

The original members of Simple Minds are due to work together for the first time in 27 years when they enter a recording studio in the middle of June '08. In an event that many never thought would happen again, Brian McGee, Derek Forbes, Mick McNeil, Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill, have set their aim on producing at least two new tracks that could be released later this year.

Regarded by both Jim and Charlie as a 'nice experiment', particularly as it falls within their 30 year anniversary, the week-long reformation is being viewed as one of many 'let's see what happens' ideas that they look forward to working on over the course of the next year.

Jim said "Of course I am excited with the prospect of working with the original line - up once more. I had always believed that the day would come when we would get the opportunity to do so. The last time we worked together was on our Sons and Fascination / Sister Feelings Call album, featuring songs like The American, Themes for Great Cities, Love Song etc, and it is still considered by many as among our best ever work. We have a lot to live up to, but we intend to have some fun attempting to do just that."

Visit for more news regarding the June recording sessions.

Click on the following link for details of Simple Minds 30th Anniversary UK tour dates:



'Themes' 25 CD Box Set

Release date: 23 June 2008

"Stunning Box set documenting the band's developing sound, ideas and ideals through the music and design of their classic 12" single releases.""

Simple Minds – Themes is the sumptuous 25 CD Box set of the 4 x 5 CD original Themes - Volumes 1-5 : March 79 - September 92 digi boxes, plus Themes - Volume 5 : March 91 - September 92, an additional 5 CD digi box. The 5 x 5 CD digi boxes are all packaged together in one 2mm thick lift off lid box. ‘Themes Volumes 1 – 4’ were originally released in 1990 and deleted in 1993 with each Box containing 5 CDs of the 12" Simple Minds singles with additional tracks from singles and albums. The newly compiled 5th box contains 5 x CDs of 12" releases post 1990.

The 5th 5CD digi box will also be available individually so fans can buy just the 5th set if they already own 1-4.

The artwork for sets 1-4 is all re-created from the original ‘Themes’ volumes incorporating details from the original 12" designs. Volume 5 will be an appropriate new addition to the Themes artwork scheme.

All classic Simple Minds tracks are included in the series, highlights including I Travel, Love Song, Waterfront, Alive & Kicking, Don’t You (Forget About Me)... all fantastic, era-defining extended versions.

Each Themes Volume will also be made available digitally.

Here is the full tracklisting of the 25 CDs:

Themes (Volume 01)

01. I Travel (Extended Remix (6.20)
Originally from the album Empires & Dance
02. Celebrate (5.06)
Taken from the Album Empires & Dance
03. Film Theme (2.25)
Taken from the Album Real To Real Cacophony

01. The American (Extended Remix) (6.59)
Originally from the Album Sister Feelings Call
02. League Of Nations (5.00)
Taken from the Album Sister Feelings Call
03. Sound In 70 Cities (5.04)
Taken from the Album Sister Feelings Call

01. Love Song (5.05)
Taken from the Album Sons & Fascination
02. This Earth That You Walk Upon (5.26) *
Taken from the Album Sons & Fascination
03. Life In A Day (4.00)
Taken from the Album Life In A Day

01. Sweat In Bullet (Extended Remix) (6.59)
Additional Production & Remix By Peter Walsh.
Original Version on the Album Sons & Fascination
02. 20th Century Promised Land (4.55)
Taken from the Album Sister Feelings Call
03. League Of Nations (6.15)
Recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, 25.09.81.
04. In Trance As Mission (7.21)
Recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, 25.09.81.

01. Promised You A Miracle (Extended Version) (4.49)
Originally from the Album New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
02. Theme For Great Cities (5.51)
Taken from the Album Sister Feelings Call
03. Seeing Out The Angel (Instrumental Remix) (6.32)
Additional Production & Remix By Ian Caple.

Themes (Volume 02)

01. Glittering Prize (Club Mix) (4.59)
Originally from the Album New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
02. New Gold Dream (12" Remix) (6.52)
Originally from the Album New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
03. Glittering Prize (Extended Theme) (4.59)

01. Someone Somewhere In Summertime (4.35) *
Taken from the Album New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
02. King Is White & In The Crowd (Session Version) 5.12)
Recorded at Maida Vale Studios, London, 11.02.82 for The David Jensen Radio 1 Show.
03. Soundtrack For Every Heaven (4.57)

01. Waterfront (Extended Version) (5.50)
Originally from the Album Sparkle In The Rain
Additional Production & Remix By Steve Lillywhite.
02. Hunter & The Hunted (6.00)
Recorded Live at the City Hall, Newcastle, 20.11.82.
03. "C" Moon Cry Like A Baby (4.23)
Taken from the Album Sparkle In The Rain

01. Speed Your Love To Me (Extended Version) (7.29)
Originally from the Album Sparkle In The Rain
Additional Production & Remix By Steve Lillywhite.
02. Speed Your Love To Me (Single Edit) (3.59)
Originally from the Album Sparkle In The Rain
03. Bassline (4.35)

01. Don't You Forget About Me (Extended Version) (6.32)
02. Up On The Catwalk (Extended Version) (7.34)
Originally from the Album Sparkle In The Rain
Additional Production & Remix By Steve Lillywhite.
03. A Brass Band In African Chimes (9.22)

Themes (Volume 03)

01. Alive & Kicking (5.25)
Taken from the Album Once Upon A Time
02. Alive & Kicking (Instrumental Version) (6.01)
03. Up On The Catwalk (5.37)
Recorded Live, Barrowlands, Glasgow, 05.01.85
Mixed & Engineered By Frank Filipetti.

01. Sanctify Yourself (Extended Remix) (7.09)
Originally from the Album Once Upon A Time
Additional Production & Remix By Jay Burnett.
02. Sanctify Yourself (Instrumental Remix) (6.10)
Additional Production & Remix By Jay Burnett.
03. Love Song (5.41)
Recorded Live, The Ahoy, Rotterdam, 03.12.85.
04. Street Hassle (Live) (7.25)
Recorded Live, The Ahoy, Rotterdam, 03.12.85.

01. All The Things She Said (Extended Remix) (5.09)
Originally from the Album Once Upon A Time
02. Promised You A Miracle (US Club Mix) (5.57)
Additional Production & Remix By Steve Thompson.
03. Don't You Forget About Me (9.05)
Recorded Live, The Ahoy, Rotterdam, 03.12.85

01. Ghost Dancing (Extended Remix) (6.58)
Additional Production & Remix By Zeus B Held.
Original Version on the Album Once Upon A Time
02. Ghost Dancing (Instrumental Version) (4.55)
03. Jungleland (Extended Remix) (6.55)
Additional Production & Remix By Zeus B Held.
Original Version on the Album Once Upon A Time
04. Jungleland (Instrumental Version) (6.09)

01. Promised You A Miracle (4.55)
Taken from the Album Live In The City Of Light
Recorded Live, Le Zenith, Paris, 12.08.86.
02. Book Of Brilliant Things (4.54)
Taken from the Album Live In The City Of Light
Recorded Live, Le Zenith, Paris, 12.08.86.
03. Glittering Prize (4.34)
Recorded Live, Barrowlands Ballroom, Glasgow, 05.01.85.
04. Celebrate (5.49)
Recorded Live, Barrowlands Ballroom, Glasgow, 05.01.85.

Themes (Volume 04)

01. Belfast Child (6.45)
Taken from the Album Street Fighting Years
02. Mandela Day (5.45)
Taken from the Album Street Fighting Years
03. Biko (7.32)
Taken from the Album Street Fighting Years

01. This Is Your Land (6.17)
Taken from the Album Street Fighting Years
02. Saturday Girl (6.10)
03. Year Of The Dragon (3.05)

01. Kick It In (6.05)
Taken from the Album Street Fighting Years
02. Waterfront (Steve Lillywhite '89 Mix) (5.29)
Additional Production & Remix By Steve Lillywhite.
03. Big Sleep (6.35)
Recorded Live at The Point, Dublin in Rehearsals, April 1989.
04. Kick It In (Unauthorised Mix) (7.04)
Additional Production & Remix By Trevor Horn.

01. Sign O' The Times (5.35)
02. Let It All Come Down (4.58)v Taken from the Album Street Fighting Years
03. Sign O The Times (CJ MacKintosh Remix) (6.15)
Additional Production & Remix By CJ MacKintosh.
04. Jerusalem (2.59)

01. Street Fighting Years (10.02)
02. Mandela Day (8.15)
03. Kick it In (6.47)
Recorded Live, L'Arena, Verona, 15.09.89.
Featured in the concert film Verona

Themes (Volume 05)

Let There Be Love - Extended Mix
Let There Be Love - 7" Mix
Alive And Kicking - Live

See The Lights - 12" Version
Theme For Great Cities '91
Soul Crying Out - Live

Stand By Love
King Is White And In The Crowd - Live
Let There Be Love - Live

Real Life - Edit
See The Lights - Live
Belfast Child - Live

Love Song - Extended Remix
Love Song - Live
Travelling Man - Live
Oh Jungleland - Live
Alive And Kicking – Live


"Although this is Virgin press release, the listings for Themes Volumes One to Four are all taken from As describes the original Themes Volumes as released, it also includes the incorrect versions of This Earth That You Walk Upon (Theme 3) and Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) (Theme 6). Therefore I have contacted Virgin to determine whether these reissues feature the correct version or not."

"Themes Volume 5 is a reissue of the band's 12" singles from the Real Life era on CD. It offers nothing new for the fans who've already collected all the releases from this period." - Simon.

Still Going For Gold

Simple Minds' Jim Kerr Reflects On The Band's 30-Year Career

It is 30 years since Glaswegian teenagers Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill formed Simple Minds. In the years since, they have scaled the heights of international success with classic albums such as New Gold Dream and anthems like Belfast Child, Don’t You (Forget About Me) and Promised You A Miracle.

Offstage, Kerr married twice, having one child each with fellow rock star Chrissie Hynde and actress Patsy Kensit.

Now single and living in Sicily these past 10 years where he runs a hotel, Kerr, 48, recalls that initially, it wasn’t the fame, money or even the music that attracted him to a life in rock.

“The first gig I saw was Genesis with Peter Gabriel on the Foxtrot tour,” recalls Jim. “We had a seat right behind the mixing desk and before the band came on we were sitting waiting."

“The crowd was getting ready, the excitement was palpable, but the most impressive thing was that the guy on the mixing desk – who wasn’t exactly good looking – had this woman with him who had the best ass I’d ever seen." I just thought, ‘If he can get a girl like that, I want to be involved in this music thing’.”

The punk explosion later gave the young Kerr the confidence to take to the stage.

“Punk almost burned itself out in 1977,” he says, “but the legacy of the great albums, such as those by Magazine, Television and Patti Smith, lasted."

“We had no idea how long it was going to last. We were living in the moment full of cheap wine and speed.”

On their first tour, supporting Magazine, Simple Minds felt in awe of the headliners. But by 1982 they had recorded their abiding masterpiece, New Gold Dream. Featuring the singles Glittering Prize and the classic Promised You A Miracle, the album, which the band will play in its entirety on their 30th Anniversary winter tour, showed how far they’d travelled in just four years – from Glasgow street punks to world-beating arena fillers.

“Music was the only thing we wanted to do,” smiles Jim. “I was really lucky to be in a band where everyone had tons of ideas. We always had a lot of imagination but it wasn’t until New Gold Dream that we really became ourselves." "It was an album that was poppy enough to be played alongside the great records of that year, yet at the same time it fitted alongside The Bunnymen and The Cure.” The album’s striking title was taken from the headline on a magazine review for that year’s hit art-house movie, Fitzcarraldo.

“Our previous albums had a darkness,” Jim admits. “Travelling through Europe at that time there was the Red Brigade in Italy and the neo-Nazis in Germany. We passed through Paris and a bomb had just gone off in a synagogue – it all made a big impression. New Gold Dream was a new dawn.”

The Minds had quickly outgrown the primitive ethic of punk, putting a premium on musical excellence.

“I remember one time waiting at the side of the stage while the DJ played Donna Summer’s I Feel Love,” Kerr continues. “I’d never heard anything like it. It was like The Velvet Underground doing disco and she was singing in an Arabic scale."

“We went, ‘Punk’s finished!’ and shot off to find the only guy in Glasgow with a synthesiser to join our band. I assume the guys in New Order had a similar experience.”

Twenty-six years after New Gold Dream, the Minds have survived. They’ve weathered line-up changes and fluctuations in popularity, although their last album, 2005’s Black And White 050505, received their best reviews in a decade.

“Looking back, there was a sacking of one guy that was harsh,” Jim reflects. “Probably something stupid like he had a better-looking girlfriend than everyone else. I feel bad about that."

“I probably haven’t been the easiest to work with. Not because I was trying to rule the roost, but I was always pushing. I always thought there was more there. I was a bit anti-social and I had lead singeritis. You have to, really. In every great band there was always one star.”

Kerr is happy to admit that, for him, the finest period in the band’s career came with the No 1 single Belfast Child in February 1989.

“I was in Nice the other week,” he recalls, “and I had a flashback passing the pretty cheapskate hotel where we were staying when we got the call that the song was No 1 in America." [With Don't You (Forget About Me) - Simon.]

“I was alone at the time and wanted to celebrate, but I didn’t know anyone. So I went into the bar and said, ‘Free drinks for everyone’. "People wondered what this guy was on, but if you don’t celebrate that, what are you going to celebrate?”

Although struggling with the ageing process, Kerr doesn’t regard his old success as a birthright.

“How dare we ask for more?” he says. “We’ve been treated so well. It would be obnoxious to ask for more. "Of course you can relate when you hear old rockers complain that they can’t get their records on the radio. But you dare not say the same thing yourself – we’ve had such a good run.”

The Simple Minds 30th Anniversary tour starts on November 27 at Manchester MEN Arena.

Gavin Martin
Daily Mirror
May 23rd 2008

I'm currently working on the Themes Volumes for Dream Giver Redux in preparation for the forthcoming release of the Themes Box Set and Themes Volume Five.

This will include all the cassette single versions of the Themes which were issued in 1991. However, I'm missing a few and need scans of the sleeves. The ones missing are The American (THEMC 2), All The Things She Said (THEMC 13), Promised You A Miracle Live (THEMC 15) and The Ballad Of The Streets EP (THEMC 16). Any scans of these would be most welcome for the website. Thanks!

Want to hear a great concert by Simple Minds from the Sparkle In The Rain tour?

Wolfgang's Vault, the owners of the King Biscuit Flower Hour archive, have just released a classic Simple Minds show from the vaults. Recorded in Irvington, New Jersey on the 27th May 1984, this is the 'classic' line-up in full flow, performing tracks from New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) and Sparkle In The Rain with a confident, dynamic punch.

This Simple Minds concert can be heard here in crystal clear quality (newly restored from the original King Biscuit master tape). Many of the songs have different extended arrangements and it's a joy to hear again in this form again.

Track listing:
Book Of Brilliant Things
Glittering Prize
The American
Speed Your Love To Me
King Is White And In The Crowd
Promised You A Miracle
New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)

Great stuff!

(Take the write-up on the site with a pinch of salt though. This is definintely not a Once Upon A Time gig.)

A major interview with Jim Kerr will be published in the Daily Mirror newspaper on Friday May 23rd in The Ticket entertainment supplement.

Better news concerning Themes Volume Five. Two versions will be sold: Theme Volume Five (which will be of interest for those who've already got the other volumes) and the Themes Volumes Boxset (which is all five volumes packaged together in a large box).

I still don't know the tracklisting but here's hoping Virgin do find something exclusive and new for it.

It looks like Eagle have put together a double-pack release of their two Simple Minds albums. Neon Lights and Cry are being released as a double on the 26th May 2008 (Eagle EAGCD 388). Again, no track listing yet, and it's only appeared on the Scanadinavian music website Playground Music so far.

Simple Minds confirm very special guests 'Deacon Blue'

To add further excitement to Simple Minds highly anticipated 30th Anniversary tour, the band has just confirmed Deacon Blue as very special guests. Deacon Blue will perform all concerts with the exception of the Glasgow SECC on 4th December. Simple Minds will perform New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) in its entirety for the very first time.

Simple Minds' National Credit Card Hotline: 0871 424 4444, Book Online -

Thurs Nov 27th - Manchester MEN Arena
Fri Nov 28th - Birmingham NEC
Sat Nov 29th - London Wembley Arena
Mon Dec 1st - Sheffield Arena Tuesday
Tues Dec 2nd - Cardiff International Arena
Thurs Dec 4th - *Glasgow SECC (*does not include Deacon Blue)

With six million album sales under their belt, Deacon Blue's first album Raintown set the precedent, spending 77 weeks in the album chart, and with five top 5 UK albums (of which 2 were number 1) under their belts they have chalked up an impressive 4 years in the British album charts. Their seventeen top 40 singles resided in the chart for more than 2 years. June 9th sees the band release their new DVD Live, filmed during their sell-out 2007 European tour and featuring their biggest hits including Dignity, Real Gone Kid, Wages Day and Chocolate Girl.

For the full Simple Minds Tour press release, click here.

For further information and photos, please contact Tracy Gosling, Will Taylor and Pete Noble @ Noble PR.

Simple Minds will be appearing at the 46664 Concert Honouring Nelson Mandela At 90 on the 27th June 2008 in Hyde Park, London.

The three hour concert includes Queen And Paul Rodgers, Annie Lennox, Leona Lewis, Razorlight, The Sugarbabes and others.

The number of tickets is limited to 46,664 and go on general sale on the 9th May. Keep checking the 46664 Website for further information.

Jim was interviewed by The Times a week ago. The on-line interview can be found here (Times Online).

A short video of the first minute of the Don't You (Forget About Me) finale can be downloaded here.

Photos of the event can also be found on the official Proms website.

"Twenty Years after Simple Minds was first a part of the WBWC Summer Marathons, and ten years since the event known as Some Sweet Day took the airwaves....

We're happy to announce that Simple Minds are a part of the 2008 Summer Marathon Series at WBWC Radio in Cleveland Ohio. The 18 hour event starts at 7am EST USA on Thursday August 28th, 2008. Aaron Burke and I will again host the musical travels of The Minds, including all the recent live materials, SILVER BOX, BLACK AND WHITE 050505, and the rest of the great Minds catalog. We're working on some unique giveaways and interviews...more information to come.

Listeners away from Cleveland can hear us online (real audio 8 and above) at the station website The site contains a complete marathons listing, airing every Thursday starting May 1st.

Please join us as we celebrate (over!) thirty years of Simple Minds - we'll see you then!" - Todd Richards

Carlos has sent in some pictures from last night's Proms concert:

This new compilation from EMI (released on the 26th May), The Great Big Scottish Songbook is a celebration of Scottish music. Simple Minds are represented across its five CDs by Alive And Kicking, Don't You (Forget About Me), Promised You A Miracle (twice?), Belfast Child and Sanctify Yourself.

For more details, see

There's been many surprises at this year's Proms.

A special Simple Minds Suite has been composed to mark the band's 30th anniversary. This medley of their popular single releases is played in the first act before Jim and Charlie come onstage for the second act. And whilst Belfast Child and Alive And Kicking will be familar to the Proms audience, Sanctify Yourself and All The Things She Said have now joined the set for the first time in full orchestrial versions.

The traditional sing-a-long at the end (where all the artists appear together) has also got a Simple Minds' twist; this year it's Don't You (Forget About Me).

Some photos taken from the first concerts at Charleroi can be seen here (many thanks to Stef).

Clicking on the flyer on the left plays some older Proms footage of Jim and Charlie performing Don't You (Forget About Me) (which was recorded during the 1997 shows).

One of the oddest Simple Minds releases has to be a release that doesn't feature Simple Minds.

Original Versions Of Songs Covered By Simple Minds was the bright idea of someone working at Eagle Germany. This limited CDR promo features the orginal versions of the songs. A numbered run of 25 copies were produced, but the project ran into trouble with copyright problems.

It's now in the discography but has to be one of the rarest, and oddest, Simple Minds releases out there.

Many thanks to Clif for the scans.

The Proms kick off tonight in Charleroi, Belgium. Any pictures, set-lists and write-ups for this news page would be most appreciated.

Some lucky fans already got a sneak preview when they won a competition to see some of the rehearsals.

Competition winners with Charlie

Sheet music for the forthcoming Simple Minds Suite which will be debuted tonight.

More pictures taken at the rehearsals can be found at and The Proms website.

Thanks to Jean-Pierre De Mol & Maaike Jacobs.

A Themes Volume yesterday. From the record company that gave you The Best Of, Early Gold, Seen The Lights - Live In Verona and Gift Pack (can you see where this one's going?) Virgin proudly present the Themes 25-CD Box Set so you can purchase the SAME recordings you originally bought back in 1990, plus a bonus set of discs you probably ready have.

The blurb issued by Virgin's We-Don't-Have-A-Clue department reads: "Documenting the band's developing sound, ideas and ideals through the music and design of their classic 12" single releases. Simple Minds - Themes is the sumptuous 25 CD Box set of the 4 x 5 CD original Themes Volumes Digi boxes plus Themes Volume 5, an additional 5 CD digi box. The 5 x 5 CD digi boxes are all packaged together in one 2mm thick lift off lid box. Themes Volumes 1 - 4 were originally released in 1990 and deleted in 1993 with each Box containing 5 CDs of the 12" Simple Minds singles with additional tracks from singles and albums. The newly compiled 5th box contains 5 x CDs of 12" releases post 1990."

This is doubly stupid when you consider how fans are still waiting for the early singles and B-sides to be transferred to CD, a format which is now being openly discussed by the record industry as "ancient" and "nearing retirement" as DVDs, downloads and memory sticks are being considered the new big thing.

Meanwhile in the vaults, the original master tapes for the early forgotten singles continue to shed oxide and quietly disintegrate.

Anyway, this deluxe box of recordings you've already got will be released on the 25th June and cost about £115. Bargain! And I'm now going to listen to Special View on scratchy old vinyl and long for the day it gets transferred to CD - I've only been waiting about 23 years so far.

As part of the continuing tour promotion, Jim was interviewed by Bully Butler on BBC Radio Merseyside last week. Did anyone hear it or grab a copy? He also interviewed on BBC Radio Sheffield so the promo for the tours is continuing.

The 84 Tigers website published a piece on Johnny And The Self Abusers at the beginning of the month. Originally an piece in Real Groove Magazine, the article includes one or two quotes I've not read before, so it's definintely worth a look.

"After taking a break for several months, the Simple Minded blog is now kickstarted again with a fantastic new version of Someone Somewhere in Summertime. The keyboards / bass / vocals are by Christophe Avril [France] with guitars from Pete Simcoe [UK]. To download this track please go to There should be more collaborations like this in the near future and Pete Simcoe is bringing out a new collection of original material with a 'Simple Minds' feel available for download in mid May featuring collaborations with Simon Hayward of Sample Minds. This will be available from".

And JohnnyBGood is still on a roll:

I've added several new bits-and-pieces to the discography. Some are rare, others not so:

After polling for questions on the Simple Minds Mailing List, Richard from Remember The Eighties put them to Jim. His interview can be found here.

You can also win two tickets to see the band at Wembley Arena on November 29th, meet the band and receive an autographed copy of New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84). Three runners up will received a signed copy of New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84). The competition details can be found here (click on the animated competition graphic), it closes on the 7th April (and be sure to read the small print!)

JohnnyBGood has put several more remixes together:

Just when you think you've got the Simple Minds discography sorted out, something always turns up to upset the apple cart!

Recently collector Paul picked up an Arabella new release advert for forthcoming Arista releases in 1982. On the page is an advert for the forthcoming new compilation from Simple Minds called Trace Elements.

Obviously it never quite happened this way, and the eventual release was Celebration. Does anyone know anything about this? It would be interesting to know if Trace Elements ever made it past a description in an advert.

For more background, plus a scan of the entire advert, see the Celebration page. I've also uploaded two previously unpublished photographs from the photo session in the greenhouse which was used on the back of the Celebration sleeve. These can be seen here (scroll down to the bottom).

Many thanks to Paul for the scan.

Interviews with Jim have appeared in the following papers:

Simple Minds were briefly represented on American Idol when Michael Johns sang Don't You (Forget About Me). His performance can be seen on YouTube.

More remixes from JohnnyBGood for your collection:

Due to the excitment of the tour announcements this one almost slipped through the net. It's definintely noteworthy as it's not often that Simple Minds' music appears on primetime BBC.

I Travel backed a car case during epsiode five of Ashes To Ashes. Set in 1981, the programme uses the contemporary music of the time as a soundtrack. As Dexy's Midnight Runners, OMD and Roxy Music have all appeared more than once, here's hoping they use another Simple Minds track in another episode. Love Song perhaps? "Let's fire up the Quattro!."

Jim has been interviewed by several local BBC radio stations as part of the promotion for the new gigs.

BBC Southern Counties: The interview was broadcast yesterday but should be available as a stream.

BBC Radio Bristol: Jim is due to be on-air this afternoon.

BBC Radio Devon: The interview is due to be broadcast on Friday.

Also an interview is due to be printed with Jim in the Glasgow Evening Times this Friday.

For further ticketline phone numbers and websites, check out the Noble PR page for the tour. It'll definintely be worth keeping an eye on this site in case of further announcements.

Jim was interviewed by Billy Sloan on Radio Clyde last night. The interview consisted of two parts: the first with Billy Sloan asking general questions about the forthing tour and the second part where Billy asked questions from the audience who'd e-mailed in.

Some new, interesting facts were revealed:

  • The line-up for the arena gigs isn't finalised. It's definitely going to be Jim, Charlie and Mel. The final decision hasn't been made yet as the gigs are still some time off.
  • Writing and rehearsing for the new album has started. However, nothing will appear until next year.
  • Someone has been in touch from the organisers of the Mandela 90th Birthday concert. Again, it was early days, and Jim couldn't confirm whether Simple Minds would appear or not.

Below is a rough summary of the interview:

Audio: Changeling

BS: When Simple Minds started, could you imagine that it would even last six months, let along thirty years?
JK: We're in two minds about the thirty years (and I wrote about this subject on the official site). Is it a big deal? If you're Neil Young or David Bowie then they probably still think we're wet behind the ears! But, on the human side, thirty years is a big deal.

BS: What do you remember of your first gig?
JK: We were fraught. Although Johnny And The Self Abusers had such a short lifespan, there were quite a few people waiting to see our next move. The last Abusers gig was in November, then there were six or seven weeks writing and rehearsing in a freezing factory in the Gorbals, Glasgow, which continued all the way through Christmas. You could tell from day one that it was more cohesive and serious [than the Abusers) with songs like Pleasantly Distrubed and Someone coming up.
JK: However, the jury's still out on that first gig! But we were so bitten playing live after the Abusers, we wanted to see the public reaction. I also remember duing the gig thinking "this is working". It felt really great, the really right things to do.

BS: You always seemed a reluctant performer. Being behind the microphone last place looked like being the last place you wanted to be.
JK: I disagree. We had a real strong identity. The band were very hypnotic, it drew you in. There was the "look" and also the determination: how we looked, how we played, there was a confidence. It meant so much to us. During the day before I'd be fraught, but on stage and listening to the music playing, the confidence would grow as the set progressed.

BS: What's the line-up for the 30th anniversary?
JK: Charlie and Mel for sure. However, the gigs are still a wee bit away and Simple Minds have had many line-ups. And we'll get to that. But the set is unique as we'll play our landmark album, New Gold Dream, in its entirity. I think that will work really well.

BS: Could've chosen Empires And Dance, Sparkle In The Rain or Street Fighting Years for instance. Why pick New Gold Dream?
JK: Every time you see that period, or epoch being singled out, New Gold Dream is mentioned. It lives in its own sphere. Even people who never followed the band closely are fond of, or praise the album. It was one of the albums of a generation; along with albums by the Bunnymen, The Cure and of course U2.

Audio: New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)

BS: You've played so many gigs in different places. Which are best: the big stadiums or the smaller venues?
JK: We enjoyed them all. The stadium ones bring a different kind of pressure. They're as much about the audience as about the band. But we also enjoy playing the smaller venues - we played King Tuts recently.
BS: Has any gig stuck out?
JK: So many have stood out. But, some might say its obvious, but the Mandela Concert was something else. I saw an old interview with Mandela earlier today, recorded just after he'd been released and it brought it all back. For some reason, that stands out.
BS: You played the first gig before he was released. And you appeared in the second when he was there.
JK: The first show - I don't think anyone would've dreamed he'd be back in such a short space of time, for another event.
BS: Are you part of new event?
JK: Someone has been in touch. I don't know anything else about it. It's nice that they got in touch though.

BS: If you could be any front man, and sing one song of another band, what would it be?
JK: Great question! You're not allowed to say The Beatles are you? The Who! I think The Who get better live every time. We did a couple of gigs with The Rolling Stones - they are now much better than when we played with them ten years ago. It's no surprise I picked these bands - these were the bands we grew up with. [Long pause] The Pussycat Dolls? [Laughs]

BS: Is there going to be a new album?
JK: We are working on it. We're in the period of writing and recording. But nothing will appear this year.

BS: Of all the Simple Minds albums, which is your favourite?
JK: You mentioned Empires And Dance - there's a period Empires And Dance, Sons And Fascination, New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) - the music Charlie, Mick and Derek were coming up with was so expansive, with so many different styles ... anything from that period is my favourite.

BS: How do you define your bond with Charlie?
JK: There isn't one thing - it's one of the magic things. Often you have best friends at school, but you grow apart, you move away - but in Charlie and my case, the main thing has been the music and there is this great friendship. Is it always sweetness and light? By an large it is - (although before the soundcheck in Glasgow [for the Black And White tour] we were having a row) - but Charlie's been there for every period of my life. I can't remember the period before Charlie.

BS: What's it going to be like in front of the home audience?
JK: There will be so many there who've waited so long and taken the long journey with us. But we do have the ability to take a few minutes before a show and treat every gig like it's the only one on the tour; but for the home gig the human side will take over and it'll be emotional.

Audio: Celebrate

To recap, these are Simple Minds current tour plans:

Night Of The Proms

18/04/08 Spiroudome, Charleroi, Belgium
19/04/08 Spiroudome, Charleroi, Belgium
25/04/08 Pabellon Fuente de San Luis, Valencia, Spain
26/04/08 Plaza De Toros, Benidorm, Spain
24/10/08 Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium
25/10/08 Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium
30/10/08 Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium
31/10/08 Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium
01/11/08 Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium
06/11/08 Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium
07/11/08 Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium
08/11/08 Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium
14/11/08 Gelredome, Arnhem, Netherlands
15/11/08 Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands
19/11/08 Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands
20/11/08 Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands
21/11/08 Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands
22/11/08 Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Celebrate 30 Years Live

27/11/08 Manchester MEN Arena
28/11/08 Birmingham NEC
29/11/08 London Wembley Arena
01/12/08 Sheffield Arena
02/12/08 Cardiff Arena
04/12/08 Glasgow SECC

Jim also appeared on Talk Sport radio chatting to Alan Brazil. The ten minute interview can be found online here

As part of the tickets promotion, Jim was interviewed by Virgin Radio DJ Ben Jones last night during his evening show.

Ben was confusing the issue somewhat by repeatedly stating the band were "reforming" for their 30th anniversary. Therefore was quickly clarified with Jim confirming the band had played a world tour and released a studio album in the last three years, so these gigs were a celebration of the group's 30th anniversary.

The importance of having a large back catalogue was stressed: "It's fortunate to have that catalogue, we need the songs to give us a sense of that journey [through the years]. And a lot of people have come with us. It would be weird not to play those songs."

Jim outlined the format of the arena shows: "It will be split into two. The first part will be the whole New Gold Dream album. Then during the second part, we'll flip through the whole journey playing songs from every album."

Other questions included career highlights, the band's memories of America (Jim cited landing in New York for the first time, being overhelmed by the views of Manhattan as they drove towards the city, and turning on the radio to hear their record being played), support acts for the arena shows (so many artists they'd like, but no decision yet) and the pressures of playing home shows.

Pre-pre-sale tickets are available NOW through the members area of

Simple Minds are now confirmed for Benidorm, 26th April as part of the Night Of The Proms.

Simple Minds Celebrate 30 Years Live TOUR November & December 2008

Thursday 27th November: Manchester MEN Arena
Friday 28th November: Birmingham NEC
Saturday 29th November: Wembley Arena
Monday 1st December: Sheffield Arena
Tuesday 2nd December: Cardiff Arena
Thursday 4th December: Glasgow SECC

There will be a special ticket "pre-pre-sale" on Wednesday the 5th of March. (Time to be announced).

This link will be accessed via the MEMBERS AREA of, so you'll need to have registered and have a verified email address to gain access. Members will be e-mailed regarding this tomorrow if possible.

The TicketLine pre-sale happens on Thursday 6th and general release will be Friday the 7th.

These will be the only Simple Minds shows this year. (Jim and Charlie may do other shows e.g. Night of the Proms but these will not feature the full band).

Note: The one-off Email Verification Process happens when you first try to access the MEMBERS AREA. It involves receiving an automatic email from and then clicking the special link contained in the email to become verified.

The two most common problems when trying to verify:

  1. The auto email is caught in the members Spam filter so the member doesn't receive the mail. [So check your Spam filter!]
  2. The auto email is delayed so the member trys again. This means more than one verification mail eventually arrives. [Always click the link in the latest verification email as the entrance code is reset every time you try!]
Live Bundle 7 continues the themes started in the previous bundle: it includes three live tracks recoded at Edinburgh at the end of the Black And White tour along with two "mini-documentaries" shot as the band prepared for the Lisbon Lions gig.

The Lisbon Lions video features the entire live uninterrupted version of Alive And Kicking from the gig itself. Whilst the Rehearsals Part Two video features footage of the band rehearsing Dirty Old Town, Sanctify Yourself and Alive And Kicking (along with some great humourous dialogue from Eddie as he argues who can overrule who in the band rankings!).

It's the usual mix of live material and some very interesting interviews (including the relevation of the worst live version of Love Song ever).

Available now from

JohnnyBGood has put together some more remixes:

Here's something seriously offbeat for the collectors. Whilst Fiat's use of Don't You (Forget About Me) as backing for their latest Punto advert was mentioned (see the news of 12th September 2006), no-one realised that a limited number of CDs were pressed up to promote the event.

Full details of this rare (and now extremely sought after) promo can be found here.

Sample Minds recently played the Tatort, Ubach Palenberg, Germany, which included the debut of Cynical Heart.

The set-list was:

Book Of Brilliant Things
Promised You A Miracle
Up On The Catwalk
Love Song
Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)
Ghostdancing - Gloria
Gloria (again by popular demand)
Don't You (Forget About Me)
Theme For Great Cities
Glittering Prize
Speed Your Love To Me
Mandela Day
She's A River
Oh Jungleland
Belfast Child
The American
New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) - Light My Fire

Cynical Heart
Let There Be Love
Sanctify Yourself
Alive And Kicking

Room - Celebrate
Don't You (Forget About Me)

The band will next play at the Lagerhalle, Osnabruck on the 7th March and have further dates lined up over the year. See their website for more details.

Right: Sample Minds frontman Steve is partially obscured by Spanish fans as he reads the lyrics for Cynical Heart. Chema is on the left with Moisés on the right. Many hard core Simple Minds fans will know Moisés for his "Mission In Motion" fanzine.

Live Bundle 07 will be released on Thursday (28th February). Anyone who hasn't used their Christmas "Buy one get one free" code can use it with the new bundle.

Another batch of Proms concerts have been announced at the Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium for various dates between 24th October and the 8th November (see the tour page for the specific dates).

For further information and tickets, check out the Night Of The Proms website.

Flyers listing Simple Minds with Alan Parsons, OMD, Miguel Rios and Galileo in Valencia on the 25th April have started to appear.

All the Proms gigs so far confirmed can be seen here.

JohnnyBGood has released several new remixes:

Simple Minds will also be playing the following Proms dates:
  • 14th November: Gelredome, Arnhem, Netherlands
  • 19th November: Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • 20th November: Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • 21st November: Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • 22nd November: Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands

For more information, check out

JohnnyBGood is back and has put together some more remixes:

Just when you thought the Black And White 050505 discography was complete, something else turns up:

This one-track Stay Visible promo turned up on Australian eBay where it reached 255.99 Australian dollars(!) Like almost every Sanctuary promo, it's catalogue number is SANP390X. Yet another item for the hardcore collectors to track down.

Other additions to the discography include:

  • Some early artwork prints of the Life In A Day album (which are slightly different to the final design).
  • A completely different sleeve for a Peruvian pressing of Don't You (Forget About Me) (scroll down to the bottom).
  • Details of the US edition of the Cry album.

Websites (such as are starting to advertise several Night Of The Proms concerts in Spain. It isn't known if Simple Minds will play all these shows, or just the Valencia show (for which they're already confirmed). The dates are:

  • 24th April, Madrid
  • 25th April, Valencia
  • 26th April, TBA

The rehearsal footage of the band preparing for the Lisbon Lions (which was included in the latest bundle) prompted one major question: who was the drummer?

Turns out it was Jim McDermott, who was standing in Mel for this one-off gig.

I've updated the discography with some releases which are either very rare or have only just surfaced:

  • The German CD of New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) which features the extended version of the title track. There's nothing on the packaging of the CD or the sleeve to indicate this.
  • An Australian version of the Chelsea Girl single has just turned up, exclusively paired with Destiny.
  • A small number of US Home Promos have started to circulate. Obviously someone at Sanctuary had a clear out.

A few last minute technical issues meant it was slightly delayed, but Live Bundle #6 is now available from

The three live audio tracks are taken from the band's triumphant finale Black And White gig in Edinbugh, whilst a live performance video of Mandela Day harks from their earlier Werchter performance.

Plus there are two new interviews with the band in which they talk about the Edinbugh gig (backed by a performance video of Ghostdancing) and chat about rehearsing (backed by video materal of their rehearsals for the Lisbon Lions gig).

I've added more to the new site:

  1. Details of all the Cry singles
  2. Details of the Cry album
  3. Details of the Best Of Night Of The Proms album
  4. Expanded the discography (although it's still incomplete but it now includes the full Absolutely discography including the extremely-hard-to-find-was-it-ever-released The Man Who Sold The World 12")
  5. Added details of the Floating World Tour, the Alive And Kicking Tour and the Lisbon Lions.

Those who've registered with SIMPLEMINDS.COM should've received an e-mail with their discount code. And the Paradiso gig has already been made available through the FREE MEMBERS AREA as a thank you to all fans for their support of the band during 2007.

A brand new bundle will be made available on Monday 7th January.

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