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black and white live bundle #6: information

  • Simple Minds kicked off 2008 with a new series of live bundles.

  • The main featured gig was T On The Fringe (Edinburgh, 28th August 2006), the last concert of the the Black And White Tour, and three live songs were plucked from this performance for this bundle: Book Of Brilliant Things, The Jeweller (Part Two) and Sanctify Yourself.

  • Additionally a full performance video of Mandela Day from the Werchter Classic gig on the 8th July 2006 was also included.

  • The interview footage was shot in May 2007 as the band rehearsed and prepared for the Lisbon Lions concert.

  • Ghost At The Castle: Over the entire concert footage of Ghostdancing - Gloria (shot at T On The Fringe), Jim talked about the process of bringing songs to the stage. He mentioned some suicidal song debuts (Ghostdancing at Live Aid for example) and the difference between rehearsing and performing a song. Eddie shared thoughts about the T On The Fringe gig in particular and Charlie recalled how Edinburgh always reminded him of Bruce Findlay and the early days of Simple Minds.

  • Rehearsals Part One: The band are seen in a small Glaswegian studio running through Don't You (Forget About Me) and Sanctify Yourself. Jim recalled songs that emerged during rehearsing whilst Andy talked about the various countries and places they've rehearsed and how he works on new arrangements. Charlie related how the band decided to go back into the back catalogue, back to the first album, and how they approached songs that were never originally played live, or haven't played in years. And Hilko Nackaerts was introduced and talked about the challenges of being Charlie and Eddie's guitar technician.

black and white live bundle #6:
1.     Book Of Brilliant Things[Live]     (3:47)
2.     The Jeweller (Part Two)[Live](3:28)
3.     Sanctify Yourself[Live](5:28)

1.     "Ghost At The Castle" Video Interview(11:23)
2.     "Rehearsals Part One" Video Interview(11:01)

performance video
1.     Mandela Day[Live]     (6:58)

release date
8th January 2008

design: Simon Cornwell
photo: Smorgy (Ambassador, Dublin, Ireland)

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