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gift pack limited edition: information

  • Appearing in the latter half of 2007, the Gift Pack concept was a simple repackaging exercise for Christmas: sell a CD (usually a "Best Of" compilation) and DVD (usually a live performance) in the same box together.

  • Several artists were targetted: Blur, Coldplay, Massive Attack, Mike Oldfield and Simple Minds.

  • Virgin's choice for Simple Minds was simple: Gift Pack was a bundle of 2001's The Best Of along with 2004's Seen The Lights: Live In Verona.

  • Two formats were issued. A limited edition housed the 2CDs, DVD and booklet in a chunky triple-fold glossy digipak. The two sides of the unfolded digipak featured the artwork for Best Of and Seen The Lights Live In Verona respectively. The booklet unfolded to four leaves and also included separate artwork for each original release on each side. The standard edition housed the three discs in a DVD case.

  • The booklet artwork included the credits, label copy and discography. Billy Sloan's original sleeve notes for Best Of were not reproduced.

gift pack: quick reference
CD #1    The Best Of Virgin CDVD 2953
1-1. Don't You (Forget About Me)(4:20)
1-2. Promised You A Miracle[Edit](3:59)
1-3. Waterfront(4:49)
1-4. Alive And Kicking(5:24)
1-5. Glittering Prize[Edit](3:58)
1-6. All The Things She Said(4:16)
1-7. Sanctify Yourself(5:00)
1-8. Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)(4:38)
1-9. Ghost Dancing(4:46)
1-10. Up On The Catwalk[Edit](4:04)
1-11. Speed Your Love To Me[Edit](3:59)
1-12. Theme For Great Cities(5:50)
1-13. Love Song[Edit](3:54)
1-14. The American[Edit](3:32)
1-15. Sweat In Bullet(4:30)
1-16. Life In A Day(4:00)
1-17. I Travel(3:56)

CD #2    The Best Of Virgin CDVD 2953
2-1. Let There Be Love[Extended Album Mix]      (5:14)
2-2. This Is Your Land[DJ Version](5:05)
2-3. Kick It In[Edit](4:20)
2-4. Let It All Come Down[Edit](3:37)
2-5. See The Lights(4:22)
2-6. Stand By Love(4:04)
2-7. Real Life[Video Mix](4:53)
2-8. She's A River[Edit](4:29)
2-9. Hynpotised[Edit](4:46)
2-10. Glitterball[Edit](4:25)
2-11. War Babies[Edit](4:24)
2-12. Mandela Day(5:41)
2-13. Biko(7:32)
2-14. Belfast Child(6:40)
2-15. The Real Life(2:55)

DVD #1 Seen The Lights Live In Verona Virgin 7243 5 44141 9 0
3-1. Theme For Great Cities['90 Remix](3:06)
3-2. When Spirits Rise(2:01)
3-3. Street Fighting Years[Live](7:25)
3-4. Mandela Day[Live Guitar Solo](0:57)
3-5. Let It All Come Down[Edit](3:30)
3-6. Mandela Day[Live Edit](4:11)
3-7. Waterfront[Live](6:13)
3-8. This Is Your Land[Inst Edit](2:59)
3-9. Don't You (Forget About Me)[Live](5:55)
3-10. Book Of Brilliant Things[Live Edit](1:16)
3-11. Gaelic Melody[Live](2:37)
3-12. Kick It In[Live Edit](4:09)
3-13. Ghostdancing[Live](7:17)
3-14. Soul Crying Out[Inst Edit](2:43)
3-15. Belfast Child[Live](8:11)
3-16. Sanctify Yourself[Live](4:51)
3-17. East At Easter[Live](6:11)
3-18. Alive And Kicking[Live](6:48)
3-19. Let It All Come Down[Inst Edit](2:30)
3-20. Hunter And The Hunted[Live] (5:32)
3-21. Glittering Prize[Live] (4:36)
3-22. Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)[Live] (4:55)
3-23. The American[Live] (5:50)
3-24. Big Sleep[Live] (7:08)
3-25. New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)[Live] (5:16)

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