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sister feelings call: information

  • After recording an excess of material for Sons And Fascination, and reluctant to simply forget the weaker, half-finished, or more etherial songs from the set, Sister Feelings Call was conceived as an appropiate way to tie up all the loose ends and get the songs to the punters at a budget price.

  • The plan was to originally release Sister Feelings Call shrinkwrapped with Sons And Fascination as a limited edition set. After a month in the shops, the sets would then separated, with Sister Feelings Call being sold separately in limited supply before being deleted.

  • In reality, it was pressed up as a budget album, initially sold with Sons And Fascination as the planned limited edition, and then was sold separately, being kept on catalogue, for 2.99.

  • All the tracks from the album appeared on the Sons And Fascination cassette, although a tape of the Sister Feelings Call material appeared in 1986.

  • Similarly the first CD issue attempted to force all the Sister Feelings Call songs onto the Sons And Fascination CD, managing all of them bar two. There was never a Sister Feelings Call CD.

  • Different Virgin territories handled the release differently. In Australia, the album was a numbered limited edition of 3,000 (with a stamp on the sleeve); whilst in Canada, the track listing was completely different, complementing the reshuffled contents of the Canadian Sons And Fascination.

  • As the album had already been released on Virgin's budget OVED series then no further reissues were pressed.

  • In 2002, and the release of the remasters, all the Sister Feelings Call material was crammed onto the Sons And Fascination remaster. With those reissues, Sister Feelings Call was briefly consigned to history.

sister feelings call: quick reference
LP    Sister Feelings Call Virgin OVED 2
A1. Theme For Great Cities(5:50)
A2. The American(3:49)
A3. 20th Century Promised Land(4:53)
B1. Wonderful In Young Life(5:20)
B2. League Of Nations(4:55)
B3. Careful In Career(5:08)
B4. Sound In 70 Cities(5:01)

MC    Sister Feelings Call Virgin OVEDC 2
1-1. Theme For Great Cities(5:50)
1-2. The American(3:49)
1-3. 20th Century Promised Land(4:53)
2-1. Wonderful In Young Life(5:20)
2-2. League Of Nations(4:55)
2-3. Careful In Career(5:08)
2-4. Sound In 70 Cities(5:01)

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