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Added extra information about the new fanzines that have appeared over the last few months : Le Menti and Simple Minds Magazine.

Fixed all external links from the site - the frames are now reset.

A producer has now been exclusively named in Issue Two of Who's Doing The Dreaming Now. The fanzine also features the latest news about a potential release date for the new album. Once fanzine subscribers have received their copies, then this Web Site will be updated.
It's almost finished. The revamp took four months but I hope it's been worth it. Unfortunately, some parts of the old Web Site have still got to be added. The Bootleg Discography, Radio Show Discography, and the Images and Pictures areas are missing - I'll be adding those at Christmas.
It is now reported that after the tumultuous changes in Jim's personal life over the last year, he's struggling to find inspiration for the new album - which is hardly surprising!

But it's still very premature for a new album - Real Life, which was a quick follow-up to Street Fighting Years was released almost two years after its predecessor. The Good News From The Next World tour only finished a year ago. Therefore expect one (or even two if the soundtrack rumours are true!) albums next year.

Jim and Charlie wanted to release a live video of the French concert as a new commercial video (in the same way as Verona). However, there were copyright problems with the video recording so the project was shelved. The concert in question has since been broadcast several times plus been bootlegged twice so fans should not feel too left out.

And Charlie still has the masters so this project may see the light of day at some time!

Derek Forbes has now made Simple Minds history - the first member to rejoin the band.

As reported exclusively in the fanzine Who's Doing The Dreaming Now, Derek has now rejoined Jim and Charlie, and is now helping to write the new album.

Work is continuing on the new album in their Scottish studios. Jim has mentioned that he wants to get back to a more "organic" sound and not use heavy mixing which the previous two albums used. The plan is to get the album out in October (but seasoned Simple Minds' fans will know not to hold their breaths ;-). Apparently the new songs resemble their Sons And Fascination work.

And original band members Derek Forbes (bass) and Brian McGee (drums) are helping out with the session work. It is not known whether they'll be involved with the composition, recording or touring of this new album, but the presence of two ex-members is a very exciting move.

Clive Bank's contract was up for negotiation and the band decided not to renew. Jim and Charlie were happy with the Chrysalis deal but were unhappy with the new terms he put foward for their management.

More details about the change of record company have now come to light. It seems that Jim and Charlie felt it was time for a change (they'd been with Virgin for over 10 years), and many of their old-time contacts in record company had since left (some due to the purchase of Virgin by EMI a few years back).

Chrysalis have now updated their Web Pages and some Simple Minds news can be found here. They've signed a five album deal with the company, which is excellent news!

It was announced today on Radio 1 (UK) that Jim Kerr and Patsy Kensit were separating. On the Newsbeat programme aired at around midday, it was reported that the couple were not divorcing but had separated.

Expect the tabloids to run with the story tomorrow.

My condolences to Jim, Patsy and James.

In addition to all the changes occuring for Simple Minds, it's been reported that CBL, Clive Banks Limited, is no longer acting as management for the group.

No news of a new manger yet.

It has been reported that Chrysalis paid a reported 10 million pounds (UK Sterling) to secure Simple Minds. A new album is also in the works with a release date of October.

After the announcement that Simple Minds were leaving Virgin Records, it has been reported that they've joined Chrysalis Records. Their new label mates include Jethro Tull, Sinead O'Connor and Runrig.

Chrysalis have no announcement on their Web Pages yet - not surprising as no update has been made since December.

The plan is still on track. Jim and Charlie should currently be in Bonnie Wee Studios working on the new album.

Press reports from around the world have stated that Simple Minds and Virgin Records are going to split. The precise details are sketchy and we're not even sure of who is leaving who; Some papers reported that Simple Minds are unhappy with Virgin's new management whilst others reported that Virgin were unhappy with some financial aspects.

No new record company has yet been mentioned.

With the current split of Simple Minds and Virgin Records, the future of the CD ROM project is now questionable. The company producing the CD ROM are currently consulting all partners.

Still no news about the possible live album. I guess it was just another rumour. A live album may still yet appear to fulfill the current Simple Minds/Virgin contract, but with news of a split then this is doubtful.

I've been informed that there may be a new Simple Minds book being written. It will be published in the summer. My first thought is that it's about time! The last English book about the band was published in 1990.

No other details are forthcoming at the moment. But Alfred Bos, the group's official biographer, has visited the band recently. However, it may be unconnected since he's a good personal friend of Jim and Charlie and may have been making a purely social call.

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