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This micro-site features some great Simple Minds content, including video footage from Munich (including Book Of Brilliant Things, Speed Your Love To Me and Hypnotised.) There's also a couple of interviews with Jim and Charlie.

This is the last of Han-Olof's enthusiastic, and brutally honset, reviews of the German shows. Many thanks for those - they were an excellent preview for those who saw the band in December.

Trier Review

The whole thing starts in a worrying way. When the support band go on there are not many people in the hall, not many at all. But at the last minute lots of people flood in. The explanation is surely that Trier is a small town, and most of the audience come driving from places like Luxemburg and Belgium.

It's clear from the beginning that Jim is odd, mischevous tonight. Lots of odd talk, and in the presentation of the band, Charlie is "Charlie Bubble" (I think) - Mel is still just Mel Gaynor.

Slowly a special, great feeling grows. There is something in the air... Mel can't stop himself. Ghostdancing is of course to be started by Charlie, but Mel can't wait, and starts it instead! Charlie's reaction is walking up to him and shaking his head. And the song is of course as great as ever. People start singing "Gloria" long before Jim. What a feeling.

C-Moon Cry Like A Baby is replaced by Big Sleep. Very nice! At the beginning of Chelsea Girl, Jim does what is definitely Elvis impersonations! He stand there cavorting, talking in a deep voice about "the king".

In New Gold Dream Mel bangs the drums unbelievably hard. What are his drumskins made of?

At the end of the show everyone in the audience, even the ones sitting far away to the side are standing, everyone smiling. I'm at the concert with a friend, who has never seen Simple Minds before. He's a very cool guy, but I can see that he is touched. He has got a small glimpse of what the cult of Simple Minds is all about.

We leave the hall. We talk about the support band, and I say that the support band has been put there by the record company and other business people, in order to promote them. He ponders the concept. Then he says what is not a review of the support band, nice as they were: "No. They have been chosen as support for Simple Minds because someone hates them. They have no career after this"

I'll tell you all that I went to the last two German concerts too, but I'll end the reviewing here. Next tour I'll test some other countries train and hotel services. One day Sweden (where I'm from) will wake up and Simple Minds will be booked there again. Wake up, people.

Hans-Olof Andersson
26th November

Live And Rare now has it's own page - plus some clarifications about the track-listing. However, matters are still a little confused in Italy. Some people have reported getting hold of this illusive CD - whilst others have been told that the CD won't be in the shops until mid-January - this is in stores with posters giving the December 10th release date.

Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow Review

A MIDDLE-AGED man stands centre-stage in jeans and a black suit jacket unbuttoned to his navel, revealing an oily, tanned chest. He is Jim Kerr and, dammit, he's sexy.

Jumping and gyrating around, he injects energy into every riff and drumbeat of his band's slightly repetitive tracks.

Their stadium rock set is complete with dry ice, spotlights and a crowd which punches the air and sings along with gusto.

The pace relents and Jim stands in darkness at his microphone stand, lit only by a white beam, as he croon Chelsea Girl with bassist Eddie Duffy.

Then Waterfront kicks in and he springs back into action. Mandela Day and a great medley of Ghostdancing, Gloria and Light My Fire almost made this a fantastic gig.

But there were boring moments. Why save up Alive And Kicking, Promised You A Miracle and Sanctify Yourself and blast them all out in an eight-song encore?

Lindsay Mcintosh
Sunday Mail - 7 Days Magazine
7th December 2003

It looks like all the US copies of the DVD are Canadian imports. But, those in the US should try out - they're selling the import at $19.95 with free shipping in the US.

There were a couple of surprises as the Alive And Kicking 2003 wound up with the final dates across the UK. None involved the set-list however.

At Sheffield, a crowd of drunks annoyed Jim to the point that he called them "wankers" before he booted one in the head. And the band's smoke machine set of the fire alarms at Aberdeen during Don't You (Forget About Me). Apparently Charlie was a little reluctant to leave the stage - quite rightly pointing out that he was halfway through a gig.

The concert did start, but as the set-list shows, the arrangement of songs did need changing.

Top prizes to The Herald who managed to illustrate their gig preview with a 1989 picture of Jim.

A final reminder: BBC Radio Wales will be broadcasting the entire Liverpool gig between 8PM and 10PM (GMT) tomorrow (31st December). The producer has also found an interview conducted with Charlie from a couple of years previously - so that will be broadcast as well. The link to BBC Radio Wales is here.

As mentioned on the 18th December, Simple Minds won Best Live Act at the Italian Music Awards. Jim, Charlie and Mel collected the award, and then Jim mimed to Don't You (Forget About Me) - probably to tie-in with the Vodafone campaign.

The video of this performance can be found here.

The Blow Ups, the Italian Simple Minds cover band, played yesterday at a tribute night in Bari, Italy. Unfortunately, due to a backlog of mail, I didn't get Dream Giver updated quickly enough.

However, this won't happen again. The Blow Ups now have their own website at - featuring MP3 downloads, a gallery, and a news section detailing the dates of their gigs, then there's no need to miss them again.

The release of Raven Maize's The Real Life was well documented on this website - and in time, it'll be added to the covers discography. Also mentioned at the time, was that this reworking of Theme For Great Cities was actually a reworking of an earlier cover, also called The Real Life, by Corporation Of One. Full details of this release have now been uploaded.

The guest appearances by Jim for other artists has now been added to the discography. At the moment, this just includes his work with Pascal Life, Planet Funk and Jam And Spoon.

All of these records were catalogued at the time in this news section, but extra information about each release has been added to each page.

Congratulations to Simple Minds who have just received an award for Best Live Act at the Italian Music Awards earlier this week.

Alan Hamilton

SIMPLE MINDS, Armadillo, Glasgow December 2. The Minds said goodbye to Glasgow at the start of their British tour with a so-so performance.

Singer Jim Kerr had the fans in the palm of his hand only to let them slip through his fingers.

All the hits were there Ghostdancing, Santicfy Yourself, Alive And Kicking, Don't You (Forget About Me), but sadly, their new material just doesn't cut the mustard, Cry being one that deflated the crowd from adancing, handclapping frenzy to a subdued audience waiting for the main event. You can't fault the lads for effort though. Mecurial Jim Kerr, the wrong side of 40, but he dances, sway and kicks his way through a two hour set that would leave a man half his age on his knees.

His voice still has all the range from yesteryear. Kerr wished the crowd a Merry Christmas at the end of the gig. Hurry back lads but stick to the classics.

Cynical Heart is currently at #32 in the German charts, whilst Don't You (Forget About Me) 2003 is at #36 in the Italian sales chart.

Full information about the White Spaces featuring Jim Kerr single has now been uploaded.

The Scotsman: Music Review
Grameme Green

Simple Minds ***

Simple Minds were clearly delighted to be in front of a home crowd last night on the first date of their UK tour. Musically, little has changed for them in the two decades since their critical and commercial peak. Each of their stadium-sized songs recalled late-80s U2, but it’s a formula the band and their fans seemed happy to stick with.

Despite claiming to be exhausted, the band kept their energy levels high. Front man Jim Kerr bounded around the stage with Bono-like theatricality as they reeled off one after another of their anthems. But over two and a half hours, the bombast began to grate, the slower numbers like Hypnotised were a little embarrassing, like seeing your parents disco-dance, but Belfast Child showed what the fuss was about all those years ago.

Kerr quipped that Simple Minds are "a young, up-and-coming band". While their glory days are behind them, they seemed keen to prove they are still alive and kicking.

The tracklisting for Live And Rare is:

  1. Don't You (Forget About Me): Hu-Mate mix.
    The first exclusive for this CD is the first track - this remix hasn't previously appeared.

  2. The Man Who Sold The World: Phunk Investigation mix
    A Neon Lights remix which wasn't issued at the time.

  3. New Sunshine Morning: Acoustic mix
    The special version from the Billy Sloan show which appeared as the B-side of Spaceface.

  4. White Light/White Heat
    A new recording of the live favourite, first broadcast by Billy Sloan on the 1st December. It was recorded during rehearsals for the tour.

  5. Dirty Old Town
    A new recording featuring Mick MacNeil, first broadcast by Billy Sloan on the 1st December. It was recorded during rehearsals for the tour.

  6. Belfast Child: Live
  7. Mandela Day: Live
  8. Alive And Kicking: Live
    These three recordings were taken from Verona. It isn't known if these are the full versions yet.

  9. Love Song/Sun City/Dance To The Music: Live
  10. New Gold Dream: Live
    These are the final two tracks from Live In The City Of Light.

  11. Don't You (Forget About Me): Perky Park mix.
    This second remix of Don't You (Forget About Me) appeared on the Don't You (Forget About Me) 2003 single.

  12. Biko
    The album version taken from Street Fighting Years.

  13. Spaceface: Remix
    The album is wrapped off with a Spaceface remix. It's probably the Tomcraft or Hardakt mix, but that needs to be confirmed.

This CD is only available in Vodafone shops in Italy - and you can only get it if you recharge your phone and hand over an extra five Euros.

The limtied edition 3" CD version of Cynical Heart was released on the 15th December - the standard 5" CDs are out now.

On the 6th November, Peter Gabriel was interviewed on the French radio station RTL2. The interviewer told Peter a story from Jim, which took place in 1980 when Simple Minds were supporting him.

On the last night of several concerts in Lisbon, Simple Minds finished their set, and then joined the crowd to watch Peter's performance. Only to be somewhat surprised at the appearance of a little old lady who swept the stage and started to put their microphones and stands away. Turned out it was Peter Gabriel in disguise, persumably having a laugh.

Peter couldn't remember the exact incident, but admitted it was the sort of joke he'd do on a last night.

The DJ also gave Peter a compilation of Simple Minds songs from listener Marc de Montalembert, which included rare gems such as She Moved Through The Fair duet with Alain Stivell, the extended remix of Hypnotised and Song For The Tribes.

For hardcore collectors, information about the promo version of the Seen The Lights DVD has been added to the discography.

SaMPLE MINDS - the Simple Minds tribute band are pleased to announce another live performance.

Saturday 20th December 2003
Maximilian Park, Werkstatthalle, Hamm, Germany

This is a benefit gig to help disadvantaged children in Nordrhein Westfalen.

There are several bands appearing. SaMPLE MINDS are playing somewhere in the middle of the concert which runs from 7pm - 11pm followed by an after show party with a DJ etc.

The SaMPLE MINDS set will be approx 40 minutes featuring mostly greatest hits.

Admission is 7,50 Euros

The gig is also being broadcast live on the radio - for details. (At time of writing we're unsure if there will be a web cast transmission).

Hope to see you there!

The set-lists in the tour section have been brought up-to-date. She's A River and Glittering Prize have reappeared - whilst the band were also heard soundchecking War Babies and Let There Be Love at Bournemouth.

The tour pages have been updated with the set-lists from the Hammersmith shows and Cambridge. At the moment, Cry and One Step Closer are being alternated with Big Sleep and All The Things She Said.

Cynical Heart by Jam & Spoon featuring Jim Kerr was released in Germany on Monday. Two formats are available - a limited edition 3" CD and a standard 5" CD. The smaller format includes the radio mix and Show Me Your Strength whilst the 5" version crams the radio mix, extended radio mix, Cet Merlin mix and Show Me Your Strength onto the disc.

Both the DJ T remixes of New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) which were released in August 2002, have been added to the covers discography.

The set-lists in the tour section have now been updated. Thanks to everyone who's been sending them in.

Full details about the release of Don't You (Forget About Me) 2003 can now be found here.

Simple Minds replace Simply Red as the CD given away with the Vodafone promotion. For a recharge, and five extra Euros, the CD is yours (offer only from Vodafone shops in Italy).

The Don't You (Forget About Me) CD was released in Italy on the 28th November. The title is Simple Minds: Don't You (Forget About Me) 2003. Most of the tracks on the 12" were included, along with the addition of the contemporary Phunk Investigation In The City Mix (previously released as Biba-Rom) and the original mix (if anyone had forgotten what that sounded like).

The track listing can be found here. More details will be posted as I get them. And the CD can be purchased from

They appeared on the Italian TV show called CD-Live on RAI on the 22nd November. This sounds like the Italian version of CD:UK. The fact that they appeared on this show suggests that the single is expected to chart.

Simple Minds kicked off their UK tour last night with a storming gig in Glasgow. The set-list was:

Book of Brilliant Things
Speed Your Love to Me
Real Life
The American
Hunter & the Hunted
Sweat in Bullet
Street Fighting Years
Mandela Day
Don't You (Forget About Me)
Big Sleep
All the Things She Said
Chelsea Girl
New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)

Theme For Great Cities
Belfast Child
See The Lights
Sanctify Yourself
Let It All Come Down
Someone Sometime In Summertime
Promised You A Miracle
Alive And Kicking

BBC Radio Wales have a two hour slot to broadcast the one hour, fifty minute Simple Minds recording from the Liverpool gig.... so they're hoping to broadcast the whole thing. It will be broadcast from 8 until 10 on New Years Eve via

The set-lists in the tour section have been brought up-to-date. She's A River and Glittering Prize have reappeared - and the band were heard soundchecking Let There Be Love and War Babies at Bournemouth, so those might end up in the concert at some point in the future.

Jim did not disappoint. He chatted with Billy Sloan for over an hour, and played two exclusive tracks: White Light/White Heat and Dirty Old Town. Both should be appearing on the forthcoming Live And Rare album although that was not mentioned.

Billy Sloan also played Space and Jeweller To The Stars from Our Secrets Are The Same plus several songs picked by Jim.

The following is a rough transcription of what took place. It's not complete, but should give an idea of what was said.

[Audio: Simple Minds - Space]

BS: That song may not be familiar. It's from Our Secrets Are The Same, which will be released early in the new year. Hello to Jim Kerr from Simple Minds.
JK: This show is possibly the best rock show in the world. But enough of the compliments, I'll still give you stick!
BS: You said you would come back 18 months ago, and you're as good as your word.
JK: [Compliments on the range of music played]. I can't think of any other show that would have me on!
BS: How's tour being going?
JK: Haven't really stopped touring since the start of Cry. The reason is that it's been so enjoyable - and the promoters have asked as back. We've enjoyed being a band again.
BS: You've rehearsed 50-60 songs.
JK: Since we started over a year and a half ago, we've touched 50-60 songs. The reasons for the diversity come from Andy Gillispe and Eddie Duffy. They given us new energy. And they wanted to play the songs they've grown up with.
BS: What's the line-up?
JK: Andy and Eddie. Mel, who wasn't the original drummer, Brian McGee was, and Charlie, who's the boss.
BS: What was the old song which gave you most pleasure?
JK: Chelsea Girl - it's complete circle coming back to that song - it probably got us the recording deal. It was the standout song. It's a new version. It still shows up as really classic. It almost feels like doing a cover -it's been so long. The new version - spine-chilling, fragile, like The Velvet Underground.
BS: What are the tour highlights?
JK: None overall - we're just enjoying it. The balance of the band and playing live is perfect.
BS: What's going through your mind before the hour before going on stage?
JK: That's the time I like to turn up at the venue! I don't go to soundchecks anymore. There's two dressing rooms: noisy and social - that's for the four other guys! And there's the quiet room. That's for me.
JK: And Kel Melrose creates a really quite atmosphere - a nice ambience. And I do some excerises - stretches etc.
BS: What are you like in the last 15 minutes?
JK: I used to have terrible nerves - I'd fret over things - the whole day. Through time, I've worked out that the gig is about energy. And I've worked out that worrying would deplete the energy. So I worry for five minutes before the gig now. The people coming to a gig aren't going to analyse and critise, so I don't worry. But I work with really talented people.
BS: First choice of song?
JK: Ian Durey and The Blockheads - Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll.
BS: Why do you admire him?
JK: I heard it in Germany last week - it made me laugh. Sex And Drugs and Rock and Roll - what else do you need?

[Audio: Simple Minds - Premonition]

BS: A song that's now in the current set.
BS: Why do you spend so much time in Sicily?
JK: We first played in Sicily during the early days of the band. The next day was my birthday - so the promoter took us to Taormina. It was a place where I could spend my time. So I went back more. It's become a home from home.
BS: You work with musicians there?
JK: It used to be a home from home. When I first went, it was big news. But not now. I've been working with musicians and play football...
BS: You play football?
JK: I sponser a team there.
BS: Lot's of questions from people around the world. How do you feel when you're standing in front of thousands of fans and everyone's going crazy?
JK: I'm enjoying it as much as they are. Before I'd be thinking about technical things. When we played our first gig as Johnny And The Self Abusers, we decided how much pleasure there was to play to an audience - it was great. And it's equally so - more so now.
BS: What's it like when 75 thousand people chanted your name at a gig such as Live Aid.
JK: At Live Aid I was thinking that I wore the wrong trousers!
BS: They were those brown things?
JK: They were cream. You wore the brown things! But every gig is special. Whether 75 or 75 thousand.
BS: Mandela Day is back. Why is that?
JK: Big events such as Live Aid become overwhelming, and the magnitude didn't hit you until later. Mandela is still fighting for causes - such as the AIDs cause yesterday. So it felt right to play the song again this year.
BS: Did you meet him?
JK: We met him when he came to London for the welcome home concert. There was such a myth attached to him - it was almost too much. He was like a deity.
BS: He would've never heard of Simple Minds. Did you get any feedback?
JK: He spoke in general about the artists who spoke against apartiheid. The PR girl introduced me as a sportsman, probably a boxer, so I just let him warble on [Laughs]
BS: You've chosen another song.
JK: This is a song I listen to in the quiet room backstage before a gig.

[Audio: Smokey Robinson - Tears Of A Clown]

[Audio: Talking Heads - Burning Down The House] Another of Jim's choices.

BS: Is playing in Glagow different?
JK: Yes - it's playing for friends and family. But I still want it to be as good as it could be.
BS: Are various ex-members rejoining? But what would be the point?
JK: It's a good question. What, as you said, would be the point? The point would be nostaglia. There's no point - there's a lot of inventiveness in Simple Minds before be go down memory lane. But those guys, Derek and Mick and Brian, were great. Mick as been out of the band longer than he's been in. But experience has told me never to say never, but hand on heart, the line up we have now is great.
BS: The common denonimator is you and Charlie. What keeps you together?
JK: We're Laurel And Hardy - a real partnership. There seems to be an axis between guitar player and singer.
BS: Always harmonious?
JK: Not at all. It's tested at times. But we're best mates. But through it all, there's been a desire to maximize this thing we started. We almost live different hours - Charlie works during the night, he's a night bird. I wake up at 6:30, 7:00 - I can get things done in the morning, I can get things done 3-4 hours before anyone turns up. I've heard that's true of a lot of bands.
BS: You've brought in a CD?
JK: I didn't dare to come in without something - a few years ago we did Neon Lights. But we didn't include the cover we first played. It was White Light/White Heat by The Velvet Underground.
BS: What was Lou Reed like? [For This Is Your Land]
JK: He was a teddy bear. Everyone told us he wouldn't do it. Trevor Horn said we should ask him - and he did it. I went with the tapes to Paris - and I was terrified. Reed has a reputation - it's like working with Picasso. He said "So - what do you want me to do?" "I said do it like Lou Reed" He said: "Everyone else is doing it, why can't I?"

[Audio: Simple Minds - White Light/White Heat - Real industrial version - very much like the original]

BS: Is Once Upon A Time your favourite album?
JK: No, I don't have a favourite album. I always feel great about the stuff we're working on. But I won't play any new stuff tonight- it will be on the Internet tomorrow - so I don't dare play it. So it's just covers. [Which will be all over the Internet tomorrow - Simon]

[Audio: Simple Minds - Jeweller To The Stars]

BS: What's on the box set?
JK: It changes every week. The track list changes every week. The release date changes every week. I don't know what's going on it.
JK: We're working on a great new record - I want to talk about that.
JK: Plague VIRGIN. Don't e-mail me!
JK: For the last year, we've been working
on the new album on and off. We want an album of big pop songs. It will be a muscular record.
BS: What new records have you listened to? JK: Not many. When Woody Allen makes films he doesn't watch the current crop - that's sort of what we're doing. I'm currently rediscovering lots of music: Van Der Graff Generator, Johnny Cash, Carl Porter.
BS: Your next choice of record is from U2. You have a close friendship with U2?
JK: It was from touring. Specifically the Tourhort Festival. It was 1982, or 1983. A two day festival. We were on the bill, they were on the bill. The first day, they went first. Second day we went first. First day, we killed them. Second day, we got our arse's kicked.
JK: It's The Fly from Achtung Baby. It's the lyrics. The lyrics are sheer genius.

[Audio: U2 - The Fly]

[Audio: Johnny Cash - Hurt]

JK: I didn't know that Trent Reznor had written that. I'd like to dedicate that to my Dad who's a huge fan.
BS: Why record Dirty Old Town?
JK: I love the melody. We dedicated the last song to Johnny Cash for my father, but this song is dedicated to my mother.

[Audio: Simple Minds - Dirty Old Town]

JK: We changed the lyrics. We did it for Jimmy Johnson - the greatest Celtic player ever. Currently fighting an illness. Next year, he's got a DVD coming out of his story - passionate about music and football. He asked us to take part in the film. As part of the interview, they asked us to do a song. So we did Dirty Old Town with Jimmy.
BS: What was he like?
JK: Jimmy's really nice!
BS: You up for staying up to half past ten? The big boss has called in and given permission.

[Audio: Simple Minds - New Gold Dream]


[Audio: Simple Minds - Death By Chocolate]

BS: How does that sound?
Jk: It really sounds great. It doesn't compare to any other Simple Minds album - it's sounds like an album we didn't make - I know that statement doesn't make sense.
BS: Over 5000 pounds was raised for a hospital by the Simple Minds convention. What feedback do you get from fans?
JK: It's hard to generalise. Cover bands, conventions, web sites. It's great to see when things grow out of the band. Some fans have grown up with us - they're now bring their own offspring to concerts!
BS: Did you see the Stars In Their Eyes Jim Kerr?
JK: No - it's hard to relate. But Chrissie Hynde does a good im Kerr impersonation. We're very much friends, we kept close, and I'm a great fan. When they play live, I still go and see her playing live.

[Audio: The Pretenders - Stop Your Sobbing]

BS: What would be your Desert Island Records?
JK: David Bowie - it was the first album I bought. And a Marvin Gaye record as well. And I need to pick something cosmic - Dark Side Of The Moon.
Bs: Next choice is a cracker - Rob Stewart.

[Audio: Rod Stewart - You Wear It Well]

BS: What's planned for the next six months after the tour?
JK: It's staight into the new record - recording both Glasgow in Sicily.
BS: Still really excitied by it?
Jk: You have periods that are greater than others. But this is a great period for us. We tour when we want too, we put out records when we want too. But we wouldn't mind a hit!

[Audio: Bob Dylan - What And Why]

Offenbach 24th November.

The Simple Minds world is in shock. This night Jim didn't introduce Mel as "the greatest drummer in the world, but simply as Mel Gaynor. Mel had to rub his head extra with the towel to get over it.

The Offenbach Stadthalle (City hall) is so small that the stage was in the hall's longside direction. Not very good sound close to the stage, but that was compensated by the intimate feel of it all. This night there was a change in the setlist, as C Moon was replaced by Cry. At the end of Chelsea Girl Eddie Duffy sings, and this night Jim gave him credit as "Elvis Duffy".

Mel improvises a lot all over the songs. In Someone Somewhere in Summertime he makes the song just march on, but in Promised You A Miracle, he has the chance to make the music really swing.

I'd like to take the opportunity to say something about why Charlie often mouths the lyrics, often out of sync with Jim's singing. If you look closely, you'll se Eddie and Andy doing it too.

You see, when a musician plays a piece of music, it's like he's running a computor program. It's all about concentration. Thinking any words at all is risking losing focus.

But in some parts of the songs the music repeat certain patterns over and over again. And counting how many times would be thinking, and risking losing concentration. By mouthing the lyrics, the musician gets a clue to how far in the song the band has come, and this without having to think about what the words are.

And there's no need to to it exactly in sync with the singer. Charlie can just mouth the words a few seconds after Jim sings them, and this helps him to keep perfectly on track.

The Offenbach concert was another joyful one, with, as said, an intimate feel.

Hans-Olof Andersson

Braunschweig 21st November.

Braunschweig is a good-looking town with nice medieval buildings, and a tourist information that kindly takes down the tour poster from the wall and gives it to me, and then book me into a hotel where the proprieter has Simple Minds as his favourite band.

The concert hall is round, and looking up, the ceiling looks just like the space ship that destroys New York City in "Independence day". Support artist Marque ("I am Marque, and this is my band") are, as said, nice and sweet. Not bad.

Simple Minds come in, and tonight Andy shows us his beautiful hair! Great! The show begins and I'll tell you right away That the setlist is the same as that of the two previous shows. In Hypnotized, Jim dances. I've never seen him dance as funnily as tonight, tripping around and swinging his rear parts. Some middle-aged women scream and faint. No, just joking.

But he's having too much fun. He loses concentration and in Real Life comes in too early with his singing. But a look from Charlie stops him. Jim is so ashamed that he resolutely takes the mike stand and walks to the other end of the stage, and sings from there.

Mel, I have to mention Mel. Give him attention! He sees if people do that, and it stimulates him. I am a bit of a drums fanatic myself, and Mel is, as Derek once said, "improbably tight". But please don't throw us your towels Mel. One or two drums to go with the sticks would be nice, though.

The encores begin, there are eight songs in one row. Jim's German is improving, it's all kinds of german phrases, tonight. He says something at the end of See The Lights, just like in Berlin and Hamburg. Inaudible, though.

Everybody in the big hall cheers, and it's over. Another good show, but now we are off to Düsseldorf, and I know the audience there will be full of fanatics, because then the Belgian people will come, and they are even more Simple Minds-fanatic than the German fans...

Hans-Olof Andersson

Congratulations to:

  • Kristin Ericson
  • Mark Jones
  • Peter Gregoire

You're the winners of the Chelsea Girl promo competition.

The answer was a little ambiguous as I didn't ask which version of Chelsea Girl I wanted the producer for. So I accepted both Lex McEwan & Simple Minds (for the demo version) and John Leckie (for the final album/single version).

Dusseldorf 22nd November.

What an audience! What a feeling they give off! Some other concerts have taken up to ten songs until things have gotten really hot. But here we are in communal trance already during song number five, The American. I hold this tribute to argentinian author Jorge Luis Borges to be one of Simple Minds five best songs. And one day, one day, we will get a really long version again...

Jim says "It's great to be back in sexy Düsseldorf!" It' "let's dance!" in Hunter And The Hunted, and Charlie tries not to laugh openly when, at the end, five people in the front row suddenly hold up signs with figures on them. Jim seems to get mostly 3's and 5's for his dancing. Or does the whole thing mean something else?

Premonition. It grows and grows. It feels like a whole new song. In Ghostdancing the audience start to sing "Gloria" long before the band have come to that part. This audience is something, Jim. How are you gonna handle them?

I don't think C Moon Cry Like A Baby and Sweat In Bullet come alive very well, at any night. Why do they chose to play those instead of newer songs? We would of course like to hear songs from Our Secrets... but it's understandable that they don't play songs that are nor officially released. But what about something from Néapolis?

Chelsea Girl is very slow and soft, and the keyboards have been changed compared to the original. To Jim and Charlie playing this song from 1979 must be like discovering and old photo album. In some ways the past is a dead end, but by studying the artifacts from it, you can get a completely new picture of what it was all about. It's important to be reconliled with your past.

But then we are back to timeless music, Waterfront and New Gold Dream. Jim doesn't make any local reference tonight, which is odd, being in the Capital of the seventies glorious krautrock. After two hours and fifteen minutes Jim shakes the last sweat from his head and it' over. What a great night!

Hans-Olof Andersson

Jim will be appearing on Billy Sloan's Sunday night radio show, which is broadcast by Radio Clyde.

The last time he appeared (just before The Floating World Tour), they played sessions of She Moved Through The Fair, New Sunshine Morning (later released as New Sunrise) and Freedom Angel.

It isn't known if they'll be playing anything exclusive again - but it's definitely worth a listen.

Berlin 19th November.

In Berlin they play in a place called the Columbiahalle. It's small, Steve Pollard and his light show people are perched on a balcony, looking a bit worried about the special arrangements thay have been forced to.

When the support band for the German shows, Marque, come on they don' get any applause at all. That' how hard it is to impress a Berliner. Marque play softly and sweetly and the supercool Berlin people finally applaud.

Simple Minds stroll on to the intro of Book Of Brilliant Things, and this night there are no annoying extra speakers.

In 2002 they played 23 songs each night, with this show they are up to 25. Hunter and the Hunted has Mel coming in halfway through. Andy has programmed drums for the first half. It's my opinion that programmed drums can't be musical. But it's rather fun, Jim dances freely and youthfully. It all sounds a bit like the way they did King Is White and In The Crowd in 1984.

This night I percieve Premonition not just as hard, but also as fabulous. Distorted guitar, great. After the Gloria and Light My Fire sections in Ghostdancing, Jim sings "We can be heroes". A reference to Bowie's Berlin period! Andy and Mel stare at each other in surprise.

As second song of the encore, they do a three minute version of Belfast Child. At the end of See The Lights Jim sings "Welcome to the Cabaret".

Let It All Come Down is arranged with very heavy keyboard crashes, that make the song less subtle, but more dramatic. It's like an effect to a horror movie. It fits well with tonights feel of a club gig. The lights were made that way to. On to Hamburg, for a sports hall concert!

Hans-Olof Andersson

The German television show Sportschau (the biggest German sports show that features the German soccer league Bundesliga on Saturday evening) has chosen Jam & Spoon's Cynical Heart as a theme song. It's used for the highlights section of the show as well as for radio advertisements.

The new date for the box set is March next year.

And the release date of Jam & Spoon's Cynical Heart has been pushed back to the 8th December.

The cover's discography continues to grow with the addition of Impedance's Don't You (Forget About Me) from 1990. (This actually isn't the next cover - it should've been Corporation Of One - but I'll sort that out in the near future.)

Hamburg 20th November.

At the doors of the German concerts a brochure is distributed, promising (almost) free concert photos. Accept one of those, fill in name and adress and send it in. It's Jim and Charlie that will select the photos that will be sent to the fans as a souvenir. It seems to be a fair deal. You pay by putting extra stamps onto the card.

This audience is much bigger than the one in Berlin. My first two points are about Andy. He's got beautiful hair, but hides it every night under some woolly thing. How can he stand the heat? And his start of Book Of Brilliant Things is revealed as being pre-programmed, because it starts without him! Don´t get lazy, Andy.

The songs are the same as in Berlin, there is a bit of feeling of pre-programmed-ness all around. But Premonition is a highlight. It just grows show by show. What a drama it is when Jim sings "The sound of machines, that grind to a halt..."

This audience is unstoppable in their la-la's after Don't you (Forget About Me). The band don't like it. They are determined to squeeze in 25 songs before eleven o'clock. When Jim asks us if we are tired, and we scream "no!", he adds "I am tired". He might be, but his funny dancing tells us he's still having fun.

We do get a local musical reference just as in Berlin, but not to Brahms as I had guessed, instead it' a hushed "She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah" at the end of See The Lights.

The light show totally explodes during New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84). In this mystic and trancendental classic Simple Minds' influence from Krautrock is at it's most obvious. The German art-rock in the seventies was like this, a combination of finery and force. Simple Minds are spiritually at home in Germany.

In Promised You a Miracle someone waves a Rangers banner. Jim is in shock. He looks, shakes his head, and changes the lyrics to "some things are not possible".

Despite of what Jim said about being tired, this show was as energetic as ever. But don't forget the promise about unpredictability you've given us, Jim!

Hans-Olof Andersson

Sons And Fascination

The big razz interview: It's been 25 years since Simple Minds burst on to the pop scene ..all of which is news to Jim Kerr's boy James...

JIM KERR is celebrating Simple Minds' 25th anniversary this year but his son is only just finding out how huge dad really was.

The Scots band were one of the biggest groups in the Eighties, scoring an American No.1 in 1985 with Don't You Forget About Me. And who can forget Jim, arms outstretched in tight black leggings, legs halfbowed and a billowing white shirt? But James Kerr, Jim's 11-year old son by Patsy Kensit, is realising his dad looked a bit weird.

Jim laughed: ``When we were about to tour last year my son found out one of his teachers was a big fan and had tickets for the London gig. He came in and said: `You had a No.1.' ``Then the next day he came in aghast and said: `My teacher said you used to wear eyeliner.' I looked at him and said: What do you mean used to?''

Jim, 44, can afford to be flippant. Simple Minds have become one of dance's biggest touchstones. Raven Maize's The Real Life sampled Theme For Great Cities as did Sunscreem's huge Nineties hit Perfect Motion. Other dance acts include Kawala's Humanistic sampled New Gold Dream and DJ Jason OO Flemming's reworking of Belfast Child. Then, of course, there's the back catalogue of songs such as Don't You Forget About Me, Waterfront, Alive and Kicking, Promised You A Miracle, Life In A Day, Sweat In Bullet and Love Song.

Jim is obviously proud his past achievements are at last sinking in with his son, who is an Eminem and Robbie Williams fan. But it seems James still doesn't know that mummy used to be in Eighth Wonder. Jim laughed: ``I'd forgotten all about that. I suppose music is in his genes. He has talked about being a drummer but once when I was in the car and asked him what he'd do he told me he'd really like to be a footballer. ``He said: `I'm really trying hard. I'm pretty good, but have to be great and just don't think I'm that good.' ``There was silence and he went `so I'll probably just go into movies.' ``I couldn't believe it. My background was maybe be a joiner or a civil servant he's in a completely different world.''

Jim, who also has an 18-year-old daughter Yasmin with singer Chrissie Hynde, seems relieved Patsy's marriage to and public falling out with Liam Gallagher is over. As James' dad he admits he kept his opinions to himself. And seems to still be doing so. He said: ``It was hard, but James is very good at school. There is enough love about him. Any families, when things cease, move on in life. It's not easy and there is a lot of diplomacy involved. ``You no longer have a say, but are still family. They are still mothers of your kids and you want them to be doing well.''

But Celtic fan Jim doesn't have a say on what football team his son supports. James is a die-hard Arsenal fan and he supports England not Scotland. Jim said: ``I suppose it could be worse. What could I do? Arsenal are his local team and it's good he's supporting his local team. ``But he does get less pocket money off me these days.'' He said: ``For the England/Turkey game he asked me who I wanted to win. When I said Turkey he was gob smacked and asked me how I could do that. ``I told him it was a long, long story, but he doesn't get it yet. ``I'm sure when he's older he'll get it and start wearing a Jimmy wig and have a Proclaimers album under his sleeve.''

Jim's daughter Yasmin, 18, has become an actress but is also causing Jim some problems. He said: ``I wanted to see her Channel 4 drama 40, but she told me not to because it was `a bit cutting edge'.'' In the drama, Yasmin's teenage character sleeps with her father's best friend, played by Eddie Izzard. Jim said: ``But my whole road crew let me know about it anyway. Good on her, though. She did it off her own back. She didn't use me or Chrissie. She's set off on a road which isn't easy. It's a hard, hard game and I wish her the best.''

But enough of Jim's private life, we're here to talk about his music. He and childhood buddy Charlie Burchill are back together. Simple Minds' UK tour stars in Glasgow on December 1 at the Clyde Auditorium for two nights and ends in a sold-out gig at Aberdeen's Music Room on December 20. The band have sold more than 20 million albums worldwide since they formed in 1978. Last week they released a double DVD Seen The Lights A Visual History. Jim admitted: ``We are re-born and have an energy and a hunger we haven't had for years. ``Four years ago I was lost. I lost the desire to make music. It was like being in a jumbo jet without any oil. ``I really thought that was it. I was casual about it, there was no regrets, we'd done well.''

Jim and Charlie go back to when they were eight years old and became pals in a sandpit in Glasgow's Toryglen. Charlie's brother Jamie, who was older than the two friends, had records by Alice Cooper and Lou Reed that they would listen to when he had gone out of the house. As teenagers at Holyrood School, Govanhill, they immersed themselves in music. Jim explained: ``So much of this came from Charlie's side. His mum saved up her Embassy coupons and bought him a guitar and we were off.''

They played in punk band Johnny & The Self-Abusers with guitarist Duncan Barnwell and drummer Brian McGee before Jim, Charlie and Brian formed Simple Minds bringing in Mick McNeill on keyboards and Derek Forbes on bass. They took their name from a line in David Bowie's song Jean Genie.

Jim said: ``I loved the other guys. With any group the singer and the guitarist always hog the limelight, but we also worked with giants. ``You think of electronic music nowadays Mick did that 25 years ago. And Derek's bass lines don't get the credit they deserve. ``There was such a swagger about us. We really fancied ourselves as a great band, fancied ourselves before we were one, but we worked hard and became one.''

The line-up changed over the years, but Jim and Charlie have stuck together. Jim added: ``What's the secret? We're obviously best mates. We need each other to make music. ``We are able to give each other space. Charlie lives in Dublin, so I don't see him that much. And we can have a right good barney.''

As well as an American No.1, Simple Minds also topped the charts in the UK with Ballad Of The Streets EP featuring Belfast Child and Mandela Day in 1989. But by the late 90s it seemed Simple Minds were on the verge of splitting. Jim was spending much of his time between homes in Taormina (Sicily) and Glasgow. In Sicily, the Celtic-loving musician would play five-a-sides (he eventually would sponsor a football team and more recently a volleyball team in the town). He said: ``While playing football some of the younger guys would pass a CD to me. Everyone seems to make their own music in Italy. They'd always be wanting me to come to their studio and I'd always say no. ``But then one day I did and in an hour I was feeling it again. I hadn't felt it for four years, but these two guys made me want to make music. ``I think we burned out because we'd been on tour for ever and Charlie and I needed to give ourselves time to rediscover our music and who we were. ``Charlie and I decided to give it a go. If we'd been a shadow of our selves we'd have stopped, but with every gig we got strong and stronger.''

Now they are back touring and released latest album Cry last year. Jim knows what's ahead of them He said: ``We'll play live this year and then start writing and recording. We need to make a classic Simple Minds record big, emotional and positive. ``We need a landmark album. That's the pressure we are putting ourselves under artistically. ``We'd love to have a No.1, but we play every night for 7000 people. We play our hearts out. They go nuts and afterwards we go nice for something to eat. ``We travel good and it feels great.''

Rick Fulton
The Razz
Daily Record
November 14th 2003

Hamburg – Alsterdorfer Sporthalle, 20th November.

The lights went off… Applause… Excitement… Simple Minds entered the stage… 5 to 1… 1 to 5… The beginning of a fantastic evening.

Even though the show wasn´t sold out, the atmosphere was absolutely brilliant. Everybody came for just one reason: to celebrate one of the greatest live bands in the world. The crowd sang along to all the classic hits. And even didn’t stop at the end of these songs. I got the impression that Jim sometimes thought the it wasn’t necessary to go on singing and turned the microphone in our direction, because we did such a good job (remember Gloria and Mandela Day).

Jim, Charlie and the others seemed to be happy to play in front of us and we were happy to be able to say thank you to the band with a great atmosphere and our applause. That was our way to give them back what they deserve. Jim really wanted to be near to the audience. Most of the time he walked on the edge of the stage and then he came “one step closer”. He didn’t really came one step closer but he chased away the security from in front of the stage. With this gesture he showed us that there shouldn’t be anything between them and us (that was how it seemed to us).

Regarding to the music the show was brilliant and great! The sound wasn’t that good, but this depended on the venue. It is originally a sports hall and not a concert hall. The set list was incredible… as expected after reading the reviews from the recent shows. What can I say, that wasn’t said before? Wonderful!! Wonderful to hear some of the old hits and to see how these songs had developed. I really love the way they played Chelsea Girl. Another highlight next to Real Life was Street Fighting Years. Unfortunately I didn’t had the chance to see the Street Fighting Years Tour. I only saw the Verona video and thought that the live performance of this song is breathtaking. Now I know it is! During this song I got goose-flesh.

It was a wonderful evening, a wonderful party with the band and the crowd and it was wonderful to see that the band is really loving what they do.

Thank you so much for that!

(P.S. Jim, Charlie and Eddie, thank you for spending your time for signing our set-list, tickets etc. and having a little chat with us.)


The new Absolutely 12" of Don't You (Forget About Me) remixes is now out. Strangely, it doesn't say Simple Minds anywhere on it - it simply says Don't You (Forget About Me) featuring White Spaces.

The four remixes are great - these are classic old-school remixes retaining the song's structure and form - unlike the highly contemporary remixes by Biba-Rom. You can find out more about this release here.

The Absolutely (12") single of Don't You (Forget About Me) is released today in Italy. The Carosello CD of the single will feature five remixes of the title track, and is expected to be released just before Christmas.

Live And Rare can be obtained from Vodafone shops in Italy from the 10th December for five Euros if a telephone recharge is purchased.

It features two remixes of Don't You (Forget About Me), a remix of The Man Who Sold The World, session versions of White Light/White Heat and Dirty Old Town (the later including Mick MacNeil - both recorded in Glasgow before the current tour) and Biko.

Speculation also suggests that remixes of Speed Your Love To Me or Somebody Up There Likes You are also included.

Sources also differ about the number of tracks - it's either 13 or 14.

Promo photo taken at the Cynical Heart video. (The single Cynical Heart by Jam And Spoon featuring Jim Kerr is released on the 1st December).

The shelved live recording of Simple Minds from the Liverpool gig is now scheduled for New Year's Eve on BBC Radio Wales. It will be all or some of the show - "time and the edit will tell."

It looks like the Simple Minds box set has now been pushed into 2004. This includes the album Our Secrets Are The Same.

Speaking of Our Secrets Are The Same, this postcard for the St. Etienne manages to promote an album that isn't issued, whilst using a stock shot of Simple Minds from the second See The Lights video shoot. Well mixed up.

The live pictures used over the next few updates were taken by Sandra at the Paris gig. (Thanks to Pascal and Sandra).

Copenhagen 17th November.

This is all in comparison with the concerts in May last year, the last ones I saw. And some differences are startling.

The set-up of the speakers in this sports hall in Copenhagen is weird, the people in the front row have the sound from a set of extra speakers right in their faces. To us standing there it adds to the impression of a Simple Minds playing harder than last year.

This is neither a greatest hits tour, nor a showcase for anything new. I would call it an archeology tour. We are warmed up by a few classics such as Hypnotized and The American, but is is from the sixth song and forwards the dig into the treasures of the past really begin.

Hunter And The Hunted is rather short, not much keyboard wizardry. And then we are reminded of the hard-rock side of Simple Minds, in Premonition. It seems to have turned into an even harder sort of rock during its twenty years as a fossil. Sweat In Bullet is much the same. Amazing to hear.

Even Street Fighting Years is not very soft. Instead of the half-acoustic bass used by Malcolm Foster (as in Verona) Eddie Duffy hammers solidly onto his bass, and in this song it is startingly clear in the mix.

One more impression before I haste to the train to Berlin: the new version of Ghostdancing, intersected by chunks of Gloria and Light My Fire. Charlie plays the weirdest start-stop guitar, and sadly, sadly there isn't much of the joyful middle-section riff he repeated for several minutes in last year's version.

But the new version of Chelsea Girl is a whole other story. More about that later.

Hans-Olof Andersson
(With thanks to Frank Langemark for the set-list).

It's not going to be a quiet end of the year.

Thing's are starting to get confusing, so here's a round-up:

  • Back in March, Abosulutely Records issued several remixes of Don't You (Forget About Me) under the Biba-Rom moniker. With newly recorded vocals by Jim, it should be considered part of the Simple Minds discography proper. For more details see the covers discography.

  • In October, this release was repackaged with a new remix, and issued as White Spaces vs. Jim Kerr. A 12" has already appeared (and I hope to get a copy soon to verify the details) and a CD single is expected in January.

  • And now Simple Minds are issuing Don't You (Forget About Me) in Italy on November 20th, which features another new remix. However, this single is potentially far more exciting, as it's part of a tie-in with Vodafone Italy. Don't You (Forget About Me) is being used in their advertisement campaign, and this 12" (along with an expected CD on Carosello) features the music from the advertisement.

  • are stars again, as you can purchase this new Simple Minds release from them. Have a look in their "Coming Soon" section where you can order, and listen, to the new remix. You can also purchase the Cry and Spaceface remixes from them as well.

And as part of the Vodafone promotion, a special Simple Minds album will be available Vodaphone shops in Italy. Entitled Live And Rare, it will feature archive live recordings, remixes and new sessions recorded by the band.

This was previously announced on, but they've already managed to lose their posting, so the only details I can find to link to now are on the Simple Minds mailing list.

Not very helpful for those outside Italy, but avenues are being explored. The album is being released on the 10th December.

SaMPLE MINDS - the Simple Minds tribute band, are pleased to announce a couple of new live dates.

Saturday 29th November 2003
Neumarkt, Krefeld, Germany (near Dusseldorf/Cologne)
On stage at about 6pm.

This is a benefit gig in aid of the people of Northern Westfalen. The gig is open-air in the town centre square. Though the stage is covered and heated, the audience isn't - so wrap up warm! Admission is free, though money can be donated.

Also appearing on the bill are Richie (famous German comedian), C.B. Green, Malu (from Cuba), Tasty Nuts, Lea Finn and Projeckt M.O.N.A.

There's also an auction of memorabilia, including signed REM, Nena and Phil Collins stuff. for further details.

SaMPLE MINDS are closing the event and will be playing a set of approximately 70 minutes - mostly greatest hits. This will be a scary gig as the guys will not be rehearsing or sound-checking prior to the performance - you've been warned!!!

Saturday 20th December 2003
Maxipark, Werkstatthalle, Germany
7pm - 11pm

Another charity event which is broadcast live on German radio (they'll probably rehearse for this one!). It will be a short set and apparently all the artists unite to perform a song at the end! More details soon.


Obscure Italian 12" remix releases are nothing new. The covers discography continues to grow with a rare remix of Alive And Kicking from 1985.

It's competition time.

Win a copy of the Chelsea Girl promo. Apparently only 250 copies of Simple Minds first promo single were pressed up, they feature an edit version of the song, and I've got three copies for grabs. These used to be part of Bruce Findlay's stock, so apart from a new nicks and scratches on the sleeves from sitting in a box for over twenty years, the records remain unplayed. I would grade them as EX/UNP.

And the question is: Name the producer of Chelsea Girl.

Answers should be e-mailed to

The competition closes on the 21st November 2003. Good luck!

Jim was interviewed on BBC Radio 2 to promote the tour and the DVD. It was a relatively quick ten minute chat, and I'm paraphrasing/summarizing most of this.

The DJ mentioned that it was 25 years since Simple Minds started making records. He commented that Jim was looking well on it - plus he made a mention to the Rolling Stones looking rough - and that was from the start of their carrer. Jim mentioned seeing an advertisement where the Rolling Stones were used to advertise cosmetics - use this product or you'll end up looking like them.

DJ: What are you doing?
Jim: We've been playing live again. Feels good. Four, five years ago - it wasn't good. We were out of gas. So we headed for the hills, returned refreshed. Now enjoy every gig.

DJ: 1982 was the big breakthrough year with New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) Which was album number six.
Jim: It's amazing - New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) was our first mainstream success. Until then, we wore our influences on our sleeves. For New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84), the Alchemy was right. It wouldn't be allowed these days for a band to develop.

DJ: It's one of the perfect pop records. [Hums intro of Promised You A Miracle]. You don't need to introduce it as the first line is the title.
Jim: Thanks for that. We're working on new songs. We didn't realise that at the time. It was our first hit - you can feel it's positiveness in the music.

The DJ then mentioned the Visual History DVD and introduced "one of the best stadium songs you've done"
[Plays See The Lights]

DJ: The whole song was built to be sung in a stadium, especially the guitar solo. You cracked the stadium anthems, but they could still be played on an acoustic guitar.
Jim: In the beginning, we'd play bigger and bigger venues and festivals in stadiums. "What songs do we have that could work here?" See The Lights has the scope - intimate and works in a stadium.

DJ: Don't You (Forget About Me) was the big breakthrough, then Once Upon A Time, then international stardom. Did you have a plan?
Jim: There was no master plan. The Clash and The Jam thought stadium rock was very uncool - we weren't going to follow any other's mandates. A good band could play a stadium or small party. Some bands said "We wouldn't play a stadium", I said "You wouldn't have that dilemma."

DJ: There's been some line-up changes in the past, but it's always been you and Charlie.
Jim: I met him when we were eight. He was in a sandpit near a building site, being creative as always. I asked if I could join in - and still do.

DJ: You've just played Margate and Southend. Not obvious places for Simple Minds. Were they warm-up gigs?
Jim: We're not allowed to call gigs warm up gigs. Straight after those were Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam - they were far more in the deep end. They all count. We haven't played for years - we have to prove ourselves again - and we don't turn our noses up at one gig or another.

DJ: You got the name Simple Minds from Bowie's The Jean Genie.
Jim: Our name changed from week to week - that was the name of the band when we got our first review in NME.

They then followed up with a competition to win tickets and a five signed DVDs.
[Plays: Alive And Kicking]

You can now use PayPal to purchase Who's Doing The Dreaming Now?.

Before the convention in March, I inteviewed Mick MacNeil for issue 11 of the fanzine. We concentrated entirely on his post-Simple Minds career, as Endless River fanzine did a great interview with Mick about his time with Simple Minds.

I'd like to run both interviews back-to-back in Who's Doing The Dreaming Now? - so could anyone from the editorial team of Endless River e-mail me to check that it'll be OK?

It's competition time.

Win a copy of the Chelsea Girl promo. Apparently only 250 copies of Simple Minds first promo single were pressed up, they feature an edit version of the song, and I've got three copies for grabs. These used to be part of Bruce Findlay's stock, so apart from a new nicks and scratches on the sleeves from sitting in a box for over twenty years, the records remain unplayed. I would grade them as EX/UNP.

And the question is: Name the producer of Chelsea Girl.

Answers should be e-mailed to

The competition closes on the 21st November 2003. Good luck!

A sixty second inteview with Jim with Metro Magazine can be found here.

Mel Gaynor is releasing an EP on the 1st December which will feautre a cover of Robert Palmer's Addicted To Love. More details can be found on Mel's website.

Also released on the 1st December, is Jam And Spoon's Cynical Heart which Jim on vocals. It's very atmospheric, having an early Gary Numan feel. But don't take my word for it. The video can be found here (requires RealPlayer) - opinion is split over Jim's glasses (well, I like them).

The picture on the right shows Jim wearing similar glasses.

The tour page has been updated with the Milan gig set-list. I've also been corrected - Banging On The Door was last played on the US leg of the Good News From The Next World tour and not the Real Life tour as I previously said.

Apparently the DVD is going to be released in the USA on the 2nd December (Region One, NTSC).

More surprises at Geneva with Come A Long Way returning to the set, and the reappearance of Banging On The Door (not played since 1991's Real Life shows.)

Cynical Heart by Jam And Spoon featuring Jim Kerr will be issued in Germany on the 1st December on Island Records.

Don't You (Forget About Me) by White Spaces featuring Jim Kerr will be issued on CD after Christmas. So far, it's just circulating as a 12" in Germany.

One of the missing areas of the discography is a list of covers. Such a list would include artists such as Impedance with Don't You (Forget About Me), Corporation Of One with The Real Life and USURA with Open Your Mind.

In the last couple of years, the separation of this discography with Simple Minds has been blurred - DJ T and Biba Rom releases are Simple Minds songs with newly recorded vocals by Jim but aren't issued under the Simple Minds name.

As everything is starting to get rather confused, and as it's leaving large holes in the discography here, I've started the covers discography with the two rexmies by Biba Rom.

Gordon Goudie has recently been spotted playing rhythm guitar for Echo And The Bunnymen. Gordon was the third member of Simple Minds for the Neon Lights album and helped out with some of the Cry sessions. He can also be spotted playing bass in the Dancing Barefoot video (not on the DVD) and is just pictured on the left on the picture used for the Cry cover.

The set-lists continue to evolve and change as Simple Minds started the European leg of the Alive And Kicking tour.

Hynotised and Let It All Come Down appeared, whilst Premonition came back, and the band beat all encore records at Rotterdam by reappearing to play first five and then seven songs.

All the setlists can be found in the tours section.

The DVD page has been updated - it was released in Russia on the 1st, and TV advertisments for the set appeared in The Netherlands on RTL4.

It's also number 6 in the top 10 featured on

NME even gave it 7 out of 10.

The links section has been updated. New sites appearing include Caledon, The Floating World (German fanclub), Sound In 70 Cities (MP3 dowloads) and the Eddie Duffy site now features some pictures.

A page featuring information, track listings, DVD-ROM contents, and all sorts of trivia has been added to Dream Giver Redux.

Surprises so far? Welcome back Premonition, Speed Your Love To Me, Come A Long Way, Real Life, Hunter And The Hunted, 30 Frames A Second, Sweat In Bullet and Street Fighting Years.

Cheslea Girl appeared in a startlingly good new arrangement - much slower, and built upon itself, gradually revealing the album version.

The warm-up gigs built upon the firm foundations of the The Floating World Tour and the summer festival gigs. The band are tight and on top form. It looks like being a great series of gigs.

Nothing from Good News From The Next World or Neapolis has appeared... yet. I'm sure some songs from these albums will find their way into the setlists before long.

Full set-lists have been added to the tours section.


31st October 2003

Eddie Duffy thought about dressing up for Halloween. “I was going to go on as Malcolm Foster” he joked, referring to Jamie Sinclair’s review accusing him of being untidy. He smiled and continued to pose for photos and sign autographs in the foyer, confident and relaxed.

His demeanour was indicative of the whole band. A second warm up gig, this time on the northern side of the Thames Estuary, found a tidy, confident Simple Minds playing to the packed Cliffs Pavilion.

There was no preamble, no announcement, no opening instrumental. The hall lights dimmed and the crowd hushed. Andy Gillespie, keyboard player, was the first to appear, took up position behind his tower of keyboards and stoically broke out the intro of Book Of Brilliant Things. On cue, the rest of the band flooded on stage to rapturous cheers.

Bruce Findlay, the band’s legendary ex-manager, used to follow Jim to the stage, urging him to tuck his shirt in. Today, he’d be telling him to button it up. Dressed in white shirt, buttoned at the midriff, and blue jeans, Jim presented a casual face to Simple Minds 2003, matched by Charlie (all in black as always), Eddie and Mel. Andy Gillespie bucked the trend, dressed in a camouflage flak jacket, suggesting that he’d prefer to remain anonymous and hidden.

With no new record to promote (the lost album Our Secrets Are The Same still remaining resolutely lost), Simple Minds fell back on their previous 25 years of song writing, plucked songs from their back catalogue, and presented a potted history of their career to date. Old favourites like Waterfront, Don’t You (Forget About Me) and Alive And Kicking were greeted like long lost friends, causing the crowd to erupt with cheers and energy. Old stompers from the past, the driving 30 Frames A Second, and pulsating Sweat In Bullet, were dusted of and pounded out in bite sized chunks.

Ghostdancing was more of a meal, stretched and extended, pushing the stamina of the crowd. Extra raw energy was supplied by Jim breaking into Gloria, driving the audience to punctuate the letters with fist punching and cheers. Speed Your Love To Me and New Gold Dream kept the tempo high, and the crowd on their feet.

But it wasn’t a mad dash through Simple Minds’ rockers of old. Quiet moments interjected, providing more of a roller coaster ride, as they slowed for Mandela Day, Street Fighting Years and Real Life. Chelsea Girl also appeared, but as slowed down mournful ballad rather than the riff driven guitar stabbing of before. (Eddie provided the high pitched vocal previously left to Brian McGee).

Jim worked the crowd, keeping the banter to an absolute minimum, whilst Charlie, the cherubic charmer, smiled into the crowd, switched guitars for every song and mouthed the lyrics (now in sync!). Eddie power marched on the spot, almost an automation, undercutting the melody with his visceral bass. Mel remained hidden between towers of chrome and steel, emerging smiling at the end of the sets throwing towels into the crowd. Andy was similarly hidden but bless his keyboard technician though - all his keyboard solos required him to stand. (Isn’t it supposed to be the bass players who are serious ones? But watch Andy closely - he’ll occasionally smile.)

Second night technical problems did surface occasionally. Jim’s mike gave out a couple of times, so he stole Eddie’s. The sound was unbalanced and adjusted to distort, leaving Charlie and Jim at the bottom of the mix.

But the overall impression was of a tight, confident band, a continuation of the rebirth of 2002, a band with no record to promote, and little recent chart success, but who came to a rainy Essex resort on a cold Halloween and delivered. They seemed relaxed and at ease - but the music that night, and the reaction of the crowd, begged to differ. Simple Minds delivered, and if you excuse the cliché, they rocked.

Simon Cornwell

There's a wide range of T-shirts and shirts on offer at the merchandising stalls. Most feature a minimalistic new Claddagh design, including a black shirt with just a small logo (£30). One T-shirt lists the band's albums (missing several, with the remainder in wrong order - who checks the content?), whilst another features the bound-hands Our Secrets Are The Same arwork.

There's also a mug. It's got Claddaghs on it.

The tour programme is the usual style-over-substance, and the opportunity to include any biographical details of the new band members is missed again. (When will we learn more about Eddie Duffy and Andy Gillespie?) Lots of great photos, but white space is maximised. The biography is condensed and summarised, dripping with trivia, of which only a long term Simple Minds supporter could explain the nuances. It's wasted on a new or casual fan. Nice embossed cover though, so buy it for that and the pictures (£8).

Simple Minds will be warming up for their Alive And Kicking 2003 with a couple of gigs at two English sea-side resorts. I'll be seeing the band in Southend on Friday, so I'll be avoiding the reports for tomorrow's gig at Margate - I want the set-list to be a surprise! But please send them in for the European and UK dates.

(The Sicilian women's volleyball team that is)

ROCKER Jim Kerr has sponsored a women's volleyball team. And the die-hard Hoops fan has changed their name to Celtic.

The Simple Minds frontman has ploughed money into the side in the town in Italy that is his second home. And he has made sure the ladies, from Taormina in Sicily, know all about Glasgow Celtic.

Jim, 44, along with Simple Minds guitarist Charlie Burchill, already sponsors three football teams in the town. The singer said: "Charlie and I kicked it off. Like the football team, they'll be called Celtic Taormina It will be all female but I promise I'll be keeping away from any hands on involvement like picking the team."

Jim, who dated a Sicilian girl for two years until they broke up when he went on tour this year, teamed up with local lad Antonio Chemi several years ago to launch local amateur side aS Celtic Taormina.

There are now three teams, including a boys team, who wear a green andwhite Celtic-style strip.

Jim, from Toryglen, Glasgow, added: "I went by yesterday as they've got new strips and the three teams were getting their photos taken. It was in an ancient Roman amphitheatre and there was me thinking of my childhood kicking a ball in the local green on freezing ice. It's just a different world."

Jim dismissed reports that he is trying to win a place on the Celtic board back in Glasgow. But he did give his club shares to The Celtic Trust, who say the current board lack the common touch needed to understand the heritage of the club. He said: "They asked me to join the campaign and I put my shares in with them. But I'm notlooking to be more involved in that. As a fan, I am delighted with Martin O'Neill's management."

Rick Fulton
October 21st 2003
Daily Record

Those in France can already pick up the Seen The Lights DVD. Apparently it went on sale on the 28th October. Both FNAC and offered it for sale on Tuesday.

On the 21st September, The Scotsman got in touch and told me about their Top 100 Scottish Albums of all time. So, it was a case of vote, vote, vote. And then what did they write on the 1st October? "We adjusted the results to take account of the poll rigging (thank you Simple Minds fans)."

Never mind.

Still, after their adjustment (ahem), Simple Minds didn't make such impact. Here's the results:

In New Gold Dream (1982), Simple Minds defined their sound, freeing Mick McNeil's dexterous keyboard work and Derek Forbes bubbling bass. A lush production enhanced their newfound confidence in concise, strong structures, encapsulated on Promised You A Miracle and the propulsive title track. Moments of passivity, notably King Is White And In The Crown, show a sense of adventure undiminished, but a one-time discordant austerity is replaced by a warm, almost seductive, texture. As Jim Kerr later related: "New Gold Dream is where we came into our own."

Empires And Dance resolved the quandary that was early Simple Minds. Their first album was viewed largely as derivative, their second knowingly obtuse, as the band struggled to recapture early promise and carve a musical niche. This third album, released in 1980, followed a period of intense touring, primarily reflected in the Euro-disco style of I Travel. Part Kraftwerk, part Donna Summer, the track opened new horizons for the band, mainly through acceptance on the club scene.

Elsewhere, Celebrate took its cue from previous recordings, but a new discipline gave it greater purpose, while This Fear Of Gods points to future developments.

Released in 1984, Sparkle In The Rain was the album by which Simple Minds became a "stadium" band. Producer Steve Lillywhite conjured a more direct sound in which former subtleties were shrouded in power and dynamism. New drummer Mel Gaynor thrived in this environment, best exemplified in Waterfront, a homage to Glasgow as seen through the changing face of the River Clyde. Up On The Catwalk and Speed Your Love To Me were among the other highlights, as well as a then-rare cover version of Lou Reed's Street Hassle. Within a year Simple Minds would top the US chart with Don't You (Forget About Me).

Whilst on the subject of vote rigging, vote for Simple Minds on Rockpalast. Vote, vote, vote!

Jim will be "technical consultant" for the Anderlecht vs. Celtic match this evening on a Flemish television (VRT).

He'll be interviewed in the TV studio of the stadium, supporting the professional analysts of the game. Carl Huybrechts is presenting the program, who is also the host of Night Of The Proms.

Jim was also on the first page of the Belgian/French publication "La dernière heure. It featured an interview between him, the coach of Anderlecht and the captain of the Belgian team. He talked about the Celtic and his favorite players, his father, his son (who actually supports Arsenal), his own football team (the well-known "Celtic Taormina") and the concert in Forest National next week.

And the second part of Simon Hayward's tour diary is now online.

After SaMPLE MINDS gigs in Germany, the first part of Simon Hayward's tour diary has now been uploaded here. This also includes information and ordering details for Simon's Reworks series and the latest SaMPLE MINDS CD.

Kooper Kain, up-and-coming Canadian band, and fans of Simple Minds have recently recorded a cover of Waterfront which can be found on the band's own website.

Caledon (Scotlands answer to The Three Tenors) were featured in The Scottish Sun last Thursday, giving away free copies of their Flower Of Scotland single with the paper.

The band features Derek Forbes on guitar and bass and Mick MacNeil programming the drums and supplying studio facilities (both singles were recorded at Mix). Mick also plays the accordion when appearing live with the band.

More information about Caledon can be found on their website - check out the pictures for shots of Mick's studio (complete with Simple Minds awards) and Derek (still wearing his Neapolis Anarchy T-shirt.)

Their new single, a cover of The Proclaimers I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) is available at Asda shops in Scotland.

Flower Of Scotland
1. Flower Of Scotland
2. Th'Exerciseman [Live]
Caledon Records SCOTTEN02CD

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
1. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
2. Caledonia
3. Th'Exerciseman [Live]
Caledon Records SCOTTEN01CD

Due to huge demand for tickets, the concert at Store Vega, Copenhagen (November 17) has been moved to the KB Hallen, Fredriksberg.

Polish band Myslovitz will be opening for Simple Minds for the beginning of the European Tour. And Grim Northern Social will be support for the UK dates.

Grims in sweat over tour whirl

SWEATING buckets is something Grim Northern Social frontman Ewan MacFarlane knows all about. “People have faith in us as a live band, and the audience pick up on the vibe on stage. If you sweat buckets for them, you’ll get the same back,” he says.

Since August, the band have supported Cosmic Rough Riders and are currently on the road with The Proclaimers – whom they’ll join at Caning Academy tomorrow night for a triumphant gig on home territory. By the end of December, they’ll also have done the SECC twice, supporting Simple Minds on their 13-date tour.

So how will they cope with 64 gigs virtually in a row? “There will be none of this fantasy rock ‘n’ roll debauched lifestyle for me,” Ewan insists. “You can’t live like that and perform day in, day out.” Playing with Simple Minds will be a peculiar experience for Ewan, who adored them as a teenager. “I thought Jim Kerr was eally cool. I went to high school in Canada for a couple of years when I was about 13, and it was a connection with home.”

The Wishaw five-piece line-up Ewan on vocals and guitar, Tommy Regan on guitar, Andy Wee Man on keyboards, Pete Cowan on bass and Liam McAteer on drums - have worked hard since being nominated Best Unsigned Band at In The City in 2001. They wrote to Elvis Costello asking if they could support him when he played in Scotland. He wrote back saying yes and they opened for him at Edinburgh Corn Exchange. They released their self-titled debut album at the start of September. At this year’s T in the Park, Scotland’s First Minister Jack McConnell — also from Wishaw — joined them backstage and declared himself a fan.

Time Out
Evening Times
October 9th

Region 1 DVDs of Seen The Lights have just been announced here - which is of great news to those in the USA and Canada.

The White Spaces single featuring Jim should be out in Germany now. Meanwhile his collaboration with Jam And Spoon is the first single from their forthcoming Cynical Heart album.

Back in 2001, Planet Funk scored a worldwide hit with Chase The Sun. From that early success, they hit the studio, emerging with the album Non Zero Sumness which was released in Italy in 2002. This album is of interest to Simple Minds fans as it opens with Where Is The Max - an instrumental which Jim added vocals to, was remixed slightly, was given a new intro, and then appeared as One Step Closer on the Cry album.

Somehow, I managed to miss the UK release, but Non Zero Sumness was released in the UK on the 18th August. (Bustin' Loose/Illustrious ILLP004). My local HMV had several copies.

It's a great album - and reminds me of early Duran Duran in places - a real mixture from ambient dance to the rousing stomp of Who Said (Stuck In The UK) which was issued as a single. Highly recommended - not only for the precursor of One Step Closer.

But the story doesn't end there. A limited edition version was issued in Italy in April (Virgin 7243 5 83915 2 7). Non Zero Sumness Plus One included Simple Minds' One Step Closer, the Posillipo Mix of Who Said and Rosa Blu as bonus tracks.

For this release, One Step Closer was issued as a single in Italy (see Dream Giver 13th May). And this mix of One Step Closer was different than the Cry versions, and the Phunk Investigation remixes. (So, that's more for the collectors to search out!)

Audios of Jim's interview on RTL2 can be found here.

The artwork for Seen The Lights is simply a reworking of Malcolm Garrett's sublime design for Live In The City Of Light

The collaboration with the Italian DJ White Space is set for release on the 6th October in Germany. A 12" will be released on BMG and features three mixes of Don't You (Forget About Me).

However, all is not as it seems. A closer look at the track listing reveals it to be a repackaging of two of the Biba Rom remixes along with a new mix (see Dream Giver's news for the 26th March).

Additionally an edit of Phunk Investigation's mix, and two excellent remixes, are circulating, looking for a home on a record label somewhere.

White Spaces featuring Jim Kerr
1. Don't You (Forget About Me) [Andrea T. Mendoza Vs Tibet Club Mix] (6:11)
2. Don't You (Forget About Me) [Phunk Investigation In The City Mix] (8:15)
3. Don't You (Forget About Me) [BB Eyerer's & Laib's Radio Mix] (03:42)
BMG 82876552721
Packaging currently unknown.

I've had several queries about the forthcoming DVD. I can only confirm that it's a Region Two release at the moment - but news of a South American version has filtered out (via the Brazillian EMI site). American and Canadian releases have lagged behind European releases for Neon Lights and Cry by several months - so it may prove to be patient. When I receive any news, it'll be posted here.

Pictures of Jim at Radio Veronica can be found here.

Virgin's Raft website caused a little confusion with a Simply The Best title. It's not a new compilation, but the issuing of New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) and Once Upon A Time on SACD.

This will bring the number of Simple Minds SACDs to four - the new releases join SACDs of Best Of and Cry.

Todd Richard's Some Sweet Day 2003 radio marathon was unexpectedly cut short by the largest powercut the US's history. Unfortunately the blackout prevented him from chatting to other special guests and completing the show.

But he did speak to Jim and a rough summary appeared here on the 14th August.

The interview will shortly be published on Todd's Running Late site at the end of this week. You'll find it here - you'll find it linked from the online flyer.

Dave, Steve and Simon will be flying out to Germany shortly to meet up with Thorsten and Jacky to begin rehearsals for the October gigs.

There's a list of 23 songs they're working on, though how many of these make the final set lists are anyone's guess (hopefully more than three of four songs!!!) There are a lot of song selection changes since the gig at the Convention last April.

A reminder of the dates:

  • Friday 3rd October 2003 - Irish Bar, Bielfeld, Germany (3 sets about 45 minutes each)
  • Saturday 4th October 2003 - Paddy's Celtic Bar, Aalst, Belgium (Full Set)
  • Friday 10th October 2003 - Hoppegarden, Hamm, Germany (Full Set)
  • Saturday 11th October 2003 - Hoppegarden, Hamm, Germany (Short 'full on' Set, about 45 minutes)
On sale at the gigs will be a couple of CD's at a modest cost. SaMPLE MINDS - Live on the Waterfront features demos and live tracks recorded at the Simple Minds Convention in April 2003. The tracks come directly from the mixing desk to DAT and have been edited to remove some of the 'veldt' notes!

Also available is Simon's follow up to Re-Works Volume One, imaginatively entitled, Re-Works Volume 2! This features tasteful instrumental reworkings of classic SM songs (though the fookmiester remix of Big Sleep is frankly a travesty in the making - but the kids will love it!!!)

Demos (AKA Jim Kerr's family snapshots)
Waterfront (4.15)
Alive and Kicking (6.36)
Love Song - live (5.00)
Someone Somewhere in Summertime (4.42)
Don't You forget about me (5.25)

Live - Glasgow, Scotland 2003
Theme For Great Cities (4.04)
War Babies (3.27)
The American (4.59)
King is White and in the Crowd (4.24)
New Sunshine Morning (3.50)
Sanctify Yourself (6.12)
Pleasantly Disturbed (6.43)
Alive and Kicking - featuring Betty! (6.15)
New Gold Dream (6.41)

Someone Somewhere in Summertime (4.09)
Life in Oils (3.22)
Big Sleep - fookmiester remix (6.58)
Easy (2.50)
Veldt / Spaceface (3.20)
Scar (3.02)
Homosapien (5.24)
In Trance as Mission (3.44)
Hello (3.01)
Come a Long Way (5.00)
Film Theme (3.07)
Book of Brilliant Things (4.28)
See the Lights (4.21)
I Travel 85 (3.46)
Room (5.16)
Boys from Brazil (3.10)
Cry Again (3.30)
Waterfront (4.37)
New Gold Dream (5.37)

Simple Minds RE-WORKS VOLUME ONE is also still available.
Sound in 70 Cities (5.23)
War Babies (4.10)
20th Century Promised Land (4.02)
Soundtrack for Every Heaven (5.02)
League of Nations (5.43)
Real to real (2.43)
C Moon Cry Like a Baby (4.39)
Hunter and the Hunted (3.32)
Factory (3.50)
This Fear of Gods (4.32)
King is White and in the Crowd (4.28)
East at Easter (2.08)
This Earth that You Walk Upon (5.24)
Pleasantly Disturbed (6.41)
Somebody Up There Likes You (4.31)
Love Song (4.26)
Once Upon a Time Tour Intro (1.11)
Theme for Great Cities (5.40)

Availability of the CD's will be very limited, though once the gigs are over, a way of distributing to people who can't make the Oct dates will be sorted out.

Here's some bullet points from Jim's webchat, hosted by French station RTL2

  • The new album will be recorded by the current live line-up (Jim,Charlie,Mel,Eddie and Andy).
  • The box set is Virgin's initiative and the track listing hasn't been fully decided.
  • They don't believe in one sole producer for an album now.
  • There is a song called Our Secrets Are The Same.
  • As their contract with Eagle Records will be fullfilled with the delivery of the new studio album, the band will then be free to do as they choose. This will include selling music through the Internet.
  • Jim is involved with two collaborations at the moment. One with an Italian DJ called White Spaces and another with Jam And Spoon.
Here's the tracklisting:

Disc One:
1. Love Song (Promo Video)
2. Sweat In Bullet (Promo Video)
3. Promised You A Miracle (Promo Video)
4. Glittering Prize (Promo Video)
5. Waterfront (Promo Video)
6. Speed Your Love To Me (Promo Video)
7. Up On The Catwalk (Promo Video)
8. Don´t You (Forget About Me) (Promo Video)
9. Alive & Kicking (Promo Video)
10. Sanctify Yourself (Promo Video)
11. All The Things She Said (Promo Video)
12. Ghostdancing (Promo Video)
13. Belfast Child (Promo Video)
14. Mandela Day (Promo Video)
15. This Is Your Land (Promo Video)
16. Kick It In (Promo Video)
17. Let It All Come Down (Promo Video)
18. Let There Be Love (Promo Video)
19. See The Lights (Promo Video)
20. Stand By Love (Promo Video)
21. Real Life (Promo Video)
22. She´s A River (Promo Video)
23. Hypnotised (Promo Video)
24. Glitterball (Promo Video)
25. War Babies (Promo Video)
26. Cry (Promo Video)
27. Life In A Day (The Old Grey Whistle Test: 27.03.79)
28. Chelsea Girl (The Old Grey Whistle Test: 27.03.79)
29. Factory (The Old Grey Whistle Test: 27.11.79)
30. Changeling (The Old Grey Whistle Test: 27.11.79)
31. Premonition (The Old Grey Whistle Test: 27.11.79)
32. I Travel (Oxford Road Show: 21.01.83)

Disc Two:
1. Intro - Theme For Great Cities (Verona: 15.09.89)
2. Street Fighting Years (Verona: 15.09.89)
3. Let It All Come Down (Verona: 15.09.89)
4. Mandela Day (Verona: 15.09.89)
5. Waterfront (Verona: 15.09.89)
6. This Is Your Land (Verona: 15.09.89)
7. Don´t You (Forget About Me) (Verona: 15.09.89)
8. Gaelic Medley (Verona: 15.09.89)
9. Kick It In (Verona: 15.09.89)
10. Ghostdancing (Verona: 15.09.89)
11. Belfast Child (Verona: 15.09.89)
12. Sanctify Yourself (Verona: 15.09.89)
13. East At Easter (Verona: 15.09.89)
14. Alive And Kicking (Verona: 15.09.89)
15. Credits - Let It All Come Down (Verona: 15.09.89)
16. Hunter & The Hunted (Late Night In Concert: Newcastle City Hall 20.11.82)
17. Glittering Prize (Late Night In Concert: Newcastle City Hall 20.11.82)
18. Someone, Somewhere (In Summertime) (Late Night In Concert: Newcastle City Hall 20.11.82)
19. The American (Late Night In Concert: Newcastle City Hall 20.11.82)
20. Big Sleep (Late Night In Concert: Newcastle City Hall 20.11.82)
21. New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) (Late Night In Concert: Newcastle City Hall 20.11.82)

Smashing to see so many extras alongside Verona. However:
1. What happened to the Chelsea Girl video?
2. What happened to the Promised You A Miracle Live video?
3. What happened to the Sign Of The Times video?
4. What happened to the Love Song 1992 video?
5. What happened to the Dancing Barefoot video?

So, we get most of the promo videos and Verona as standard. The extras consist of the band's early appearances on The Old Grey Whistle Test, a late night live performance show which was popular in the 1970s and early 1980s. This includes Simple Minds' first TV appearance, fresh before starting their first UK tour, and a day before the release of the Life In A Day single.

Factory, Changeling and Premonition were recorded at Hurrahs, New York and filmed by the Old Grey Whistle Test. Premonition later turned up as the B-side of Changeling.

The Newcastle City Hall gig is fairly legendary, and the B-side of Waterfront originated from this concert. The rest of the show has appeared as transcription discs, but for some reason it wasn't widely bootlegged (apart from fans swapping cassettes). This is the first time the majority of the film has been officially released (a snippet of Glittering Prize turned up on the Glittering Prize 81/92 video in 1992.)

The source here is a little confused. The BBC's Late Night In Concert started with Glittering Prize - it was RAI in Italy, and a station in Spain, who started the gig with Hunter And The Hunted.

Interview with Jim Kerr
Radio Veronica

Jim was late – he drove in from the airport and the traffic was bad. He had worked there ten years previously so he knew the area (I guess this would’ve been the Real Life sessions).

How’s the touring?
He’s been enjoying the tour immensely. But he recollected wondering if they ever would play again after their late 1990s gigs. But there’s a new energy. He doesn’t know where it’s coming from – but it’s there.

Fans are talking about the rebirth of Simple Minds.
In the mid 1990s the band was successful, but it was like owning a jumbo jet with no fuel. They had no energy. But if you have a long career, there are times when you’re peaking, middling or at a low point. So it is a rebirth – things are more vital now than a few years ago.

You played at Bospop in Wert. Everybody was very enthusiastic. But you didn’t like the gig!
He was angry at himself for choosing the wrong set-list. He lives in Glasgow and Taormina, and on a Friday night in Taormina in a bar, two drunk Dutch guys came up to him and said: “That gig was great, what’s wrong, why did you post those comments on the official site?” Jim felt they could've been more adventurous with the set-list.

Then he added the Dutch have supported Simple Minds since 1979 when they couldn’t get anything in England. So he felt that the Dutch audiences were always supportive of them, from the very beginning.

Our Secrets Are The Same. When will it be released?
It was recorded four years ago for EMI, there was a dispute, the record got lost, and was never officially released. It got onto the web, and became the legendary lost album. It will be released as part of a box set in the near future.

The box set will be all Virgin’s decisions – not Simple Minds.

What about the new album?
It’s been written in-between gigs. They’re writing songs, buoyed up by the positive feeling of the dates. After Christmas, they begin work on the new record, and it should be released later that year.

What about the lyrics?
They are written last so he was unable to comment at the moment. But it will be an album of emotional pop songs.

What’s in the box set?
Songs out of the vaults, radio sessions, rare songs, B sides – however fans on the Internet can get their hands on everything now - so what's rare? It’s good to get it out, because it clears the deck, and moves everything into the future. Simple Minds recently has been about compilations, box sets and back catalogue stuff. This helps to get it to a new audience. But the box set will clear the deck to move forward.

Live DVD?
[Jim elected to talk about a live DVD, probably to be filmed in 2004, and not the forthcoming Seen The Lights DVD]. Same thing. The band are long overdue for a live DVD. It should need a special place to film it – some middle aged guys in a sports hall is not a spectacle. He’d love to do it in Scotland. It’s coming up with an angle – you may have to be patient.

Jim said they had some of the greatest fans, but some will say “I’m finding the set-list a little boring.” “How many gigs have you been to?” “22.” “22!” Wouldn’t anything become predictable after 22 times? But they’ve played between 50 and 60 songs this tour – and there’ll be another 12 songs for the next dates. You are going to hear the songs you expect to hear, and some you won’t expect. Say 10 songs they’ll play every night, and the other 12 they’ll chop and change.

What’s your favourite song?
It’s always changing. For instance, he might not stand a song for a while, but a year later they’ll play it. They hadn’t played Mandela Day for twelve years – this summer was his birthday. OK, so bring it out again. And it felt absolutely brilliant after twelve years.

How did Celtic defeat Ajax in 2001? It wasn’t funny.
Well they came back to Celtic Park and gave us a bit of a lesson. Yeah – they hammered you. That’s just the way it goes. The club has found a level footing after Jim’s attempts to buy it, so everything worked out there.

The Journal
He gave an example of the Simple Minds convention in Glasgow – the band couldn’t go. But some people said it was terrible the band couldn't be there – and some people said they seen Jim in the street in Glasgow. Well it wasn’t true. Well, you didn’t see the real Jim as he’s like Saddam and has several body doubles. Sometimes he sends one around to his mother’s house for Sunday dinner. And then he said “sometimes, it’s not always us at the gigs.”

A lot of people said “I bought tickets and I didn’t know.” They didn’t realise he was taking the piss.

He’d like to be witty or more tongue-in-cheek in the journals but he’d end up in more trouble.

How did it feel to play just before the Stones.
It’s always great to have a challenge. They were back, after playing their own gigs, having to fight. They want to be a great band – their definition of a great band is one that can play at a stadium, Bar Mitzvah or Halloween party. They felt they'd left that day thinking they’d done their best.

The audience wasn’t rougher than a Simple Minds one – since they were all Jim’s age.

A quick reminder that Jim will be on Radio Veronica today between 4 and 5 PM. Questions are welcomed and can be e-mailed to (so flood the station with box set and DVD questions).

Listen on-line via

Continuing with the tour and album promotions, Jim will be at RTL 2 tomorrow. A live web chat is planned for 6 - 7PM and he'll be in the studio between 9 - 10PM.

Check out RTL 2 for more information.

The Seen The Lights A Visual History DVD will be released on the 3rd November.

Amazon is taking pre-orders here as is Blackstar.

The Scotsman are running a poll of the 100 Best Scottish Albums Of All Time. Needless to say, everyone must e-mail in and vote for New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) - or whatever your favourite album is.

Unfortunatley the close of voting is tomorrow (Monday 22nd) - so vote now.

And it's not just your favourite album. Send your top 20 Scottish album list, plus the one worst album, to

Jim was featured on Radio 5 Live with Nicky Campbell last Thursday. The talk was mostly sports orientated, with Jim talking about Celtic's game with Bayern Munich the previous night. It was also asked if Jim would provide the funds for a new Celtic goalkeeper.

Simple Minds talk was kept to a minimum - and was left to Nicky Campbell revealing his favourite song by the band. (It was Waterfront if you're interested.)

Radio Veronica in the Netherlands are having a Simple Minds week this week (22nd through to the 26th). Whenever a Simple Minds song is played, you can call in to win a ticket to the Ahoy concert.

Jim will be in the studio on Thursday between four and five o'clock in the afternoon. Questions are welcomed and can be e-mailed to (so flood the station with box set and DVD questions).

Listen on-line via

The Amp (a show on Sky TV) have started an Old's Cool - you can vote for your favourite artist. Those featured include Jesus And The Mary Chain, Echo And The Bunnymen, U2 and Oasis. Simple Minds are represented by Promised You A Miracle.

Top Of The Pops 2 remains good for prime Simple Minds spotting - their Glittering Prize performance was played earlier this month.

A rather swanky Simple Minds release is currently up for bids on eBay. It’s been drawn to my attention a couple of times since it appears to be an impressive package - 2 picture CDs of a Good News From The Next World concert and two mini cue sheets, all nicely packaged in a “cute” gatefold - “cute” being their description. This set is described as “awesome” - again their description.

It all stems from a recording made at the House Of Blues in California by the Album Network. The gig wasn’t widely advertised, mainly being a record company shindig, and was the last concert by the band before they would jet off for Europe. The tight set featured four tracks from Good News From The Next World, peppered with Real Life, Once Upon A Time and Sparkle In The Rain tracks. And it also featured the acoustic See The Lights and White Light/White Heat which were only played at the American shows.

As the band were touring the UK, The Album Network sent out the transcription discs for syndication. The set featured the full set across two Cds, an interview with Jim, a fun Love Song outro, and various adverts for the show. It was set for broadcast during the week of the 24th March.

These discs and their cue sheets soon became hot property - a bona fide recording of a great Simple Minds gig.

Interestingly, Virgin Records seemed to be sniffing at the show as well. CD acetates and cassettes, a raw edited recording of the concert and not the Album Network mix, were shuffled around Kensal House as Virgin executives pondered the show. A live album was doing the rumours at this time (see the rather earnest and breathless Dream Giver archive for 1995), but Simple Minds were suddenly jettisoned from the label and all Virgin activity ceased.

The show refused to die however and the bootleggers returned. With one of the most bizarre sleeves yet, 95 Sunset Strip covers the entire show, a reasonable consolidation of the original album broadcast. It’s missing the interview and all the other bits-and-pieces of the broadcast CDs but remained a cheap way of picking up the recording.

Which brings me to this eBay item. Obviously someone with the original Album Network CDs took to reproducing the package - the discs are reproduced in their entirely, the cue sheets are shrunk down, and the artwork, whilst a huge improvement on a giant golden ear, is based on the CD box set for Let There Be Love.

Worth it? Well, if the CDRs are a direct digital copy of the transcription CDs, and the artwork isn’t too shoddy (which is difficult to judge from the picture), then it looks good on paper. On the other hand, songs like the acoustic See The Lights and White Light/White Heat are prime material for the forthcoming box set - but if they don’t appear, then this little package could be a nice addition to the collection.

(95 Sunset Strip and the other remaining bootlegs will be added to the discography soon.)

I have been running (whether co-administrating or solely) various Simple Minds mailing lists since 1995. Guess how many people I’ve had to ban?

The answer is zero.

To be honest, I’ve been tempted a couple of times, but I’ve always felt the list administrator should be able to answer to the list as a whole, and on the whole no-one has upset the entire list. (The closest was an incident in 1999 where someone pretended to work for Virgin Records and fed us all false information. I left him on the list so he could enjoy everyone moaning at him.)

This brings me onto the community.

My favourite poster was MrBelly, a sarcastic, cutting individual hiding behind the persona of a small kitten, whose sense of humour was so left-field as to be out of the football pitch altogether. Some of his posts could be taken as cruel, but on the whole, he was a beacon of light in a message board awash with nonsense, irrelevant posts and general off-topic chit-chat.

He’s just been kicked off the site.

I don’t know why – perhaps he overstepped a mark somewhere? But, this is what bothers me. I don’t know what he did. And with many of the frequent posters clamoring for his reinstatement, it seems that the ‘community’ is being ruled by an over-zealous admin, who will remove people of the site without giving reasons, despite the vocal majority clearly wanting him back.

The site was trolled badly earlier this year – and the removal of these individuals by the fresh new administrator was seen as a good thing by the community. But with the banishment of MrBelly, then I have to wonder if the administrator is listening to the community he/she serves anymore.

Goodbye MrBelly – you had me in tears of laughter with your ‘poem’. Now, there’s nothing worth reading there anymore.

The Best Of DVD advertised on Blackstar appears to be a red herring. But there's no smoke without fire, and it was probably a misreported Seeing The Lights DVD which is appearing in October.

Simcoemedia were the firm who put together a demo One Step Closer video based on footage shot at the Liverpool gig. Simple Minds have decided not to pursue the designs, but Simcoemedia have put up a shot clip and some shots at here.

In the last festival gig before their European tour later this year, Simple Minds acted as support for The Rolling Stones at the TW Classics festival. The set-list was:

One Step Closer
Love Song
See The Lights
Mandela Day
Ghostdancing-Gloria-Light My Fire
Don't You (Forget About Me)
She's A River
Alive And Kicking
New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)
Sanctify Yourself

13th October will see SACDs of New Gold Dream and Once Upon A Time being released - according to Amazon anyway.

Dream Giver Redux has now expanded taking the Simple Minds story up to 1978. You'll find tour dates, press releases, press reviews, demo information and a break-down of the various line-ups over the year on the new site.

A thank you to 2Fluid Creative - competition winner Colin Neary received his gold disc after nine months of waiting. It wasn't signed - but then again, a gold disc is a substantial prize in itself, and Colin is pleased with it.

The day counter on the front page of the site has now been removed as requested.

Brasov set-list:
One Step Closer
Love Song
See The Lights
Mandela Day
Ghost Dancing/Gloria/Light My Fire
Don't You (Forget About Me)
Belfast Child
She's A River
Alive And Kicking
New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)

Sanctify Yourself

Tribute band Sample Minds will be back on the road in October on a mini-European tour:

03/10/03: Bielefeld, Germany
Irish Bar in the town-centre
21:30 - 1:30 with breaks
Admission: 3 Euros

04/10/03: Aalst, Belgium
Set length to be confirmed
Admission: See

10/10/03: Hamm Germany
Hoppegarden (great venue)
Start 21:30 (full set)
Admission: 5 Euros

11/10/03: Hamm, Germany
Hoppegarden festival as special guest
(only short set 8 songs) other bands mainly rock-covers, including Joe Cocker tribute.
Admission: 5-8 Euros

Sample Minds are highly recommended - catch them if you can.

Theme For Great Cities is currently number 7 on the download chart.

Whilst mentioning how Richard X (vs Liberty X) was singing the praises of The Human League, an NME reporter wrote: "without putting a gun to their head some people are saying Simple f***ing Minds were good in their early days."

During a bio of Shaun Ryder, he mentioned seeing Simple Minds at the Hacienda. Not only content with that, a short clip of Promised You A Miracle was aired. (The programme was either on MTV 2 or The Amp).

A recent posting to the YahooGroups mailing list updated the Simple Minds discography. It's long been known that the Canadian version of Sister Feelings Call is significantly different from the UK version - however, it wasn't known that Sons And Fascination is also different.

Therefore the discography has been updated, and the full listing of the Canadian Sons And Fascination can be found here.

You’re miles better at this

Festival favourites The Proclaimers gave a massive thumbs up to newcomers Caledon.

Scotland’s answer to The Three Tenors brought the curtain down on Balado last night with a stirring rendition of Flower of Scotland. And today Caledon release their single – a cover of Craig and Charlie Ried’s classic I’m Gonna Be (500 miles).

Last night, the twins praised the newcomers. Craig said: “It’s a great version of 500 Miles and they actually sing it better than we do as they’ve got a far superior voice range.” Charlie joked: “Just don’t expect us to do a cover of any of their songs, as we couldn’t manage it!”

This was the first year The Proclaimers played the main stage of the festival. But Craig admitted he was disappointed he didn’t see more TOPLESS fans in the crowd. He laughed: “There was one girl I was watching below the stage while we were singing who took her bikini off then thought better of it and put it back on again. I just wish we weren’t so restrained in Scotland and would just let it all hang out.”

Meanwhile, football legend Ally McCoist missed out on a dream chance to close the festival last night. The music-daft former Rangers striker was asked by Caledon to play bass with them. He had been taking lesson from ex- Simple Minds bassist Derek Forbes who is now part of Caledon’s backing band. But Coisty had to duck out to take his kids on a family holiday to Canada as relation between the soccer idol and his estranged missus Allison begin to thaw. Derek said: “Ally was dying to do it and, after a few tips from myself, he’s not a bad bass player now. We had a late substitute offer from Ally’s old team mate Trevor Steven but I had to tell him ‘sorry Trevor, you’re not a patch on Ally’.”

Russell Blackstock
The Sun

Another member of Caledon is Mick MacNeil who was unable to make the festival as he was on holiday at the time. Whilst I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) was released back in July, the next single is going to be Flower Of Scotland.

Grzegorz Michalski has compared his new Sparkle In The Rain remaster with the original, and has written another piece on the differences.

It is very technical and would be of use to those who want to understand the remastering process in more detail.

On September 2nd, Universal Home Video will be releasing a DVD called The High School Reunion Collection.

It features Sixteen Candles, Weird Science and The Breakfast Club - of course Simple Minds recorded Don't You (Forget About Me) for The Breakfast Club.

For more information, and competition details, then check the link below:

I've been quietly adding links to the new links section over the past couple of weeks. Check it out - there's lots of new sites to explore.

Various new notes and trivia have been added to the album pages of Real Life, Good News From The Next World. Neapolis, Neon Lights and Cry.

I've been asked if people can use Paypal to purchase the fanzine - I've therefore set up a private trial to see how it all works. If everything proceeds correctly, purchasing for the fanzine by credit card via Paypal will be up and running in the next couple of weeks.

Two Russian MP3 CDs have recently been issued under the Home Collection banner. The first features the albums from Life In A Day through to Live In The City Of Light whilst the second covers Street Fighting Years to Cry.

Both CDs also feature artwork and a Word document of all the lyrics.

So, if you haven't purchased the remasters yet, but would like the complete album back-catalogue as low quality Russian tat then your luck is in.

Windows 95, 98 and NT only.

BBC 6 featured I Travel as their "dodgy but great" track on the 21st August.

The SACD of Cry gets a great write up here - it even made me consider purchasing a SACD player.

Simple Minds Live at the Kings Docks Liverpool

The last time I saw Simple Minds live was at The Royal Albert Hall, as normal they played their hearts out, which indecently was the 40th time I’ve braved the journey, the hangover and the wave of enthusiasm to start my own band, or at least get more into music. One of the biggest regrets in my life was seeing Simple Minds at Milton Keynes Bowl, June 21st 1986, not because I didn’t enjoy the gig, simply to the point, that every band I have seen up until today is just one big anticlimax. From U2 to Queen no singer has ever walked on a stage that has the same stage presents as Jim Kerr, believe me, even after all these years having such a strong opinions and avoiding passionate punch ups, I still swear and stand by these comments today.

For all who have waited up to seven years in between tours to see Simple Minds, now is a good time with plenty to look forward to, sometimes I’m not sure what’s best actually seeing the boys live or the excitement and anticipation in waiting for the next electrifying gig.

The band are now mid way through their European tour and tonight its Liverpool’s turn to host possibly the best live band in the world. The support band for this concert is China Crisis, playing to their hometown crowd. China played for around 45 minutes and it was great to here such great songs from the 80,s like Christian and Black Man Ray, in some respects they reminded me of The Little People (support for the Floating World Tour 2002), they were a wee bit diluted in the sense that the whole set seemed to lack in energy, I wouldn’t go as far to say it was elevator music, but if you sat in an arm chair with a good bottle of wine, it could have been home from home. The stage was like any other, which I was quite surprised as the venue in two giant marques, when your inside it kinda looks just like the NEC, none the less it was packed to the gills and the atmosphere was brilliant, building up nicely for tonight’s main event.

The lights go down and all you could see was the silhouette of “Big Andy” at the keyboard, within a few seconds the intro to One Step Closer fills the room blending in with the loudest roar you could ever imagine. I don’t know where Jim gets his energy from but in the past at some concerts he walks on cool as ice, hands in the air and ready to rock, tonight he seemed to run on. He reminded me of an excited kid at Christmas. His smile was beaming and you could clearly see he was where he wanted to be. Charlie was also grinning like a Cheshire cat, its not about money or ego, these guys could of retired 20 years ago, like any drug, once your addicted you need more and more of the fix and they certainly got their fix tonight. The songs were played as good as I’ve ever heard; the 20 minute rendition of Ghostdancing was brilliant, featuring Gloria and The Doors classic Light My Fire. Simple Minds yet again came up trumps playing all the great songs spanning over a fantastic 25 years. Although the concert was brilliant there were a few things which could be improved upon. C Moon doesn’t work live, the band seemed to die a death when this song came on and so did the audience. I understand this song is a very deep song especially to the hard core of SM fans, me included, but it doesn’t work live. I also found the song selection a little disappointing, at the moment there doesn’t seem to be any continuity, the Floating world tour could have been seen as a greatest hits tour, it was close but the way this tours going its not going to do the band any favours long term.

Jim and Charlie’s showmanship tonight was very apparent and for the first time it showed up the rest of the band. My biggest letdown was Eddy Duffy he’s such a talented bass player, but when it comes to using the stage and presentation he does let the band down. Tonight he looked as if he should have been playing with The Levellers, wearing ripped bell bottoms and the cheapest pumps money can buy. I can remember the days when Malcolm Foster would come on stage wearing shades and cowboy boots looking cool as f**k. Andy was sporting a green German camouflage jacket, which I thought was a little inappropriate and didn’t go with the Simple Minds image. Anyhow the music is where it matters and tonight was a fantastic concert, which made everyone leave with a huge smile. Jim seems to be getting better and better and after two hours of bliss Simple Minds are still the best live band in the world. Long may it continue? Except the website, “Jim your web site is an embarrassment, sort it out mate”

Jamie Sinclair

Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon was released on SACD earlier this year. On the 16th March, the Sunday Express asked various stars what they thought about it:

"Despite the wonderful emptiness of Dark Side, the music, though always spacey, is never alienating. The reason being at the heart of Floyd, one always finds the enveloping warm of their blues roots"

Jim Kerr

The setlist for Gampal was the shortest yet:

One Step Closer
Love Song
See the Lights
East At Easter
Mandela Day
Ghostdancing-Gloria-Light My Fire
Don't You (Forget About Me)
Belfast Child
She's A River
Alive And Kicking
New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)

Sanctify Yourself

Simple Minds haven't visited New Zealand for over ten years now - but it's home of a play named after one of their songs.

"New Gold Dream, the first play by actor Michael Galvin (Dr Chris Warner of TV2's Shortland Street), is an anarchic romp following the course of New Gold Dream, a performance art group obsessed with 80s music, who shot to local fame before a disastrous gig plunged them back into obscurity and severed their friendships. Eight years later, their biggest fan is reforming the group for one big gig. Is the dream still alive?"

For booking information, check here.

The convention organisers have received a thank you note from the Queen Mother's hospital:

Very many thanks indeed for your superb donation of £5,153.14p to our Special Care Baby unit here at the Queen Mother's hospital. Please be assured we will use this wisely to enhance the facilities that we provide for infants and their families using our service.

I was delighted to hear of how the fund-raising took place and would be grateful if you could thank all those involved in organising such a complex convention. Please thank all those who gave so generously to your fund-raising effort, and thank them on our behalf."

Kindest regards,
Dr. T.Turner
Consultant paediatrician.

In a surprise 'early-Simple-Minds-actually-quite-good" move, Q Magazine gave Early Gold a rating of 4/5. Of course, in their opinion it all went wrong with Sparkle In The Rain onwards.

Simple Minds will be playing at the Golden Stag Music Festival in Brasov, Romania, on the 22nd August.

Both Mark Schulman and Jim have been interviewed by Todd for the show. Jim despite a dodgy line from Sicily had lots to say which is summerized below:

  • Preamble: Andy Gillispe has suggested making the live shows longer. Jim said that's OK for Andy as he's got to jump around whilst Andy sits there by the keyboards. But there are so many songs they could play.

  • Plans for this year: The promoters have asked for Simple Minds to keep the live momemtum going. So they had the choice of either working on the new record and get something out or keep the live thing going. With the music industry in crisis at the moment, and lots of back catalogue coming out, they thought that playing live would be best bet for this year. Which has been proven. And great fun.

  • US Tour: Without a new record, on play on the radio, it's hard to get promoters to take a risk - well they would in New York and LA, or as a package with other bands [as with INXS]. If it was easy, and the figures added up, then they'd be there. It was great to touch base with America last year.

  • 2004: Who knows? Every two months new suggestions come up. They'd love to tour the US - but it's not easy [see reasons above], but it's easy in Europe - the figures add up. He'd love to play with someone like The Cure. But nothing in the pipeline right now.

  • Remasters: Neapolis has now officially been released in US as a remaster. Jim feels a little victory there - he wants the music to see the light of day. But it deserved a better chance.

  • Double DVD: one disc of promo videos, one disc of Verona. It will be in 5:1 and have better sound. There's a department in Virgin that works for back catalogues where Jason Day, a fan of Simple Minds, is taking initiatives and being creative. They're doing all this work. The DVD is called Seeing The Lights. One disc will feature all the video promos of the singles - Jim isn't too proud of a lot of them! The other is Simple Minds at Verona which is one of the things they're most proud of. The director, Andy Morhan, made something ahead of its time and it's stood the test of time.

  • Box set: It's going to include rarities that Virgin have got the rights to - radio sessions and shows and even the soundtrack to some television appearances. They've come up with outtakes and general stuff in the vaults. It's all been tidied up. The real crux is the inclusion of Our Secrets Are The Same. The question was: Should they go back and remix and touch it up and mess around? The answer was: No - leave it as it is. The sound quality has since been mastered - the Jordi broadcasts weren't mastered - so it'll sound much, much better. The box set will certainly be available in Europe and the UK - don't know about US and the rest of the world. Box set won't be too cheap either. For those wanting the DVD and box set outside Europe - get on line, get on Amazon.

  • Simple Minds convention: We do conventions, we call them gigs. We're best when we're up on stage playing. Jim felt it would be weird for him to look at his life on a wall - he'd feel a bit odd. They totally appreciate the work and the amount of fun to be had at an conventions - but they're fan conventions for fans. The fans don't need them there - they get on fine without us.

  • New album: Mostly Jim and Charlie's work but the door will still be open for other people. Sean Kelly [who wrote Spaceface] has written Light Travels - an incredible song. Jim and Charlie had made something of their own of it. There are twenty songs in the pot - some are 95% completed, some are 20% completed. They bundle up the ideas, don't listen for months, then the ones that will make it announce themselves when replayed. The album is influenced by their live work from last year. They won't be working much on the album this year - they'll wrap it up in January to April. Then, hopefully, the music industry will have settled down.

  • Record label: There's been interest in the band from the majors again - but Jim doesn't know if it's right to sign to one or not.

  • Mick MacNeil: It has been said he would be open to collaborating again. Jim mentioned that he's been much more enthusiastic and calling. Will say he's got a great piece of music and will send it... but then Jim will still be waiting nine months later - but that's Mick. He was a collosal input to Simple Minds in the past - but Jim has no idea how it would work anymore as a dynamic. Because it was good 16 years ago, it's alot to assume it would work. The first thing is the desire - perhaps he could work on a couple of songs, then an album, then a tour. Jim understands and is a fan - and hankers for the 'classic' line-up of other groups. The crux would be how Charlie and Mick would get on - people assume Jim holds the key, but Charlie calls the shots. Mick's keen for Jim to get to his house when he returns to Scotland to listen to new material.

  • Derek Forbes: Jim also spoke of Derek's return to Neapolis - and how it didn't work out.

    Set-list: Great that Mandela Day is back. So thankful that they did write a song for Mandela Day. Kick Inside Of Me is back as well. Andy is pushing and shaking things up as new energy within Simple Minds. Almost the boss of the band now - pushing for things. He's a huge fan of Simple Minds - pushing to play the songs he loves to hear.

  • New live material: Live recording has diminished as there are more live songs broadcast. [Jim didn't seem to know that the BBC Radio Wales broadcast had been postponed]. Then they go online and get downloaded. So those who want the live stuff have it out there. A new DVD live is top of the priority. But the crux is that you've got to get a great place.

  • The infamous shop. It's coming. The thing that people want most is music - Simple Minds don't hold rights, but they're getting them back. So the shop will sell more than a few badges, when it sees the light of day.

Some Sweet Day 2003 kicks off tomorrow for 18 hours devoted to Simple Minds. This annual event has become a must-hear - with its mixture of singles, album tracks, rarities and B-sides.

And also check out the broadcast for who Todd's interviewing this year. You won't be disappointed.

The show starts at 7am (est) and on till 1am! Requests taken via email at and (day of show) via phone at 440-826-2187.

Tune in via Real Audio at For more information log onto the online flyer at

The company who filmed Simple Minds at Liverpool Docks produced a promotional video of One Step Closer as an example of their work. The video has been sent to Jim and Charlie - but it isn't intended for commercial release - but it might appear on a website at some point.

As for the DVD, further information should be appearing here.

The BBC Radio Wales broadcast of the Liverpool show was pulled at the last moment. Radio Wales stated that "Mix problems means we have to reschedule later in the year.

Simple Minds were also filmed at Liverpool Docks, and an official promo video of One Step Closer has been produced.

At the moment, it isn't known what this will be promoting.

A Simple Minds DVD entitled The Best Of has appeared in the release schedules for the 15th September. There's no other information at the moment.

The BBC Wales broadcast of the Liverpool gig will be an hour in length - so it looks like this will be a highlights show. It airs on the 9th August.

This is a little out of date, being dated from October last year. Pity it was missed, we could've asked Brian about it at the convention.

"Jane's simply the best, say fans in band"

A FOUNDING member of supergroup Simple Minds is aiming to top the charts with a new band - named after a television sports reporter.

The Jane Lewis Fan Club was formed by ex-Simple Minds drummer Brian McGee after more than two decades in the musical wilderness.

The group is hoping to hit the big time with music they describe as "good, trashy, three-minute pop".

The band was named after one of its members became "fixated" with Jane, who presents sport on Scotland Today.

Frontman Ian Walker said: "I think she's a lovely looking lassie."

Glasgow-born McGee set up Simple Minds with Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill while they were at school in the mid-1970s.

They quickly rose to fame, but he was forced to give up his rock and roll lifestyle in 1982 when he suffered serious health problems.

Now the father-of-three is hoping to resurrect his musical career.

He said: "It's not meant to be publicity-seeking in any way. It's just our rather strange sense of humour."

The band, which includes guitarist Michael Hughes, 37, from the east end of Glasgow, is still looking for a manager and a record deal.

Jane Lewis said: "I'm really flattered that they've chosen to use my name for their band and I wish them all the best. When they become successful, I'm looking forward to a cut of the profits."

"But I really don't think of myself as a celebrity, and I don't think they'll shoot to the top of the charts on the back of my name."

Daily Express
Oct. 5, 2002

An interesting twist for the last show of July - New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) was pushed into the encore, and Belfast Child returned in what was one of the shorter set-lists of the festival tour at the Festival Cornouailles in France.

The Liverpool gig has received rave reviews from fans, the atmosphere rocketting it into one of the best gigs ever.

The good news is that BBC Radio Wales recorded the gig - it's scheduled for broadcast on the 9th August, contracts pending.

A weird, but raving review from the Daily Post can be found here (where Charlie Birchall (sic) is described as "still looking as moody as ever".)

Another review, where the song titles are correct can be found here. Plus there's a pre-gig interview with Jim.

Herford, 20th July 2003

Opener ONE STEP CLOSER got the crowd going inmediately, definately a good choice to put this one in the setlist as gig opener. Whilst standing on the front again, I could clearly see that band where enjoying themselves and also the warm reaction from the public in Bonn. I TRAVEL and CHANGELING got the crowd "rain dancing", OK, for some of us "mad rain dancing". Jim spotted the "Bonn & Herford We Travel" T-shirts and this clearly pleased him, and during the song he pointed at us mindtravellers from Britain, Holland, Scotland, Belgium, Suisse; and sang "I travel, you travel, we travel.." And this wouldn¹t be the first time there was some nice interaction between the band an the audience.

HYPNOTISED was quite a brilliant version, as was EAST AT EASTER! During Hypnotised, I held out my print out of the Bonn review and waved with it to Eddie, who has made me promise him the night before in Bonn, to write a review; so to prove it I showed it. He just couldn¹t stop laughing...

Also Herford really liked MANDELA DAY, and the song again was dedicated to Nelson Mandela¹s birthday, but this time Jim didn¹t mention Bush, Blair & Co.

LOVE SONG caused more singing and dancing in the rain, as was also the case for the song that always manages to set the place on fire: GHOST DANCING. Thist time the crowd already was singing GLORIA before Jim started his little introduction to that, but he didn¹t seem to mind. Also this time we got a short snippet of LIGHT MY FIRE aswell. And the place was indeed set on fire...The response of the Herford public really was fantastic, and this throughout the whole gig..

Since the setlist untill then was the same as the night before, I hoped for BIG SLEEP, following DON¹T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME... but that seemed to been removed from the setlist for Bonn. The song which followed Big Sleep in Bonn, was fortunately kept. C¹MOON CRY LIKE A BABY was being played and performed heavenly by the guys. And I couldn¹t keep my mad dancing under control and Herford saw some madman jumping up and down, singing along loudly to this song. Not only Eddie, who already knows how found I am on this song, but Jim spotted me as well, and continued singing in to my direction. And it was like we where singing a duet. Great. Brilliant. And awesome performance! During the song Jim also changed the lyrics into "It¹s still pissing down." Which was a fact LOL. But believe it or not, Herford and my fellow community minders who where there will confirm though, IT STOPPED RAINING after C¹Moon Cry Like A Baby. Pure magic!

Whilst I was still Simple Minds heaven SHE¹S A RIVER was performed followed by ALIVE AND KICKING both like on most of the venues great crowd pleasers.

NEW GOLD DREAM (81,82,83,84) got (woudn¹t we expect it differently) Herford dancing, and even mad dancing, singing along loudly. Definately also (again) a big highlight, and it has been said before, this 2003 live version really rocks as hell! As always, New Gold Dream concluded the main set.

Only Eddie, Charlie, Mel and Andy came on stage, so this meant, that wonderfull instrumental top tune would be perormed again: THEME FOR GREAT CITIES! Yearh! Herford Rathausplatz was like in a trance. I thouhgt this was one of thier best performances of THEME.

Jim came back on stage and SOMEONE SOMEWHERE IN SUMMERTIME was played, where Andy did a brilliant job again on the keys! Then came SEE THE LIGHTS, very subtile, very warm, very good.

Now that it finally had stopped raining, Simple Minds and Herford sang "Come in come out of the rain." WATERFRONT!! Since we all know that 1+1=2, there was one song to go. So here was most of us hoping: "Please let it be The Kick Inside of Me". But SANCTIFY YOURSELF, poweful as ever was played.

And then whilst most of us though "Wow, this is it, another great minds gig and already finished.. we saw the guys where not to leave the stage yet!!! And Jim making gestures towards the others, I think discussing if they would do another 1 or 2 songs;.. and we got THE KICK INSIDE OF ME!!!! Stunning. Brilliant. Rock & Roll. Even though Jim, was to late with his vocals one hell of version, with the band that gave all that they got (which is a lot)! And Herford went mad again!

What powerful way to end a superb gig!

Review by: C'Moon/Mark
20th July 2003

Two extra dates, both in Septmber, have been added to the tour.

Simple Minds will be playing Istanbul on the 6th, before jetting back to Europe to play Werchter (just before The Rolling Stones) on the 7th.

  • Moon Guitars features details of a custom guitar built for Simple Minds
  • Derek Forbes played at T in the Park and has been teaching Ally McCoist to play bass.
  • Last October, Brian McGee formed a band called the Jane Lewis Fan Club.
More details about Derek, Brian and Mick MacNeil soon.

Bonn, 19th July 2003

The crowd, coloured with "Herford & Bonn ­ We Travel" and "Sparkle*" T-shirts, was getting inpatient and loud....waiting full exitement and expectation of a certain Scottish band to come on stage.....

And whilst I still was wondering "are they going to open with Book Of Brilliant Things or are they to start with "One Step Closer again", the band went on stage and.... ONE STEP CLOSER was played, and we could diretly see: the guys are (again!) in optima forma... this was going to be one hell of a gig again. The overcrowded Museumplatz exploded (with a certain person on the front row whos¹s nickname starts with a C in particulary) as soon as the first notes of I TRAVEL where hit. Fantastic. And hot or not: you just HAD to dance to this one, but it was not over yet. CHANGELING was played and more (mad) dancing!

At this time the fellowminds that also went to the Luxembourg gig already had something like "Yes! It¹s the Luxembourg setlist!"

HYPNOTISED, powerful version and loudly sang along by the public. Followed by an again stunning EAST AT EASTER "we will rock you, rock you, little child." And o boy did they rock!

Happy Birthday, Nelson Mandela, 85 he became earlier this week, so MANDELA DAY in this context is really the approriate song to sing, and Jim didn¹ forget to say some unpleasant words at the address of Blair, Bush and Berlussconi.

LOVE SONG set the place on fire again, and it was already so hot! But of course it only could get much better, and also tonight GHOSTDANCING was one of the absolute highlights of the show. Also Bonn knows the lyrics to this song very well, and also is very familiar with GLORIA and LIGHT MY FIRE. Yes, also here the song was extended with these two rock classics. Rock & Roll ;-)

The inevitable DON¹T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME followed. La la la, etcetera...

BIG SLEEP, very moving and breathtaking. As good as in Luxembourg, and absolutely a highlight!!! Since I already knew now that is was going to be sort of the "Luxembourg set list" I knew what was to come right after BIG SLEEP... and for some unknown reasons it didn¹t took long at all for me recognising the song ;-)

C MOON CRY LIKE A BABY really blew off my socks again, and the guy of the security looked a bit strange when I was jumping very high at a very moment,... "my song" again. And played so beautifully: guys why did you wait so long to give this song this brilliant live treatment? Eddie, I saw you laughing, hope I didnt bring you out of your concentration LOL. This song, of course, for me, was another highlight, but I do think that the crowd liked it a lot as well..

SHE¹S A RIVER was again a song that was louldy sang along by the public, and I think Jim did got the lyrics right this time :-p

ALIVE AND KICKING featuring brilliant keyparts by Andy, and Eddie: Everything OK? Singing as high as that!

Time to dance again, and a we where spoiled with a mindblowing NEW GOLD DREAM (81,82,83,84), in the version with the Goldreamer sample in it as played on the other gigs of this tour, Defintately one of THE if not THE best live versions of this song.!!!

Where NEW GOLD DREAM always started the gigs on the Floating World Tour, it is now apparantly going to stay THE official closing song of the main set. But it was not over yet, of course. Encores time...

THEME FOR GREAT CITIES was played again by our top musicians Mel, Charlie, Eddie and Andy. Time for Jim to put on a clean shirt, and there he was to sing us a brilliant SOMEONE SOMEWHERE IN SUMMERTIME.

SEE THE LIGHTS was next, and Jim sang something like "Thank you Bonn" at the end of the song, and then run to Mel to give this men a bit handshake. And the set then was concluded with crowd pleasers (more mad and not so mad dancing!) WATERFRONT and SANCTIFY YOURSELF. Of course loudly sang along again.

Carine Simon¹s little daughter came on the stage and offered the band members a yellow flower. That was so cute! And I guess that Simon Jr. Is also already a big Simple Minds fan, now isn¹t she Carine?

A very powerfull and brilliant gig, the same setlist (with Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) added) as in Luxembourg, not the intimacy though, but a marvellous dynamic, as Kerstin puts it ³BONTASTIC² gig!!! Thank you again Simple Minds!

After the gig we shortly spoke with Eddie, who asked me if I was going to write a review, well here it is, hope you enjoy it ;-). We also changed some words with Andy who, if all goes well, has promised us something for tommorrow!

I would like to thank all lovely fellowminds, most of you I¹ll be seeing in a couple of hours, and of course Simple Minds for being Simple Minds.

Review by: C'Moon/Mark
Live Pictures: Peter Minnebo 19th July 2003

"At long last, I'm delighted to tell you, that the sum of £5,353.14 was raised from the charity auction held at the recent convention. £5,153.14 will be going to the special baby unit at Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow, whilst the remaining £200 has already been donated to Create Now, a charity based in New York, which helps disadvantaged children cope with such things as abuse, broken homes, learning difficulties etc.".

"I do sincerely apologise for the long wait, but, as most of you know, a bidder couldnt raise the cash in time for one of the lots so we had to auction it on eBay recently. But, in spite of this, you can be assured that all the money that you have raised, has gone to two great causes."

"For full itemised details of these, and the prices of each lot, have been uploaded onto the convention website at"

"Congratulations to the winning bidders, and of course, many thanks go to those who took part as well."

Clive Johnson

Stop the mistakes! This small colour advert appeared in the Sunday Express S:2 magazine on the 20th.

The set-list for Zurich followed that of Luxembourg - and featured the welcome return of Space and Love Song.

Mel's back... online at last.

Launching a new site, features the latest news, a biography, pictures, information about his kit and downloads of tracks from his solo album.

Whilst on the subject of links, the new updated link page also features Mark Schulman's site, loads of fanbase sites, and all the important download and retail sites.

Some Sweet Day 2003 arrives Thursday August 14th 2003 - For 18 hours, WBWC 88.3FM Cleveland will feature the work of Simple Minds. Featuring all the hits, rare tracks, remixes and more - plus updates on the band's 2003 European tour, new album works and more. Featured giveaways of Cry and the 2CD set The Best Of. Also pending, interviews with memebers of the band!

Hosted by Todd Richards and Aaron Burke.

The show starts at 7am (est) and on till 1am! Requests taken via email at and (day of show) via phone at 440-826-2187.

Not in Cleveland? Tune in via Real Audio at For more information log onto the online flyer at

Many thanks to Robert Juul for these great pictures from Randers.

Luxembourg was a real suprise, with the band stripping away the entire intro of their set-list and slotting in One Step Closer, I Travel and Changeling.

Hypnotised and Big Sleep also made their tour debuts, whilst C Moon Cry Like A Baby returned to the running order.

Right: At the start of the gig, Charlie came on with a saxaphone, and started the gig with a rude, rasping sax solo. The rest of the band rushed on quickly to shout "ONE STEP BEEYYYYYOOONNNND" as they kicked off the Madness classic, in a unexpected tribute to Ska and the Nutty-Boys.... well, the joker who wrote the set-list thought that anyway.

DenAtelier, 14th July 2003

And there they where, loudly applauded by the crowd: Andy, Jim, Charlie, Eddie and the best drummer in the world Mel. From the first note of ONE STEP CLOSER we already realised that this going to be THE gig... what a sound, what an atmosphere, what a crowd, what a band!

Gig opener ONE STEP CLOSER sounded fresher then ever, and Jim sang beautifully. I was really glad to hear once again this song live, and I hope that on their other summer gigs they ‘ll included this song again to the setlist, since I stil think it is the best song of the Cry album. I TRAVEL was next, and however I didn’t had that much room to do so, the mad dancer in me was unleashed!!! I saw Eddie laughing at me... Well, he kept his promise: so I have to keep mine... More mad dancing causse CHANGELING came up. Brilliant!. It strikes me that thes “typically” keyboard orientated songs are just great with charlie’s guitar playing and the live drumming and bas playing. HYPNOTISED was the next song on the setlist and this was one hell of a live version... the only song on Good News For The Next World, I really like, and even like very much, one of my favourite mindssongs even... Again, brilliant performance.... and loudly sang along by mad dancer and others... EAST AT EASTER followed and just like in Weert, terrific.

During MANDELA DAY I thouhgt for a second to remind Eddie on his Weert comments “Hm, we play Mandela Day.. Set Mandela Free,... the guy is OUT!, maybe we should sing for Winnie”, but didnt want to get him out of his concentration. Although whilst bassing and singing along he has this stange smile on his face, so maybe he also thought about that...

For the second time tonight, BUSH (and Blair, and Berlusconi) got a big “up yours”, now from Jim, who If I’m not mistaken now only said this in Italian, the man’s second mother tongue.

LOVE SONG was awesome, same remark here too as for Changeling and I Travel. Even though it was extremely hot, this heated even more the crowd. Set the place on fire. But we hadn’t seen nothing yet, causse GHOSTDANCING was again THE song that did exploded the venue: mad dancers in the world, come together, dance to the music of ghost dancing;-) Again a superb energetic dyamic version sang along loudly by the crowd, and with a large GLORIA snippet, G-L-O-R-I-A.... and off course LIGHT MY FIRE, again GLORIA and back to GHOSTDANCING. Like Mr. Myers (Austin Powers) would say: Smashin, baby!

Not being a big fan of DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME, a very good and very heavy rocking version this was, with Charlie’s guitar playing that was really breathtaking, as it was throughout the whole gig.

Time to get driven to tears of pure emotion. As perfect twins, two of my absoulute favourite Simple Minds songs, and one of them being “my” song where played. BIG SLEEP really moving and brought in a perfect way. The ethereical dreamy mood of New Gold Dream combined with the warm live sound. Just perfect. And then the time had come that I had been waiting for so long... on my overall 12th Simple Minds gig, it finally happened... C’ MOON, CRY LIKE A BABY. It completely blew me away. I was in heaven (still am). Great new arrangement, brilliant intro. Terriic version, with Jim singing excellent, Eddie’s bass part was awesome, Andy: those keys, wow! Mel, Charlie.. Thank you guys! Eddie, thanks for keeping your promise mate ;-) Off course, you all can understand, that for me this was THE highlight... what a version... owwwwwww. Outstanding!

SHE’S A RIVER followed and I don’t think Jim messed up with the lyrics this time. I cannot remember if he did his “rolling rrrrr” causse I was still not completely back to earth after hearing C’MOON. During She’s A river I kept on keeping my thumbs up to Eddie and the band, saying “thank you guys”...

ALIVE AND KICKING was, as you could guess loudly sang along by the crowd. And this youngster that had stood next to me and hadn’t moved for all evening now suddenly seemed to wake up LOL.

NEW GOLD DREAM was probably the best version I have heard on these 12 times that I have seen Simple Minds! What a drive! And of course again set the place on fire, with Jim running on the small stage like a madman, with the sweat dripping from his black shirt...

NGD conclued the main set, and not long untill the band returned, without Jim, becausse THEME FOR GREAT CITIES was being played, in a perfect way, with Andy, Mel, Charlie, Eddie obviously having the times of their lives. Great. Jim returning, now with a white shirt, for SEE THE LIGHTS. As we discussed on our way back in the car: the man sings better then ever!

Time again to heathen up even more the crowd. That famous bassline, the famous Kerr kicks... WATERFRONT ! Not one of my big favourites, but great version....

And then.... another kick inside of me, when the band played... THE KICK INSDE OF ME! Wow!!! Rock and Roll!!! Anno 2003 this song sounds real fresh, with Mel drumming like his life depended on it! They really should consider in re-recording this song for one of there next albums...

Unfortunately THE KICK INSIDE OF ME meant the end of it all. The end of one of the finest evenings in my young life. Wonderfull in young life! Simple Minds did it again, and how! After the gig I only saw happy sweaty faces. And me, well I was over the moon... I couldn’t resist giving everybody a big hug. I was soo happy, not only because they played C’Moon Cry Like A Baby, Kick Inside Of me, Big Sleep, .. the whole gig, the band that night where so special.. This will be a gig never to forget. And where I stated that for me Nandrin was there best performance, that one will not be pushed tot he second place. The Luxemburg gig, was THE GIG.

14th July 2003

"We arrived at the Parkbühne at 6 p.m.. First of all we were a little surprised because is was such a small venue. A small group of Simple Minds fans were already there. We all hoped for a place in the first row. And when the doors opened we got that place.

Simple Minds finally started at 8:45 p.m. in front of 1000 people. The Parkbühne wasn´t sold out. But that dídn´t matter, because everybody there made such a great party. I think the band had a lot of fun. We saw Charlie and Jim smiling all the time. The setlist included no big surprises. The highlights were "Book Of Brilliant Things", "East At Easter", "New Gold Dream" and "Belfast Child". "Mandela Day" was played again and was brilliant. Jim made a "statement" during the song when he mentioned the names "Mr. Bush, Mr. Blair, Mr. Berlusconi" and pointed to his back.

We liked "Ghostdancing" with the "Gloria"-part very much. The concert was very good although the sound was not that good. But who cares? We enjoyed 1 hour 45 min of great Simple Minds songs! All we can say is, thank you Jim, Charlie, Mel, Andy and Eddie for another unforgettable evening!!!"

Ela & Ulf

The set-lists have remained pretty constant for the last couple of gigs, although White Light/White Heat has now joined the extended Ghostdancing medley. The band also planned to play Space at Bocholt, and I Travel at the Bospop Festival, but both songs were dropped.

Kerr wants bands to winning chord

Jim Kerr, the millionaire rock star, wants to create a music award scheme for new or as yet unknown Scottish bands.

Details of the Simple Minds front man's plan which forms a key part of Chrysalis Radio's bid to capture the lucrative West Central Scotland radio licence, comes the day after he blamed "a lack of desire" by young musicians for the dearth of successful Scottish groups.

The new awards would be staged four times a year, with unsigned bands competing for airtime on The Arrow, the Glasgow-based station which Chrysalis will launch if its bid succeeds. The winners would also get free recording time at a state-of-the-art studio and the opportunity to record tracks at Chrysalis studios in London, produced by Kerr, and released on an exclusive CD featuring all four successful bands.

The bands would be chosen by a panel of experts, headed by Kerr and including representatives from Scotland's music industry, listening to demo tapes and scouting venues to find the quarterly winners.

Kerr said yesterday: "A big personal ambition for me is to encourage local musicians and bands to continue to play real music despite the music industry trend of 'manufacturing' bands with little real musical talent. "These awards will help me achieve this and I believe that there's a real chance that we can find some extremely talented people who will go on to become big news in the UK music industry."

Interviewed over the weekend, Kerr bemoaned the fact that Scottish bands were failing to make their mark in national terms. "There is a problem," he remarked. Kerr also revealed that Simple Minds, one of the most successful stadium bands of the 1980s, were planning to record a comeback album next year.

Chrysalis is one of 11 groups bidding for the new licence. As part of its application, submitted formally to the Radio Authority today, it announced that, if successful, it would re-locate its already-established nationwide digital service, The Arrow digital, from its current base in the Midlands to Glasgow.

The new station would have a strong emphasis on classic rock, featuring artists such as the Stones, Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, and REM.

Allan Laing
The Herald
30th June 2003

The set-list for Cassis is now online - no new surprises, just a swapping of the song order.

Simple Minds Rocks Randers

“Randers Musik Festival” at Randers Stadium – 5th July 2003.

Just like the previous dates this was a festival gig – so still no 2½ hour-25 songs gig (I wonder if we’ll ever see that again…)

Our heroes entered the stage at 22 o’clock (or 10 pm if you like) – but only somewhere between 1000-1500 people (estimated) were present. However when you look at the advertising done for this festival there is no surprise in the low number.

Denmark is a small country, and even some of the smaller festivals are advertising all over the country. However I would never have found out about this gig if it wasn’t for and the Yahoo group!!! I think the people arranging this must have been trained by Eagle or Chrysalis how to advertise.

Back to the gig – the weather this evening was cloudy and a bit windy – but no rain, so this wasn’t too bad (we’ve had some really nasty weather here the past few weeks.)

And due to the quite low number of people I was able to be up front (row 5 or 6 I guess) without being totally smashed.

Main set:
1. Book Of Brlliant Things
2. Spaceface
3. Love Song
4. The American
5. East At Easter
6. Mandela Day
7. Ghostdancing - Gloria - Light My Fire - Band Introduction
8. Don't You (Forget About Me)
9. Belfast Child
10. She's A River
11. Alive And Kicking
12. New Gold Dream (01,02,03,04)

13. Theme For Great Cities
14. See The Lights
15. Waterfront
16. Sanctify Yourself

The show started with Andy Gillespie entering the stage solo, playing the “middle sections” synth chords of Book Of Brilliant Things – this just sounded so great. Then the rest of the band entered the stage and Jim started singing “Five to One – One to Five…” and the song was rolling. And so was the audience – it was simply the best way they could start a concert, because this just rocks everybody – even someone who isn’t familiar with that song. Charlie was introduced when he started his solo, and then of course “The best drummer in the world – MEL GAYNOR” was introduced just before he went nuts on his drum kit. Greaaaattttt! This is one of the songs that I haven’t seen live before – couldn’t have been better!

A nice guitar intro for the next track – it sounded somewhere between “what is this?” and “I know this but can’t figure it out…” Then “She don’t need no Rocket Ship…” and one of the songs I really missed on last years Danish concerts was played in a pretty tough and indeed very good version.

Love Song was next opening with the usual taped album intro – just like last year Eddie’s bass was great, and Mel showed how much he knows his stuff – during the first minute or so he only played with his right hand and his feet, he was talking to a technician and adjusting some equipment with his left hand during this – cool!

The American was played very true to the original, but again being one the older tracks and not so well known to the general public, the audience was really having a good time. Massive hands over the head clapping also got Jim saying “You’re beautiful…”

“Everything okay?” Yep!

The opening synths of East At Easter started and this song was built up with a “silent” intro, then being more hard – a bit like on the 1991 Real Live tour. And it was really great hearing this – nice to see the band pick up some of the good songs that are not obvious single hits.

Mandela Day also has been re-discovered, and apart from some heavy drumming it sounded like always (which is not bad at all). Charlie missed the intro of his guitar solo due to some technical problems, but once it worked it was played exactly like it should be.

“Let me see your hands!”

The opening riff of Ghostdancing – one of the highly appreciated songs of last years tour – started and people hand to clap their hands… Then vocals came on – just Charlie and Jim starting the song – and this rocks as always! The rest of the band went along – and it’s just so great seeing these five guys on stage smiling a lot, and you can tell that hey are having a good time!

The band was introduced “On bass – Edward Duffy”, “On keyboards - Andrew Gilliespie”, “Guitar – Charlie Burchill”, “And on drums – Mel Gaynor” (who then tried to kill his drum kit once again…) Then the song went into Gloria, with the crowd singing half of the chorus, however I don’t think that a lot of people knew this song, since most of the crowd was just going “GLOOOOOOOOOOOO” instead of “GLOOOORIAA” – but great anyway.

The Jim sat down on the front of the stage “We can’t get much higher – come on baby Light My Fire - come on baby Light My Fire” and the crowd went nuts, singing along again. Gloria was on once again before this very extended song ended as Ghostdancing again. Huge applause – boy this rocked!

Don’t You (Forget About Me) was - as always - another highlight of the concert. The intro was long, played with the guitar opening (not like last year where they used the drum intro from the extended version). Just like last year it was a wee bit slow version, but that’s okay. Both Charlie and Andy made some extra effects with their instruments, and of course the crowd sang la-la-la-la a thousand times and of course the la-la-la-la’s also went on after the song ended “You are beautiful singers” Jim told us…

This year’s version of Belfast Child was full and besides the very beautiful red and white stage lights the most impressive part of the song was when Mel stood up playing drums so it sounded just like a kettledrum – It sends shivers down the spine!

The next song featured a taped intro, and I guess the band should consider taping the vocal as well. The song was She’s A River, and I have seen or heard Jim f*** up the lyrics like he did there. The song was actually played great by the band, but Jim really need it practice this a lot more. Once he even sang a wrong part for the music, making Charlie and Mel look at each other, the shaking their heads, laughing a lot.

In Alive And Kicking Charlie – again – missed the first part of his intro due to technical problems. However the rest of the song was great as always – Andy’s keyboard sounding really great, and again this year he played the solo piano part like the original – sooo good! Right after that piano part I was sure that Mel WAS going to kill his drums (he didn’t succeed – but wow that was great too), and the Robin Clark vocal part was once again this years covered very well by Eddie and Andy.

“Thank you – good night!” (oops – the main set wasn’t finished, Jim!)

New Gold Dream – what can I say? This is definitely the best and most powerful dance-like version I have ever heard of this song! The intro was extended, the drums were great, new synth part were added and the crowd went nuts jumping and dancing like they had never done anything else. Please make this version a Live B-side on the singles from the next album (or make a live album!!!)

Then Jim got his break. On the way out Eddie and Mel were joking and “fighting” like two small boys – looking like that were really having fun.

The encore set started without Jim as they were playing… Theme For Great Cities – another song that I really hoped to see live. What can I say – it sounded really great. The main track was actually the original version, but with some effects from the later ‘91 version added. Cool!

Then I got a little disappointed because See The Lights was the next track. I like the song, it was performed well, starting slowly, the building up the tension, people singing along and clapping a lot in the end, once aging making Jim say “You’re beautiful” (does he have a connection to Christina Aguilera?). But….I would have liked so much to hear Space or The Kick Inside Of Me instead…

Waterfront was played with a long intro, and Eddie played something close to a bass solo. The rest of the song was played as usual – great as always. The show was closed with Sanctify Yourself – a song that is not one of my favourites. However the way that they played it like last year) it’s a perfect way the end the show. It’s so powerful, and the crowd went uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh again and again.

Another great Simple Minds gig was over, and if you once in a while get a little frustrated about the lack of promotion the band gets or that they are not “big shots” any more, just go to a concert and feel the spirit and vitality they have – and all bad thoughts are gone.

Robert Juul

On the 22nd July, Simple Minds will be playing the Kings Dock in Liverpool, which is the home town of the New Gold Dream gold disc winner Colin Neary. You remember the competition on To win a signed gold disc? Perhaps not, since it concluded on the 28th November 2002. Anyway 2Fluid Creative assured Colin that the prize would be with him soon... which was over seven months ago... and he's still patiently waiting.

So, it would be great if 2Fluid Creative could pull a few strings, and arrange for Colin to be given his prize in Liverpool. They'd fulfil their (long) overdue obligations, Colin would get his gold disc which could be signed there and then, and 2Fluid would even save on the postage. Everyone's a winner.

Until then, I'll just keep a small reminder on the first page on this website of how long Colin's been waiting for his glittering prize.

Our Secrets Are The Same is to be released as part of the Virgin box set in November 2003.

Saturday 4th October 2003
FellowMinds Meetup with SAMPLE MINDS (UK) - DJ FookMeister (UK) - DJ Moon !!!

Sparkle Through The Years, already exists one year. That off course needs to be celebrated!! Our big celebration will take place on Saturday the 4th of October 2003, in 'Sparkle* City' Aalst, in Paddy's Celtic Bar, our 'homebase. The event starts at 14:00 and will end somewhere deep in the night. Admission: Free

There'll be plenty of chances to meet up with other sparklers and Simple Minds fans during this day! And we have worked out a programme which we are very proud off! We think you'll like it! ;-)

We are glad and proud to announce you that SAMPLE MINDS, UK's finest Simple Minds Tribute band will perform on our Sparkle Fanclub Day!

DJ FookMeister Esq. (UK) will play a special Simple Minds Dance set deep into the night. NOT TO BE MISSED!

And Sparkle's "home DJ", DJ Moon will play you some genuine 80¹s classics.

There also will be shown exclusive live footage from Simple Minds @ Nandrin 2003, a Simple Minds Quiz, the possibility to look into Minds press cuttings and pictures.

And you off course will have the chance to meet other fellowminds and have the time of your lives.

We are also working out a meetup for the Friday night, for those of you arriving earlier...

All details can be found on our website:

Sparkle* Through The Years
simpleminds belgian fanclub

Mark Van Mullem
Chairman & Webmaster of

Randers featured the shortest set-list so far, but it was the previous gig at the Frogstock Festival that caused a stir... they played C'Moon Cry Like A Baby. Not heard since The Tour De Monde of 1984 - and then it appeared as a short bridge in Speed Your Love To Me - the band are now playing most of Sparkle In The Rain live.

Right: Set-list from the first night in Barcelona.

Kerr hits out at simply bland Scots bands

MILLIONAIRE pop star Jim Kerr has blamed "a lack of desire" on the part of young musicians for the dearth of successful bands emerging from Scotland.

Kerr, who made an estimated £40m fortune in two decades with his band Simple Minds, said this was the main reason why new Scots bands were failing to make their mark.

Kerr also revealed that Simple Minds will release a comeback album next year after he rediscovered his enthusiasm for music during a three-and-a-half year break in Sicily.

The Glasgow-born musician said the lack of exciting new talent coming from Scotland was unconnected to the infrastructure of the industry.

Asked what he thought the problem was, Kerr said: "Desire. You need desire. You would have had to put a bullet to our heads to stop us. Nothing was going to stop us. We were mad with it. We had luck and timing and that clicked, but desire is 90% of everything."

Asked if he felt there was any evidence of that in the current Scottish music scene, he said: "Right now, no, and that is a problem. I don’t think anyone would say that there is this band coming through that is going to knock everyone dead."

Simple Minds, which formed in 1978, were at the forefront of the new wave movement that followed punk before evolving into one of the most internationally successful stadium-rock bands of the 1980s.

Kerr said today’s young musicians had access to facilities he could never have dreamed of when he began the trek to stardom. "The music infrastructure in Scotland now is much better than it was in the 1980s, because there was nothing, really nothing. When we started we got record company addresses out of the phonebooks, we didn’t know anyone who had a record contract or knew a manager. Our manager was the guy who owned the local record shop."

Research revealed earlier this month that only 10 Scottish acts have record contracts with major labels such as Sony or EMI. At the end of the 1980s, there were 45, including Simple Minds’ contemporaries such as Del Amitri, Deacon Blue, Wet Wet Wet and Hue and Cry.

Kerr said there were far more small labels in Scotland now, who were able to sign bands and then showcase them to larger record labels in London.

But in his day, there were "no links to London". "You had to use your wits, you had to beg, steal and borrow, and again if you were to put that in a bottle, you would call that desire."

Kerr said drive was more important than the number of studios available in Scotland.

The decreasing cost of technology had increased the opportunities available to emerging Scottish bands to hear their work, he said. "The amazing thing with technology is that everything sounds pretty good, there are a lot of people doing a lot of things, but the difference between sounding pretty good and cutting through to a sound that grabs a marketplace is a colossal divide," said Kerr.

However, he did have words of praise for Edinburgh’s Beta Band - "phenomenally talented, a great, great unique thing" - but said he was not aware of any other new bands on the way up from Scotland.

Kerr has an office and property in Edinburgh, and keeps in touch with the Scottish music scene.

He was also implicitly critical of the Scottish Executive’s efforts to foster creative talent.

Kerr said Scotland lacked the buzz to be found in Dublin, where politicians, artists and musicians tend to move in the same circles. "In Scotland things are more fragmented."

But his comments were rejected by Graeme Beattie, the manager of the Glasgow record label Chemikal Underground: "People who want to be in bands are just as committed as they ever were and know they have to make sacrifices." Beattie pointed to the success of Glasgow band Idlewild, which are signed to the international giant EMI, as a sign that Scottish bands were still achieving international status.

A Scottish Executive spokeswoman said it was spending record levels on culture, rising from £120m to £186m in 2005, with an extra £17.5m for music tuition in schools. "We are committed to culture," she said.

Scotland On Sunday
June 29th 2003

Some pictures from the first night at Barcelona are now available. Check out the new white shirt on Charlie and the new, lean Jim.

1. Charlie #1
2. Jim #1
3. Jim #2
4. Jim #3
5. Jim #4
6. Jim and Charlie

Venice featured the same set list as Croatia - and it seems that Light My Fire is also slipping into Ghostdancing/Gloria.

But just when you think the set-list has been finalised, the Minds are playing Dusseldorf on the 22nd November and the Gampel festival in Switzerland on the 16th August.

Simple Minds

Virgin SIMCD13, £9.99

Scotland’s first genuine stadium rockers are belatedly being reappraised, and Virgin is cynically exploiting that by finally releasing this album which was pulled politically three years ago. It was actually recorded prior to 1998’s Neapolis [1], which ironically accelerated the Minds’ fall from commercial grace. There are sufficient echoes of former glories - ‘Death By Chocolate’ for starters - to make this of interest to a wider audience. But it is still hard to explain how a band which campaigned for revolution at their peak in the 1980s ran out of ideas in the 1990s.

Scotland On Sunday

No - Secrets is completely post-Neapolis.

There appears to be two versions of the Early Gold album. Versions on mainland Europe are copy protected and have the logo on the front cover (Virgin 7243 590392 20).

Last night in Croatia, See The Lights and The Kick Inside Of Me were replaced by Mandela Day and Space.

Set-lists are being added to the tour page.

Looks like Mel has moved to Liverpool:

Simply the best gig

It's not every day a member of a world-famous supergroup gets to play a gig on his own doorstep........

But now Mel Gaynor, who has been the drummer for Simple Minds since 1982, has to decide: "Should I get a bus to the show, or enjoy a nice, leisurely stroll?"

Londoner Mel, 44, is a great advert for the European Capital of Culture 2008 - he turned his back on the smoke to make a new life in Liverpool three years ago.

Now he is looking forward to a sort of homecoming gig, when Simple Minds play at the Kings Dock as part of the Summer Pops on Tuesday July 22. "I live just down the road, so it couldn't be much closer," says Mel, who began a 50 date European tour in Barcelona on Friday. "It will be a special gig for me and loads of friends and family will be there."

He adds: "I lived in Wirral when I first moved up, to be with my now ex-girlfriend - while my brother, Gordon, has lived up here for 11 years." "I wanted to get out of London, because I wanted to live in a place which has character - and Liverpool was a natural choice. It's great."

When he's not busy recording or touring with Simple Minds, Mel - who has also played drums for Tina Turner (that's him you can hear on Simply the best), Elton John and Robert Palmer - gives masterclasses at LIPA. He says: "It's very enjoyable and a good way of giving something back to the community." And he's got plenty of pals at LIPA - not least Simple Minds' long time friends China Crisis, who also help out at the fame school and will be special guests at their Kings Dock gig.

Liverpool Echo

I have now finished the entire Early Gold discography - as far as I know. For the collectors, the Early Gold CDR Acetate has now been documented, whilst the Virgin Press Release makes interesting reading.

The set-list for Lisbon was the same as that for Barcelona - although it's been mentioned that Jim sung Gloria during Ghostdancing.

Set-lists are being added to the tour page.

I've updated Early Gold's page in the discography. There will be more information about this album uploaded near the end of the week.

Why I simply won't play the fame game
Jim Kerr of Simple Minds tells about his life and loves.....and a long-awaited gig in Liverpool.

His band has sold millions of records and played to full houses around the world - but some might say his greatest achievements lie closer to home. Which other superstar singer has somehow avoided being ensnared by the tabloid circus, despite having been married to two famous woman (in this case Chrissie Hynde and Patsy Kensit)? And how many men have gathered around a table at Christmas with two ex-wives AND a former girlfriend - and enjoyed it?

Jim Kerr of Simple Minds we salute you.

The '80s supergroup are playing the Liverpool summer pops, but more of that later. Come on, Jim. People want to hear about your love life (or lost love life)...

Despite having been married to Chrissie and Patsy, the 43-year old Glaswegian has never embraced the celebrity scene. But he says: "It wasn't always easy. I remember once when I was married to Patsy there was some do Michael Winner was having. I said 'I'm not ******* going with you.' She said 'Don't you understand? It's my job.' I replied 'Don't you understand? I can't go because it's my job NOT to be seen there.' Rock 'n' roll is a different thing."

Jim, a Celtic FC shareholder who has homes in Glasgow and Sicily, adds: "I would never be comfortable with the celebrity thing, although I am intelligent enough to know what is likely to happen if you marry Chrissie Hynde and Patsy Kensit." "But what am I going to say to John-Paul Gaultier or whoever?" "I like Mick Hucknall from Simply Red, but he would go to the opening of anything. He's into meeting up with Tony Blair and Prince Charles and all that cobblers."

So tell us about Christmas with Kerr (Kensit and Hynde)...

"I had Christmas dinner last year at Patsy's house with Patsy, Chrissie and the kids - I had a son with Patsy and a daughter with Chrissie. There was also a former girlfriend of mine there as well!" "You may be fragmented and fractured, but your still a family. You still need to be there to support one another."

This is all highly commendable, especially if you consider Jim was reported as saying, in 1995: " Chrissie and my current wife, Patsy, are both good friends. In fact , they're both got a crush on those guys in Oasis. It kind of worries me." He and Patsy divorced a year later. Patsy married Liam Gallagher a year after that (they split up three years later).

Although honest and open about his private life, he really wants to talk about his band's gig at the Kings Dock. "None of us can wait to play Liverpool,"say's Jim, whose band kicks off a 50-date European tour tonight in Barcelona. "It must be pushing 20 years since we played the Royal Court. Before that , we played Eric's - and whenever we came to Liverpool the likes of Echo And The Bunnymen, The Teardrop Explodes and that shy boy, Pete Wylie would come and heckle us!"

Yeah, didn't Bunnymen lead singer Ian McCulloch especially enjoy having a dig?

"I've always liked McCulloch," says Jim. "I remember touring in Australia with the Bunnymen. There were wind-ups and there was p***-taking but, at the end of the day they were never as good as us!"

Jim adds: "We have by-passed Liverpool in the past because of a lack of suitable venues. But I've noticed over the last couple of years the adverts for the Summer pops and have been really impressed." Although the bands roots can d be traced back to a meeting between Jim and guitarist Charlie Burchill in a sandpit on a Glasgow housing estate when they were just eight years old, it was on the steps of Milan Cathedral nine years later - during a hitchhiking holiday - that the lifelong friends decided to form a band. Jim says "It was a Road to Damascus moment. I guess we sensed there was something out there other than working on the docks in Glasgow." But their punk band, Johnny and the Self-Abusers, soon made way for Simple Minds, whose hit singles included Promised You A Miracle, Waterfront, Don't You (Forget About Me), Alive and Kicking, All The Things She Said and Belfast Child - a new album meanwhile, is planned for next year.

Jim assures long term fans that their Kings Dock set will include plenty of familar favourites (yes Waterfront will get an airing on Liverpool's world famous waterfront). And he adds: " We tour noe for pleasure. I used to look at the old Blues singers and think 'Why do they keep on going when they're not in the charts anymore? But, like them, we were born to this." "I've never felt we were the coolest band, but I've always thought we make positive,celebratory and optimistic music. And we've always embraced our audience."

Liverpool Echo

Full information, including new prices, for Who's Doing The Dreaming Now? #10 can be found here.

A mistake I made when redesigning the site was to attempt to do it all at once. Considering that it took me a good four months to put this website together, then a total redesign, with better graphics, more information and every section expanded beyond recognition would take years.

And it was taking years.

So, this website which I originally designed in 1996 has served well for the last six years, but it’s time for it to be gradually retired.

The foundations of its successor, Dream Giver Redux, is now live on the web. Some sections of this website have now disappeared, and over the next couple of years, the rest will follow. Dream Giver Redux is built from the ground up, and currently covers Biba-Rom!, Johnny And The Self Abusers and the first line-up of Simple Minds. And every couple of months, I will add more. All current news and tour information will still be uploaded here. But, gradually, Dream Giver Redux will catch up and take over.


Whilst talking to the Liverpool Echo, Jim mentioned that the new studio album would be released early next year.

Confusion abounds! Whilst many on-line stores stick to the 30th June release date for Out Secrets Are The Same, the lack of any promotion is telling. Whilst promos and press releases for Early Gold are emerging from the woodwook, Our Secrets Are The Same is remaining secretive.

It's inclusion in the listings, complete with track listings and artwork, is encouraging - and hopefully isn't a repeat of the false alarms from 2000. It looks like it's the usual delay which should be expected with every Simple Minds album!

"Well, yesterday was another unforgettable night.... Last year the band was in good shape but yesterday it was even better... One of the bests Jims I've ever seen (well a couple of mistakes, but you know... other way it wouldn't be Jim...). Charlie, Eddie and Andy were as it was another show from the last tour... The only guy that seems to me to be a little outside was Mel (although he was perfect as always).

After 5 years the band finally played again in Barcelona and we hadn't had to travel to see the band (anyway we will be in England again in December) ... The sound was pretty good... the concert wasn't inside the Palau Sant Jordi... it was an open air stage just outside the Palau.... It's the 100th anniversary party of the Harley Davidson so there were a lot of Harley Davidson's together outside and a lot of merchandising of the company but not from Simple Minds....

Let's go for the set list.... no news songs!!! What do they think???? Year after year the same story.... maybe this was the only regret... However, they played some special tracks!!!! The band opened with "Book Of Brilliant Things" and played "The Kick Inside Of Me!!!!"

  • Book Of Brilliant Things (yes, brilliant. A mix of versions maybe more likely 91)
  • Spaceface (more upbeat)
  • Love Song (same as last tour)
  • The American (same as last tour)
  • East At Easter (very good version! Very improved between 84 and 91 versions!)
  • See The Lights (same as last tour)
  • Ghostdancing (as always but without band introductions, stories or other songs)
  • Don't You (Forget About Me) (as always)
  • Someone Somewhere In Summertime (same as last tour)
  • Belfast Child (complete, improved the middle part with some effects... Charlie had a problem and they had to make it last a little waiting Charlie's solo)
  • She's A River (very good.. more in its way than last year)
  • Glittering Prize (same as last tour)
  • Alive And Kicking (as always)
  • New Gold Dream (same as last tour... no intro of course)

  • Theme For Great Cities (same as last tour)
  • The Kick Inside Of Me (hey what a surpise!!! At this moment I thought I could die in peace! Some new effects at the beginning)
  • Waterfront (same as last tour)
  • Sanctify Uourself (same as last tour)
I think that this summer tour will be like another leg of The Floating World tour....

Anyway a perfect show - one of the best I've seen."

Joan Romero

Top Of The Pops 2 have just added a Simple Minds microsite to their own site. It can be found here.

Mark will be giving his seminar at the LA Music Academy in Pasadena, tomorrow night at 8PM.

The tour starts on Friday night with Jim and Charlie being joined by Mel Gaynor, Eddie Duffy and Andy Gillespie - same line-up as last year.

Mike Simpson has set up a website where you can send in pictures, reviews, set-lists and any other interesting snippets of information.

"It's really basic right now, but I hope it will grow incredibly with reviews, pictures, setlists, etc. Since I'm probably not going to be able to go to any of the shows, barring a minor miracle, I need input from other people ... to make the site worthwhile. I want to make it better (though probably not prettier) than the Floating World section of I'll post news like 'The xxx gig has been successfully recorded!' or 'Jim Kerr again forgets the lyrics to Sanctify Yourself!' Hopefully it will be both informative and fun.

There is a little tidbit on the page right now that is Check it out.

If anyone knows which shows are already sold out, that would be useful to track. Ideally, I would like to also list phone numbers and websites where people can buy tickets..

Mike Simpson

And I'll definitely be interested in collating the set-lists as always - so please send them in.

On the eve of their 2003 tour, it's good to know that the NME have remembered that they used to like Simple Minds between 1980 and 1984. In fact, the band were still big news and cover stars up until 1989 - all through those 'difficult' stadium years. At the stroke of midnight, and as the nineties started, the NME had nothing good to say any more.

However, their review of Early Gold has been the most positive they've done for the band for a long time:

"Pomp rockers' early years in pretty good shock.

Hundreds of years ago, Simple Minds ruled the planet. Whilst the '80s raged, Jim Kerr leered Don't You (Forget About Me) from every transistor in Christendom, and right-minded music lovers vowed that one day, they'd do just that.

Twenty years on it is time for an amnesty. Simple Minds may have been among the most cringeworthy of the stadium dinosaurs (think a Scottish version of U2 circa 'The Joshua Tree') but like many such bands, their early stuff was fab.

'Chelsea Girl' is Bowie on a student loan; 'Promised You A Miracle' epic tosh to match Bono on mushrooms. 'Life In A Day' even got played at London's Nag Nag Nag last week, which says it all really.

Scarily good."

Paul Moody
28th June 2003

And the good reviews just keep coming:

"'Our Secrets Are the Same' has come to be regarded -- at least by those Simple Minds fans loyal enough to maintain an interest -- as Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill's legendary "lost" studio album, a record injudiciously denied the fair hearing of a general release and condemned to languish in penal pop obscurity, an innocent victim of music industry politics.

Recorded before the release of 1998's Neapolis (arguably not a career highlight), duly completed but not mixed and then pencilled-in for official release in the first few months of 2000, the album was eventually shelved indefinitely when Simple Minds' professional relationship with their record company (ironically, the label that has now seen fit to release it) disintegrated to the point of divorce.

Legal shenanigans and matters of rock fashion aside, it is fair to say that 'Our Secrets Are the Same' thoroughly deserves its overdue freedom. While Simple Minds persist in advertising their Achilles heel by wrapping-up their material in the corporate power dressing of 1980s stadium-rock production, it isn't unreasonable to estimate that songs with the overt pop sensibility of "Jeweller to the Stars" (a muscular rocker with a dance groove, foxy bass lines, shimmering bottleneck guitar and a chorus that playlist sifters would adore) could have stormed the charts in more sympathetic times. And what of the even better "Death by Chocolate", with its cheeky theme and crafty folk-guitar parts? Imagine the fun a contemporary knob-twiddling guru like Mirwais could have with that.

At times like these you really wonder if Simple Minds are merely a style tweak and a hip production hair-breadth's away from renewed chart action and critical applause."

Kevin Maidment

Three new dates will go on sale tomorrow. All are second nights:

  • December 2nd, Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow
  • December 6th, Hammersmith Apollo, London
  • December 14th, Apollo, Manchester
Tickets will be available via Ticketmaster tomorrow (18th June).

"Pass me a lemon, someone. This grin's starting to hurt.

Haven't stopped smiling since time up on Saturday. Don't really want to stop all summer. But lockjaw is no fun.

Not like the game. Now that was fun.

Flower of Scotland was fun. The atmosphere was fun. The result was fun.

Watching the Germans suffer was big fun.

And, yes, being right was fun I said we could do it and we did it. All that could have turned a brilliant day into a truly unforgettable one would have been a second goal to give those magnificent players the result they truly deserved.

I said the Germans had little to scare us with but reputation and I’m so proud of every one of Berti Vogts’ team that they knew it too and took no Rafael from nobody out there.

They made your heart sing, they really did. Sing as loud as big Elvis sang Flower of Scotland along with those amazing tenors.

Okay, so I was wrong on that one. The CD sounded guff, but in the flesh those guys performed the Hendrixed-up, didgeridoodled version with such passion and enthusiasm that it didn’t even matter if the Tartan Army weren’t sure what verse they were on or when it was finally finishing.

It was simply a brilliant start to the afternoon. It injected fun right into our veins and from then on it pumped round every one of us whose only prayer through the nightmare of the past couple of years has been to see Scotland do what Scotland used to do.

To want it. To need it. To look like they loved doing it.

From the second the team burst into spontaneous applause at the end of the worlds first 12-inch National Anthem, they looked EXACTLY like that."

Bill Leckie
The Sun
International Supergoals No 87
Monday 9th June 2003

Last Saturday, Derek Forbes and Mick MacNeil performed The Flower Of Scotland before the big game.

Apparently Derek was called in as the SFA wanted the Flower of Scotland to be jazzed up and more upbeat for the football matches.

Early Gold has now been integrated into the discography - it can be found here.

Simple Minds will be playing the Keil Do Amaral Amphitheater in Lisbon on the 29th June.

More information can be found at

"This year will be exceptionally full for us. Committed to our priority of preparing an exciting new album, we still want to continue with the live momentum and the special vitality that comes from working consistently as a live group. We have so many songs in our catalogue that work so well live, personally I am looking forward to playing as many of them as possible during these dates. Old ones, new ones, familiar and obscure, but especially songs that were overlooked last time round. We believe Simple Minds are a great live band, with a reputation that is a challenge for us to live up to. With our current fresh attitude and our typically most enthusiastic audiences, I predict more memorable live shows this year." - Jim
Santander (scheduled for the 28th June) has now been pulled from the tour - but Lisbon is confirmed for the 30th June.

Our Secrets Are The Same
Virgin SIMCD 13
30th June 2003

Swimming Towards The Sun/Jeweller To The Stars/Space/Death By Chocolate/ Waiting At The End Of The World/Neon Cowboy/She Knows/Hello/Happy Is The Man/Sleeping

The fully mastered album is a cleaned up version of the London EMI CDR acetate - but for those only familar with the Jordi broadcasts, or the bootleg, are going to enjoy crystal clear versions of the songs with a slightly different mix of Death By Chocolate.

Early Gold
30th June 2003

Life In A Day/Chelsea Girl/Changeling/Factory/Premonition/I Travel/ Celebrate/Thirty Frames A Second/The American/Love Song/Sweat In Bullet/ Promised You A Miracle/Glittering Prize/Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)/New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)

Compiled by the band, with sleeve notes from Jim, this new compilation replaces the early Arista compilation Celebration.

"The days simply melted into other days and our music eventually began to shine." - Jim.

More dates have been added to the Alive And Kicking 2003 tour - of special interest is the first date for Portugal on the 29th July, following the first Spanish gig at Santander on the 28th.

OK, I'm far too skeptical for my own good.

Early Gold will be released on the 30th June, a compilation of remastered tracks hand picked by the band themselves from Life In A Day through to New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84).

The track listing is:

  1. Life In A Day
  2. Chelsea Girl
  3. Changeling
  4. Factory
  5. Premonition
  6. I Travel
  7. Celebrate
  8. Thirty Frames A Second
  9. The American
  10. Love Song
  11. Sweat In Bullet
  12. Promised You A Miracle
  13. Glittering Prize
  14. Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)
  15. New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)
Rumours are circulating about a new Simple Minds compilation titled Early Gold. Set for release on the 30th June, this 15-track CD takes tracks from their newly remastered first four albums (listed as Life In A Day, Real To Real Cacophony, Empires And Dance and New Gold Dream), and features sleeve notes by Jim.

However, I'm a little skeptical:

  • It has the same release date as Our Secrets Are The Same.
  • It's not listed on any online stores yet - Our Secrets Are The Same is.
  • The press releases are inaccurate - their fourth album was Sons And Fascination, not New Gold Dream.
I appluaded Virgin's decision not to remaster Celebration - now they've apparently conjured up their own version. Not good if true - please leave the albums alone now and deal with the singles.

If it does exist, I'll be buying it for Jim's writing alone.


It's the morning after his beloved Celtic have just lost the UEFA Cup Final in Seville.

Jim Kerr strolled into the marbled hallway of the plush Andalus Palace Hotel, shakes my hand and slides off his shades.

Whatever else he was doing after the game, crying all night wasn't part of it.

His eyes are bright and clear. He looks lean and tanned in black T-shirt and white linen slacks.

I begin to wonder if the Simple Minds legend has read the script. He's been a rock star for more than two decades, for goodness sake. His team's just been gubbed. He's in a posh hotel surrounded by a bevy of Spanish beauties.

Why can't he go on the batter all night, pull a bird and turn up looking like a burst couch like he's supposed to?

But 44-year-old Kerr was never into excess. And defeat in Seville was hardly going to send him spiralling into rehab.

But the scoreline still hurts.

He said: "Sure, it was disappointing but the team gave us everything they had and that's all we could hope for."

"They've played their hearts out."

"But just getting to the final and being neck and neck in the league at home sums up all Martin O'Neill has done for the club. Europe has been a great campaign."

In 1967, Jim's dad Jimmy took his son to Celtic Park to see the European Cup that the team had won in Lisbon the night before.

This time, it was Junior's turn to treat J Kerr Snr.

The singer revealed: "My introduction to Celtic was a friendly with Manchester United. Celtic just scraped a 4- 0 win."

"But the team's success at that time seemed to fire up the ambition in me. Their success inspired me."

"Glasgow was a bit on its knees at that time. But that famous team showed the city could still come up with winners."

"It's a shame they couldn't come off as winners last night."

"I went to the toilet halfway through the game and was the only bloke there."

"But in the middle of extra time, I had to go again and the toilet was heaving with Celtic fans. `We cannae stand it, either,' they told me."

As well as his dad and Simple Minds co-founder Charlie Burchill, Jim had invited some friends over from Sicily.

"I took them to Celtic Park once and they were hooked. And these guys are supposed to be Juventus fans. At full- time, it was the Sicilian lads who were doing all the crying instead of us.

"I suppose it's that Italian emotional thing."

Sicily has helped pull Jim out of a creative slump and a general lack of career direction.

He said: "You know, I first went there 20 years ago and loved the place. Even then I felt some kind of affinity with it."

"It's like I knew deep down I would one day end up there."

"About three years ago I kind of lost the desire to keep doing what we had been doing for over 20 years. But somehow the energy of Sicily gave me my focus back."

"I love the place, it's got a little bit of everything that I want and need."

As well as a house, Jim and his Sicilian partners have plans to open a hotel there.

"It's called the Villa Angela. It's going to have about 20 to 30 rooms and the emphasis will be on hospitality and friendliness."

"I hope it will be up and running before too long. But my partners will be organising most of the day- to-day stuff. I'm not going to do my Basil Fawlty bit. That's what my dad calls it - Fawlty Towers."

Writing and performing are still his core businesses, and he and Charlie have been busy preparing for a tour that opens in July in Barcelona and takes in his beloved Glasgow in December.

"It's what I do," he adds thoughtfully.

Jim's also supporting a bid for a new west of Scotland radio station licence, with Chrysalis.

The venture is called The Arrow - adult rock radio - and will be an analogue FM service targeting 40 to 59-year-old males.In other words, all the Jim Kerrs out there.

He said: "I think there's a niche for it. People keep telling me that today's music is crap - to be honest, I don't want to go down that road. I know what my parents thought of our music."

"But I think there's a need for a station that's going to play some classic stuff that's been written and performed by top, talented artists."

A press release by The Arrow lists artists like The Who, The Beatles, Steely Dan, Dire Straits, Neil Young and Oasis. And a certain group called Simple Minds.

Jim said: "I am not just a frontman. I wouldn't get involved if I didn't believe in it. I also hope it will be a vehicle to help promote new talent."

"I read recently that Scotland used to have 45 bands signed up with major record label deals. Now it's only six. Maybe that's the way the music business is going. But it's a trend we should try our best to reverse."

The radio bid could mean a few more trips to Glasgow for Jim - and more chances to watch his beloved Hoops.

But you could also see his face in the stands at Highbury as well.

He revealed: "I'm afraid there's a bit of a gap in the family tradition. My boy James is an Arsenal supporter."

"He lives in north London, so these things happen, I suppose."

Jim has two children, Jasmine, 19, and James, 11, to ex-wives Chrissie Hynde and Patsy Kensit.

And he truly admits that the rock band lifestyle isn't the most compatible occupation for a lasting relationship.

He said "There's no one woman in my life right now. I had a Sicilian girlfriend but we split at the end of last year."

"And we have a busy couple of years ahead already planned, so I am happy to keep things the way they are for now. You know, I met both my wives in hotel lifts."

"I've wised up. These days I just go up the stairs."

Bob Shields
Daily Record

It seems that the archive of Radio Clyde has been rediscovered, a dusty vault filled with ancient session recordings by big name bands. Along with U2, Rod Stewart and Roxy Music, sessions by Simple Minds have also been unearthed.

More background can be found on NME's website.

Whilst the article suggest a forthcoming Simple Minds session release, I'm mindful that Simple Minds have not given permission for their BBC Sessions to be issued[1]. So why allow the Radio Clyde sessions to be released? Perhaps the deal is better? Or perhaps the band aren't happy with their sessions?

Food for thought... It'll be interesting to see how all this pans out.

Speaking of food...

[1] The only releases from the BBC archive have been King Is White And In The Crowd which appeared on the flip of the single of Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) and New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) which appeared on the compilation 1 And Only: 25 Years Of Radio One.

The Guardian's The Guide (May 17-23 2003) has a page devoted to the tastes, and demands, of the stars. So, alongside Noel Gallagher jetting in a KFC, we have:

"Jim Kerr had Glasgow's Spice Of Life courier up a Ruby [Curry] to a Simple Minds gig in Aberdeen...".

Can't be true. It would've been cold by the time it got to Aberdeen.

Grzegorz Michalski has updated his technical essay on the remastering of Real Life. His updated text can be found here.

One Step Closer by Planet Funk
1. One Step Closer (featuring Simple Minds) [3:46] (Radio Edit)
2. Who Said [9:01] (Posilipo Remix)
Ultralab/Virgin 5471262
5" CD in slimline jewelcase with picture insert.

Released in Italy on the 18th April, Planet Funk's latest single features One Step Closer as the title track.

It features a unique mix of One Step Closer (not the edit from the Eagle single as I suggested on the 8th May). It's softer, with more effects thrown into the mix, and the whole song has been compacted into a radio friendly length.

I expect that the full version of this mix will surface on Non Zero Sumness Plus One, but for those who cannot wait, the single can be purchased from

Several new dates have been added to the 2003 tour.

Tickets can be purchased from for the Italian Frogstock festival on the 3rd July.

Simple Minds will be performing with Ace Of Base on the 5th July at the Randers Stadium in Denmark.

Bookings for an Austrian concert on the 15th November can be made here.

The Tomcraft remix of Spaceface (previously only available on an Absolutely 12") can now be found on the new Trance Nation - Deeper compilation which was released last Monday.

Steve And Nelson Day is a rather badly recorded bootleg from the Street Fighting Years tour. It's also the only vinyl bootleg of this tour, and is also rather rare (I'd guess between 50 and 200 copies were pressed up).

So, take this with a pinch of salt.

On the same day that the promo copies of Biba-Rom's remix were released, Planet Funk also released a Simple Minds related single. And both feature One Step Closer.

As part of the run up to the release of Non Zero Sumness Plus One, One Step Closer was issued as a single on the 18th April in Italy. Titled Planet Funk featuring Simple Minds, this CD features an edit of the title track (first heard on the Eagle One Step Closer single) and the Posillipo remix of Who Said. are selling copies.

Non Zero Sumness Plus One is to be released in July 2003 (the original album appeared in Italy in March 2002).

ROCK star Jim Kerr has paid tribute to the part of Glasgow where he grew up. The Simple Minds frontman has helped launch a website being run by the residents of Toryglen in the south side of the city. And he told of his pride at having his roots in the area.

Kerr, 43, and his family moved to an 11th floor flat in a tower block in Crossbank Road in 1968 and it was to be his home for the next 16 years. The musician, who now has homes in Sicily, Glasgow's Merchant City and Edinburgh, has paid tribute to his former neighbourhood in an article written for the front page of the new website.

He writes: "My family moved from Govanhill to Toryglen in November 1968, from an old world of dark tenement buildings to what was to be our shiny new home in one the UK's most modern skyscrapers. "Toryglen and the people of Toryglen were very good to me. "I only have the happiest memories of my life with them there and to this day I am proud to say I am from Toryglen. "I look forward to the new community website that will enable me to check in and keep tabs with my much-loved former home."

Kerr shot to fame with Simple Minds in the early 1980s. The football-loving singer was part of a failed bid to buy Celtic in 1998 and he is a partner in a Glasgow city centre sushi bar.

The new site - which is at - contains information about virtually everything happening in the 7000-strong community, including what is available for children and families, training and education, sport and leisure, religion, jobs and health. There is also an events calendar giving information on what is happening in the area on any day.

It is expected there will be thousands of hits from people who lived in the area but who now stay in different parts of the world. Margaret Biggam, 75, a website volunteer, said: "The website is a brilliant thing. "Jim Kerr is remembered well round here and he visits Toryglen now and again. "The website gives people who are not involved in community groups, or have moved away, the chance to catch up on the news.

"A lot of us are receiving computer training and learning new things."

The website is a joint venture between the Scottish Executive, Scottish Enterprise Glasgow and Glasgow City Council.

Steven Latta, of Scottish Enterprise Glasgow, who promotes digital inclusion, said: "The site will be regularly updated by members of the community and will serve as a forum to highlight local issues, news and events relating to people in Toryglen."

Local people will be given training on how to update the website from Glasgow web developer Red Mosquito.

Similar websites are already in operation serving the people of Drumchapel, Govan and the east end.

Mr Latta said: "More than 50% of the hits on the Drumchapel community website come from Drumchapel ex-pats living in America."

Glasgow Evening Times

"I have posted an excellent cover of 70 Cities As Love Brings The Fall at"

"Similar to the version that is on the tribute album (Swimming Towards the Sun), this was worked on my Simon Hayward (vocals and synths), Holger Wisniewski (synths), and the Toryglen Boy (guitars). As a bit of history, I was pressured a lot to put this version on the album. I disagreed, because I wanted an instrumental to finish off the set. I do agree this is a better version of the song. But sometimes I think you have to go with what fits."

"All this week, I'll be uploading exclusive outakes from the tribute album sessions. If you like what you hear, please consider buying the album. It's an absolutely stunning tribute to Simple Minds. The artwork by Oliver Tully is fantastic. The sound production from Jameson Howe is brilliant. And each and every band creates a masterpiece that is an absolute pleasure to hear."

Mike Simpson

Theme for Great Cities by Spherical Soundworks (which was also left off of the tribute album) can now be downloaded from

The tribute album can be purchased from either CD Baby or directly from Mike Simpson via (Credit cards can be used at either of these sites. The address for sending money orders/checks is given at the site.)

Following on from news posted yesterday, it appears that Planet Funk have already reissued their debut album in Italy.

Non Zero Sumness Plus 1 features the original album plus One Step Closer by Planet Funk and Simple Minds along with new remixes of Who Said (a recent single in the UK) and Rosa Blu.

Apparently Italian radio are promoting the new album with One Step Closer and are also emphasizing the Simple Minds connection.

One Step Closer by Biba Rom featuring Jim Kerr
A1. One Step Closer [6:40] (Phunk Investigation indaMix)
B1. One Step Closer [7:29] (Funky Junction and Mowree Mix)
Abolutely ABR 039
12" in generic Absolutely promotional sleeve.

Biba-Rom's second rework closely follows the formula of their first: strip the song down to vocals only, and then build it up again with strong house rhythms and stabbing synths. The overall effect is a pleasing breakdown of the original - although nothing of Planet Funk's distinctive melody survives.

Phunk Investigation deliver another solid remix whilst Funky Junction And Mowree take it still further into house territory. Probably not to everyone's taste.

After a recent Radio One session, and a UK single, Planet Funk look set to release Non Zero Sumness in the UK. Keep an eye out for it, as the album opens with Where Is The Max?, an instrumental version of One Step Closer.

I've updated the Marketplace with another wants list. Can you help out?

"We need your help. Blow Up, the Italian covers band is participating in an Internet based contest for Italian cover bands named (sponsored by Club Nokia)."

"We're the only one supporting Simple Minds."

"To vote you should register clicking on "Entra nella giuria", fill in the requested fields. Then a message sent to your e-mail address will notify that you can vote. Then click on "CLICCARE QUI PER ATTIVARE IL TUO ACCOUNT." Once you're in the web-site you have to select Blow Up (our page with three MP3s and a short biography will pop up) and click on "VOTA QUESTA BAND" (on the right side of the screen). The same operation should be repeated for two more bands since it's request a vote for three bands."

"The bands ranked in the first sixteen positions on the 22nd April will participate in a one vs one contest and then to the LIVE final that will take place in Milan in May."

"Of course we ask for Simple Minds fans so that together we can give more visibility to the Simple Minds name."

Thanks in advance.
Mimmo Capobianco

Here's the sleeve of John Kelvin's cover of Alive And Kicking, recorded to help out F.C. Utrecht.

It's been sold at matches and is currently number #2 in the free record chart.

Biba Rom vs Jim Kerr are issuing another Cry remix through Absolutely. Finally, One Step Closer gets the remix treatment (as it was always one of the strongest dance tracks on the album) from Phunk Investigation and Funky Junction & Mowree.

Absolutely write: "Both mixes here are roxy solid commercial house production, and feature Jim Kerr’s amazing & very distinct sounding full vocal, along with highly textured layers of pulsating synths, all over dreamy swirling melodies, & mesmerizing drum beats. The chorus here is killer, with more ear-grabbing hooks, than your brain can, take in at one time."

It's being released as a promo 12" on the 18th April. are taking pre-orders now. (Absolutely ABR 039).

A few (admittedly bad) pictures from the day:

1. The Renfrew ferry. Shot at sunset. Into the sun. I didn't really expect this shot to work, and it didn't.
2. Shuan Tranter waiting for the VIPs to turn up. He was out there for hours. (He's not going to be best pleased that I've published that picture!)
3. General view of the ferry during the day.
4. Ditto.
5. Bird's eye view of Sample Minds
6. Mixing desk view of Sample Minds.
7. Sample Minds' view.

8. Glitterball, Radiate round the hall...
9. Someone (who will remain nameless) performing a solo dance with two bottles of beer above the band.
10. Seconds later, security turn up.
11. Brian McGee watching Sample Minds. I was talking with him as The American kicked in. "You'll have to excuse me", he said, "Great song. What energy!" and he returned to the balcony to watch the band.

Top guy, top day - many thanks to Shaun Tranter and Clive Johnson for all their hard work putting this successful event together.

The Vault (see the news for the 20th February) is now online and can be found here. Simple Minds are featured with a biography, discography and some fans' stories.

The charity version of Alive And Kicking (recorded for F.C. Utrecht - see the news of the 10th April) did so well that it ended up at #2 in the free chart.

It's back!
18 hours of Simple Minds back to back.
14th August 2003
Some Sweet Day 2003
If you copy your CDs to a PC, and play them through Real Player, it contacts the All Music Guide for a review. The one for Real To Real Cacophony is positively glowing.

AMG Rating: four out of five.

"To the delight of some open-minded post-punk fans -- fans who also had space for the relatively new, untraditional likes of Devo, Kraftwerk, and Eno in their record collections -- the relative simple-mindedness of Life in a Day was blown to bits and left for dead on the pub floor by Reel to Real Cacophony, the wide-eyed carnival-like follow-up released only seven months after its predecessor. The artistic leap from Life in a Day to Reel to Real has to be one of the most mesmerizing ones imaginable, an improvement that is even more impressive when the short time between release dates is considered. It's where Simple Minds ventured beyond the ability to mimic their influences and began to manipulate them, mercilessly pushing them around and shaping them into funny objects the way a child transforms a chunk of Play-Doh from an indefinable chunk of nothing into a definable chunk of something. Aside from a mercifully brief lapse into aimless murmuring and doodling that occurs during the middle of the record, Reel to Real Cacophony is rife with countless bizarre joys. It knocks you on your back with pretentious artsy-fartsiness as instantly as New Gold Dream dazzles with its art pop pleasures, but its challenging melodicism through jerky time signatures and an endless supply of varied sounds and textures keeps you coming back for more. "Real to Real," a sinister rewrite of Kraftwerk's "Radio-Activity," is a good, quick point of reference. Guitars are employed less frequently and are replaced by burbling electronics and further use of keyboard shadings, though the absolute high point of the band's early years, "Changeling," benefits from plangent, angular jabs. The record is certainly as much of an achievement as New Gold Dream -- an achievement that's on a plane with other 1979 post-punk landmarks like Metal Box, 154, Entertainment, and Unknown Pleasures. No kidding. "

Andy Kellman,
All Music Guide

Our Secrets Are The Same is to be released by Virgin Records (Virgin SIMCD 13) on the 30th June. Both Sirendisc and Amazon are taking pre-orders, with the album being at #6 in the pre-order chart at Amazon.

The album in retailing at £7.99, which indicates a mid-price release, and not a full fledged new album release. Unfortunately this makes the issuing of singles unlikely.

Football club FC Utrecht held a charity concert to aid their flagging finances on the 31st March. The charity was called Alive And Kicking and singer John Kelvin recorded a special version of the song which was sold at the concert itself.

Did anyone pick up a copy of this special single?

The Cry SACD can now be ordered via

The Whistle Test Years - 1979 is being shown on Thursday evening (that's tonight!) between 23.50 & 00.30 on BBC2.

Simple Minds are going to be featured - this was their first TV appearance - along with The Undertones, The Tubeway Army, Blondie and The Damned.

Full information about the first compilation album of 2003 has been added to the discography. Whilst it looks cheap and nasty, it features the two remastered albums, their new booklets, and is being sold at mid-price.

It's also the first Simple Minds CD to feature the infamous "Copy Control Technology" - the sleeve claims that it can be played on PCs and Macs, but there have been horror stories about these things.

Sirendisc have just listed Our Secrets Are The Same with a release date in the UK of the 30th June.

A new CD double pack of New Gold Dream/Sparkle In The Rain has just turned up in the shops. After the issue of the remasters, this tatty compilation has everyone asking "why?". Furthermore, it features the new anti-theft technology - being recorded so badly that most PCs will reject loading it. Picture (and probably a bad write-up) coming soon.

What happened to Essential? Real release or Amazon mistake? Could it have been this redundant new double pack? Doubtful, Essential is only one disc. However, no news at the moment.

I'm off to Glasgow tomorrow for the convention. I'll be taking a rough of Who's Doing The Dreaming Now #10, back issues, and boxes of mint Simple Minds records to sell. So, a safe journey for all those attending, and I'll see you there.

Two new dates for the UK in October are about to be announced:

  • Thursday 30, Winter Gardens, Margate
  • Friday 31, Cliffs Pavilion, Southend
Tickets will go on sale via Clear Channel Entertainment 9AM (GMT) tomorrow, and then they'll be available to the general public on Friday.

Biba-Rom: Don't You (Forget About Me). Absolutely ABR 041
With vocals by Jim Kerr
A1. Don't You (Forget About Me) [Phunk Investigation In The City Mix] (8:13)
B1. Don't You (Forget About Me) [Andrea T. Mendoza Vs Tibet Club Mix] (6:15)
B2. Don't You (Forget About Me) [Phunk Investigation Etna Dub Mix] (7:25)
12" in generic Absolutely promotional sleeve.

This gets a two out of three from me - the Dub Mix is completely, instantly forgettable, but the other two are rather interesting.

Because, forget the great drums. Forget the stirring melody. In fact, forget absolutely everything except the vocals - and then remove the "la, la, las". And also forget Biba-Rom because the Phunk Investigationand Andrea T. Mendoza remixes are so different, there doesn't seem to be any common root between these songs - except of course, the lyrics.

What you have are two completely different songs, each sharing Jim's rerecorded vocals for Don't You (Forget About Me). Phunk Investigation have beefed up their remix of Cry, added further strong synths, and slotted the vocals over the top. Andrea T. Mendoza has come up with something else entirely, not entirely unpleasant.

(This is much better stuff than Pascal Life. And, I prefer Phunk Investigation's work here, than their remix of Cry.)

If you like contemporary dance, and often listen to Radio One on a Saturday and Sunday night, then you'll love these. If you're hankering for the big 80s theme, all the fist punching, and all the cheering and shouting on the outro, then I think you should stick with the 1985 version.

All e-mail bids for auction swag must reach Shaun Tranter by the 30th March.

For those who are still considering going to the convention, but have not yet purchased a ticket by post, all the money must reach Clive Johnson by FRIDAY 4TH OF APRIL. He'll be leaving for Glasgow on that same Friday evening, so any payments recieved after this date will have to pay on the day.

Can UK fans ensure that payment is posted first class by the 1st April to ensure it reaches him in good time.

Overseas fans should prefebly need to post their payments a week earlier i.e. now! have been selling the new 12" promo of Biba Rom vs. Jim Kerr from the 19th March - they're dispatching orders now.

Whilst there, you could also pick up some hard-to-find Cry and Spaceface remixes as well.

After bringing attention to the list of instrumentals, it was only a matter of time before someone pointed out some omissions. Thanks to Fotis, the instrumentals found on the Verona video have now been added - and I've also added the infamous acoustic version of Waterfront.

After I reviewed the remasters with comments like "well, it sounds a little different", Grzegorz Michalski has come up with something far more technical. Armed with the original 1991 Real Life album, and a copy of the new remaster, he came up with this technical comparison.

Lot #44 of the charity auction includes a undated and untitled set list which has generated some comments. Obviously from The Floating World Tour of last year, it includes Dancing Barefoot, Let It All Come Down and some other weird pairings of songs. This turns out to be a rehearsal set-list - in fact, the first attempt. So, that's that mystery solved.

The auction catalogue is finished and all on-line. The last batch of goodies include a Real Life bass drumskin (complete with heart logo) and Eddie Duffy's shirt.

I'd long forgotten that I had a list of Simple Minds' instrumentals on the site. It was compiled in 1996, and was therefore a little out-of-date. I've just updated it.

Several German tour dates for November have been added to the listing.

After frantic voting, Simple Minds came top of the poll, and Jim and Co from 1982 will be appearing on Top Of The Pops 2, miming away to Glittering Prize.

12" promos of Don't You (Forget About Me) by Biba Rom! vs. Jim Kerr are now circulating. This limited edition features remixes by Phunk Investigation and Andrea T.Medoza.

Absolutely Records are also sending a batch of promos and hard-to-get commercial 12"s to Shaun for inclusion in the convention auction.

I've added more items to the auction on the convention website - these include Jim's red and purple shirt, a set of telegrams, passes, acetates and white labels.

The rules for e-mail bidding have now been added to the convention website - check out the piece written ALL IN CAPITALS above the main auction listing.

Lot #37 is now a selection of photographs of Simple Minds freezing on the Renfrew Ferry in late 1983. Five of the six photos have never been published.

(Those familiar with the published pictures in various biographies of the band have noticed that Charlie appeared to have forgotten his coat. But these new shots reveal that he did have a black leather jacket with him - so those who have worried for the last 18 years or so can now sleep more easily.)

Right: Jim on the Renfrew Ferry - the only published shot of the set.

The Top Of The Pops website has been in contact about the various features and content they have for the band.

"Get voting for them now because, if they win our viewers' vote, they will appear on TOTP2. See here for more details (ends midday, Wednesday).". Currently, you can vote to see them play Glittering Prize from 1982. There is some matter of pride to be restored here - Simple Minds were beaten by Wet Wet Wet in the last competion - so blast that BBC website on Wednesday morning!

"In addition, we have a biography and discography."

Lot 37, early handwritten lyrics by Jim for Someone, Somewhere (In Summertime), has been withdrawn from the charity auction. It turns out that they were written by someone else.

However Jim has confirmed that all the jackets and shirts are his, and Shaun and Clive will be able to offer letters of authenticity with these items.

The convention website has been updated and now includes lots #1-#39.

Tour dates continue to be added to the Alive And Kicking Tour 2003.

I've started putting the lots up for the charity auction on the convention web site. As I'm planning about 10 lots per night, it should be finished in a week or so.

Here's some more information about the Brazilian DVD of the Mandela Concert:

"The sound quality says that Digital Stereo or 5.1 Surround is available. There are subtitles too for all the lyrics. Though on Sun City they spelt Margaret Thatcher, without the first ‘h’. The picture quality is a bit poor, Looks like a straight from video to DVD."

"The magazine is great if you can read Portuguese, Simple Minds have around 70% of the magazine contents. It includes a discography with photo and tracks listings of all albums from ‘Life In A Day’ to the ‘Best Of’ including ‘The Early Years 1977-78’."

"There’s a poster too, centre pages of Jim and Charlie, from the ‘Cry’ sessions. A further picture of Jim appears on the contents page, plus there’s a little Biography of the band with the Neapolis picture of the band, walking down a Italian street."

It will probably turn up on eBay again soon!

(Thanks to Steve for the review).

A new budget price CD has turned up in the listings of some on-shops. Called Essential and released by EMI, it sounds like a cheap-and-cheerful compilation album. It's scheduled for release on the 24th March.

The charity auction for the convention has been finalised, with all the items being divided up into 63 lots.

I have spent some time this week getting items photographed and scanned for the website and will begin uploading everything to the convention website over the coming week.

Shaun and Clive have relaxed the rules a little - those who cannot make the convention can make blind bids for items before the day itself. More information on that when I get it.

Right: Lot 37: Jim's working lyrics for Skylights And Memories - already recognisable as Someone Somewhere In Summertime.

As my spare time has been taken up with the convention, my timescales have (yet again) slipped. The fanzine has been delayed until the end of March/start of April (I really want to get it out for the convention) and the new website won't start appearing until April.

Thank you to the people who've been e-mailing in their new addresses - if you've moved since issue #9 (which was three years ago) then please let me know.

Top Of The Pops 2 (the archival show run in parallel with Top Of The Pops) is currently running a poll to select one of 15 Scottish acts for their show of the 18th March.

So, here's a chance to vote for Waterfront from 1983 to be aired again.

Unfortunately Wet Wet Wet seem to be putting in a very strong perforance. It would be best if we could get tactical and all vote massively in the last few hours, but there seems to be no ending date on the site (unless they're running it up to the 17th March.)

Anyway, if you wish to vote, or know a friendly Script Kiddie who'll write you some Perl to clock up several thousand votes, then head on over to voting area.

The first Cry Super Audio CDs have started to circulate. The album has not been remastered (like the Virgin reissues), but does sound more 'full'.

(Thanks to Peter Verbruggen for the scan).

Shaun Tranter and Clive Johnson have literally ripped the shirt of Eddie Duffy's back - and I stuffed it in a scanner - is nothing sacred?

I've just spent several hours photographing and scanning the latest clutch of goodies which will be auctioned at the Simple Minds Convention.

There's acetates, test pressings, back stage passes, telegrams, signed programmes and Eddie and Jim's stage clothing is on offer - it'll take me a while to sort out the convention website and get this all up - probably Friday or Saturday.

The first audio snippet of Biba Rom! Vs. Jim Kerr with Don't You (Forget About Me) can be found here (requires RealPlayer).

(See the news of 31st January for more info).

"We're currently working on a Scottish music website for BBC Scotland which will launch in April. The Vault will feature biographies of Scottish artists and venues, sound clips, a where-are-they-now feature, a photo gallery and music/gig memories."

"If you have any stories of seeing Simple Minds - or other Scottish bands then we'd love to hear them."

"Or if you've taken a photo of a band (any band; doesn't need to be Simple Minds or Scottish) - or had your photo taken with someone - then it'd be great to put that in our gallery."

Claire Capaldi
Assistant Producer
BBC Scotland Interactive

Those in the UK don't have to wait until December to see the Minds. As part of their summer festival tour, the band will be playing a full-set at the Liverpool Summer Pops concerts (a 20 night music festival). The gig is scheduled for the 22nd July and will take place in a 3000 capacity tent on the Kings Dock.

Additionally, for those who like to stand and dance at concerts (and not sit, clap politely and suck on a packet of Werther's Originals), these are your venues of choice and/or carnage:

Dream Giver Redux, the successor to this site, will start to appear in March.

The original plan (made a long time ago) was to put the whole site up in one go - but that was just taking too long. So, as parts of the new site appear, parts of this site will disappear. But that way, at least things will be happening.

The first parts will concentrate on Biba-Rom! and Johnny And The Self Abusers.

Who's Doing The Dreaming Now #10, another long awaited publication, will appear in late February/early March. Can any subscribers who've moved house since the last issue (which was a long time ago), get in touch? Or if you want to query anything about your subscription information then please e-mail me.

Another compilation DVD has appeared, this time in Brazil. It features some, or all, of the Mandela Day concert from 1988.

Strangely, Simple Minds are represented on the sleeve with a cropped shot from the Neon Lights photoshoot.

More dates have appeared for the UK tour, and tickets can now be purchased from Ticketmaster.

Get Exclusive Presale tickets NOW for UK shows through Clear Channel Entertainment. (Guess who's going to Cambridge!)

A direct link for those interested in booking tickets for the Clyde Auditorium show is here. Or give them a call on 0870 040 4000.

Hammersmith Apollo are also selling tickets for Saturday, 6th December. This date has not appeared on Ticketmaster - I suspect that the band have an option. This means that if the Friday night sells out, the band will book the hall for the following day. (It's the "Due to huge demand, extra day added to tour" type thing). Anyway, you're gambling with this - will the band take the option or not? Depends on ticket sales for the Friday.

The tickets won't be available for the general public until Friday.

Pretty much the same sized venues as last time.

There's going to be lots of gradual changes occuring to this website over the next few months. Firstly, I'm going to be ditching my old Pipex e-mail address. The new one is:

I've been quietly adding to the Simple Minds Convention website for the last few weeks - mostly adding auction items.

However, nothing prepared Shaun nor Clive for the sheer amount of top Simple Minds stuff which popped up in their intrays over the last few days. Logo drumskins, acetates, test pressings and buckets of backstage passes - JPEGs of joy from an anonymous friend.

Anyway, it seems that all this will be winging Shaun's way to be catalogued and divided into lots. Until they've actually been received they won't be added to the auction, but some mouth watering pictures have been added to the convention site.

And to the anonymous sender - many thanks in advance.

Here's the latest Simple Minds release from Absolutely Records: the second 12" of Spaceface remixes.

Joining the Farfa remix (which appeared on the previous 12") are remixes by DJ Tomcraft (which has received Radio One airplay) and Hardakt. Both are more hardcore dance than the previous remixes.

Full details can be found in the discography.

The Pascal Live release doesn't actually mention Jim Kerr on the labels, but it's definitely Jim on the vocals.

An ambient/dance hybrid, this slow song never really gets going, and has no strong melodic lines.

Pascal Live vs. Jim Kerr : Absolutely ABR 038
A1. Innerworld: Gaudi Interpretation
B1. Innerworld: Drive Red 5 Mix
Promo 12" in generic Absolutely promo sleeve. have put up some sound samples, so you don't have to take my word for it.

Another UK date for December: 3rd December at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham.

Mick MacNeil holds up the disc award for 500,000 copies of Street Fighting Years which he has very kindly dontated to the Simple Minds Convention.

This now joins lots of other goodies in the charity auction - cheers Mick!

(More pictures of the award and the dedication plate can be found in the convention pages).

More tour dates have started to appear - it looks like Simple Minds will be touring the UK in December - an early Christmas present for many!

Current unconfirmed dates are:
Apollo, Hammersmith, London: 5th December
Apollo, Manchester: 13th December
Four Simple Minds related singles will soon be issued.

  1. Spaceface by Simple Minds through Eagle.
    Promos of a new single have started to appear (see 27th January). So far the only tracks associated with this release are Spaceface and Disconnected. Hopefully Eagle will bulk this up when it is released commerically.

  2. Spaceface by Simple Minds through Absolutely. (Absolutely ABR 036)
    The next round of Spaceface remixes from Absolutely have been circulating on white label promos for a couple of weeks, but they get commercially released on February 3rd. This 12" features remixes by DJ Tomcraft, Hardakt and Farfa. This can be ordered from now.

  3. Innerworld by Pascal Live Vs. Jim Kerr through Absolutely. (Absolutely ABR 038)
    Little is known about this release featuring remixes by Gaudi, Red Five and Masi And Bertoni. I suspect Jim's simply sharing vocal duties. However, white-label promos can now be ordered from

  4. Don't You (Forget About Me) by Biba-Rom Vs. Jim Kerr through Absolutely.
    This one's on the way - a new reworking of the old classic and remixed by Andrea T.Mendoza-Phunk Investigation and Red Five. (Biba-Rom was the name of a Jim/Charlie school band predating Johnny And The Self Absuers.)

Someone's having a laugh (perhaps stock photos of Brian Kerr were unavailable.) (link will probably only work today).

As the 12" white labels of the two new Spaceface remixes from Absolutely circulate (featuring the DJ Tomcraft and Hardakt mixes), it looks like Eagle are playing catch-up.

Two track promos of a previously unknown single have started to appear. Featuring new artwork, these pair Spaceface and Disconnected. The most uninspired promo to date, but let's hope that the eventual single will feature more material - and not a couple of album tracks.

The Fatboy Slim Remix of The Real Life by Raven Maize was used as backing music during the half time interval of the BBC's FA Cup coverage (Man Utd vs. West Ham) yesterday.

Kenny Hyslop is 'well-up' for an open forum Q&A session on stage at the convention - so get those questions together.

Plus loads of great items are to be added to the charity auction, but they won't be announced until Shaun's physically got them.

Top German DJ Firestarter has confirmed he will be playing at the convention - he's a huge Simple Minds fan, so expect something special.

I am also raiding my collection, and with the help of a new computer, will be transfering a few acetates to CDR. One of which is an unreleased Néapolis remix of Glittering Prize - it's quite awful, but will be of (limited) interest - and will be aired at the convention for the first time.

After frantic voting on Judge Jules' forum, the new Spaceface remix was still aired on Radio One an hour ago. It's much more hard hitting than the Stonebridge or Farfa remixes. Good stuff!

I'd tune in next week just in case - Jules tends to play things about three times.

Cry is to be released by Eagle Records as a SACD on the 10th February. This is the second SACD by Simple Minds - the first being The Best Of released in 2002.

For information about SACD, click here.

The convention page has moved to

No new content as yet, but some more great items are expected for the charity auction.

Updates to the convention page will still be announced here.

Here's another collectable for the hardcore collectors out there. CDR-acetates of the most recent One Step Closer single are circulating.

For more information about this issue, click here.

The new Real To Real Cacophony standard remaster still features the misprint on the front cover, but the booklet corrects the error of the limited edition, and both sides of the original's LP inner sleeve are correctly reproduced. (In some ways, this makes the standard edition a better representation of the original album than the limited edition.)

Apart from the corrections, there's no extra artwork.

The new DJ Tomcraft remix is backed with another mix of Spaceface by Hardakt. White label 12" promos are circulating but none have appeared for sale as yet.

Two more Jim Kerr related remixes will shortly be issued...

Further to my posting yesterday, you can also vote for Spaceface. The winner gets a repeat play this Saturday.

To go directly to the voting page, click here.

For those outside the UK, you can listen to Radio One via streaming media. Check out the links posted on the 20th for information about the show.

Another date for your diaries: Simple Minds will be playing at the Museumsplatz in Bonn, Germany on the 19th July.

For further information, check out

See the tour list for the accumulating list of dates.

Simple Minds were played on Radio One last Saturday. That's Simple Minds: not Liquid People or Raven Maize or John 'OO' Flemming.

Judge Jules played the new DJ Tomcraft remix of Spaceface - a new remix of the track commissioned by Absolutely Records (and first mentioned here on the 9th January). No news of a release yet, but as Judge Jules played it, there must be some white labels circulating.

Judge Jules tends to keep tracks in his set-list for a couple of weeks, so it's worth listening in next week. Or, you can listen to the show via the Radio One website. A direct link to his page is here.

Or copy-and-paste this link straight into your RealPlayer to listen to last weeks show:

25 years ago today, in a dingy upstairs club, Steel Pulse took to the stage at Satellite City, Glasgow. They had been preceded by three very different support bands, all representative of the new wave gradually gaining momentum in the wake of punk. The roll call was Rev Volting And The Backstabbers (who later became the equally unknown Fun 4), The Nu Sonics (who renamed themselves Orange Juice and went on to enjoy some mainstream success) and a new band called Simple Minds, who were playing their first gig.

Not much is known about the bands' first appearance. Some old Johnny And The Self Abusers numbers, such as Wasteland, were dusted off from their last Mars Bar appearances. Their long loved cover of White Light-White Heat was also performed, probably as a furious rush like many of their early songs. And Pleasantly Disturbed, the first Simple Minds composition, was premiered.

The later, the six minute epic, was chillingly emphasized by Charlie Burchill on violin, who would then switch back to guitar to bolster Duncan Barnwell as the song reached its swirling conclusion. Brian McGee and Tony Donald resolutely kept rhythm whist Jim Kerr, dressed in a somber priests coat and sporting a basin-bowl haircut, projected and moved as if he was on-stage at the Apollo.

It cost £1.50 to get in.

I wish I could've been there.

"On the dance floor the standard disco clientele dance to standard disco records. On tables down the sides hippies (here for the reggae presumably) stick Rizla together. Reeking of new leather, punks patrol the perimeters, trying to look as subterranean as possible. Orange Juice still play a song about the event."

Glen Gibson.

The convention finishes at 12:00 in the evening - not 11:00 as I've stated. This will allow more drinking.

A new 1980s 'electo' compilation has recently been released and obviously is called The Original Electro Album.

Normally these compilation albums are pretty dull, but not only does this one feature Life In A Day by Simple Minds, but it also features Promised You A Miracle by (you guessed it) Simple Minds. By now, I guess you're scratching your head trying to figure out why these particular songs were picked out as being representative of 'electo' : surely I Travel and/or Love Song would be better.

Still, it's not for me to try and fathom the weird mind of compilation album compilers. But you also get The Human League, Heaven 17, Duran Duran, Talk Talk, Japan, OMD, Sigue Sigue Sputnik and others. Great 1980s soundtrack.

I'm reliably informed that Q Magazine (which I don't buy anymore) weren't very impressed by the contributions from a certain S. Minds. Never mind.

Original Electro Album
Catalogue: 540 9062
Love Action (I Believe In Love): Human League, Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry: Heaven 17, Girls On Film: Duran Duran, Promised You A Miracle: Simple Minds, To Cut A Long Story Short: Spandau Ballet, All Stood Still: Ultravox, Tesla Girls: Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, It's A Miracle: Culture Club, Together In Electric Dreams: Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder, Calling All The Heroes: It Bites, Life In A Day: Simple Minds, Imagination: Belouis Some, It's My Life: Talk Talk, Is It A Dream: Classix Nouveaux, Cantonese Boy: Japan, The Model: Kraftwerk, Genetic Engineering: Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, The Thin Wall: Ultravox, She Blinded Me With Science: Thomas Dolby, 19: Paul Hardcastle, Love Missile F1-11: Sigue Sigue Sputnik

Former Simple Minds' drummer Kenny Hyslop has confirmed he will be attending the Simple Minds convention.

Pictures for other auction items have been added to the convention page. These include a Real Life tour itinerary and crew shirt.

A much better scan of the Spaceface CDR acetate sleeve has been uploaded - this replaces an old eBay photograph of the sleeve.

The latest in a growing line of Simple Minds Vs ... releases is also the most disappointing.

Simple Minds Vs Dischi has suddenly turned up with a new track called Live In Glasgow. Listening to both untitled mixes on this rather anonymous 12" (black sleeve with "Live" printed across it) reveals very little Simple Minds content.

Actually, there seems to be no Simple Minds content whatsover.

The best I can come up with, is that the crowd noise heard during this dull Italian dance song is from a Simple Minds gig. At one point, I think I heard Jim on the PA, but I really didn't want to listen to it again to confirm it.

So... definintely not recommended.

If you want to listen to a brief sample, or are even brave enough to buy it, check out

Simple Minds Vs Dischi: Live In Glasgow
A1. Live In Glasgow [Unnamed Mix #1]
B1. Live In Glasgow [Unnamed Mix #2]
Black label 12" in black sleeve with "Live" sprayed across it.
Sound Division SD0073 (Italy)

Two more items have been added to the charity auction: a Real Life tour itinerary and a Real Life tour crew shirt. They've both been added to the Convention Page - pictures will be added once I receive them from Clive.

DJ Tomcraft has remixed Spaceface - no more information about a release at this point, but it looks like there may be another Cry related release appearing in the future.

Simple Minds will be touring European Festivals (and maybe some UK ones) for a six week period from the beginning of July until mid-August. Previous to that, they'll be recording the new studio album in Italy.

Two more dates have surfaced: Hohentwiel Festival on the 17th July (now confirmed by and Monte Carlo on August 10th (currently unconfirmed).

See the tour dates page, which is slowly starting to grow.

Shaun and I have been talking about the charity auction and what we have decided to do is run this as a video auction with payments to be sent to Shaun after the convention.

The main reasons for this are: (1) We dont want to ship a whole lot of rare memorabilia on an aeroplane and risk flight damage and (2) We dont want any of you carrying copious amounts of cash and/or rare items in the streets of Glasgow in the middle of the night.

All payments will be subject to a P&P charge, depending on item(s) and destination.

If you have any queries, dont hesitiate to contact either Shaun Tranter or myself.

Clive Johnson

See the Convention Pages for more information about some previously unpublished photographs which will be on display.

The standard editions of the remasters series were released in the UK today. A quick flip through revealed:

  • All the albums were in standard jewelcases with "Digitally Remastered Edition" along the front spine (see picture right).
  • All original album artwork of the limited edition remasters was retained. For example, New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) is gold again and Life In A Day has lost that annoying title strip.
  • The CDs themselves are same as the limited edition ones, being picture CDs of the original album labels.
The Life In A Day 8-page booklet features the original inner sleeves, some extra tambourine artwork, and a page listing all the remasters.

So, for those who haven't picked up the limited edition ones, the standard editions are worth getting. See my comments about the limited edition releases for the quality of the remastering.

There's also a competition card included - win the entire mini-vinyl styled reissues! Don't get too excited though - the draw isn't until 31st October 2003.

Looking to sell your Simple Minds collection?

Well here's your chance to sell it to hardcore fans. There are trade tables available at the convention (there is a charge per table) so why not make some money and have a good time?

For more information contact Shaun Tranter

So much for Dream Giver being up-to-date and current. It turns out that the Bouncing Souls cover of Don't You (Forget About Me) mentioned yeterday, is over two years old.

Apparently it's a live cover made by two bands: The Bouncing Souls and The Pietasters both ska-rock bands (which is why Mick keyboards are replaced by a full horn section).

Ignasi Calvo, who wrote in this info, also states that its a really great cover version. Well, I guess a live ska version of Don't You (Forget About Me) by two bands has to be heard to be believed.

Simple Minds will be playing the Bospop Festival in Weert, The Netherlands on the 12th July. will be updated with this information soon.

Simple Minds will jumping on the festival circuit in the summer of 2003, playing a selection of open-air gigs around Europe.

In a move similar to the 1997 festival tour, the band also hope to preview new material from the forthcoming new studio album which is expected in the autumn of 2003.

The first dates have already started appearing. Check out or or (all in German) for details about their appearance on the 11th July at the Bocholt-Hünting stadium in Germany.

There is also talk about the band playing at the Hohentwiel Stadium in Singer, Germany on the 17th July.

Good News From The Next World drummer Mark Schulmann has offered to record a video tape of a Q&A session for the convention. If you have any questions you'd like to ask Mark, then please e-mail Shaun Traner.

AlbumGood News From The Next World
CatalogueVirgin SIMCDX 11
TracksShe's A River/Night Music/Hypnotised/Great Leap Forward/7 Deadly Sins/And The Band Played On/My Life/Criminal World/This Time
Remastering HighlightsSome instrumentation disappears during And The Band Played On. Again, everything sounds slightly different, but it hasn't improved.
PackagingComplete repackaging of the original LP with gatefold sleeve, inner sleeve (complete with lyrics) and the original LP labels.

The Best Of - Night Of The Proms Special Remastered Edition has now been added to the discography. This compilation was a repackaging of the The Best Of, released in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany to tie in with the band's Proms tour.

A live CD featuring a couple of orchestral tracks by Simple Minds from these concerts should be available soon.

The tour dates have now been archived here.

Further additions to the discography include:
An Abbey Road reference CD of Our Secrets Are The Same
A 1-track US promo CD of the Cry Single.

A two-track CD acetate of the One Step Closer single has also started to circulate.

CatalogueVirgin SIMCDX 12
TracksSong For The Tribes/Glitterball/War Babies/Tears Of A Guy/Superman V Supersoul/Lightning/If I Had Wings/Killing Andy Warhol/Androgyny
Remastering HighlightsVery different sounding Tears Of A Guy (with low droning at the start) and Androgyny. In particular, Derek Forbes can be heard more clearly throughout the album.
PackagingAs Néapolis was never released on vinyl, it's interesting to see how Virgin have repackaged this album. And they haven't dissapointed. The album now appears as a gatefold with the original CD booklet in one of the folds, with the CD housed in a black sleeve in the other.

The limited edition versions of the remastered albums have now started selling out in the UK. Virgin will be releasing the standard editions (remastered albums in jewelcases) on the 6th January. It isn't known if they will change the artwork for these editions, or stay with the original CD packaging.

Good news for those in the USA. Virgin are issuing limited edition mini-sleeve remasters in the States with the first six appearing on the 6th January, and the second batch appearing on the 6th February. (Ads have appeared in publication: the one from Ice Magazine #190 is shown on the right.)

Q Magazine reviewed the second batch of remasters and slated them (as predicted). What is interesting, is to compare what Q rewarded each album at the time, and their 'new' rating. They could argue that with hindsight, the album's weren't as good as they originally thought, but what ever happened to their critical integrity? At the very least, they could've printed their original ratings with the new ones. Which I've done below:

What Q' originally said
(When they liked Simple Minds)
Q change their minds
(I assume they don't like them anymore)
Once Upon A Time (1985)
Live In The City Of Light (1987)
Street Fighting Years (1989)
Real Life (1991)
Good News From The Next World (1995)
Néapolis (1998)

(I don't buy Q anymore).

In an interview, Simon Heyworth mentioned that he'd also remastered the albums for SACD. Expect a limited release of this format in 2003.

A new cover of Don't You (Forget About Me) by Bouncing Souls has been released in the last couple of months or so. I've been told that it's a 'nice cover' - any other information will be posted here.

After reading the updated Mandela Day bootleg review, Lee Hodgkinson shed some light on Mel's false start to Biko:

"I met Mel about 6 months after the show and asked him about the false start prior to Biko. It was for Speed Your Love To Me - the set was cut short due to TV scheduling and everyone's set list was changed apart from his."

A new website devoted to the band's music has recently appeared. features an Internet broadcasting station (broadcasting Simple Minds of course), ringtones, logos, streaming audio and forums.

The concept seems to be to create the database of all sampled and remixed works which have been inspired by Simple Minds.

(And it has nothing to do with the tribute band Sample Minds - originally Band For The Tribes.)

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