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stay visible: information

  • The rarest, and last, of the Black And White 050505 single releases was the promo of Stay Visible.

  • It was something of an enigma. A single copy turned up in Australia in 2016 and featured an edit of the title track. It was assumed therefore that it was issued to coincide with the band touring Australia in May 2006.

  • In 2018, I obtained a copy of the Sanctuary Master List whilst helping compile the Rejuvenation 2001-2014 releases. I hoped this promo would be included, nailing down its release date and confirming its provenance. But neither this promo, The Jeweller (Part Two) or Different World [TAORMINA.ME] appeared in the listing.

  • The catalogue number was also odd. SANPX 390X didn't fit in with the standard ordering and clashed with the Different World [TAORMINA.ME] promo. (By this time, Sanctuary's cataloguing system appeared to be completely broken.)

  • I was beginning to think that it was a crafty fan bootleg.

  • However, it earned its redemption in 2019, as a very limited number of copies were found in the band's archive, which were then sold through the Simple Minds Shop. This firmly cemented its reputation but further clouded the water.

  • The copies in the band's archive had the same artwork as the original one-track promo, but featured two different edits of the title track. The first starts with the piano intro, and the second starts with guitar, so that's what I've called them.

  • Therefore there are two different promos, each with the same artwork but different contents. And as to when it was issued, and why, remains a mystery.

  • Many thanks to Clif for the info about the single-track version.

stay visible: quick reference
CD   Stay Visible CD Single Sanctuary SANPX 390X
1. Stay Visible[Edit](3:56)

CD   Stay Visible CD Single Sanctuary SANPX 390X
1. Stay Visible[Piano Intro Edit](3:44)
2. Stay Visible[Guitar Intro Edit](3:28)

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