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eddie duffy
bass | drums
associated with simple minds: 1999, 2002-2010

Eddie Duffy Eddie Duffy lived in the same neighbourhood as Jim and Charlie and grew up with the music of Simple Minds. A friend of Mark Kerr, he was part of Sly-Silver-Sly, and so was asked to contribute to the recording of Our Secrets Are The Same. He also made his live debut with the band the same year when Simple Minds appeared at Scotland Rocks For Kosovo 1999.

He was recruited formally into the band for The Floating World Tour 2002 after the Neon Lights and Cry albums were recorded. He quickly became a favourite with fans, thanks to his on-stage persona.

Along with Andy Gillespie, he was instrumental in persuading Jim and Charlie to revisit their back catalogue live, which lead to the reintroduction of many old classics during The Floating World Tour 2002 and Alive And Kicking Tour 2003 tours.

He was a full member of the band in the 2000s, playing bass and extensively touring the Black And White 050505 and Graffiti Soul albums.

The reason for his dramatic departure (on the eve of the band's Paris gig in front of 80,000 people) was never made clear. (He gave me one reason, the band's management gave me another, and there are other stories circulating around.)

discography: mainstream singles
Home Stranger Rockets Stars Will Lead The Way

discography: mainstream albums
Our Secrets Are The Same Black And White Graffiti Soul

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live appearances
Scotland Rocks For Kosovo 1999
The Floating World Tour 2002
Alive And Kicking Tour 2003
Festival Tour 2004
Intimate Tour 2005
Black And White Tour 2006
Australian Tour 2007
Lisbon Lions 2007
Celebrate 30 Years Live Tour 2008
30 Years Live European Tour 2009
Graffiti Soul Tour 2009
Australian Tour 2010
Festival Show Tour 2010 (quit before last show)