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The official site's download centre will soon be offering new material.

In the next few days they will send information to all registered members of SIMPLEMINDS.COM (who have a functional email address) to tell them that the first of the new download bundles will be available from Monday 7th January 2008.

In addition to this, and as a small thank you for everyone's patience, they will include a discount code allowing one FREE download bundle for any existing bundle purchased (i.e. buy one, get one free). They will also be adding some new items to the Members area, including some exclusive stuff in January but starting with the video of the band's whole LIVE performance at the Paradiso 17/09/2005.

It is their intention to not only have exclusive material in the FREE members area but also create a one-stop compilation of the best Simple Minds footage, music and info on the web.

So, if your e-mail address registered with SIMPLEMINDS.COM is out-of-date, then you'll need to change it so you'll receive the mail and your discount code.

Two recordings from Mind2Mode's gig on the 11th November at the Limelight Club, Crewe are available for download. The first is their version of Waterfront and the second is a wonderful version of Room (based on the Mind's arrangement at the Manley Vale Hotel, Sydney - widely regarded by fans as the best live version of the song.)

You can also see videos of Waterfront, Don't You (Forget About Me) and New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) on the site.

Whilst the website The Onion is best known for its satirical articles, there are also several serious sections of that site. One of which is their Albums From The A.V. Club's Hall Of Fame. They recently added Sparkle In The Rain to the list, although many of the comments asked why New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) wasn't considered instead.

JohnnyBGood has put together several new remixes:

  • Night Music: beats from Coldplay (Fix You , dub mix) and Night Music from the Minds
  • New Sunshine Morning: beats from Hed Khandi (Man In The Mirror dub mix) and New Sunshine Morning from the Minds
  • Celebrate: drumbeats from Coldplay / Celebrate from the Minds
  • Criminal World: drumbeats Armed from Pryda and Criminal World from the Minds
  • See the lights: drumbeats of Phunk Steve Angelo's mix from Shinedoe mixed with See The Lights of the Minds
  • 7 Deadly Sins: drumbeatloop of Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode) mixed with 7 Deadly Sins of the Minds
  • 7 Deadly Sins 19-remix: drumloop of Paul Hardcastle's 19 with 7 Deadly Sins of the Minds

A new Best Of discography has been added to Dream Giver Redux.

David Johnson (ebay:prescot98) will be selling his huge collection (over 790 items) of Simple Minds items in 2008. I've seen a small list of the items he's got for sale and there are some real rarities in there e.g. obscure promos, test pressings, Polish and Russian flexidiscs, signed memorabilia, stuff I've never seen etc.

The collection will be auctioned through eBay in batches through the whole of 2008. It's very rare that a collection of this size or quality is sold, so keep an eye out for it. The first batch will include David's twentiest rarest items.

The 30th anniversary of Simple Minds has been mentioned several times and this month is particularly significant.

Firstly, it's the 30th anniversary of their first single, the infamous Saints And Sinners.

But, if you ask me when the 30th anniversary of Simple Minds is, then I can be pretty definite... today.

On the 9th November, 1977, Johnny And The Self Abusers cut a 7-track demo tape at CaVa Studios, Glasgow. The name given to this band for those sessions was Simple Minds. The Abusers played their last gigs as Simple Minds. And Jim was on the phone to Ted Caroll at Chiswick trying (in vain) to get the name on the 7" changed to Simple Minds.

For me, this is the first recording by Simple Minds, the earliest item I have with Simple Minds written on it.

Happy 30th Anniversary Simple Minds

Of course, there many be earlier items in dusty collections, and Jim has the last word, but November 2007 is a significant milestone. Keep going guys!

This weekend, Sample Minds (the Simple Minds Tribute band) diversify to perform the music of not only Simple Minds, but that of U2 and Depeche Mode.

Introducing MIND2MODE - Three stadium legends - one show!

We have been in pre production on this project for a year and we're now finally going to make our live debut.

The set features approx 25 songs - including all the hits and fan favourites.

We are equally as nervous as we are excited about this project. We have 3 major agencies representing us and hope to play some high profile gigs in 2008.

We will be performing in Germany in December and will still be doing our Sample Minds tribute parallel to the new MIND2MODE show.

Hope to catch a few of you 'on the road'!


German gigs coming in December:


STADIUM Rock Legends - The Tribute Show!

U2, Depeche Mode and Simple Minds on one stage! Experience this dream festival line-up live in one single show.

Introducing MIND2MODE.

Including musicians from England and Germany the band have celebrated numerous achievements in the last years under the name of Sample Minds - among others a televised FIFA World Cup 2006 gig in front of 10,000 fans broadcast live from the Fan Mile at Roncalliplatz in Cologne, and many festivals in Great Britain, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

They have even performed on stage with musicians from the legendary Simple Minds: Simple Minds' front man Jim Kerr said of the band: "Too good for their own good, they are starting to make life it you guys!"

Now the band will present a new Tribute Show concept, never been seen before. The greatest hits from all three Rock Legends.

From stadium anthems Don't You (Forget About Me), Alive And Kicking, Pride (in the Name of Love), Sunday Bloody Sunday and Personal Jesus, through to the electro-pop dance grooves of Discotheque, Enjoy the Silence and Just Can't Get Enough, this show delivers on every level.

The Mega-Tribute-Party - a musically authentic and exciting show - in short an event for the ear and for the eye! A tribute to three of the greatest Stadium Legends in one fantastic show!

Three bands from one music genre, with millions of fans worldwide.

Stadium Rock Legends - THE Tribute Show with MIND2MODE!

Simple Minds have been announced as one of the artists appearing at next years Night Of The Proms concert in Charleroi, Belgium on the 19th April.

They'll be appearing alongside other Proms veterans Alan Parsons and John Miles, having appeared at these orchestral events several times over the past ten years (Night Of The Proms '97, Grand Prix Night Of The Proms '01 and Night Of The Proms '02).

In the past, they've played versions of Alive And Kicking, Don't You (Forget About Me), Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) and Belfast Child, backed by the full orchestra.

Full details are given on the flyer below.

Gift Pack has now been released. Whilst the version in the DVD case has yet to appear, the limited edition CD-sized box set is being distributed.

Gift Pack is a packaging of Best Of and Seen The Lights: Live In Verona and would be of interest to any Simple Minds fan who hasn't got Best Of or Seen The Lights: Live In Verona. Which is practically no-one.

To make it even more worthless, this package doesn't even feature any new artwork either.

With copies of (the now out-of-date) Best Of and Seen The Lights: Live In Verona still in the shops, it's difficult to see who this package is aimed at. Hopefully Virgin will pull up their socks and give Simple Minds back catalogue the thorough reappraisal it so rightfully deserves: there are some real opportunities to release compilations and retrospectives which will make the fans happy and put money into the record company's coffers. Unfortunately insipid releases like Gift Pack isn't one of them.

Christian Sinn has some Simple Minds goodies for sale. Contact him if you're interested in his list.

The Virgin compilation Gift Pack is released today. Available on two formats (either DVD-case or CD-case) the compilation is a simple pairing of Best Of and Seen The Lights: Live In Verona.

Mel Gaynor has released a cover of Play That Funky Music. The original track, and several remixes, are available for download via his site.

New tribute band Simply Minds will be playing their first gig in the Old Oak Bar, Cork City, Ireland on November 4th 2007. As seen in the press release (below), this is the first of a planned nationwide tour.

Simply Minds

Press release

Formed in 1977 Simple Minds a small band from Scotland, started out like most. Playing pubs, clubs and universities. The punk era was rampant and you can hear this influence in the early material. Virgin Records signed the band early 1981 after seeing a worldwide market for their style of music. The album New Gold Dream is still regarded as one of the all time greats. A string of hits through the 80’s which included the first stadium anthem Waterfront and Promised You A Miracle led to the break in the U.S.A. when Don’t You (Forget About Me) reached number one. Their performance at LIVE AID in ’85 was up there with U2 and Bowie. After 30 years they are still pumping the hits out. Though there are many tribute bands to other artists, Simple Minds were always very hard to replicate, UNTIL NOW !!!

SIMPLY MINDS were formed early 2007 by five musicians who all love the original band. It has been lead vocalist, John McGuire’s dream to put this project together. With his brother Paul (bass), Tim (drums), Lawerence (keyboards), and Mick (guitar) all the way from Dundee in Scotland. Their goal is not to look picture perfect like most tribute bands, but to get as near ‘Sound Perfect’ for their audience. At present the band are planning a nationwide tour that kicks off in November in Cork city.

Bookings (0876641611)

Loads more remixes from JohnnyBgood:

I've now updated Dream Giver Redux with full information about Neon Lights and the Dancing Barefoot and Homosapien singles.

JohnnyBgood has released some more new remixes:

The Sons Of Dan (who are Mick MacNeil, Derek Forbes and Brian McGee) have now released their first track, a wonderful new version of the classic Pleasantly Disturbed.

It's available for immediate download via MixRecords (goto Downloads -> Rock -> Singles). You'll also find an instrumental version of Premonition there as well (which was originally available via Mick's site a while back and is called Sons Of Dan Preview in the download section).

Check out the MixRecords Newsletter for more information.

This new remix of Don't You (Forget About Me) (which is probably a bootleg) will be of interest to those who collect all the various remixes. Unfortunately, other than a catalogue number, this 12" white-label remains completely anonymous. There's also only one track on the 12", which features a retro hard-house reworking of the original.

Sufficient numbers have been pressed to ensure that copies are still available from various specialist DJ outlets.

It's also now been entered into the discograpy.

The October issue of Spin Magazine features The 20 Best Singles Of '77 (By Bands That Had Not Yet Released Albums). Author Bryan Swirksy adds Johnny And The Self Abusers to the list alongside Buzzcocks and Generation X:

"The lone single by one of Scotland's first punk bands - a snotty, buzz-driven, under-two-minute elergy to a pub - was issued right after three of the members split to form Simple Minds."

The 'mirrored' version of the Love Song video can now be found on YouTube. This copy seemed to originate from the Australian All The Rage show. It's worth watching just to see how meaningless the whole video becomes after this odd video post-processing.

Why was this done? I can only guess that it was done to censor Derek spiking drinks. Also, this video accommpanies the full album version of the song, so there's lots of repeated, slowed scenes to fill the whole thing out.

I've now added photographs to the write-up of the Celebrate gig (see the entry for the 27th August). Many thanks to Dan Millard for the pictures.

FourGoodMen are playing a couple of other gigs this year:

24th November 2007: Glasgow Hilton, Glasgow, Scotland (tickets by invite only).
27th December 2007: Classic Grande, 18 Jamaica Street, Glasgow, Scotland

See FourGoodMen's website for further information.

Brian, Mick and Derek before the gig

Virgin are releasing Gift Pack on the 29th October. It combines 2002‘s Best Of with 2004‘s Seen The Lights: Live In Verona.

Details are still sketchy, but there appears to be two versions: one packaged as a digipak (which contains one CD and one DVD) and one packaged as a DVD (which features two CDs and a DVD).

As Early Gold sold better than The Best Of, and interest in the early years continues to grow, a package of Simple Minds early single releases would’ve been far more welcome, and probably far more profitable, than an out-of-date incomplete best-of coupled with the third reissue of a live DVD. If Virgin intelligently reappraised Simple Minds’ back catalogue, then they’d find far better opportunities to turn profit, and make the fans happy, than these tired bundled compilations.

Universal, the new owners of Sanctuary Records, are to close the UK recorded music division, home to artists such as Marc Almond, The Charlatans and Simple Minds.

Universal will be consulting the label's artists and hope to minimise redundancies.

So, it looks like Simple Minds will either be negotiating to jump ship to the parent label or will be without a record label again.

A new remix of Don't You (Forget About Me) was released last week. Released as Simple Minds, (although probably a bootleg) this one-track promo white-label 12" only features one house remix of the title track. Searching on its catalogue number (WINX010) reveals many on-line DJ outlets with copies.

sample MINDS

When line-up changes of sample MINDS are reported in The Sun you know they’ve become something very special. And they’ve become seasoned performers having played to thousands across Europe. And they know Simple Minds’ back catalogue backwards, so you’re always going to be in for a surprise.

They did not disappoint. And, perhaps nerves were a little higher than usual, because they were being watched by their heroes as Derek Forbes, Mick MacNeil and Brian McGee calmly watched proceedings from the back of the room.

Their set-list was partly constrained by the forthcoming band, but sample MINDS were playing to the hardcore crowd, so could dip into Simple Minds’ back catalogue with confidence. Old favourites such as Promised You A Miracle and Up On The Catwalk breezily rubbed shoulders with Home and Stay Visible; the rush of Oh Jungleland was calmed with the atmospheric Street Fighting Years; and the old standards, such as The American, were waved with gusto.

They are also becoming experts with the songs, wrong footing the audience several times with their musical dexterity: Waterfront gave way to Celebrate before veering back on course; the wonderful early 1980s version of Room transmutated into Book Of Brilliant Things before bouncing back through Rock And Roll.

It was wonderful to hear these old songs performed with the energy and the arrangements of the old bootlegs. Shut your eyes and it was Simple Minds.

Reason to be there: the moment a suited Derek Forbes climbed on stage, calmly plugged in, and proceeded to let rip the frenzied bass underpinnings of a momentous performance of New Gold Dream. Audience lose it.

Book Of Brilliant Things
Promised You A Miracle
Up On The Catwalk
Hunter And The Hunted
Mandela Day
Stay Visible
She’s A River
Oh Jungleland
Street Fighting Years
Waterfront (with Celebrate)
The American
New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) (guest staring Derek Forbes)
One (by U2)
Room (with Book Of Brilliant Things and Rock And Roll)

Mick, Derek and Brian

Brian’s appearance at the event was a total surprise, and it was wonderful to see these three founder members of Simple Minds getting up on stage, and just letting rip for two acoustic numbers. We knew something every special was about to happen when a new, pre-recorded version of Pleasantly Disturbed announced the band, the female vocalist giving the song a new beguiling edge.

With an intro from Trans Europe Express, they launched into In Trance As Mission. Brian McGee, lean and mean, showed absolutely no mercy as he pounded through the track to Derek’s propulsive bass whilst Mick gave the song a whole new edge by playing the accordion. Mick returned to the synth for Theme For Great Cities, the balearic anthem which they made their own again.

Reason to be there: That’s Mick, Derek and Brian, on stage, playing Simple Minds. Does it get any better than that?

Pleasantly Disturbed [Intro]
In Trance As Mission (with Trans Europe Express)
Theme For Great Cities


You know you’re going to be treated to something very different, and possibly unique, when two girls introduce the band with a Bagpipe solo over a hypnotic drum beat. Which continues as the rest of the band take to stage, and the familiar intro to Waterfront takes over.

I don’t know how they got everyone on stage. The five piece sample Minds were cramped, but FourGoodMen packed all the available space with two bagpipe players, drummer, bass, keyboards, guitar, vocalist and backing vocals. Somehow they all managed to get around each other.

It was FourGoodMen’s night, and so we were treated to their growing repertoire from the groovy grind of Kiss Cool to the ballad of Heart Of Wonder. Simple Minds' songs were there in quantity and Ian Donaldson took repeated requests of "Let me see your hands" in good humour. We were also treated to Ian’s own Dream To Sleep, the female vocalist taking centre stage for Don’t Get Me Wrong, and an absolutely kicking version of Bowie’s Boys Keep Swinging.

One stand out track was In A Big Country which closed the main part of the set, with the two girl bagpipe players standing either side of the stage belting out the melody. Definintely a huge crowd pleaser.

Belfast Child stood out particularly with Mick back on accordion and the song gaining a folky instrumental central section. And the night at Rotherham ended with Don’t You (Forget About Me): as it echoed to a close, Ian turned to the mike, said "Let us hear you" and the whole thing starting up once again.

Reason to be there: Derek and Mick show just how it should be done.

Bagpipe Intro
Kiss Cool (by FourGoodMen)
Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)
Falling (by FourGoodMen)
Dream To Sleep (by H20)
Glittering Prize
Boys Keep Swinging (by David Bowie)
Don’t Get Me Wrong (by The Pretenders)
Stars Will Fall (by FourGoodMen)
Love Song
Alive And Kicking
Heart Of Wonder (by FourGoodMen)
In A Big Country (by Big Country)
Belfast Child
Don’t You (Forget About Me)

Some photos will be coming soon.

Many thanks to FourGoodMen, Brian McGee, sample Minds, Dan Millard and the staff of Rotherham United football club.

DJ JohnnyBGood has put together another Simple Minds megamix. The In Trance As Mission mix features the following:

Cry [Charlie Fath 80's Remix], Cry [Phunk Investigation Club Remix], Different World [Phunk Investigation Oddesey Remix], Kick It In [Unauthorised Mix], Alive And Kicking [Unreleased Acetate Remix], Alive And Kicking [Partenope Remix], Alive And Kicking Kelvin, Enjoy The Silence [Spartaque Private Remix] Depeche Mode, Gold Dreamer [DJ Club Mix], I Travel [Utah Saints Remix], Spaceface [Hardact Remix], Nyana DJ Tiesto Different World [Tali Freaks Remix], Enjoy The Silence [Phunk Investigation Dub Mix] Depeche Mode, Different World [Phunk Investigation Magma Remix], Alive And Kicking [Unreleased Acetate Remix], Glittering Prize, Big Sleep [DJ Fookmeister Remix], Where The Streets Have No Name [Techno Remix] U2, Belfast Trance [John OO' Fleming Remix], Carte Blanche Veracocha, Alive And Kicking East Side Beat, Alive And Kicking [Partenope Club Mix], One Step Closer [Phunk Investigation Inda Mix], Different World [So Phat! Club Mix], Different World [Tali Freaks Remix], Different World

In his latest journal, Jim wrote about attending the funeral of Dougie Cowan. For those who took interest in the credits written on Simple Minds' record covers, his name was immediately familiar, although his role seemed to change from album to album.

Therefore he was definintely one of the people I wanted to interview for Who's Doing The Dreaming Now?.

In the end, Shaun Tranter and Paul Halfacre found him in France, as Simple Minds prepared to play the last concert of the Neapolis tour. The interview was published in Who's Doing The Dreaming Now? issue 8.

Obviously Dougie was far more important to the band than this interview hints at, but it gives a glimpse of his work with them.

If you're in the habit of reading the credits on the album sleeves, the name Dougie Cowan should be familiar. His name appears on Once Upon A Time onwards; with credit ranging from "Studio Crew", "Computer Work" and "Technical Master".

His association with the band far predates Once Upon A Time; he was working with them in the Johnny And The Self Abusers days.

Shaun Tranter and Paul Halfacre tracked him down at Lyon, the last gig of the 1998 festival tour.

ST: Full name?
DC: Dougie Cowan

ST: Job description?
DC: Well, on this one I'm the guitar technician, or whatever they call it these days. It looks better on the bank loan application form.

ST: Do you put Simple Minds by the side of it?
DC: Yeah! You have to. If the bank manager hasn't heard of them, his dad has!

ST: How long have you been Charlie's roadie?
DC: I don't normally do Charlie's guitar. I've worked with the band off and on since about 1979, since they first started. I usually look after their studio and things. But they've just sold that a little while ago. So obviously since then there's no need for anybody to look after their studio! So I came out and did this instead. This and the Proms concerts was the first time I looked after his guitar.

ST: So what does your job actually involve?
DC: Today? It's essentially just looking after the guitars and making sure there's some electricity for the rest of the band to plug into. I'm here if anything goes wrong as well. So I fix most things.

ST: So, yesterday was Toulon and obviously everything had to be shipped from Toulon up to here. Did you work all through the night?
DC: Not all night. We're last on the stage and usually first off it. So it normally takes us an hour or so after the band to finish. And then we're packed up. The gear travels by truck and we travel in the bus. The bus has a lot of bunks on it, so we sleep on the way here so you wake up when you get here.

ST: Do you usually sleep on the bus or do they put you up in hotels?
DC: If we have a day off inbetween then we would stay in a hotel. But normally it would be pretty pointless to stay in a hotel. In a hotel in Toulon, we'd have to get up at 4 o'clock in the morning.

ST: Will you be watching the show today, or will you be catching up on your sleep?
DC: No. When they're playing I'll be at the side of the stage tuning up Charlie's guitar.

PH: How many guitars does he have?
DC: Two that he plays, one that's a spare. One of them has different tuning on it and it's got a tremelo bar and what-not on it. He uses different ones for different songs.

ST: What's the good and bad points of the job?
DC: [Laughs] Sitting here in the sun is probably one of the better points. Back home the weather's not too hot at the moment.

ST: What would you say is the highlight? Getting around to see the world?
DC: On a tour like this, you get to see a little bit of the countryside because we did have a few days of here and there. Largely because there are such large distances to travel between some of the venues that there was no alternative than to have a day off somewhere. The people who drive the buses and trucks can only drive for so many hours a day, so they have to stop as well.
DC: So, definintely, at this time of year and in this part of the country, the swanning about in the sun is one of the highlights. The boring bits are the same thing. Sitting on the bus for twelve hours for a stretch as you get a thousand miles from Hamburg to Milan or something like that.

ST: Does everybody help out, or do you have your own jobs?
DC: During the show, we pretty much only do our own job, although obviously if something goes wrong with anyone else's, there's usually somebody who's done your job before so they would know how to do something, if something calamitous happened and we all had to move around - but it wouldn't be the end of the world. But then at the end of the night, it's a case of pack up your own gear and pack up anything else that's lying around and get it in the truck as soon as possible.

ST: So it's one big team effort?
DC: Yeah, it has to be. We don't have a terribly big crew for this. There's only four back line people, and a couple of sound men, the light man. If everyone did just their job, there would be quite a few bits left over at the end of the day.

ST: When the band's not touring, what do you do with yourself, now the studio's gone?
DC: That question's never arisen before because the studio's always been there. At the moment we have a lot of excess equipment which is left over from the studio. Nobody really realised we had so much equipment until it came to taking it all out of the studio. So we're trying to get rid of some of that and house it sensibly - if we can't actually get rid of it. So we'll be doing that for a bit and then see what happens when they start writing the next album. Or whatever they're going to do next.

ST: So are you with them from when they start recording the album, or does Charlie do his own...
DC: Most of the time. Because previously either they'd start writing some of it at home or in hotels somewhere. Nice and warm! We'd take some equipment - they use Macintosh computers and things to record the album. They were right in from the word go. But there was always several levels of complication there that has to be attended to. I usually follow them around the world putting plugs on things.
DC: ... I've been in more-or-less constant contact with them over the last ten years. Looking after stuff in the studio, looking after the studio, doing everything except writing the songs. Making sure all the technical side of it is reasonably up and functioning so they can get on with their creative bit. Looking after the computers they have.

ST: Is everything going more towards being computerised?
DC: Yeah. Everything you get now has a computer in it. It's much easier to control it on a computer screen than it is to fiddle about with two little buttons and a knob or something, which used to be the old way of doing it. And if you come across something that sounds good, you can save it, rather than gaffer all the knobs up on some piece of equipment.

ST: What was your main job in the early days?
DC: When I started working with them I did the stage monitors. And then I went on to just looking after things technically. I've done that up to really this last [tour] - well the Proms was the beginning of just looking after Charlie's guitars.

ST: For the Proms, did they rehease with the orchestra before they played or was it a case of 'these are the songs, these are the arrangements'?
DC: The arrangements were semi-agreed on beforehand. Tapes and things were sent to the conductor and the chap who was doing the orchestration, and they came up with bits and pieces. The orchestra had rehearsed what they had to play separately and then together - quite a lot before we ever got there. Then the band did do a few rehearsals but it was very much in running order. Rehearsals would be zipped through quite quickly so it wasn't terribly extensive. Which an orchestra doesn't really need because they've got all the dots in front of them.
DC: Once Charlie and Jim has 'relearned' their songs the way the conductor was going to play them, that was it.

ST: So it was the conductor saying 'we're going to do it this way'?
DC: More or less. Some bits of it, what he had come up with, weren't acceptable so they were 'redone' if you like. By and large it was all done to suit the orchestral setting. You have to assume that the conductor and the arranger know a wee bit more about it than anyone else. So you have to take their word for it that it's going to be marvellous on the night.
DC: It was epsecially effective on Belfast Child because it took quite well to an orchestral arrangement.

PH: I was in Dunkirk last week and the start of Belfast Child has a little orchestral start now - does that come from there?
DC: There always used to be some kind of instrumental beginning. It's varied over the years from violins, when we had the violin player, to Charlie playing acoustic guitar. When that wasn't loud enough for him he would play electric guitar. But there was always some kind of solo thing on the beginning of it.

ST: From playing an open venue like this, to the [closed environment of the] Cybertheatre, do you have to approach it any different way? Or do the guys on the desk have to approach it different?
DC: Not really. The main difference, obviously, is that the stage here is about twice the size of the entire Cybertheatre. So we're not quite so cramped as to where to put everything. The PA system is bigger obviously, the layout of the venue is a bit different, so the sound-man has to make allowances for the different acoustics. Apart from that, it's pretty much the same.

ST: At the Cybertheatre, was it the case of bare essentials on the stage with everything else on the truck?
DC: At the Cybertheatre there was no room for everything so things had to go back in the truck parked around the corner, because they dug the road up! But here we have enough sapce to put everything where we want it, everything's set up. All we've got to do now is wait for it not to rain.

ST: Do you class yourself as a fan of the band?
DC: Yeah, of their earlier stuff, year, definitely. The music that got everybody interested.

ST: So, do you have a favourite single, album track, live track?
DC: I don't have any favourites. It would definitely be some of their old stuff. Something like New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84).

PH: Is there a favourite gig of this tour?
DC: Yeah, this one!

ST: Because it's the last one?
DC: It's actually one of the best stadiums we've been in in terms of size of the stage, having the wings, having enough room for two bands and a couple of musicians. There's enough room for everybody to be there without someone having to take it all to bits again. That's fairly important because we come in the morning and check it; that it's all set up, and then take it all down and then do it again. You're just as likely to break something the second time around.

ST: So, once it's all set up, do the band soundcheck at every venue?
DC: No, the band have only done a couple of soundchecks on this tour. We get to know what they want to hear and how they want everything set up. So we just do that, so they don't have to come here. This one's not so bad, but some of the venues are open to the public all day long. So when the band's coming on and doing their soundcheck, it's a bit embarrassing probably.

ST: So once tonight's finished, once you've packed away, what are you going to do then?
DC: I'll be staying in Lyon tonight and flying home tomorrow morning. I should be home for lunch tomorrow. Then I have to wait for the truck to come back, which takes a bit longer. It has various stop-offs to do, to drop off everybody's equipment.

ST: Does everybody look after their own equipment?
DC: Kind off. Some of the guys are going on to other things, so their equipment gets dropped off at other places.

ST: Rangers or Celtic supporter?
DC: Neither. If I was a football supporter, I probably wouldn't support either. Both Rangers and Celtic are from Glasgow and I'm from just south of Edinburgh.

ST: If you could have a normal nine-to-five job, what would it be? Would you want a normal nine-to-five job?
DC: When you see the people with all the money, they're either plumbers or accountants or lawyers or something like that. I'd have to be one of them I think.

ST: If anybody wanted to get into this type of work, what advice would you give them?
DC: The two usual routes are to have worked for a band since they worked at the high school or whatever. Generally it means you're not very musical so you get the job of fixing things rather than being the singer. It's either that or your next door neighbour suddenly becomes famous overnight and asks you to look after his towel or something on stage. Most of these people have been working with bands since they were at school.

PH: When was the first time you met Jim and Charlie and got involved?
DC: I actually did some gigs with Johnny And The Self Abusers. I was working with PA companies in Scotland when they played - thye did a few shows in Edinburgh, some in Glasgow, some in Dunfirmline - places like that. Whether anyone would remember that, I don't know.
DC: We did some gigs with them before they got their record deals, and had all their own PA equipment and things like that - we did some gigs with Simple Minds.

ST: They got in touch with you to hire their equipment?
DC: Yeah, they would rent equipment or the promoter would organise renting equipment and you would turn up and find that it's Simple Minds playing.

ST: We read in books that they had quite a cult following - is that true?
DC: Yeah, there's always been an underground element to it. There are people on tis tour who know where the band are playing two months before the band know where they're playing. There's obviously people with crystal balls out there who know everything about them. So in the early days, with a complete lack of publicity by anybody else, that's the only way they would have known when they were playing. It would have been a bit of a cult following. They weren't on Top Of The Pops very often in 1979!

Who's Doing The Dreaming Now?
Issue #8, 1999

JohnnyBgood has put together some more Simple Minds megamixes: The Full Throttle Megamix and The Reconnected Minds.

The Reconnected Minds features: Das Boot Kraftwerk, Innerworld [Gaudi Interpretation] Pascal Life, Sound In 70 Cities, Spaceface [DJ Tomcraft Remix], Cry [Charlie Fath 80's Remix], Waterfront [Union Jack Remix], Kick It In, [Unauthorised Remix], Lithium DJ Lithium, I Travel [Utah Saints Remix], Don't You (Forget About Me) [Perky Park's Radio Remix], Don't You (Forget About Me) [White Spaces Main Mix], Cynical Heart [Extended Radio Mix], Cynical Heart [Cet Merlin Remix], Alive And Kicking [Unknown Acetate Remix], Glittering Prize [Unknown Acetate Remix], Big Sleep [Fookmeister NY Remix], The Power Of The Flower Pragha Khan, Being Boiled Human League, Fade To Gray Visage, Being Boiled, Disconnected, Dirty Old Town U2, Dirty Old Town The Dubliners, Dirty Old Town The Pogues, Dirty Old Town

And it's particularly interesting as it features two remixes (Glittering Prize and Alive And Kicking) which were never released and were only discovered on ultra-rare acetates.


Four Good Men and Sample Minds will be putting on a gig at Rotherham United on the August 26th.

Full details of the event, plus ticket booking information, can be found on Rotherham United's web site.

Sample Minds Press Release


Sample Minds – the Simple Minds tribute band, will be appearing with none other than Four Good Men – who feature Simple Minds' legendary founder members Mick McNeil and Derek Forbes.

"This is pretty amazing," commented frontman Steve Hempton. "Mick and Derek's contribution to the classic Simple Minds sound was incredible. It’s a real honour to be able to share the stage with them."

The event will be held at Rotherham United Football Club and will be a game of two halves. In the afternoon there is a ticket only function for fans to get together and celebrate 30 years of Simple Minds music. There will be memorabilia exchanges, quizzes, auction and an opportunity to meet Mick and Derek – and Sample Minds too! If you’re a Simple Minds fan – you’ll want to be there.

The evening event will kick off with Sample Minds. “We’re aware of the Simple Minds songs that Four Good Men will be performing and do not want to double up,” said keyboard player Simon Hayward. “This gives us an opportunity to drop in a few songs we wouldn’t normally get to play. There are sure to be some sonic treats in store from both bands.”

Tickets are available from:

Promotions Office Rotherham UTD 01709 512760

For further details:,,10360~1034248,00.html

Event Press Release

Tickets for the Celebrate gig will go on sale at 9:30am (GMT) on Monday morning, June 25th 2007.

Tickets can be obtained from the ticket office at Rotherham United where Credit / Debit card facilities are available. The number is + 44 (0) 870 443 1884.

Tickets for the gig are priced a £20.

Anyone wishing to attend the Pre-Gig Meet up / mini-convention will need to buy a Hospitality / Meet & Greet Pass. This event will start at 2:30pm.

This will be a Private Event and will be held in the Hospitality Suite in the Main Stand. Mick & Derek will be taking part and will do a "Meet & Greet", a signing session, they will be bringing some of their personal SM memorabilia (Mick apparently will be bringing some of his video footage of life on the road), and I believe a few special guests may well be on the cards!

There will be a range of other activities taking place and a number of surprises! And of course, the usual fan meet up will require a bar!

There will be food (as it's a long day) which will be included in the price of the ticket. Please ask for a Hospitality / Meet and Greet ticket whilst purchasing your concert ticket should you wish to attend.

Access can only be gained to the Hospitality Suite with a ticket. These are priced at £10 (which essentially is covering food costs).

Tgere is a "Special Rate" at the local Holiday Inn, which is a five minute drive away (there is a taxi company / rank directly opposite Rotherham United). The rate is £65 per room (whether single or double occupancy) and includes breakfast. The usual rate is £89.

If you want to reserve a room, call +44 (0) 1709 830630. You will need to quote `Rotherham United' to take advantage of the deal.

Some pictures of the Lisbon Lions concert can now be seen on Celtic FC's website. The event has also been broadcast on their Channel 67, which I believe is their own subscription channel.

Jim also appeared on Gabby Logan's new BBC Radio 2 on May 26th. They talked mostly about football (Lisbon Lions especially). Gabby did wish Jim "good luck with the summer tour" but I think this is a slip-up on her part - I don't think anything's planned for the summer.

Another megamix has been put together by JohnnyBgood (who produced the earlier Crashing Beats And Fantasy and Different World megamixes). Sounds For Every Heaven fuses a large number of different Simple Minds tracks (including the most recent Different World remixes) into one large megamix namely:

Cry Phunk Investigation Dubmix, Enjoy The Silence, Kick It In Unauthorised Mix, Alive And Kicking Dance Mix, Alive And Kicking Partenope club Mix, Alive And Kicking Electrosoccer Mix, Someone, Somewhere (In Summertime) DJ Sofus Remix, Spaceface DJ Tomcraft Remix, Different World Phunk Investigation Odissey Remix, Just Can't Get Enough DJ Murilo Mix, Theme For Great Cities Fluke Remix, One Step Closer Phunk Investigation Inda Mix, Cry Charlie Fath's 80s Remix, Enjoy The Silence, Kick It In Unauthorised Mix, Photographic Skinflutes Regenerated Remix, Lithium DJ Lithium Different World So Phat! Club Mix, Different World So Phat!s Sonicblast Merged Mix, Innerworld Gaudi Interpretation Mix, Different World The Beatthiefs Remix, Different World So Phat! Club Mix, Different World Scumfrog Remix, Different World So Phat!s Sonicblast Merged Mix, Alive And Kicking Electrosoccer Mix

Andy Murison is selling his Simple Minds vinyl collection. So if you're after an original Arista album, or are missing a Virgin single or two then e-mail him and ask for his list.

Since 1996, this website has been hosted by Demon. However, due to changes with their website hosting, I've just had to delete half the site to add this latest update! (Due to some daft new admin files effectively halving my quota).

You will notice that the images in parts of the discography have gone, all the images of old news pages have gone, and the 'Biography' section is no more.

Therefore I'll be moving the site over to Dream Giver Redux faster than I originally hoped. Because of that some portions of the site might 'disappear' for a while. But the 'News' section is always the top priority and will remain online.

Simon Cornwell

The winner of the competition is: Joonas Välimäki from Finland.

Congratulations Joonas and I'll get the CDs in the post to you.

Many thanks to all the hundreds who entered the competition. It proved to be very popular. I shall be holding further competitions for various Simple Minds goodies in the near future.

The set list for the Lisbon Lions concert was:

Don't You (Forget About Me)
Dirty Old Town
Sanctify Yourself
Alive And Kicking

And that's it for now. I don't know of any other concerts in the pipeline. After a break, I expect everyone will start thinking about future plans.

John Milarky is a familar name if you've delved into the early, murky history of Simple Minds. His involvement in Johnny And The Self Abusers, and front-man of The Cuban Heels, is well documented.

And then he disappeared. That is, until now.

Milarky has returned, winning an international screenwriting prize for The Strangest Thing. It's likely the screenplay will now be made into a film.

For the full story, check out this feature in The Herald.

Don't You (Forget About Me) has been used as the soundtrack for a Coca Cola advertisement in Spain. I'm not quite sure what it's all about, but the full video can be seen here.

The Manic Street Preachers have returned to a cyrillic style font for the artwork of their latest album Send Away The Tigers. This was first used for The Holy Bible, directly inspired by the typography of Simple Minds' Empires And Dance.

Absolutely was a comedy show which appeared on Channel 4 in the UK from 1989 through to 1993. The cast and crew were mainly Scottish, and were perfectly happy to send-up everything north of the border. Which includes this video (parts of which are unfortunately rather familar).

Madeleine McCann disappered from her parent's holiday vila in Portuagal on the 3rd May 2007.

Since then, there has been massive media coverage, determined to raise public awareness of the case all over the world and to find Madeleine.

As part of the campaign, a video's been produced of Madeleine, which is backed by Don't You (Forget About Me). It has been played during news programmes all over the world and at high profile sporting events (including the FA Cup Final at the new Wembley Stadium).

Click on the banner below to find out more:


The second Different World 12" has now been released.

Whilst it was expected the single would include the four remixes originally offered as downloads, the new 12" features two new remixes by So Phat!. (These were originally commissioned one year ago).

The Different World remix story still isn't over: there's an Emil Croff in the works.

If you enjoyed the Different World Megamix, then you'll definintely enjoy Crashing Beats And Fantasy. By the same remixer, it features several Simple Minds tracks all entwined around varous remixes of New Gold Dream.


I have the two live CDs from the recent Sunday Express promotion up for grabs.

Rather than run a competition, I thought I'd simply give them away to someone.

Therefore, if you'd like to be in the draw, simply send me an e-mail. In a weeks' time (Monday 28th May), I'll pick a winner from all the entries at random.

Good luck!

It's now clarified. The whole band will be playing at the Lisbon Lions 40th Tribute. Check out for the full story.

More details about New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) have been added to Dream Giver Redux. All the trivia about the album has been added to its page, along with all the collectable formats which have been released around the world.

For more information click here.

If you like dance remixes, then this is a real treat. Put together by a Simple Minds fan, this one hour megamix features loads of Simple Minds remixes, tracks by other artists, all knitted together with different versions of Different World [TAORMINA.ME]. Definintely recommended!

It can be downloaded from (It's an 87MB 192kpbs MP3 file so you'll need to be on broadband).

The tracks included are: Different World [TAORMINA ME] [Tali Freaks Remix], Don't You (Forget About Me) [Perky Park's Radio Remix], Love Song [Utah Saints Remix], Different World [TAORMINA ME] [Tali Freaks' Remix], Different World [TAORMINA ME] [Phunk Investigation Odissey Remix], Alan Braxe And Friends, Enola Gay OMD [Dancefloor Killa Remix], Enjoy the silence Depeche Mode [Vsadnik Drop Beatbreak Remix], Different World [TAORMINA ME] [DJ Moussa Clark Remix], Cry [Charlie Fath 80's Remix], Theme For Great Cities [Fluke's Remix], Walking Away [Tocadisco Remix], Love Song [Fookmeister NY Remix], Night Falls Artist Unknown, Different World [TAORMINA ME] [Tali Freaks Remix], Alive And Kicking [Dance Remix], Different World [TAORMINA ME] [Phunk Investigation Odissey Remix], Behind The Wheel Depeche Mode [Julian Creance Remix], Don't You (Forget About Me) [Stefano Sorrentino Remix], Spaceface [DJ Tomcraft Remix], Where The Streets Have No Name U2 [Techno Remix], Monstermental Liquid People vs Simple Minds [Original Remix], The American [Interference Remix], Waterfront [Union Jack Remix], Cry [Charlie Fath 80's Remix], Spaceface [DJ Tomcraft Remix], Different World [TAORMINA ME] [Scumfrog Remix], Octave One Black water

Those in the UK would've seen the recent Simple Minds Sunday Express giveaway promoted by a couple of TV advertisements. These can now be viewed on

The Canadian promotional-only album Sparkle Through The Years has now been fully documented on Dream Giver Redux. Included for the first time is the extremely rare cassette version.

Full details can be found on Dream Giver Redux.

I've now updated the bundle section to point to the new download location for the live bundles (they were rereleased on the 13th April 2007). All the live bundles can be downloaded from

Following on from sample MINDS' recent landmark gig in Hamm, Germany, the band are thrilled to be returning to Holland again this summer, once again performing a showcase gig with the fantastic U2/NL.

Saturday 9th June 2007

Cafe Spoorzicht
Loenenseweg 1
6961CL Eerbeek
Tel: 0313 652548

This will be new guitarist Martin Sommer's first full gig with the band. The as yet to be decided set will consist of approximately 16 songs.

Further tour dates are expected to be announced soon.

And yet another update for the collectors. Between 1993 and 1995, the Simple Minds Information Service issued four copies of the glossy, colour Shadowlands fanzine.

Now very rare, and eagerly snapped up on eBay, these official fanzines charted the slow emergence of Good News From The Next World, along with Q&A sessions with Jim and Charlie, competitions and more.

The full set of fanzines have now been documented and reviewed on Dream Giver Redux.

Sample Minds – Next Gig

Citifest, Towncentre, Hamm, Germany – Saturday 5th May 2007

Admission Free

Preparations are well underway Sample Minds next gig in Germany. With 25 songs split into two sets, this will truly be a Simple Minds marathon! From the opening bars of Theme For Great Cities to the "uber" arrangement of New Gold Dream, this promises to be a special event that the band are all really looking forward to.

This will be founder member Dave Kelly’s final performance and also new guitarist Martin Sommer’s live debut. Martin will tackle a few songs from the second set as a warm up for the forthcoming Holland gig in June. Despite having impaled his hand with a screwdriver and having surgery, reports from the German camp are that Martin sounds simply awesome.

"It's sure to be a really emotional experience," commented Sample Minds' frontman Steve Hempton. "It will be a real thrill to experience Dave in action one last time. Equally we’re excited about working with our new guitarist Martin."

Keyboard player Simon Hayward continued, "It's a big set – maybe our largest to date, including several songs we’ve not played in a long time."

Also Sample Minds were recently astonished to discover that the band had been featured in UK tabloid newspaper The Sun (seen on the right)!

Simon's also send a rehearsal recording of New Gold Dream (the 1986 live version).

As promised, Simple Minds Live Volume Two was given away free with the Sunday Express this last Sunday. The collection of two separate CDs is now complete.

The Express also sorted out the mistakes from last week by printing Jim's comments for both the CDs.

Both the CDs, comments, and pictures from the papers have been added to the discography:
Simple Minds Live Volume One
Simple Minds Live Volume Two

The album has started appearing on eBay, but copies can also be ordered directly from The Sunday Express via their back-issue ordering service.

A version of Simple Minds Don't You (Forget About Me) was elegently fused with Coldplay's Clocks for an MTV Mash-Up show from a couple of years ago. Despite this unauthorized remix sounding great, neither Simple Minds nor Coldplay gave permission for a commerical release.

Now a fan has fused both the videos of Don't You (Forget About Me) and Clocks together as a visual backdrop for the music and uploaded to YouTube. Well worth playing if you've never heard this mix before.

Simple Minds Live Volume One was released today as a free CD with the UK's Sunday Express newspaper. The CD features eight newly released live tracks and three bonus recordings.

The live recordings appear to be taken from a variety of different gigs recorded during the band's Black And White tour of 2006. Whilst Jim mentions that it's the last night of the tour during Let There Be Love, many of the songs featured on the disc weren't played at Edinburgh so their date remains a mystery.

Additionally the three bonus tracks, which are long ten minute ambient instrumentals, are credited to Austin Stuart Hanlin, and don't appear to be by Simple Minds. Again, clarification is needed on these.

This CD is a definate must for any Simple Minds fan

Furthermore, this trumps previous offerings as firstly the songs are live and secondly it includes many of the band's more recent works (such as Different World [TAORMINA.ME] and Dolphins).

A second CD will be released with the paper next week, and will complete the collection.

For those who are not in the UK, I'm sure the CDs will appear on eBay and other online sellers. Additionally, the band's official site are starting to offer the live bundles again, and hopefully will make these new recordings available to a wider audience as downloads.

Simple Minds Live Volume One
1.Alive And Kicking[Live](4:56)
2.New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)[Live](3:54)
3.Mandela Day[Live](6:52)
4.Up On The Catwalk[Live](4:37)
5.Different World [TAORMINA.ME][Live](4:12)
6.Let There Be Love[Live](4:38)
8.A Life Shot In Black And White[Live](3:35)
9.Move On One Minute Departure(10:33)
10.Waves Of Glass(10:58)
11.Moroccan Pipes(11:40)
National Newspapers - NN-10344 ncluded free with the Sunday Express (15th April 2007)

Unfortunately the paper managed to mix up the track listings and Jim's description of the tracks, so his thoughts on disc #2 appeared this week. But never mind. Here's his thoughts on next week's offerings:

Jim Kerr, the lead singer of Simple Minds, has kindly reviewed the CD for us:

1. Waterfront
Feeling we needed to begin each and every show with an bang, Waterfront was designed and calculated to do just that.

2. Glittering Prize
In the summer of '82, the UK pop charts were seemingly awash with very new and innovative pop songs all written by young artists, many of whom were destined for bigger things. Glittering prize is among that collection.

3. Sanctify Yourself
Producer Jimmy Iovine always felt that, apart from being a rock band, Simple Minds also posessed a soulfulness that demanded to be heard. Through this desire to explore aanother side of our creativity, Sanctify Yourself was written.

4. Don't You (Forget About Me)
Prior to the release of Dont You (Forget About Me), Simple Minds had achieved a fair amount of critical success. However, there is little point denying that this is the song that kicked the door to "the big league" wide open for us.

5. All The Things She Said
Another example of "the big pop style" that we had embraced. The style of the song suited us perectly for the time and ensured that our sound could travel globally.

6. Ghost Dancing
The live debut of this song was at the now legendary Live Aid concert that took place in Philadelphia's JFK stadium. Our hearts were in ouor mouths on that day and each and every time we play that song, all those emotions return.

7. See The Lights
In some ways I feel that this is one of our best ever songs. It has a great mixture of deep darkness yet ultimatly compelling light within its words and melody.

8. Dolphins
A dream, a metaphor, an illusion. It all takes place against Charlie Burchill's siren call. In my view, Dolphins is a fine example of the cinema sound that Simple Minds has always been able to conjure up.

The Australian tour is now over. Many thanks to all those who e-mailed in set-lists, photographs and gig reviews. Everything is now on-line. And additional thanks to those who posted gig reviews to the Simple Minds mailing list. (Which is now almost up to 1200 members - and you don't have to subscribe to read it).

Tour promoter Andrew McManus must be pleased: Simple Minds (admittedly as INXS's support) gained rave review after rave review. He must be thinking of booking them again. And with rumours of a big tour next year, the band may soon be back in Australia/New Zealand.

The best night (in terms of the set-list) was Hunter Valley where Sanctify Yourself reappeared, and New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) made a triumphal appearance.

Great stuff!

So what now? The Lisbon Lions event appears to be the final public event in the tour diary (and that might just be Jim with Charlie so don't expect a full Simple Minds show).

In typical Simple Minds manner, I'll expect the band to go very quiet and secretive, as they start recording the new studio album. The Australian Tour will have moved the timescales forward, so I don't expect anything to be released until early 2008.

I suspect this has worked out well for them. 2008 is being muted as the 30th anniversary of Simple Minds, and there is talk of a worldwide tour. A new studio album would be the icing on the cake, as I suspect Jim would be far happier promoting and talking about a new studio album for the band's 30th year, rather than a retrospective collecion.

Watch this space.

In the meantime, I'm going to be busy fleshing out the ever-ongoing "new" site, starting with New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) next week. Dream Giver will be regularly updated, as it has been over the past 14 years.

Holyrood School have recently celebrated famous and successful ex-pupils. The Glasgow Evening Times reported on the event which included the unveiling of signed and framed photos of former pupils Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill of Simple Minds, and Fran Heeley of Travis.

I was saddened to read recently that the Sparkle! fan club and mailing list is due to shut down. Fan clubs come and go, but the Sparkle club made a significant impact: supporting the band and attending gigs, and organising their own events and club days, and having a vibrant and well-designed website to coordinate everything.

Their departure from the fanbase of Simple Minds will be felt by many fans: I wish the members of the club, and their hard working organisers, well for the future (and no-doubt will see many at the gigs next year).

The set-list for the last few gigs (Melbourne, Canerra and Wollongong) has remained the same, namely:

Love Song
Book Of Brilliant Things
See The Lights
All The Things She Said
Ghostdancing - Gloria
Glittering Prize
Dont You (Forget About Me)
Alive And Kicking

Jim and Charlie at Canberra (27 March 2007)
© Steve A

Just came home from Simple Minds/INXS and Arrested Development at AIS Arena Canberra. Let me just say that Jim and the boys were of course great. Their list was the same as Adelaide, which was way too short for them - only 1 hour. Everyone I talked to at the beer stand after them (and before INXS) said that they should have played longer "they were well and truly warmed up".

In fairness to INXS, they were pretty good. JD Fortune good singer, but made a few people cringe with a few of his in-between song comments.

There is a lot of people in Australia who love Simple Minds and wished that they had toured more over the years.

Can't wait for the next album and tour.

Steve A

Courier Mail recently published an interview with Jim.

Early Gold was released late last year by Caroline Records in the USA. Promotional copies have only just started to surface: there's a specially pressed promotional CD with typed backing sleeve and a gold stamped version of the commercial copy. All the variations appear equally rare.

I been sent the prices of the various ticket options for the Lisbon Lions 40th anniversary dinner. It's pretty pricey!

  • Platinum £300 + VAT per person: Champagne and canapés in the Number 7 restaurant, exclusive fine wines with meal, 3 course meal, post meal liquors, complimentary bar throughout the meal, table in prime viewing location, signed programme and exclusive commemorative gift

  • Gold £196.70 + VAT per person: Drinks reception for 1 hour in the Kerrydale Suite, fine wines with meal, 3 course meal, post meal liquors, complimentary bar throughout the meal, mid room location for seating, programme and exclusive commemorative gift

  • Silver £125 + VAT per person: Cash drinks reception in the North Stand Lounges, house wine with meal, 3 course meal, outer seating, programme and exclusive commemorative gift

By adding the details of the collectable Black And White 050505 Japanese Promo to the site, I've finally finished uploading everything currently known about the album and the various collectables. Unless you know different, or anything else turns up.

The set-list for Adelaide was the same as Perth's, except Sanctify Yourself wasn't played:

Love Song
Book Of Brilliant Things
See The Lights
All The Things She Said
Ghostdancing - Gloria
Glittering Prize
Dont You (Forget About Me)
Alive And Kicking

Adelaide Now also posted a review of the gig, but it hardly mentions Simple Minds.

Don't you forget now

He's the kind of son every parent wishes to have. Simple Minds frontman Jim Kerr, has been scoring points with his parents of late - and all because of his love of Australia.

Currently on tour with that great Aussie band INXS, Scots rocker Jim is sadly away from home when his parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. However, recognising that the golden anniversary is a pretty big deal, he hasn't let it pass by.

As his gift to his parents, Jim has put mum and dad on the first plane to Australia for a well-deserved holiday. After all, bringing up a rock star can't be light work.

"I genuinely love visiting Australia and New Zealand," Jim says.

"I have a bond with those countries that goes back to our early days when I instantly liked the cities, the climate and the natural landscape here."

"But even more so, I identified with the energetic characteristics of the people and made a lot of friends as a result."

Now he's sharing the love with his family - what a guy.

Adelaide Now
20th March 2007

And this is one for the real hardcore collectors: there are two versions of The Early Years 1977-78 CD. The only difference, as far as well can tell, is one features the Mindmood logo and the other doesn't. So, one of the rarest and mysterious Simple Minds CDs has just got slightly weirder!

(Thanks to Clif for the scan).

"With a fresh break behind them, INXS are ready to embark once again on the celebrity circuit. They wanted to play bigger venues this time (including three big outdoor shows in Perth, Melbourne and the Hunter Valley), which means they're sharing it with two other bands: Arrested Development and Simple Minds. INXS met Simple Minds while partying at US promoter Bill Graham's house and later toured the US together. Meeting Simple Minds was an unusual coincidence for JD, who holds a particularly special place in his heart for the band. "The second concert I ever went to was a Simple Minds show and the couple standing next to me started having sex. It was pretty cool seeing that band again. I was like, 'Hey guys, I got stoned when I was 14 and watched people have sex at your show. Now I'm going on tour with you!'"

INXS, Simple Minds & Arrested Development: Past Masters Still Well In The Groove

It would be all too easy to write this triple bill off as a bit of nostalgia. Truth is, they're all still on top of their game which made for a thoroughly enjoyable show.

Peace totems Arrested Development hit the stage as the sun was starting to set, creating groovy vibes and a perfect opener with their mix of hip-hop, cool grooves and reggae.

The fact that people remember the hits Mr Wendel and People Everyday is testament to the pop mind going further back than most people will want to give credit for.

Simple Minds came out firing and like last year's Perth show, never let up for their hour-long set.

It was wall-to-wall hits from the opener Love Song and moving through All The Things She Said, See The Lights, Glittering Prize and a frenzied cover of Gloria.

Fronting a cracking band, Jim Kerr delivered a blistering version of Don't You (Forget About Me), the song immortalised in the classic 80s movie The Breakfast Club, and the crowd yelled out the words.

Then came Waterfront, a very sexy Alive And Kicking and the uplifting Sanctify Yourself to close the set screaming.

They were going to be a hard act to follow.

By comparison, INXS took a few numbers to warm up before any of the magic really showed itself. But once the furnace was stoked, they were off.

Singer J.D. Fortune looks like he still can't quite get a handle on his luck but it wasn't going to stop him from doing the songs he inherited proud and putting his firm stamp on the new ones.

He's got sex appeal (though let's get rid of the beard) and fronts INXS like a rock star rather than a mysterious envoy. Once you put aside any preconceptions and roll with Fortune, he's a frontman who delivers, making the crowd sing and dance along.

You'd expect nothing less than perfection from the veteran band and they dug out every note from the heart, from the classics to the new chart-toppers.

The set list was a bit of everything you could want, opening with Suicide Blonde and including Mystify, By My Side, Afterglow, Original Sin, What You Need, Devil Inside plus a rockin' Pretty Vegas.

They went down in a thundering riot of an encore as a lighting storm threatened in the distance. A tortured Never Tear Us Apart flowed into a rousing New Sensation and charging Don't Change.

While the past may not be forgotten, INXS are walking bravely - and confidently - into the future. If this crowd was anything to go by there will be plenty of fans happy to join them there too.

Ara Jansen
The West Australian
19th March 2007

Simple Minds: WACA, 18th March, 2007

It was a bloody fab show albeit just a quick seven songs down memory lane BUT the venue was open air and had a old time Minds feel to it - Jim rose to the occasion by dancing like he used to - even to the point of admitting he was a bad dancer! Best joke of the night was Jim during Dont You (Forget About Me): the crowd was 'la la la la-ing' and Jim said 'Wow - I should be paying all of you - But I'm a Scotsman!' Had to laugh at that...

Love Song
Book Of Brilliant Things
See The Lights
All The Things She Said
Ghostdancing - with Gloria dedicated to Michael Hutchence
Glittering Prize
Dont You (Forget About Me)
Alive And Kicking
Sanctify Yourself

And a great time was had by all - especially me who went nutso!

Jim and Charlie were bloody excellent and it was great to see Charlie and Eddie working well off each other. The crowd was ready to party and got right into it singing along - apparently up to the third tier of the grandstand!

I wanna buy Jim's shirt he had on - or one like it (a bit bigger) but for any Aussies who are going to the shows - the whole show is brilliant. I loved Arrested Development - they did Redemption Song - great vocal by lead singer Speech and the two girls backing were unreal - great movers and singers too - They did some great stuff including Mr Wendal and Everyday People. Warmed the crowd up beautifully for Simple Minds.

INXS were excellent also - very impressive sound and show and the new guy - despite smoking and drinking on stage - Can rightfully step in as the new INXS front man. He sang the old Michael Hutchence stuff with feeling, respect and strength - very cool guy...

18th March 2007

One of the rarest items in the whole Black And White discography is the EPK. Available as either a video or DVD, the EPK consists of an interview with Jim. The DVD features a 25 minute uncut studio interview whilst the video features a 10 minute edit - with inserts of Jim walking through a park or browsing records.

Full details and a transcription can be found here.

(Thanks to Clif for extra DVD information).

More news about the Lion's Tribute concert in May.

Party on pitch to honour Lions

The Lisbon Lions today returned to Celtic Park to help launch their 40th anniversary dinner.

Around 2000 fans are expected to pay tribute to the side that lifted the European Cup back in 1967 with a 2-1 victory over Inter Milan.

The star-studded event will take place in a huge marquee on the pitch on 25th May, exactly 40 years since Jock Stein's side became the first British team to ever win the competition.

A four course meal, top comedy and music acts, unique video compilations as well as other tributes to the Lions from the world of sport.

Simple Minds star Jim Kerr will also perform live.

Anyone interested in booking a place should contact with organisers on 0871 226 1888.

Evening Times
1st March

Interestinly it only mentions Jim being there. So it may not be a Simple Minds event. More news when I get it.

Please take time to read this months newsletter, by clicking the image above.

Highlights include:
A Few Good Men takes on Simple Minds
Our new website ( launched.
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MIX launches new download store
MIX set to enter the world of ringtones

Thank you for your continued support,
The Mix Records Team

Japanese trains mount oddly 'familiar' poster campaign.

The tour in Australia starts on Saturday. So, concert reviews, pictures, set-lists, photos and anything else would be most welcome for the website.
And I hope all those going to the gigs have a blast!

The famous Celtic Park pitch is to play host to one of the most spectacular events ever held at the stadium.

It is expected that around 2,000 fans will pay tribute to the Lisbon Lions to mark the 40th anniversary of the Club's greatest ever achievement.

The glittering, star-studded event will take place on May 25, 2007, exactly 40 years after the Lions' famous European Cup victory against Inter Milan.

In a huge, specially constructed marquee on the hallowed turf at Celtic Park, the event will feature a sumptuous four course dinner, top comedy and music acts, unique video compilations, as well as special tributes to the Lions from guests from the world of sport and entertainment.

It is with great pleasure that the Club can also confirm that Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill from Simple Minds will be performing live on the evening.

Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill were delighted at their invitation to perform and commented: "As lifelong fans we are delighted that the club is recognising the Lisbon Lions, the greatest ever Celtic team, on the 40th anniversary of their magnificent achievement."

"We, along with our families, friends and undoubtedly many other Celtic fans look forward to spending the evening of the 25th of May with our Lisbon heroes, and once again thank them deservedly for giving us the most glorious day in our clubs on going great history."

Celtic Chief Executive Peter Lawwell said: "The memories of Lisbon still remain very strong for all Celtic fans and it is the Lions' achievement in 1967 which is a major part of what makes Celtic the Club it is today."

"To become the first British Club to lift the famous European Cup is an honour which is Celtic's forever and one which we are rightly very proud of. We are sure that the event in May will be a most fitting tribute to the Lions’ magnificent achievement."

See also:

"Promoter Andrew McManus Presents regrets to announce that the INXS / Simple Minds / Arrested Development concert scheduled for the Derwent Entertainment Centre on Thursday March 22 has been cancelled.

Andrew McManus Presents has tried to support music fans in the State by regularly including Tasmania in the national touring schedules of international artists (most recently Carole King), however the cost of bringing three major bands to Hobart for this concert requires a ticket sales result which has not been achieved.

Full refunds are available from the point or purchase.

Andrew McManus Presents regrets any inconvenience caused."

Please see for further information.

"EMI / Virgin present the very best of their 80's catalogue spread across multiple discs on this fantastic, value for money 5CD set. Many 80's artists had more than one big hit, and therefore many have more than one of their hits featured, ensuring that this really is the ultimate '80s collection. Featured acts include Blondie, Culture Club, David Bowie, Duran Duran, Go West, Heaven 17, Hot Chocolate, Kajagoogoo, Kim Wilde, OMD, Simple Minds, The Specials, Talk Talk and many more..."

Released on the 26th February, and priced at around £13, this 5CD set looks pretty good on paper. Simple Minds are featured twice: Don't You (Forget About Me) and Alive And Kicking appear in the compilation.

Check out for a full track listing.

If you've got a spare few minutes, and if you're on broadband, then you should check out the Sebastian Leger Remix of Justin Timberlake's new single What Goes Around... Comes Around.

It's a little bit New Gold Dreamish in my opinion.

If you're interested, go to the Radio One website, click on Choose a show and listen, select Pete Tong, and click on the 15 minutes fast forward button. You'll get a couple of minutes of a tedious Tainted Love remix before the Justin Timberlake track starts (at about 17 minutes into the show).

I have been asked repeatedly about the filming of the T On The Fringe gig at Edinburgh last year. Many want to know when the DVD will be out. Unfortunately, although there were initial plans to film the gig, they never reached fruition. However, a small camera crew did shoot some footage for The Breakfast Club documentary, due to be screened this year.

"As most of you know, from time to time over the last few years I have worked on a number of projects with a wide range of musicians. Fish, Dead Men Walking, The Casbah Club and 4GM to name four. I enjoyed every minute of it all but have come to realise that none of these will ever eclipse my days with Big Country.

So, I have decided to step back from all other activities for the time being and just spend my time working on Big Country projects. This is our 25th anniversary year and with Tony, Mark and our manager Ian Grant, we are going to be celebrating the achievement in as many ways as possible. Whether it be doing promotional work on CD/DVD releases or possibly even working live, all my attention will be given to Big Country. Tony, Mark and I will be getting together in a studio real soon to play together. We have not done this since 2000. I thank all the musicians I have worked with over the past six years for enabling me to share some magical moments with them."

Bruce Watson
Friday, 2 February 2007

DJ Fubar has recently remixed Belfast Child and the track turned up on Dave Pearce's dance anthems show last Sunday (28th Jan). You can hear the track by going to the BBC Radio One website, click on "Listen Live" and scroll down to "Radio One's Dance Anthems". The song can be heard an hour into the show (and you can skip parts by pressing the "5 mins" and "15 mins" buttons).

Warning: will only be liked by those who like hardcore trance.

"The main reason I decided to do this particular song is 'cos when George Best died last year it affected me more than I realised, and after hearing Fergie play Belfast Child at the beginning of his last show on Radio 1 I knew I had to do it now." - DJ Fubar

There are lots of goodies to be found on YouTube but this find is very interesting: an MTV broadcast of a live version of When Two Worlds Collide, filmed at Bonnie Wee Studios in 1991.

Simple Minds will be touring Australia in March, along with INXS and Arrested Development.

17th March : West Australia Cricket Ground, Perth, Australia
20th March : Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide, Australia
22nd March : Derwent Entertainment Centre, Hobart, Australia
24th March : Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Australia
27th March : AIS Arena, Canberra, Australia
28th March : WIN Entertainment Centre, Wollongong, Australia
30th March : Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia
31st March : Tempus II, Newcastle, Australia
1st April : Brisbane Entertainment Centre,Brisbane, Australia
4th April : Westpac Trust Arena, Christchurch, New Zealand The venues are bigger than those they played at last year.

For further information and booking details see Preferred Seating.

It goes without saying, but concert reviews, pictures and set-lists for Dream Giver will be most welcome!

Absolutely will be pressing up a second Different World single; this is expected to include all the exclusive new tracks first available as downloads. (See the news from the 8th January).

The new single should be available next week.

(Many had problems with the downloads from, being told that there was a minimum order value. I've been told that this problem has now been fixed).

If you read Jim's journals, then you'll have read how his former home in Toryglen, Glasgow (the high rise Queen's Court development) was used for Sony's high-definition Bravia LCD television advertisement. (This was the advert with the exploding paint).

This was where Jim grew up, writing the lyrics of his earliest songs by candlelight in the kitchen, as he didn't want to wake the rest of the family by switching the main lights on.

This Glasgow landmark is no more. Destroyed by controlled explosion last Sunday, a piece of Scottish history was reduced to rubble. More can be found on the BBC's website.

All the Different World remixes are now released as digital downloads (formats include 192kbps MP3, 320kbps MP3 and WAV):

In addition, there are some exclusive new ones:

The Times recently featured an article called Your Songs in which readers were invited to say thank you for the music that soundtracked their lives.

Jane Housham wrote in about listening to New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) whilst teaching english in Italy. Excellent to see a Minds album making the list.

Unfortunately Jim wasn't included in the David Bowie documentary broadcast on BBC Radio Two yesterday. But it's definintely worth listening to.

Fourgoodmen's first CD, the Heart Of Winter 2006 Tour Sampler is now available for purchase from and iTunes (you must have iTunes installed to access this link, it will open your iTunes software and direct you the the album in the iTunes store for previewing and purchase).

The tracks have also been delivered to 22 digital distribution companies - so if you're already signed up for one of the following then check them:

MusicIsHere, GroupieTunes, Apple iTunes, Sony Connect, Puretracks, Napster, Rhapsody, BuyMusic, PassAlong, Bitmunk, PayPlay, MusicNet, Destra, Intent Media Works, Daiki, Inprodicon, MP3-Extension, MP3tunes, RuleRadio, USEN, MusicNow, Tradebit, Zune

(It could take 2-4 weeks or more for the CD to be listed on any of the above sites, please keep checking for availablility).

The Fourgoodmen online store is now open for business. Go to and click on the Shop@Fourgoodmen graphic link. Now being offered are a very limited number of signed copies of the CD along with unsigned copies and a selection of tour apparel: 3 short sleeve T-shirts, a long sleeve T-shirt, embroidered women's tank tops, etc.

In the Audio-Video Lounge at there are now three video links posted. One is a promo video for Kiss Cool and the others are live videos of Falling and Heart Of Wonder from the band's performance on the 29th November with The Pretenders at The Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ. You're also able to listen directly on the page to a number of radio interviews with Derek Forbes and Bruce Watson done prior to and during the U.S. Tour.

At there is also now a tour diary and a slideshow of live, backstage, and candid photos from the tour.

Christophe Avril, who used to be in a band who featured several Simple Minds songs, sent me a version of Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) he'd put together. I was impressed and asked if I could feature it on the site. So you can listen to it here.

On the subject of covers, Pete Simcoe and Simon Hayward have been working on See The Lights. You can hear the track on Simple Minded. He's still keen to get a band together, and he's looking for a singer, keyboard player and bass guitarist. You can reach Pete through his site.

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