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brian mcgee
musician: drummer | singer
associated with simple minds: 1975-1981

Brian McGee Brian first met Jim Kerr in the playground of Holyrood Catholic school. Brian had a copy of Ziggy Stardust and a home-made Wizzard keyring. Jim asked if Brian would make him a Bowie one. “And he did and he didn't skin me for it. He gave it to me for nothing.

The owner of a drumkit, he became the drummer in the school band, Biba-Rom!. His parents also owned a pub, which gave the fledgling musicians a place to rehearse.

He became the drummer in Johnny And The Self Abuers after a recommendation from Jim.

The group’s prankster, he also suffered from a short temper, throwing a wellington boot through the front window of John Milarky’s house. He was also the only member of the group who could drive, and ended up being their tour driver.

After the split of Johnny And The Self Abusers, he continued with Jim, Charlie and Tony in Simple Minds.

In May 1978, he was asked to transfer to The Subs as a replacement for Ali MacKenzie, but he didn't have to make a decision as The Subs soon completely fragmented.

He drummed on four albums but was never comfortable with touring. In the end, unhappy being away from home for increasingly long periods, and having just married, he left the band after recording Sons And Fascination. In later interviews, he admitted that he totally regretted his decision shortly after making it.

After a stint working in his parents pub, he rejoined the music industry and is best known for his drumming in Endgames and Propaganda.

discography: mainstream singles
Saints And Sinners Life In A Day Chelesea Girl Changeling I Travel Celebrate The American Love Song Sweat In Bullet

discography: mainstream albums
Life In A Day Real To Real Cacophony Empires And Dance Sons And Fascination Sisters Feeling Call

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live appearances
Johnny And The Self Abusers 1977
Scotland 1978
Life In A Day Tour 1979
Real To Real Cacophony Tour 1979
Empires And Dance Tour 1980
Empires And Dance Tour 1980