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early gold: information

  • With the album remasters completed, Virgin turned their attention to the repackaging of the band's early years.

  • The Best Of album had sold poorly, and given the interest in early Simple Minds (particularly the remixing of pre-Sparkle In The Rain material by contemporary artists), Virgin decided that a definitive new compilation was needed.

  • The first attempt of an early compilation was Celebration in 1982, although it was simply Arista clawing back some money from Simple Minds whilst they still owned the back catalogue. Reissued by Virgin in the 1980s, it remained a handy introduction to the band, but was omitted from the remasters series. Therefore the stage was set for something new.

  • The tracks were hand-picked by the band.

  • Jim also wrote the sleeve notes, although it's hardly more than a paragraph.

  • Unlike Glittering Prize 81/92 or The Best Of, this compilation featured album versions (with the exception of The American).

  • The artwork included shots from an unused Sons And Fascination photo session. Unfortunately the rest of the pictures were well known, and not representative of the period - two shots of a Sparkle In The Rain era Simple Minds and the picture of Charlie on the back was from the Good News From The Next World tour.

  • The front cover picture was taken by Thomas K. Schumann at the Schwabinger Bräu, Munich on the 31st August 1980.

  • The release date coincided both with the start of the 2003 tour, and the second, aborted release of Our Secrets Are The Same.

  • In the end it sold more copies than The Best Of.

  • Some copies of the standard CD were sent out as promos. These have promo stickers on the back:

  • It was released by Caroline Records in the USA during October 2006. Two collectable, and rare, US promos were distributed, one of which had a unique picture sleeve with red text.

early gold: quick reference
CD    Early Gold Virgin SIMCD 14
1. Life In A Day(4:07)
2. Chelsea Girl(4:34)
3. Changeling(4:12)
4. Factory(4:15)
5. Premonition(5:30)
6. I Travel(4:02)
7. Celebrate(5:08)
8. Thirty Frames A Second(5:05)
9. The American[Edit](3:36)
10. Love Song(5:04)
11. Sweat In Bullet(4:30)
12. Promised You A Miracle(4:28)
13. Glittering Prize(4:34)
14. Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)(4:35)
15. New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)(5:39)

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