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JK: "One of two from there would be on our all-time great list, but then we're biased. If there ever was a time we needed a lot of love or a good A&R guy, then it would have been then. We'd made a lot of money for the business; we needed a bit of love in return. Charlie and I did it wrong. We moved to this place in the countryside, retreated there and licked our wounds. We should have put ourselves in the middle of everything. We weren't making sense to the world anymore and the world wasn't making sense to us."

Record Collector Interview
Record Collector #364
July 2009

  • After taking a year off after the Real Life tour, Jim and Charlie started work on what would become Good News From The Next World in 1992.

  • They had a head start as the productive sessions at Wisseloord, Olympic and Bonny Wee Studios in late 1989 and early 1990 had yielded a large number of ideas and songs which were potentials for this new album. These included And The Band Played On, Tears Of A Guy, Criminal World and This Time, all of which had appeared as demos for Real Life.

  • As both Jim and Charlie were living in Ireland, then the initial album sessions commensed at Killiney between May and August. By the end of the year, they'd collected a potential fifteen new songs for recording. New songs included Hypnotised (originally called Cale Idea), E55 and Dusseldorf.

  • The initial plan at this stage was to get them recorded and released for 1993, and then tour early in 1994.

  • Preparation work then moved to Bonny Wee Studios in January 1993. The sessions were problematic, thanks to the weather with blizzards sweeping through Scotland, but more new songs were demoed including Traffic, Great Leap Forward and 7 Deadly Sins.

  • Producer Keith Forsey got in touch. He'd produced The Breakfast Club soundtrack and co-authoured Don't You (Forget About Me) and now had another proposal for the band. He was working on the soundtrack for the forthcoming Super Mario Bros. film and wondered if Simple Minds would record a track?

  • Sessions relocated to Conway Recording Studios in LA where the band worked on And The Band Played On for the film. The short session, which ran from the 24th March through to 31st March, concluded with a version of And The Band Played On which sounded very similar to the final album version. Jim and Charlie concluded that the song was too good for the soundtrack album; but it had the sound and style they wanted for their next album, and decided that Keith Forsey would be the producer.

  • The schedule contrasted with previous album recording sesions. The recording was split into 4-6 week blocks with writing and pre-production periods inbetween. (This is in direct contrast to the jam, demo, record, mix and release working schedule the band usually adopted). By mid-1993, the plan was to get the album finished by the end of 1993, with the first single planned for the spring, and a world tour to follow.

  • To be completed...

good news... : quick reference
LP    Good News From The Next World Virgin V 2760
A1. She's A River(5:31)
A2. Night Music(5:23)
A3. Hypnotised(5:53)
A4. Great Leap Forward(5:35)
A5. 7 Deadly Sins(5:11)
B1. And The Band Played On(5:32)
B2. My Life(5:15)
B3. Criminal World(5:03)
B4. This Time(4:57)

MC    Good News From The Next World Virgin TCV 2760
1-1. She's A River(5:31)
1-2. Night Music(5:23)
1-3. Hypnotised(5:53)
1-4. Great Leap Forward(5:35)
1-5. 7 Deadly Sins(5:11)
2-1. And The Band Played On(5:32)
2-2. My Life(5:15)
2-3. Criminal World(5:03)
2-4. This Time(4:57)

CD    Good News From The Next World Virgin CDV 2760
1. She's A River(5:31)
2. Night Music(5:23)
3. Hypnotised(5:53)
4. Great Leap Forward(5:35)
5. 7 Deadly Sins(5:11)
6. And The Band Played On(5:32)
7. My Life(5:15)
8. Criminal World(5:03)
9. This Time(4:57)

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She's A River Hypnotised