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celebration: information

  • After the success of Sons And Fascination Arista (who still controlled the band's back catalogue) decided to issue a compilation album featuring a selection of tracks from the first three albums.

  • Celebration included tracks from Life In A Day, Real To Real Cacophony, Empires And Dance and the rather illusive B-side Kaleidoscope.

  • (Whether Kaleidoscope was the one unreleased track eluded to by the Trace Elements advertisement is unknown. Kaleidoscope had been issued as part of the first I Travel release so it was hardly unreleased.)

  • Some copies of Celebration had stickers cheekily proclaiming The Very Best Of Simple Minds.

  • The photograph on the back of the sleeve was taken by Richard Coward at the Glasgow Botanic Gardens in 1980.

  • I Travel was reissued to promote the album, and became highly collectible, as the B-side featured exclusive live material.

  • When Virgin acquired the back catalogue later that year, they quietly reissued the album themselves. The Arista pressings remain rarer.

  • The CD issue mistakenly featured Kant-Kino.

  • Despite its genesis, Celebration served as a very handy introduction to the early years of Simple Minds. It was not included as part of Virgin's reissue series, and it now looks like the album's been deleted for good, being replaced by Virgin's early year compilation Early Gold.

  • Recently the discovery of old trade adverts and an obscure colour proof sleeve suggest the album was going to be called Trace Elements in Europe.

  • Virgin aquired the rights to the album when they purchased Simple Minds' back catalogue in 1982. Celebration was reissued on the label's full-price range as a LP (Virgin V 2248) and a MC (Virgin TCV 2248). These were reprints of the Arista originals, the only main difference being the substituting the label design for Virgin's. A further pressing was produced in April 1989 anticipating the success of Street Fighting Years this time on Virgin's budget OVED range.

  • The album wasn't included in Virgin's remasters of 2002, as compilation albums weren't part of the range.

  • It was eventually replaced in the early 2000s by Early Gold which become the definitive compilation album of the band's early albums.

celebration: quick reference
LP    Celebration Zoom Arista SPART 1183
A1. Life In A Day(4:00)
A2. Chelsea Girl(4:33)
A3. Premonition(5:29)
A4. Factory(4:13)
A5. Calling Your Name(5:05)
B1. I Travel(3:56)
B2. Changeling(4:11)
B3. Celebrate(5:03)
B4. Thirty Frames A Second(5:14)
B5. Kaleidoscope(4:15)

MC    Celebration Zoom Arista TCART 1183
1-1. Life In A Day(4:00)
1-2. Chelsea Girl(4:33)
1-3. Premonition(5:29)
1-4. Factory(4:13)
1-5. Calling Your Name(5:05)
2-1. I Travel(3:56)
2-2. Changeling(4:11)
2-3. Celebrate(5:03)
2-4. Thirty Frames A Second(5:14)
2-5. Kaleidoscope(4:15)

CD    Celebration Virgin CDV 2248
1. Life In A Day(4:00)
2. Chelsea Girl(4:33)
3. Premonition(5:29)
4. Factory(4:13)
5. Calling Your Name(5:05)
6. I Travel(3:56)
7. Changeling(4:11)
8. Celebrate(5:03)
9. Thirty Frames A Second(5:14)
10. Kant-Kino(1:50)
11. Kaleidoscope(4:15)

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