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cry: information

  • Eagle pushed the boat out with the first single from Cry. Issued to promote the forthcoming album, they issued two glossy three-track digipaks.

  • There was a wonderfully eclectic mix of tracks across the two CDs. Whilst they both shared the album's Cry, there was an exclusive non-album track (Lead The Blind), a stomping remix by Vince Clarke (Homosapien), another link with the covers album (in the shape of For What It's Worth) and an outtake from the Our Secrets Are The Same sessions (The Garden).

  • The sets were initially dubbed the "bronze" and "silver" editions although "brown" and "blue" would've been more accurate.

  • Designers 2FluidCreative borrowed an idea from the Malcolm Garrett design school, using a still from the previous video (in this case Dancing Barefoot) for the sleeve.

  • The Claddagh was also back (albeit the fussy Bogdan Zarkowskiand design) and would now appear on all Simple Minds' future releases.

  • Avatars from the newly launched official site were used to create a montage of fan portraits on the back of posters of Jim and Charlie. These were included in each of the digipaks. However this wasn't a new idea as a similar scheme was used for Marillion's

  • Whilst the bronze and silver sets were the most luxourious, collectors could also search out a unique German edition and a two-track Dutch release. (The latter was the first released on the 8th March with all the other formats appearing on the 18th March). Eagle also issued two promos in the UK, whilst Red Ink distributed a highly collectable promo in the USA.

  • Some commerical copies of the bronze and silver singles were also used as promos. These featured contact and promo stickers on the back of the digipaks.

cry: quick reference
CD   Cry Eagle EAGXA 218
1. Cry(3:55)
2. Lead The Blind(3:58)
3. Homosapien[Vince Clarke Remix]      (3:57)

CD   Cry Eagle EAGXS 218
1. Cry(3:55)
2. For What It's Worth(3:43)
3. The Garden(3:12)

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