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ged grimes
bassist | composer
birthday: 28th march
associated with simple minds: 2010-

Ged Grimes "Scottish composer and producer, Ged Grimes, is one of the most highly respected figures in today’s digital entertainment industry. He has been writing, producing and performing music for over 20 years. As one of the original members of Scots pop band Danny Wilson, Ged enjoyed major global success with the group. Hit records such as Mary’s Prayer (U.S. Billboard Top 20/U.K. Chart No 3) and The Second Summer of Love (U.K. Top 20) made a truly lasting impression on fans of timeless, crafted pop music. Danny Wilson went on to release 3 highly acclaimed albums with Virgin Records worldwide."

"After the group disbanded, Ged continued to write, perform and produce with other leading artists. He performed worldwide with Brit Award Winner, Eddi Reader (Warner Bros) and toured the States and Canada with Simply Red (East West Records). He has appeared as an artist on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, Solid Gold, MTV, VH1, Montreaux Rock Festival, Top Of The Pops, Jools Holland’s Later Music Show and many more top rated music shows."

"Ged has contributed to many recordings from mainstream music performers including Grammy Award Winning Artiste, Natalie Imbruglia. He has created original music content for television and film, notably for BBC Television’s Tartan Shorts and has produced idents, audio branding and radio drama for Scottish Radio Holdings the independent radio broadcaster."

"In 1997 he launched the production company Jack’s Hoose Music to service a growing demand for his services from the emerging interactive entertainment world. With Ged’s extensive music production experience and renowned multi-instrumental talents, the timing could not have been better. He was commissioned to write the music soundtrack for the comedy console/PC game Earthworm Jim 3D (Interplay) and this eclectic music score received rave reviews across the globe. Ged’s international reputation as a music composer and producer has continued to grow. Japan and the USA have emerged as key territories for Jack’s Hoose Music and the list of international clients includes such names as Atari Inc, Sony Computer Entertainment of America and Namco Japan. Ged’s distinguished career to date has uniquely placed him to initiate areas of creative collaboration between the interactive entertainment sectors and the music industry’s emerging talent."

"His original work on Sony’s pioneering music game Amplitude under the pseudonym Game Boyz, is a prime example of this. Amplitude also features tracks from David Bowie, Garbage and Blink 182 amongst others. Bold initiatives like these bring music and gaming fans together to provide a truly immersive experience for the game player."

"Ged’s music also appeared in one of the most successful games of recent times, The Wachowski Brothers/Shiny Entertainment title Enter The Matrix. Over 5.5 Million copies of this game have been sold to date. He was nomimated for “Best Instrumental Music” and “Best Original Song” “in the inaugural GANG Awards at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and is a past Arts Council Creative Scotland Award nominee. In 2002 Ged was invited to speak about Interactive Music at the British Embassy in Tokyo and subsequently went on to represent the UK in a Best Practice in Games mission throughout Japan. Projects have included licensing original music to Universal Pictures for the trailer The Bourne Supremacy starring Matt Damon, tracks for a Sony PS 2 music title DJ Decks and FX, music themes for a series of mobile games for Digital Bridges, including movie franchise The Fast and the Furious and the interactive music soundtrack to Namco Japan’s rhythm action title, Rhythmic Star."

"Ged's recent projects include title themes for Sky Tv Games including Shrek 3, Ben 10, Goldenballs and the Latin American flavoured soundtrack to XBox title Quarrel."

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He first played bass with the live incarnation of Lostboy!, appearing on the short Lostboy! AKA Promo Tour 2010. When Eddie Duffy dramatically quit Simple Minds later the same year, Ged was promoted to the band.

"Cool as a cucumber! Fit as fly! How else to describe bassist Ged Grimes who performed his first ever Simple Minds gig in front of 70,000 and without either a rehearsal or even a soundcheck? He had around 3 days to learn about 30 songs and when it came to the gig made not one mistake. I made about a dozen! The fact that he goes on 50 miles round cycling trips is impressive, not as impressive as his very own homemade Dundee cake though. Least so according to Andy Gillespie and he knows a lot about such things" - Jim, 12th May 2012

"Time has truly whizzed past since Ged made his debut with Simple Minds on 11 September 2010. That took place in Paris, France at the Fête de l'Humanité festival. And if there was any doubts about how to describe Ged's personality, you should consider the situation of that day. Set to headlining that event, and therefore due to play in front of an audience of 80,000 that evening. The call inviting Ged to step in with Simple Minds only came to him less than 36 hours prior to walking on stage. Further to that, the geography of our situation meant that we had no chance to meet up prior to the show."

"Therefore - as unlikely as it seems - Ged would be making his Simple Minds debut, at one of Europe's biggest outdoor events, without any rehearsal whatsoever? Or, for that matter, without even the possibility to soundcheck with us prior to our live set. (Sharing the bill with so many acts, it is the norm that artists/acts do not get the opportunity to soundcheck at festival shows.)"

"Instead then, his only (enforced) option to prepare, was to sit at home in Dundee, and study with note for note perfection, our then recent live recordings. In total that meant learning - in isolation - 20 of our classic songs - and then flying out to Paris on the morning of a show due to take place later that afternoon."

"(I should also mention that our set was being transmitted live on radio throughout France... Not much pressure then?) So rushed was all of this, I recall that I had not even the chance to share a cup of coffee with Ged prior, on his arrival at our hotel. In fact the only chance we would have to talk him through the upcoming set, would be in the car enroute to our performance at the festival site."

"But here's the thing? I did indeed sit next to Ged as we swerved and dodged the Parisian traffic. However, I don't think I bothered to even discuss the show, or make any gesture whatsoever to reassure Ged about the task in front of him. And if you are wondering why that would be, it has all to do with the personality of Ged Grimes. I had come to know Ged a little in the Spring of that year when he toured with me as part of my Lostboy! AKA solo stuff. That experience had impressed on me not only how talented he was as a musician, but also how insanely prepared Ged is whenever he rises to any challenge, musical or otherwise. And I guess with all of that being so, I had no doubt that Mr Grimes would be more than capable of the task set in front of him."

"Thankfully our instinct was more than precise. Ged genuinely did a miraculously good job that day, especially given the circumstance of that festival appearance. Again, so confident he looked as he walked on stage, head up and back straight. His blue eyes clear and seemingly unblinking. I dont think it even crossed my mind once during that live set, "to keep an eye on the new guy." It actually felt more like he had been there for ever. Much of which sums up the Ged Grimes that you will see on stage during these day."

"Inspired. Always prepared. Cool as ice, but as warm hearted as they come. It feels great having Ged Grimes around." - Jim, 12th February 2018

"Ten years is a long time to remain committed to doing your best. But that is exactly what Ged Grimes has managed to do during his soon-to-be decade - long tenure playing bass with Simple Minds. As impressive off stage - as on. I find myself naturally looking up to Ged. And not just because he towers over me physically. His solid dedication to getting things done absolutely right, somehow rubs off on the rest of us. And in doing so he helps us become better. In music and in life." - Jim, 25th February 2010

discography: mainstream singles
Broken Glass Park Blood Diamonds Live EP Honest Town Let The Day Begin Midnight Walking Don't You (Forget About Me) 2015

discography: mainstream albums
5x5 Live Big Music Celebrate - Live At The SSE Hydro Limited Edition 2XLP Live Big Music Tour 2015 Walk Between Worlds

videography: mainstream videos and dvds
Celebrate: Live At The SSE Hydro Glasgow

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