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big music western asia 2016

Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium, UAE
28th January, 2016
Main Set #1: Waterfront / I Travel / See The Lights / Real Life / The American / Promised You A Miracle - Glittering Prize / New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) / Rivers Of Ice - Dolphins / Don't You (Forget About Me) / Book Of Brilliant Things - Five To One / Honest Town / Banging On The Door / Someone Somewhere In Summertime / Once Upon A Time / All The Things She Said / Let There Be Love / Midnight Walking
Encore #1: Big Music / Love Song / Alive And Kicking / Sanctify Yourself

"Looking forward to playing Dubai. It has been a long time since we last played there, hoping therefore to make up for our absence by putting on a great show. Thanks to all who plan on coming to see Simple Minds next week. See you there." - Jim, 21st January 2016

"Who's idea was it to send us to Dubai in January? Having to deal with non stop blue skies and fabulous weather? Who ever it was - I want to kiss you! We definitely lucked out this time. Certainly a bit different from January '14 when we kicked off our tour in Riga. (Temperature around 14 below.)"

"Not only a holiday, we are also here to mean business and look forward to giving our all this coming Thursday at Dubai Tennis Stadium, for what looks like being our first and last gig of this year. (I know we have the acoustic show coming up in April - but that is obviously different.)"

"Thanks to all who attended today's press conference, thanks to everyone for making us feel special. We appreciate the welcome." - Jim, 25th January 2016

"Band and crew arrived. I'm sure they will enjoy the next few days in Dubai as much as I have over this last week. The highlight of course will be tomorrow night at the Tennis Stadium - our only full - on show for this year. We can't wait." - Jim, 27th January 2016

"Gig day: 58 days since our last gig - and who knows how long it'll be to our next? Also nearly 14 years since we last played in Dubai - according to Andy Gillespie! Simple Minds never need any added incentive when it comes to playing gigs, but additional factors like these mean that we will want to do as good a show as possible at the Dubai Tennis stadium tonight. Plus, being the last gig for a while - we'll feel the need to go out strong. It does feel like the end of an era. But the good news is that we already feel a new era about to begin - from tomorrow! Hope everyone enjoys tonight. Thanks for coming to see us. And thanks for all who have come to see us on this Big Music Tour." - Jim, 28th January 2016

"Thanks to everybody who came to see us last night at the Dubai Tennis Stadium. We really appreciated the reception. Nice venue and a great crowd. We'll be back for more. See you next time!"- Jim, 28th January 2016

"When a Simple Minds tour finally comes to an end there is usually a feeling of satisfaction that comes with it. Inevitable when night after night, at the end of the shows, we have witnessed hundreds of thousands of people collectively made happy by our work. But there is also a desire to quietly "give thanks." Thanks to all who appreciate us by coming to the gigs. Thanks to all who made it happen on our behalf including promoters, crew, management, and countless others. Thanks above all, for the good fortune that has allowed us to have the life we have had through creating and playing music. Within all of that we can never forget our parents/families for supporting us at the very start out, right at the very beginning when we were starting to dream this up. That support shaped our lives." - Jim, 31st January 2016

Qatar Masters, Doha Golf Club, Qata
29th January, 2016

Simple Minds were ready and willing to play at the Qatar Masters on 29th January 2016, but due to circumstances completely out of the band's control they have been precluded from doing so.

The band very much regret the disappointment that has been caused to those who were looking forward to seeing them.

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