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5X5 Live

  • Unlike previous tours, no recordings of the X5 concerts were made available to fans on the night. Instead, every concert of the tour was recorded, and preparations were made for a more substantial release.

  • The songs were collected from several concerts, recorded over the entire X5 Tour. Sound engineer Olivier Gerard then mixed the tracks at Jet Studio, Brussels.

  • The project was first unveiled by Jim on Facebook: "Spent last night listening to GG's [Olivier Gerard's] final mixes, what a fine job he did. Anyone who liked the 5x5 shows is bound to appreciate this soon to be released collection. For those who could catch not the shows, this collection taken from various shows in a handful of cities will let you hear what went on. Hope you like it." - Jim, 26th September 2012.

  • The tracks were recorded during the 5X5 Tour at Razzamatazz, Barcelona, Spain (16th February 2012); Cirque Royal, Brussels, Belgium (23rd February 2012); Academy, Birmingham, UK (24th February 2012); Barrowland, Glasgow, UK (25th February 2012); Roundhouse, London, UK (2nd March 20120); and during the Festival Shows 2012 at Theatre Antique, Arles, France (21st July 2012); Amp It Up Riviera Rock Festival, Gould Arena, Antibes, France (25th July 2012); and Villa Bellini, Catania, Sicily (31st July 2012). (Click on each song title link for its own recording date).

  • The cover artwork and font was designed to look like a concert ticket.

  • The package included two CDs, a twenty four page booklet and a reproduction of the X5 tour poster all housed in a clamshell box. The booklet included quotes from the band and a collection of photos taken during the tour.

  • Two CD promos of the entire album were sent out in October 2012. Unfortunately Virgin reverted back to black-and-white printed sleeves. An ultra-rare five track sampler used an early version of the album artwork for its cover.

  • Commerical versions were also sent out as promos. These featured stickers over the bar-codes:

  • Ten years later, 5x5 Live was reissued as a limited edition triple vinyl set for Record Store Day 2022.

5x5 live: 2cd box-set: quick reference
virgin smbox3

CD       5X5 Live Virgin 50999 017593 2 7
1. 5X5 Intro Reel(2:14)
2. I Travel[Live](4:53)
3. Thirty Frames A Second[Live](4:25)
4. Today I Died Again[Live](3:31)
5. Celebrate[Live](5:17)
6. Life In A Day[Live](3:47)
7. Calling Your Name[Live](5:21)
8. Scar[Live](3:23)
9. King Is White And In The Crowd[Live](4:19)
10. Hunter And The Hunted[Live](5:21)
11. Wasteland[Live](3:26)
12. Love Song[Live](4:42)
13. This Fear Of Gods[Live](5:02)
14. Pleasantly Disturbed[Live](6:39)
15. Room[Live](5:22)

CD       5X5 Live Virgin 50999 017594 2 6
1. The American[Live](5:01)
2. 70 Cities As Love Brings The Fall[Live](4:40)
3. In Trance As Mission[Live](4:14)
4. Sons And Fascination[Live](4:12)
5. Sweat In Bullet[Live](4:03)
6. Changeling[Live](4:05)
7. Factory[Live](4:39)
8. Big Sleep[Live](4:03)
9. Premonition[Live](5:11)
10. Promised You A Miracle[Live](4:18)
11. Someone Somewhere In Summertime[Live](5:04)
12. Theme For Great Cities[Live](4:33)
13. Glittering Prize[Live](4:13)
14. Someone[Live](3:58)
15. Chelsea Girl[Live](4:03)
16. New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)[Live](5:13)

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