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summer tour 2013

Blood Diamonds was issued as a promotional-only single to promote the Hyde Park gig.

The colour 28 page tour programme included an introduction from Jim, the Greatest Hits + press release, current live pictures (from the 5X5 Tour) and a lengthy album by album retrospective by Pierre Perrone.

Adnams Newmarket Nights, Newmarket, UK
21st June, 2013
Main Set: Broken Glass Park - Waterfront / Once Upon A Time / Let There Be Love / All The Things She Said / I Travel / Glittering Prize / Someone Somewhere In Summertime / Blood Diamonds - The American / Love Song / See The Lights / Don't You (Forget About Me) / Promised You A Miracle / Alive And Kicking
Encore: Sanctify Yourself / New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)

"I recall back in the day when you could envisage a "gig" being in a pub, club or theatre. I then recall the excitement when our gigs first took place in arenas and stadiums. These days a gig can take place in all manner of places. Fields, forests, Roman amphitheatres, parks, castles, city plazas, under bridges, remote islands shopping mall forecourts even. Our most unusual performance surely was when we performed at the top of Eiffel Tower in Paris – albeit a play back for the Top Of The Pops TV show. Most spectacular? Performing in front of the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, on the Eve of the World Cup opening ceremony, or possibly in Singapore before the Formula One night race. In truth I enjoyed each and every one as I am sure I will when we play at Newmarket Racecourse next month. It will be a first for us in that type of venue, and from what I have heard from the various bands that have already played, a really quite special event, particularly great on a summer's night. I can’t wait and we hope to see you there!" - Jim, 28th May 2013

"HI AND THANKS - to all involved for. We had no idea what to expect but really enjoyed being there. A beautiful and memorable evening with an energetic and generous audience. Great venue indeed. Nothing beats playing live on evenings like that!" - Jim, 22nd June 2013

"Ask anyone what a Simple Minds concert is about and for sure there will be some common responses. Some of those responses will centre on tunes, words, rhythms, sounds and atmospheres. Others meanwhile might respond by saying it is all about the crowd, the lights, the memories and emotions that come through tuning into the music. It is of course about all of those things and so much more."

"For me, Simple Minds concerts are as much as anything all about the energy that is transmitted from band to audience, an energy that is both physical and at the same time belongs – or is connected – to another kind of energy that is more difficult to name, one that is certainly not so easy to put a finger on, one that is altogether more mysterious, as human as it is."

"I cannot describe to you how you feel at a show, but I know for sure that the kind of energy that surges through all of us on stage, as soon as the music begins, is unique to performing. It cannot be conjured up or faked elsewhere, certainly not in rehearsals or sound checks for example."

"Adrenaline is the obvious term some might grasp for in trying to describe, but that is something else altogether in my view. As I say I have no name for the energy that takes over the band when playing, it is mental, physical, and surely as some would have it, most definitely spiritual at heart. As vague and overused as that beautiful term may well be?"

"What is not up for debate however is the certainty of the energy on display or indeed the abundance, as it is this very energy that surely drives us on non-stop throughout our gigs. But as to how it is conjured up or called upon to act at will, or as soon as the show begins, well, I have no idea to be honest. It seems to answer to a call of duty."

"That there is a remarkable energy to Simple Minds is without doubt however, and it made itself very apparent from the second we set foot on stage at Newmarket a couple of nights ago. That it is still present after all these years is almost beyond belief. That it is somehow growing more than ever is really something wonderful to observe." - Jim, 23rd June 2013

Hyde Park, London, UK
8th September, 2013
Main Set: Waterfront / Alive And Kicking / Sanctify Yourself / Don't You (Forget About Me)

Now in its third year, BBC Radio 2's Live in Hyde Park celebrates the best of the station's music with one special day of live performances by top UK and International artists.

Simple Minds opened the event at 13:10 after introductions by Sir Terry Wogan and Jo Whiley. Their performance of Don't You (Forget About Me) became the most downloaded clip of the day from the BBC's website.

"We are looking forward enthusiastically to performing live this coming weekend, when we play at BBC Radio 2's event in Hyde Park, London. After a fruitful summer spent mostly writing and recording in various situations, it is time to "plug in" once again, time to get ourselves out into the open air."

"A sort of home from home for Simple Minds. Hyde Park and its surrounding parallel neighbourhoods of Bayswater and Kensington, has pretty much always been our "neck of the woods" whenever we have had reason to be in London for work."

"That is an arrangement that goes way back to the early '80's and continues to this day. In fact so close are we usually to Hyde Park itself, that our usual concierge and hotel receptionist will be able to hear us, if not able to see us, next week as we rampage through a rather short set by our own standards. This is the same hotel incidentally that we stayed in prior to departing for Philadelphia back in '85. The reason for that trip was Live Aid. That should give you some sense of how many years we have been staying on the same corner of Hyde Park. It should also explain why I refer to this upcoming gig as a "home gig"."

"In fact, the last time we played in, what is my favourite London park, was in June 2008. It was an honour to be invited to play for Nelson Mandela on that night. The news this morning is that Mandela has been released from hospital, once again in stable condition. A remarkable man."

"We are of course only one of the many acts taking part on Sunday's event. Among the others taking part are our fellow Glaswegians - Texas. We still have memories of them opening up for us just as they were breaking through in the ate '80's. Manic Street Preachers are another who are due to perform. Manic's lead singer James Dean Bradfield has been a great supporter of Simple Minds throughout the years, I look forward to seeing them."

"Most of all, I am excited with the prospect of sharing a bill with Motown legend Smokey Robinson. One of my all-time favourite singers, he has surely featured on some of the greatest pop records ever."

"Here's hoping then that weather stays pleasant for all involved, but especially for a fair number of our fans. As loyal as ever, they will be traveling to London for the Radio 2 event event. No doubt backing us all the way, encouraging us as they always do, it is most appreciated in turn."

"Thanks again, see you there!" - Jim, 2nd September 2013

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