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walk between worlds australian tour 2018

Simple Minds played a one-off gig in Australia, headlining the Coates Hire Newcastle 500.

The concert was free to anyone with a ticket to the Newcastle 500.

No 1 Oval, New South Wales, Australia
24th November 2018
Main Set #1: The Signal And The Noise / Waterfront / Love Song / Let There Be Love / Promised You A Miracle / The American / Sense Of Discovery / She's A River / Someone Somewhere In Summertime / See The Lights / Dolphins / Don't You (Forget About Me)
Encore: Alive And Kicking / Sanctify Yourself

"Apparently there has been some freakish weather around Australia over these last days. In truth, it was windy enough yesterday around the harbour area "to blow the kilt of a Highlander." But come on? With temperatures around 20 to 22 I was out on the rooftop - with my sunscreen on - and that kind of situation was just perfect to get out and walk around what has to be one of the world's great city walks. With the sun now just about coming up, and much of today free to ourselves before we make the two hour drive to Newcastle for tonight's performance, predicted to be also quite perfect weather conditions, I'm off this morning on yet another of Sydney's fine walks. Feels wonderful to be in Australia!" - Jim, 23rd November 2018

"We cannot wait to get the chance to come back to Australia and New Zealand and tour extensively. Whenever that kind of tour gets confirmed, no one will be happier than Simple Minds. In the meantime, when the invite came through, we were never going to refuse the opportunity to head to Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia on November 24th. - Jim, 5th October 2018

"Tomorrow sees the last performance of this almost year long tour. In doing so it also marks the end of what from now on might be referred to as the Walk Between Worlds era of Simple Minds."

"And what a booming year it has been. Booming. Meaning flourishing, thriving, prosperous, strong, vigorous, buoyant."

"Not only has it been rewarding on all levels that count. Above all else, it has been great fun working with Walk Between Worlds, both in the studio and wherever we have gone live. (Don't think for a moment that it is not important for us to have fun while slogging our emotional guts out - night after night.)"

"But what point in making new music at all? Without an audience willing to open themselves enough, allowing it to get under their skin, play with their emotions while reverberating around the brain and maybe even connecting with the soul?"

"The music that I love does all of that and more. Galloping through a gamut of styles, just this morning my listening had me zigzagging all the way from Vaughan Williams to James Brown. Then all the way back again, from Kraftwerk to King Creosote."

"And so, on that thought. A whole year later from the first announcement of Walk Between Worlds we want to say thanks to anybody and everybody that allowed the songs and sounds of our album anywhere near their ears."

"Iíll say it again. "Our music means nothing without those generous and willing enough to listen." Thanks to all of you who listened to Walk Between Worlds" - Jim, 22nd November 2018

"Charlie looks like he's having a ball? He is that! As we all have had throughout this tour that comes to a close in a few hours time here in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. We started out back in Glasgow, our hometown. That was in mid-February of this year, and we could not have asked for a better start than to walk on stage at the world famous Barrowlands Ballroom."

"The journey that began that night has now taken us over thousands of miles, crossing air, land, and sea. Every step of the way has been worth it. Every minute spent on stage a pleasure."

"We naturally refer to what we do as "work." It helps keep our feet on the ground to do so. It reminds us that we are working people and that we came from "working people." But we never really mean it like that. It's a real joy to do what we do, and we know that we are blessed to be able to do so. Even luckier than lotto winners. To spend a lifetime working in music? Much luckier no doubt."

"As one tour comes to an end, we already cannot wait to prepare for the next one. But first we really do need to rest. Thanks then to all who have come to see Simple Minds over these months. We truly cannot thank you all enough."

"Likewise, a huge thanks to all our technical crew who give so much of themselves every show. Their skilled preparation allows us to go on and do what we do, and the applause we get at the end of the night should be shared with them. OK, now time to go and prepare for tonight in Newcastle!" - Jim, 24th November 2018

"Their luggage was already all stacked up and ready to go and even though I would not be travelling back with the rest of them, I had made my way down to the hotel reception to say my goodbyes."

"Surprisingly no one had gathered yet. Meaning that possibly for the first time in this 10 month long tour, I was earlier than expected. That alone felt strange? But saying goodbye to each other at the end of a long tour is always strange."

"I didn't have to wait long. Within minutes the elevator doors were opening quick fire. Spitting them them out one by one, all "sort of" looking properly set for the journey back home."

"Why sort of? Well, there was just something missing in everyone's body language when it was time to set off yesterday afternoon. I noticed it straight away. That indefinable energy, always present with these remarkable individuals, was definitely amiss."

"Sure I was not imagining that some were draggin' their feet, as the homeward bound group made their way outside to the waiting cars? There was no mistaken their quietness as none of the usual wise-cracking was to be heard."

"Working and living together. Existing as one entity almost. We became perfectly attuned to each other over this last year. That's how the best units operate, is it not? And what a great group of people they are." - Jim, 25th November 2018

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