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tour 2018

"Simple Minds have been in deep with rehearsals over these last weeks and you could feel the fruition of all that really starting to pay over these last days in particular. New songs, new arrangements, new ideas, all of them starting to fall into place, the excitement of the work starting to become palpable."

"Much as it was in October/November 1977 when "the seeds" of what to become Simple Minds were spending our days intensely trying to work out how to put our new ideas into an exciting live set that we then planned to perform at each and every every pub (or support gig) gig we could manage to hustle throughout the foreseeable future."

"Desperate to be good, even more desperate to be great."

"That was the only (unspoken) remit back then, and it is our only remit now. In fact, very little changes in the essentials of how we are, and how we feel about what we do. Sure, some faces come and go. Line - ups evolve and dissolve, mostly naturally. And certainly we've gone through periods of weakness and comparative strengths."

"In doing so it is easy to think about massive changes that have occurred within our story along the way. Much like the world itself has surely changed beyond recognition since back then. Right? But hold on a second. Has it really? Or, (technology and the effects of it apart) have many of the changes that occurred not mostly been on the surface really? Well, that is increasingly my view, or it was as I made my way to work in Glasgow this week."

"Glancing around that microcosm, the atmosphere of the city has hardly changed in my view. People still throng through it at the same busy times as they did back then. The street musicians still ply their trade on the very same corners. The cutting edge teenagers still sit on the same library steps - when its not raining. People still populate the same streets for venues to go eating and dancing... the city still feels a little edgy when the rival football teams play blah de blah! And absolutely guaranteed is that when I head in to Glasgow Central to catch the London bound early this coming Monday morning without a doubt I will see the same packed arrival trains. All from the same surrounding suburbs, still dislodging students and workers, all mostly scurrying so as not to be late for whatever it is that brings them to the city."

"Indeed then, all pretty much as it was when I took the early morning trains as a 16 year old serving apprentice, registered with what was then one of Glasgow's biggest construction companies."

"But anyone reading this could correctly think "What are you trying to say? Of course there has been changes in culture, in social practices. Glasgow itself has been reinvented from a post industrial basket case to something else entirely. People have died, new people have come along. The once vibrant gone tired, the new vibrants taken their place etc?""

"Certainly no arguing with that! But the view that I wish to put over is probably best summed up with the French bon mot plus ça change. (“the more it changes, the more it's the same thing”). And likewise with Simple Minds. 40 years ago this week we would've been in a room within the Gorbals, Glasgow. Hammering out musical patterns that we would hope could thrill an audience. 40 years later and now situated about a quarter of a mile from that original room, we were still doing exactly the same thing. And still getting equally excited about what is creatively coming together. And as for any changes that happen to us along the way? Well the idea and perceptions can sometimes be viewed as exciting, or perhaps confusing? Mystifying even? You can take your pick as you see it I suppose. After all this is "our thing" and we don't give too much away! But there is no getting away from the essential - and that is. The more we change, the more we stay the same." - Jim, 29th September 2017

Simple Minds will take to the road in February 2018 to premiere Walk Between Worlds in a selection of special live shows, which will be in three parts: a performance of the album, a live on-stage interview and a classic Simple Minds' set with hits and a few surprises! For fans it will be a very special, one-of-a-kind experience.

"As much as it has been a real pleasure to work on Walk Between Worlds, equally so it is thrilling to observe that the Simple Minds' story continues to evolve both in the studio and on the live stage. Sensing that each of these songs are destined to become individual events when played live - we look forward to performing all of them alongside already established live classics when we set out on this next upcoming tour." - Jim.

Tour poster.

Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow, UK
13th February, 2018

Albert Hall, Manchester, UK
14th February, 2018

Roundhouse, London, UK
15th February, 2018

Salle Pleyel, Paris, France
17th February, 2018

Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium
18th February, 2018

Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
19th February, 2018

Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark
20th February, 2018

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