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the vinyl collection (79,84): information

  • The Vinyl Collection (79,84) was part of Universal's continuing remastering campaign of Simple Minds' back catalogue.

  • It was the first vinyl album box set issued for the band.

  • It followed the format of album box sets by other artists, being essentially an audiophile release with the remastered albums pressed on 180g vinyl. Special attention was given to the artwork, ensuring that the sleeves, inner sleeves and labels of the original Zoom-Arista and Virgin pressings, were accurately recreated.

  • The original album master tapes were remastered at Abbey Road in July 2015.

  • The box cover artwork was based on the design of the New Gold Dream tour programme. I wanted something that was quintessentially Simple Minds and represented the period.

  • The original specification was for a six album box set, which would've included Life In A Day through to New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84). I extended the specification to include Sparkle In The Rain, an apparently odd decision, given that a 180g vinyl edition of Sparkle In The Rain had been reissued as part of the Sparkle In The Rain project. But this paved the way for the next proposed box-set of 7 albums to include Neapolis and Our Secrets Are The Same. Unfortunately this box-set didn't sell well so the second box-set was abandoned.

  • A sticker was designed but the idea was eventually dropped.

  • A Sound Of Vinyl insert was also included which gave the access code to download the albums digitally.

the vinyl collection (79,84): quick reference
7XLP     The Vinyl Collection (79,84) Universal 4733760
LP    Life In A Day Universal 4733747
A1. Someone(3:40)
A2. Life In A Day(4:00)
A3. Sad Affair(2:45)
A4. All For You(2:50)
A5. Pleasantly Disturbed(8:00)
B1. No Cure(3:38)
B2. Chelsea Girl(4:33)
B3. Wasteland(3:44)
B4. Destiny(3:36)
B5. Murder Story(6:18)

LP    Real To Real Cacophony Universal 4733746
A1. Real To Real(2:47)
A2. Naked Eye(2:21)
A3. Citizen (Dance Of Youth)(2:53)
A4. Carnival (Shelter In A Suitcase)(2:49)
A5. Factory(4:13)
A6. Cacophony(1:40)
A7. Veldt(3:29)
B1. Premonition(5:29)
B2. Changeling(4:11)
B3. Film Theme(2:27)
B4. Calling Your Name(5:05)
B5. Scar(3:31)

LP    Empires And Dance Universal 4733748
A1. I Travel(3:56)
A2. Today I Died Again(4:39)
A3. Celebrate(5:03)
A4. This Fear Of Gods(7:00)
B1. Capital City(6:14)
B2. Constantinople Line(4:44)
B3. Twist/Run/Repulsion(4:38)
B4. Thirty Frames A Second(5:14)
B5. Kant-Kino(1:50)
B6. Room(2:30)

LP    Sons And Fascination Universal 4733750
A1. In Trance As Mission(6:50)
A2. Sweat In Bullet(4:30)
A3. 70 Cities As Love Brings The Fall(4:48)
A4. Boys From Brazil(5:30)
B1. Love Song(5:03)
B2. This Earth That You Walk Upon(5:26)
B3. Sons And Fascination(5:23)
B4. Seeing Out The Angel(6:11)

LP    Sister Feelings Call Universal 4733774
A1. Theme For Great Cities(5:50)
A2. The American(3:49)
A3. 20th Century Promised Land(4:53)
B1. Wonderful In Young Life(5:20)
B2. League Of Nations(4:55)
B3. Careful In Career(5:08)
B4. Sound In 70 Cities(5:01)

LP    New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) Universal 4733752
A1. Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)(4:37)
A2. Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel (3:48)
A3. Promised You A Miracle(4:25)
A4. Big Sleep(4:58)
A5. Somebody Up There Likes You(4:56)
B1. New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)(5:56)
B2. Glittering Prize(4:33)
B3. Hunter And The Hunted(5:53)
B4. King Is White And In The Crowd(6:59)

LP    Sparkle In The Rain Universal 4733759
A1. Up On The Catwalk(4:45)
A2. Book Of Brilliant Things(4:20)
A3. Speed Your Love To Me(4:25)
A4. Waterfront(4:49)
A5. East At Easter(3:30)
B1. Street Hassle(5:15)
B2. White Hot Day(4:33)
B3. "C" Moon Cry Like A Baby(4:21)
B4. The Kick Inside Of Me(4:45)
B5. Shake Off The Ghosts(3:58)

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