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all for you

Composers: Kerr / Burchill
Authors: Kerr / Burchill

© EMI Music Publishing Limited: (1979 - 2007)
© JKMC-Bucks Music Group Ltd / Hornall Music: (2008 - 2014)
© BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd: (2015 -)

Early biographies recorded how Simple Minds realised they were a song short whilst recording their debut album, so they resurrected an older, previously discarded song called All For You. This suggested that the song was performed live in the early part of 1978 and subsequently dropped.

Yet there was no prior evidence of this song. It didn't appear on any early bootlegs, it didn't feature in any early set-lists, there were no mentions in fanzines or magazines, and it wasn't considered worthy of a place on the two demo tapes which led up to the album. So was it actually a old live song? Or was it written in the studio?

This song was specifically remembered by Derek. "'All For You' we wrote. I remember doing that in the Townhouse Studios. The bass line is me starting my whacky bass lines. There were a few things - we definitely added to it - we didn't get any publishing for that. But to be fair that was the first album. And we made quite a pretty penny out of it, but not anything like what was to come."

The studio tape trail does confirm that the song was recorded late in the sessions. It was one of the three tracks recorded at The Townhouse, after the majority of the album had been committed to tape at the initial sessions at Farmyard Studios. It was recorded before the 23rd February 1979, along with other late contenders Destiny (which had been played live) and Children Of The Game (another new song).

An early rough mix prepared by John Leckie between the 19th and 23rd February 1979 featured different synths during the choruses and an undeveloped middle-8. The question of the middle-8 was unexpectedly resolved by by a drunk Bruce Findlay galavanting on the keyboards in the studio late one night. Leckie was amused by the "whooshes" and weird effects and mixed them into the track.

The final mix (including one very similar out-take) was committed to tape on the 28th February 1979.

All For You was a simple song, reminiscent of their light-weight poppier work, and bascially album filler. It was performed live in 1979 as Simple Minds toured the UK but was quickly forgotten.

I had a walk the other day,
To meet someone I think you know.
The air was cold,
Skies were so grey,
Somebody lay on the ground below.
All for you,
All for you,
All for you.

Came face to face,
Felt so uneasy,
Oh so confused as what's going on.
Just could not move,
Feel so afraid,
Whisper the words,
The words were said.

All for you,
All for you,
All for you.

Into the street,
People can meet.
Don't turn your back to the view.
The silver blade can cut up your throat.
I tell you now,
'Cause I know it's true.

All for you,
All for you,
All for you.

I had to walk the other day,
To meet someone,
All for you.

Album Version (2:50)
Producer: John Leckie
Engineer: John Leckie
Arrangement: Simple Minds / John Leckie

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