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murder story

Composers: Kerr / Burchill
Authors: Kerr / Burchill

© EMI Music Publishing Limited: (1979 - 2007)
© JKMC-Bucks Music Group Ltd / Hornall Music: (2008 - 2014)
© BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd: (2015 -)

Another dark anthem, Murder Story went hand-in-hand with Plesantly Disturbed to close the main set of their 1978 gigs. During the year, it became lighter in style and tone, with Mick adding extra melodies and chords, whilst musically chasing Charlie through the instrumental break. By their performance at Grangemouth Town Hall in December 1978, the song was on the brink of evolving, and hints of Life In A Day were starting to appear.

It was recorded for the band's third demo tape, which was the final preparation work for the Life In A Day album. The demo version followed the studio version closely until the middle-8 where the demo featured a moorish style instrumental, repeat of the final chrous and came to a natural end. This was unlike the recorded version which built steadily in intensity before abruptly terminating mid-line.

It was formally recorded during the album's first recording sessions at Farmyard Studios in late January 1979. Final mixes (including some very similar out-takes) were committed to tape on the 1st March 1979.

It again partnered Plesantly Disturbed during the band's subsequent UK Tour but then disappeared into obscurity.

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Murder Story (Demo)

You say to me things should soon be alright.
I get so scared if I don't get out at night.
The question's real,
The answer so false.
I just can't cope no more with this rate of pulse.
I lost my past,
I gave it away.
I feel so insecure,
I couldn't take another day.
Please be kind,
Don't call me no wreck.
My nerves are very live you know,
But soon they're going to break.

No, oh no,
Another murder story.
No, oh no,
Another murder story.

So don't come too close,
I can't stand the heat.
I get nightmares of places people go to meet.
It's so apparent when I walk in the door,
That I'm all alone.
There's no one home and no one wants me anymore.
So claustrophobic if I stand in one place,
This state of mind I'm in is positively quite a disgrace.
The children from the street call out my name,
"Hey You".
It's all so mutual but you know,
I just don't want to share no fame.

No, oh no,
Another murder story.
No, oh no,
Another murder story.
No, oh no,
Murder story.
No, oh no,
No, oh no.

Album Version (6:18)
Producer: John Leckie
Engineer: John Leckie
Arrangement: Simple Minds/John Leckie

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