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who's doing the dreaming now?

who’s doing the dreaming now? was launched in 1996 as a spirited foil against the mediocre official publications of the 1980s and 1990s. Weighing in at 40 pages, each issue is packed with the latest news, discographies, reviews, comments, pictures and tour dates.

Rather than simply present a fan-based view of the Simple Minds world, who’s doing the dreaming now? has also featured many interviews, both with band members and management, through the the guys behind the scenes. Notable exclusives in the past were interviews with Jim and Mel Gaynor. And future issues will include chats with Bruce Findlay and Mick MacNeil.

The fanzine goes hand-in-hand with this website. There is some overlap, as part of the fanzine’s audience has no access to the Internet, but I try to pack in as much new material as possible.

After a long hiatus, issue #10 appeared in June 2003, featuring the start of a mammoth interview with Bruce Findlay. Issue #11 will appear in December, and will feature the continuation of Bruce’s chat, and a new exclusive interview with Mick MacNeil, where I asked him about his post-Simple Minds work and Rehab.
who's doing the dreaming now?
issue 10
april 2003

bruce findlay interview
It took all day, five C90 tapes, and I only asked one question. Here's the start of my mammoth interview with Bruce Findlay, the legendary manager of Simple Minds from 1978 until 1990.

"If the record company knew, or heard, what we were recording, they'd think we were taking the piss. We were doing all sorts of things - we weren't taking the piss by the way, we were experimenting, we were trying to get different sounds - sounds were a big thing for the band. They wanted to learn about sound all the time. You have ideas of sounds in your head - how do you make that sound? ... They didn't really have the songs - they didn't really. Simple Minds used to tell me porkie-pies [lies] - a lot of bands do - "Do you have any songs?" "Yeah" - The recording of Real To Real Cacophony.

brian hogg's review
The legendary review from Brian Hogg which got Bruce interested in the band. First published in Cripes #70 back in 1978.

our secrets are the same
On the eve of the release of the legendary 'lost' album, I look back to its recording, the media coverage of the fall out between Simple Minds and EMI, the history of Jordi Tarda's leaking of the album, a full review, the acetates and bootlegs and finally an interview with Chris Fudurich who was the engineer.

"Everyone had a great time! I had a blast doing this album. It did get a bit crazy working at Jim's house which was in the middle of nowhere. No pubs or birds." - The recording of Our Secrets Are The Same.

the remasters
Full review and discography of the remasters from Virgin. Also includes the press releases included with both sets of releases.

swimming towards the sun
A full review of the tribute album, which includes track listing, information about where it can be purchased, and comments from Jim.

simple minds vs...
The full discography of the various Simple Minds inspired releases from 2001 onwards. As Dream Giver collated these releases at the time, who's doing the dreaming now? puts everything in order and fills in the gaps. For example, the best version of The Real Life turned up on Dave Lee's second promo 12" - The Real Life [Dub Life] is just pure Simple Minds without any Queen samples. And for the best version of Monster, you need to find the Original Mix on the Soul Syndicate promo - over 7 minutes of remixed Changeling.

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