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Real To Real Cacophony Tour

"We feel really restricted in Glasgow. There isn't anywhere for us to play because of size, organisation and that kind of thing. We played a college gig a while back, it was a tiny hall and there were five hundred people in it and no bouncers anywhere. It was bedlam." - Charlie Burchill.

The tour for Real To Real Cacophony stretched the band’s horizons with lengthy visits to the European mainland and even a quick visit to the USA.

Split by a Christmas break, the first half of the tour took in Germany, Belgium and Sweden before the band returned to the UK for a lengthy circuit of the college venues. It was punctuated with two dates in the USA; the brief stopover being arranged by Bruce Findlay and Ruth Polskey so the band could be filmed live for the Old Grey Whistle Test.

The first half of 1980 was spent again in Europe, this time visiting France, Germany and The Netherlands. With foundations set around Europe, and with their broadened travelling experiences, Simple Minds returned to the studio to work on the next album.

JK: "Magazine were quite a prototype for us; Howard Devoto had all this danger. I always thought of the great frontmen - I had to cut a bit of a shape. Howard was great; Richard Butler of The Psychedlic Furs was a great. If you think I was scary, you should have seen Peter Murphy. There was an intensity ot the band - it was like 'Jesus Christ!'"

Record Collector Interview
Record Collector #364
July 2009

The gear:
Charles Burchill (guitar): Gibson Flying V, Arbiter Flying V copy. Burns Flyte, Carlsbro Stingray 100W amp with 2 x 12in cab, Peavey Classic 50W amp with 2 x 12in cab, MXR Phaser, fuzz box.

Mick McNeil (keyboards): Yamaha SS30 string synth, Farfisa III 5261E organ, Wurlitzer electric piano, Arp 17in Minus Noise Mixer, Yamaha A4115M Bin with integral 250W amp.

Derek Forbes (bass): Guild D300, Ibanez Explorer, Peavey 200 series 100W amp with 2 x 15in cab, MXR 100 phaser.

Brian McGee (drums): Premier 5-piece, Ludwig snare, Pearl Syncussion, Zildjian and Paiste cymbals.

Jon Fink
Musicians Only
12th January 1980

These flyers were produced for the tour (which mentioned that the band were on tour with Gary Numan).

A page from the tour itinerary of the October dates.

Handwritten dates for March. © Alwa Glebe 1979

The band ventured abroad for the first time with dates in Germany and Belgium. For many years, their first mainland European concert was given as the Kant-Kino in Berlin. However, more recently, Jim has mentioned a previously unknown show in Hamburg before that date.

???, Hamburg, Germany
October ??, 1979
Main Set: ... Premonition ... Factory ... Changeling ... Premonition ... Calling Your Name ...

"I love Hamburg. I love Germany. And I like reminiscing about our first ever trip to perform outside of the UK. That was back in October 1979 (I've told you till I’m blue in the face - Simple Minds are not an '80s act', we hail proudly from the 70s - and it was in Hamburg we arrived, off the overnight ferry from the UK, fresh faced and full of excitement, not quite believing that we were getting the chance to perform in mainland Europe."

"Charlie and I had as teenagers, hitch-hiked through Germany a few years earlier. From then on in we identified ourselves as Europeans first and foremost."

"Naive in all manner of other ways, but already bright enough to consider ourselves believers in the wisdom that 'The world and all that it has to offer, begins at the bottom of your street.' And as proof of that as a belief, there we were not that much later, standing on the deck of a passenger/cargo boat as it almost silently made its way in early morning sunshine into the port of Hamburg. Meanwhile on the deck below, a single box shaped vehicle, registered as on hire from a company in Scotland, was jam packed with all our recently purchased equipment. Happy days! Very happy days, when young dreams get converted to reality."

"Who cared if almost no one in that city had heard of us back then? Who cared that the audience at our first German gig was embarrassingly sparse? Premonition. Factory. Changeling. Calling Your Name. All rang out that night - as we lit the room up."

"It just felt magic to be in Hamburg. Magical to be bringing our music to mainland Europe. Then and now!" - Jim, 8th March 2019

"I'm back in Hamburg."

"The sun shone as the flight descended through the clouds, much as it did October '79 when Simple Minds first visited. On that occasion the boat we came in on arrived through the early morning mist into the third biggest port in Europe, and I remember the excitement as we stood on the deck contemplating what might unfold over the next weeks."

"How could we not be excited with the prospect of playing live for the first time outside the UK, particularly so in knowing that after that night's Hamburg show we were set to then drive through what was then called East Germany enroute for West Berlin? Although the ominous and tragic Berlin Wall was destined to stand for another decade before eventually crumbling - no one was to know that back then. Meanwhile we were just buzzin' to be in the country that had produced so much music that had held influence over us, and still does. (Neu!, Can, Amon Dull, Kraftwerk etc.)"

"Excitement was not the only thing we were full of. If asked to describe the character of our unit as we set foot on the area around the Hamburg docks on that crisp autumn morning. It is only fair to say that collectively we were full of ambition."

"Ambitious for what you ask?"

"The reply being that we were determinedly ambitious to continue down the path we had set out for ourselves when we started the band eighteen months or so earlier. The remit being then, as it is now - to take our music around the world and in doing so garner the reputation of being 'a great live band.'"

"I'm sure you would agree that having that kind of attitude was a positive attribute, necessary even when starting out. After all, without ambition and the drive to succeed we would never have dared dream of putting a band together, or strategising our way to the brink of a worldwide record deal. Most of which incidentally was done by ourselves, still teenagers, and without help from managers, agents, or any kind of mentors. (All of those came later thankfully.)"

"It was ambition however that gave fuel to all of that, and so much else that ensued over the decades that followed."

"And yet so often 'ambition' as a quality is used almost as a dirty word. Derogatory, full of negative connotations, more than often twinned with the word 'ruthless.'"

"Well, not so in my book - where 'unambitious' is considered a much more unsavoury term."

"For although it remains to be seen whether 'The meek shall inherit the earth.' (Matthew 5.5) I can guarantee you that the meek and unambitious will never find their way to forming a great rock band - least not one that anyone will get to hear of." - Jim, 16th October 2021

Kant-Kino, Berlin, Germany
October 11th, 1979

"Our first ever gig outside of the UK was in the arthouse cinema on Kant Strasse in October '79. Real to Real Cacophony was just released and we started the set with Premonition... still feel the shivers!" - Jim

"How could I forget that we played Hamburg night before? Had taken the overnight ferry from Harwich arriving on beautiful morning at Hamburg docks. After we traveled by mini bus through the "corridor" into Berlin. I played non stop with my new toy. It was called a Sony Walkman and I had only one cassette. Fortunately the cassette had been given to me by Mick MacNeil. Featured an idea, I called it I Travel thinking we needed a tune that reflected all this sudden mobility within our lives. A sonic postcard to send back home!" - Jim

Advert for the Kant Kino

Gigs at the Kant Kino

Rotation Club, Hannover, Germany
October 12th, 1979
Some photos from this gig by Alwa Glebe are published here.

© Alwa Glebe 1979

© Alwa Glebe 1979

Hyde Park, Osnabruck, Germany
October 13th, 1979
Alternatively this gig was dropped, and Simple Minds played the Rotation again, at the request of the headlining band Golden Earring.

Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany
October 14th, 1979
Tickets cost 5 DM and the band came on at 20:30.

Alladin Club, Bremen, Germany
October 15th, 1979

Ruhrer Saal, Nurnburg, Germany
October 16th, 1979

Auderghen Canotier, Brussels, Belgium
October 18th, 1979
The gig was initially planned for the Klaccick, in Ukkel, where journalist Gilles Verlant with others, organised showcase gigs for up-and-coming bands in a small venue of around 400. OMD, The Human League and The Cure had already played, but the venue was subsequently refused a performance certificate by the local council. Therefore the gig was held at the Catonier in Brussels instead.

Brian McGee was the only person in the band who could drive and, in addition to his drumming duties, he had to drive the band from gig to gig in their battered old "tour bus" (read van). En-route to this gig, he scrapped the side of the van. Distrught he got out of the driver's cab, sat in the road and announced he wouldn't be playing. He didn't get much sympathy from the rest of the band.

Many thanks to Clive for the poster photograph.

The band originally planned a rest period from the 18th October through to the 29th October. However, they were offered the opportunity to perform at Hurrah's in New York and be filmed by the BBC's Old Grey Whistle Test. They jumped at the chance, and one hour after getting work permits, the band were flying to America.

Hurrah's, New York, USA
October 24th, 1979
Main Set: ...Factory / Changeling / Premonition...
Changeling single X5 Seen The Lights DVD - A Visual History

The band played a limited midnight set. It's possible that they only played three songs.

All their equipment was hired and Mick was unable to find replacements for his synths. Unhappy with the sound, he re-recorded his parts at CaVa back in Glasgow, using his own synths.

This gig was recorded by The Old Grey Whistle Test and broadcast on the 27th November. Premonition was subsequently mixed and appeared as the B-side of Changeling. But it wasn't until 2003, and the Seen The Lights DVD release, that the footage was officially released.

Derek Forbes occasionally smiles at the audience during the gig. He was actually smiling at Iggy Pop who stood/danced in front of him for the entire show.

Trax, New York, USA
October 25th, 1979

After their successful night at Hurrah's, the band were invited to play at Trax the next night.

As soon as they finished the gig, they were on the plane back to Heathrow, London, and after a dash to Harwich, immediately got the ferry to Scandinavia.

"Scandinavian countries were among the first to embrace the sound of Simple Minds and for that we will always be grateful. As far back as 1979 we made our first trip to Denmark. Followed by a visit to Sweden some months later, before then getting our chance to perform in Norway a couple of years later again. The excitement of those trips resonate vividly with us to this day, never forgetting the intensity of those first sweat soaked nights, performing to packed club audiences in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmo, Copenhagen and Oslo. Two weeks from today, and four decades later from first stepping foot in Scandinavia, we will begin our latest world tour. Every bit excited now as we were back then!" - Jim, 14th February 2020

Errol's, Gothenburg, Sweden
October 29th, 1979
Main Set: ...Wasteland / Scar / Here Comes The Fool / Changeling / Factory / White Light/White Heat / Chelsea Girl / Pleasantly Disturbed / Someone / Pablo Picasso

Music Palais, Stockholm, Sweden
October 31st, 1979
Main Set: ... Premonition / Life In A Day / Destiny / Factory / Wasteland / Scar / Here Comes The Fool / White Light/White Heat / Changeling / Chelsea Girl / Pleasantly Disturbed / Someone / Pablo Picasso

Högskolerestaurangen, Orebro, Sweden
November 1st, 1979
Main Set: ... Premonition / Life In A Day / Destiny / Factory / Wasteland / Scar / Here Comes The Fool / White Light/White Heat / Changeling / Chelsea Girl / Pleasantly Disturbed / Someone / Pablo Picasso

"I attended that concert but it was not at Magasinet. It was a long time ago but I don’t recall that it was a concert at Magasinet at all. The location was Högskolerestaurangen (Örebro University restaurant) as you can see from the attached pictures of the poster. Even though it was the Real To Real Cacophony Tour the poster said Life In A Day as the new record wasn’t released yet. I’m still a bit crossed that Derek Forbes left the party before signing the poster…" - Stellan

Erols, Gothenberg, Sweden
November 2nd, 1979

Musikteatret, Aarhus, Denmark
November 4th, 1979
Support: The Lost Kids

During this pause in the tour, Mick returned to CaVa Studios in Glasgow to re-record and mix the live material recorded at Hurrah's. The final mix was created on November 9th.

Simple Minds then embarked on their third UK tour. This leg, which lasted four weeks, began in Scotland and culminated with two gigs at The Marquee in London.

University, Stirling, UK
November 15th, 1979
Main Set: Capital City / Here Comes The Fool / Calling Your Name / Naked Eye / Life In A Day / Premonition / Citizen (Dance Of Youth) / Factory / Changeling / Chelsea Girl / Pleasantly Disturbed / Room / Pablo Picasso

"In 1979 I finished with Rosetta Stone and was working as resident sound engineer in a bar in Edinburgh - Eric Brown's - when Dougie asked me to help out at a rehearsal for Simple Minds in The Odeon in Edinburgh and, after that, I joined the crew starting at the University of Stirling (15th November 1979) doing, if I remember correctly, the monitor mix (which Big Dougie made his speciality later)." - Eddie Cairns

This gig was a late addition to the tour schedule as it didn't appear in the press releases.

University, Aberdeen, UK
November 16th, 1979

Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow, UK
November 17th, 1979

University, St. Andrews, UK
November 18th, 1979

Tiffany's, Edinburgh, UK
November 19th, 1979
Main Set: ...Scar/... ...Real To Real/... ...Destiny/... ...Life In A Day/... ...Factory/... ...Chelsea Girl/... ...Pleasantly Disturbed/... ...White Light/White Heat
Support: Those French Girls

"...Once the headliners occupy the stage, though, the difference is as obvious as it is striking. No longer do the Minds sulk in the shadows amid accusations of Roxy/Magazine cloning, and their own new-found direction and maturity asserts itslef through the music and its presentation. The impressive array of equipment has Mick MacNeil banked up high within his keyboard console and Brian McGee set aside behind his kit to the far left, leaving a visual attack of bass, vocals and guitar at the front.

Material-wise, the new songs took pride (and I mean pride) of place, with eight selections from the forthcoming Real To Real Cacophony album forming the basis of the set, which lasted over an hour by hardly seemed to flag. Established favourites such as Life In A Day and the triumphant closing Pleasantly Disturbed were deservedly greeted by roars of approval, but Destiny seemed oddly dated and even worse, Chelsea Girl appeared as their willing albatross with Jim Kerr singing like an uneasy and unhappy Ancient Mariner.

By contrast, more recent compositions explored a greater range of emotions, utilitsing different rhythms and experimenting with various styles and tempos. Accordingly, Factory featured a hypnotic bass/keyboard melody under a bubbling guitar line plus a quasi-Iggy chorus that I sang all the way home! Elsewhere Scar and Real To Real are positive deliberate steps towards a composure that fits them well. Gone are the frantic attempts at catchy, jerky tunes which prompted much early criticism, to be replaced by a blending of all that is best from Ultravox and Talking Heads.

It was a pity therefore, that because of time restrictions the encore was their version of White Light/White Heat - I'd rather have heard some more chilling film themse from the Minds' own repertoire than a spirited rehash from the past. I'm looking to the future and I want it now!"

Johnny Waller

Tiffany, Hull, UK
November 20th, 1979
Support: The Portraits

This concert was cancelled according to a later press release.

Polytechnic, Wolverhampton, UK
November 21st, 1979
Support: The Portraits

Troubadour, Port Talbot, UK
November 22nd, 1979
Support: The Portraits

Originally scheduled for this date, this show was moved to the 29th November.

Aston University, Birmingham, UK
November 23rd, 1979
Support: The Portraits

University, Newcastle, UK
November 24th, 1979
Support: The Portraits
Main Set: Veldt [Intro Tape] / Premonition / Calling Your Name / Life In A Day / Destiny / Naked Eye / Wasteland [curtailed due to a fight] / Someone / White Light/White Heat / Factory / Chelsea Girl / Pleasantly Disturbed
"The gig was unique in as much as that half way through Wasteland (about the 4th track) the band have a fight with a few members of the audience and walk off for about 15 minutes. They do return but only to play another five or so songs. I may also still have a photo or two from the gig. I remember taking one of Jim Kerr as he stormed past me on his way to the dressing room! - Steve

The planned set-list was:
Main Set: Veldt [Intro Tape] / Premonition / Calling Your Name / Life In A Day / Destiny / Naked Eye / Wasteland / Scar / Here Comes The Fool / Citizen (Dance Of Youth) / Factory / Changeling / Chelsea Girl / Pleasantly Disturbed
Encore: Someone / White Light/White Heat

Music Hall, Shrewsbury, UK
November 27th, 1979
Support: The Portraits

Essex University, Colchester, UK
November 28th, 1979
Support: The Portraits

This gig was a late addition to the tour schedule as it didn't appear in the original press releases.

Troubadour, Port Talbot, UK
November 29th, 1979
Support: The Portraits

This was a rescheduled date from the 22nd November.

Eric's, Liverpool, UK
November 30th, 1979
Support: The Portraits

"Wow! Joy Division, OMD and Simple Minds, when ticket prices were £1:50. Now less than the price of a small packet of crisps? I still have memories of turning up at Eric's in Liverpool, 1979, and seeing that poster on the wall. Realising that most of the bands were already in my record collection and feeling frustrated that I could not see them as we were always out on tour ourselves, and rarely crossing paths. No matter how friendly and how enthusiastic the audiences are, I still get momentarily intimidated when turning up to perform in cities that historically have produced the greatest music. Liverpool is certainly one of those cities! Always feel honoured to play in those kind of places. Always want to go beyond when you walk on stage" - Jim, 14th June 2020

Student Union, Manchester Poly, Manchester, UK
December 1st, 1979
Support: The Portraits
Tickets cost £1 in advance. The Student Union was on Cavendish Street hence the poster.

Fforde Grene Hotel, Leeds, UK
December 2nd, 1979
Support: The Portraits

The set-list for this gig is still unknown. Some other lists document one, but it turns out to be the set-list from their appearance here during the Life In A Day tour.

University Of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
December 5th, 1979
Support: The Portraits

The Limit, Sheffield, UK
December 6th, 1979
Support: The Portraits

North Staffs Polytechnic, Stafford, UK
December 7th, 1979
Support: The Portraits

Sandpiper, Nottingham, UK
December 8th, 1979
Support: The Portraits

University, Exeter, UK
December 10th, 1979
Support: The Portraits
Main Set: Veldt / Scar / Here Comes The Fool / Calling Your Name / Life In A Day / Destiny / Naked Eye / Premonition / Citizen (Dance Of Youth) / Factory / Changeling / Chelsea Girl / Pleasantly Disturbed / White Light/White Heat

University, Keele, UK
December 12th, 1979
Supporting: Hawkwind

Billed as a Christmas concert with Hawkwind.

"I did the next few gigs - up to Keele University as I recall (if I remember rightly once we had finished that gig we got back to the hotel which was right next to the motorway and the band decided that they all wanted to go home - there and then - so I had to drive them - God knows how I made it and who I stayed with when we arrived but I was completely knackered - got them home safe though!) and then back to the day job - Eric's. I was then basically on call as one of their roadies. I cannot remember any London gigs (Marquee etc) but I might have just forgotten." - Eddie Cairns

The Marquee, London, UK
December 13th, 1979
Adverts for both the Simple Minds tour and the Marquee state the 13th and 14th December, whilst other adverts for The Marquee give dates of the 17th and 18th. A press releases also gives these dates and suggests they're the conclusion of this UK tour.

The Marquee, London, UK
December 14th, 1979
Adverts for both the Simple Minds tour and the Marquee state the 13th and 14th December, whilst other adverts for The Marquee give dates of the 17th and 18th. However the gig was on this date.

"I've been to it before but I just bumped into your gigography again and re: the debate over the band's London Marquee dates in December 1979 I can state that I was most definitely at the Marquee watching them on Friday, December 14th. Part of my diary for that date reads 'Simple Minds/Portraits great, Marquee.' For a lot of years I thought I'd seen them two night running (which my diary confirms I didn't) but given I was there on the 14th I would safely assume that they played the 13th as well, as per the press listings." - Dec Hickey

The audience at the Marquee was composed one-third of college kids, one-third Simple Minds fans and one-third club regulars - the surprise was finding something in the music and its performance which drew everybody stageward. The most compelling something was the vocal work of Jim Kerr. He interprets each song, giving it a distinct dramatic character. His lyrics evoke an emotional landscape of high contrasts - from Arctic desolation to tropical lushness - the stark imagery brought to life by Kerr's intense presence.

There wasn't a single beat played that didn't grab the heart, mind or body. Pivoting around Kerr, Charles Burchill (lead guitar), Mick McNeil (keyboards), Derek Forbes (bass) and Brian McGee (drums) each laid down a ply of melody or rhythm. Burchill's range is impressive (extending to violin), distant, mineral lead work sculpted out of the air. His tense lines keep the atmosphere serious but never heavy. He can kick back into trad rock 'n' roll whenever the numbers need lightening, a technique which points up the real strength of Simple Minds' material: however other-worldly the verse, the refrains tend to be simple and memorable, like Beach Boys riffs. And like Beach Boys' harmonies - Mick McNeil's lucid movement on organ, piano and synth remained solid without ever sounding mechanical. His playing moved music that was already extraordinary into a unique dimension.

Underneath it all Brian McGee and Derek Forbes formed the ribs not only of each tune but of the performance. Their reassuring steadiness, following the intricate contours of vocals and lead work, maintained a basic contact with the audience. Forbes' back up vocals were as dependable as his bass playing, giving just the right edge to Kerr's evocative singing.

Answering a crowd who couldn't believe it was all over. Simple Minds obliged with two well-deserved encores. Exhausted, they gave more than they had strength to give. Such commitment, along with the skill to combine the basic energies of rock with mature musical scope deserves to be rewarded with a much wider audience.

Jon Fink
Musicians Only
12th January 1980

Thanks to Robert Struthers for the review.

University, Exeter, UK
December 20th, 1979
Main Set: Scar / Calling Your Name / Life In A Day / Destiny / Naked Eye / Premonition / Citizen (Dance Of Youth) / Factory / Changeling / Chelsea Girl / Pleasantly Disturbed / White Light/White Heat
A second gig at Exeter seems unlikely (after 10th December) so one of these would appear to be an error.

Technical College, Glasgow, UK
December 31st, 1979

Tiffany's, Glasgow, UK
January 7th, 1980
Main Set: Bells / Here Comes The Fool / Calling Your Name / Life In A Day / Destiny / Naked Eye / Premonition / Citizen (Dance Of Youth) / Factory / Changeling / Chelsea Girl / Room / Pleasantly Disturbed

Paris Theatre, London, UK
January 9th, 1980
Main Set: .../Here Comes The Fool / Calling Your Name / Factory / Changeling / Room
Recorded and broadcast live by the BBC as part of their In Concert series.

Theatre De Palace, Paris, France
January 12th, 1980
Main Set: Scar / Here Comes The Fool / Life In A Day / White Light/White Heat / Chelsea Girl / Pleasantly Disturbed / Room

University, Stirling, UK
February 15th, 1980
Support: FK9

"As far as I can remember the next gig was the Stirling University one and, after that, my job was back line, drums and driver for the band. I remember I got the train through to Glasgow and was met by Brian and we set off to pick up the band and go to London for the YMCA gig and then on to Europe. The band had very kindly got together in between the last gig and when I picked them up to make a nice little welcome tape for me!"

"As we were heading down the A74, Jim asked me to put on a tape - they were all in the back of the minibus and were having a chat and the tape had some Beatles tracks on it and, all of a sudden, there was this conversation over the music which started off along the lines of "Who is that baldy bastard that's driving anyway?" with a reply of "I don't know but if he doesn't watch out he'll be getting a clip round the ear" (or words to that effect) and so it continued for at least a good few minutes with many insults and threats. Now, I knew them but I honestly didn't know where to put my face that day - until I got up the courage to look in the rear view mirror - to find the lot of them almost pissing themselves with laughter at the look on my face - bastards one and all - but it certainly broke the ice! And so it carried on!"

"When we got to London we checked into the hotel and some of us went out for a bite to eat - Jim, Charlie, Mick and I think Big D was there as well. On the way back we were walking towards the hotel and a couple of lads were coming the other way - all dressed up for a good night out when all of a sudden two buckets of water hit them right between the eyes - an absolute bull's eye. I had seen something out of the corner of my eye and looked up - guess who? - Brian and Derek - there is certainly something about them and water, especially when drunk! The poor guys were soaking wet and were as mad as hell and wanted to kill - of course muggins here had to say that it couldn't have been our crowd as the window they thought the water had come from was mine and I couldn't have done it because I was watching it happen - must have been some other rotters - anyway, they left and, needless to say, we found Brian and Dan almost pissing themselves with laughter." - Eddie Cairns

YMCA, London, UK
February 23rd, 1980

Strand Lyceum Ballroom, London, UK
February 24th, 1980
With: The Only Ones and Martha And The Muffins

Ross Stapleton saw the band this night after hearing Premonition being played at a German club almost three weeks before. This performance convinced him that he had to sign the band to Virgin Records.

Stratosphaere, Oberhausen, Germany
March 2th, 1980

Kant-Kino, Berlin, Germany
March 3rd, 1980

Aladin, Bremen, Germany
March 4th, 1980

Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
March 5th, 1980
Main Set: Capital City / Here Comes The Fool / Calling Your Name / Life In A Day / Premonition / Citizen (Dance Of Youth) / Factory / Changeling / Pleasantly Disturbed / White Light/White Heat / Room

Rotation, Hannover, Germany
March 6th, 1980

To Act, Nurnberg, Germany
March 7th, 1980
Some photos from this gig by Alwa Glebe are published here. The gig was originally supposed to be at the Nuremburg Art Centre.

Pavillion Espace Baltard, Paris, France
March 9th, 1980

"As far as our first ever festival appearance goes, I reckon that would have been Sunday, March 9, 1980 at Pavillon Baltard, Nogent-sur-Marne, France. The festival, indoor, went under the name of Euro Rock, and if I remember well, we shared the bill with Joe Jackson, Rezillos, Little Bob Story and a wonderful band from Rennes called Maquis de Sade. As our first ever French date, I recall that we were delighted to receive such a warm response. But I also recall that as result of suffering such bad bouts of stage fright, which was common to me during those early days, I somewhat unprofessionally had had more than a few drinks along with Derek Forbes in the hotel bar prior to our late afternoon set. Therefore it is safe to say that I was more than half drunk throughout. He on the other hand was falling all over the place, and yet still manage to seemingly perform flawlessly. What talent!" - Jim, 22nd June 2017

Cercle, Gent, Belgium
March 12th, 1980
This venue could be wrong as posters exist for a gig at Salle De La Chapelle, Liege for the same date:

Many thanks to Clive for the picture

De Piek, Vlissingen, The Netherlands
March 14th, 1980

Eksit, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
March 15th, 1980

Vera, Groningen, The Netherlands
March 16th, 1980
Main Set: Capital City / Here Comes The Fool / Calling Your Name / Life In A Day / Citizen (Dance Of Youth) / Factory / Changeling / Pleasantly Disturbed / I Travel

Uilenstede, Amstelveen, The Netherlands
March 17th, 1980

Stokvishal, Arnhem, The Netherlands
March 20th, 1980
"I saw one incorrect tourdate of Simple Minds. My memory is at times spot on. I knew for sure that the date in the Stokvishal was at the 20th of March 1980. 20 is my fave number and Simple Minds blew me of my feet that day." - Coen van Hall

Thanks to Peter for the scan.

De Harmonie, Tilbourg, The Netherlands
March 20th, 1980
The date of this gig is now questionable. See above.

Effenaar, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
March 21st, 1980

De Gigant, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
March 22nd, 1980
Main Set: Film Theme / Capital City / Here Comes The Fool / Calling Your Name / Life In A Day / Premonition / Citizen (Dance Of Youth) / Factory / Changeling / Pleasantly Disturbed

Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
March 23rd, 1980
Main Set: Capital City / Here Comes The Fool / Calling Your Name / Life In A Day / Premonition / Citizen (Dance Of Youth) / Factory / Changeling / Pleasantly Disturbed / White Light-White Heat / Pablo Picasso / Sister Midnight - Room
The Best Years Of Our Lives bootleg LP A Voyage To Remember bootleg LP Live Adventures bootleg CD Life In A Day bootleg CD

The entire concert was recorded and broadcast on radio. This accounts for the great recording of this early gig and the number of bootlegs it spawned. However, most of the bootlegs get the venue wrong, suggesting the recording was from the Paradiso (which took place on the 29th).

"Europe went well even although we had to get another minibus as that one had broken down, if memory serves in Paris, and we continued with a left hand drive unit - that was weird - first time for me! They then put us into a holiday camp in Holland for the duration of the Dutch leg of the tour which was an education - that lot couped up in a camp. We had two houses and it was chaos all the time! We played some very strange places that leg of the tour and I remember in Groningen that we were told to help ourselves to some new beer to us - Grolsch - so we filled the sleeper cab of the truck. Stupid people saying to help ourselves - we took it literally!" - Eddie Cairns

"I think we were meant to be coming home after that little jaunt but we were told to go and support Gary Numan on his European tour - that was different but there was one really funny part right at the start. When we were in Amsterdam Derek had met this young lady and they had become good friends - when we got to Hamburg for the first Numan gig, the first person Derek sees is this young lady so he goes over to her - thinking she had come to see her - no chance - she had met Numan in Amsterdam after we had left and he had brought her along as his friend for the rest of the tour - poor Derek - didn't know where to look so he got pissed!" - Eddie Cairns

"Simple Minds will play to over 15,000 people tonight in Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome. Amazing, especially when considering that there were less than 15 people in total at our very first gig in Amsterdam in 1980 - playing in the tiny Melkweg club. Regardless of how few people were there on that night, those that were encouraged us immensely, and from then on Simple Minds' Dutch fans have never let us down. For that our gratitude knows no end! Expect 100 percent effort from us tonight. Heart and soul!" - Jim, 19th April 2022

March Musikhalle, Hamburg, Germany
March 24th, 1980
Supporting: Gary Numan

Philipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany
March 25th, 1980
Supporting: Gary Numan

Deutches Museum, Munich, Germany
March 27th, 1980
Supporting: Gary Numan

Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
March 29th, 1980
Suppor: Mecano

Many thanks to Timothy for the picture.

Les Bains Douches, Paris, France
March 31st, 1980

Many thanks to Clive for the picture.

Les Bains Douches, Paris, France
April 1st, 1980
Main Set: Veldt / Capital City / Here Comes The Fool / Calling Your Name / Life In A Day / Premonition / Citizen (Dance Of Youth) / Factory / Changeling / Pleasantly Disturbed / Film Theme
According to biographer Adam Sweeting, these European gigs were David Henderson's last gigs as sound engineer. Their roadcrew chief, Billy Worton took over the role.

However, this is disputed by Eddie Carins who remembers David leaving before the European dates: "Billy was in charge then I can assure you."

Ruffles, Aberdeen, UK
May 1st, 1980

Nite Club, Edinburgh, UK
May 2nd, 1980

Nite Club, Edinburgh, UK
May 3rd, 1980

Vredenburgh, Utrecht, The Netherlands
June 6th, 1980
Main Set: Capital City / Factory / Thirty Frames A Second / Premonition / Today I Died Again / Pleasantly Disturbed

Lyceum, London, UK
June 20th, 1980
Main Set: Kant-Kino / Capital City / Factory / Thirty Frames A Second / I Travel / Constantinople Line / Premonition / Today I Died Again / Celebrate / This Fear Of Gods

"On the website you have the Real to Real Tour continuing after Gary Numan into France which is right, but I cannot remember coming back to do the Nite Club in Edinburgh and then going back to Holland to do Utrecht - then back to the Lyceum. As far as I remember we went directly to the Lyceum and didn't go back to Holland for one gig? I also think that we did more than three gigs supporting Gary Numan but I might be wrong there." - Eddie Cairns


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