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Seen The Lights DVD
Seen The Lights
A Visual History

Catalogue Number: SMDVD1
ICPN Number: 7243 490876 9 9
Release Date: 03/11/03
Dealer Price: 11.80
Format: Double DVD


This debut DVD from Simple Minds collects material from both their critical and commercial prime and includes an astonishing 26 promo videos. Featuring long unseen footage from their acclaimed 1982 Newcastle City Hall gig and 15 tracks from the 1989 Verona Concert, filmed at a time when the band ruled the planet, it is easy to see why Simple Minds provide to be one of the most successful bands the British Isles has ever produced, selling millions of albums worldwide. The musicianship and stage craft at times combined to stunning effect, and in Jim Kerr, Simple Minds had a front man that only the true greats could compare with.

In their studio performances too, the Simple Minds magic is apparent. They were favourites of The Old Grey Whistle Test and included here are five long unseen Whistle Test performances including the classic early tracks like Life In A Day and Chelsea Girl.

The band were also at the fore front of the music video explosion and especially in their early days, they produced some stunningly challenging videos most notably Glittering Prize and All The Things She Said. Another highlight is the performance video of Mandela Day, filmed at the Mandela Day concert from April 1990.

All audio and visual material in this double DVD has been digitally re-mastered and the Verona footage has been mastered in 5.1 surround sound, up-mixed from the original stereo recording.

Press and promotion

Selected co-op ad's to run in music press.

Features to run in music and popular press. Excellent reviews expected.

Stories and features to run on the Virgin website and on the massively popular Official Simple Minds website

dvd 1: promo videos
1. Love Song
2. Sweat In Bullet
3. Promised You A Miracle
4. Glittering Prize
5. Waterfront
6. Speed Your Love To Me
7. Up On The Catwalk
8. Don't You (Forget About Me)
9. Alive And Kicking
10. Sanctify Yourself
11. All The Things She Said
12. Ghostdancing
13. Belfast Child
14. Mandela Day
15. This Is Your Land
16. Kick It In
17. Let It All Come Down
18. Let There Be Love
19. See The Lights
20. Stand By Love
21. Real Life
22. She's A River
23. Hypnotised
24. Glitterball
25. War Babies
26. Cry

dvd 1: the old grey whistle test (with original uk broadcast dates)
27. Life In A Day[Live] (3:37)     27/03/79
28. Chelsea Girl[Live] (4:42)27/03/79
29. Factory[Live] (4:34)27/11/79
30. Changeling[Live] (3:23)27/11/79
31. Premonition[Live] (5:31)27/11/79

dvd 1: oxford road show (with original uk broadcast dates)
32. I Travel[Live] (3:36)21/01/83

dvd 2: verona
1. Theme For Great Cities['90 Remix] (3:06)
When Spirits Rise(2:01)
2. Street Fighting Years[Live] (7:25)
Mandela Day[Live Guitar Solo]     (0:57)
3. Let It All Come Down[Edit](3:30)
4. Mandela Day[Live Edit] (4:11)
5. Waterfront[Live] (6:13)
6. This Is Your Land[Inst Edit] (2:59)
7. Don't You (Forget About Me)[Live] (5:55)
Book Of Brilliant Things[Live Edit] (1:16)
8. Gaelic Melody[Live] (2:37)
9. Kick It In[Live Edit] (4:09)
10. Ghostdancing[Live] (7:17)
Soul Crying Out[Inst Edit] (2:43)
11. Belfast Child[Live] (8:11)
12. Sanctify Yourself[Live] (4:51)
13. East At Easter[Live] (6:11)
14. Alive And Kicking[Live] (6:48)
15. Let It All Come Down[Inst Edit](2:30)

dvd 2: late night in concert (with original uk broadcast dates)
16. Hunter And The Hunted[Live] (5:32)08/09/83
17. Glittering Prize[Live] (4:36)08/09/83
18. Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)    [Live](4:53)08/09/83
19. The American[Live] (5:50)08/09/83
20. Big Sleep[Live] (7:08)08/09/83
21. New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)[Live] (5:16)08/09/83

Colour double-sided sheet distributed with some promos of the DVD set.