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Mallet Godfrey Mulcahy

Mallet Godfrey Mulcahy


Love Song [Edit] (3:54)
Love Song (5:03) (for unofficial Videodisc version)

The premise behind the Love Song video was probably thought up by a five year old. And like most things dreamt up by five year olds, this one was (a) ridiculously simple and (b) a lot of fun. And so the director's brief was written: "Because the song's called Love Song, the band should get in lots of fights. 'Cause that would be cool. And there should be loads of violence. And it should be in a club. And stuff."

So, Office Jim gets in the lift and changes clothes to become DJ Jim, which upsets the girl whoís already in there; Charlie interrupts a particularly tense game of backgammon (yes, backgammon, this establishment is very alternative) and gets a brutal kicking; Derek drugs a guy so he can move in on the girlfriend and gets beaten up for his troubles; Kenny upsets someone (probably with his dancing) and is seen being thrown across the dance floor; and Mick basically just ASKS for it by rubbing an unspecified flat fish in the face of the guy eating it.

Itís complete carnage, with most of the band unconscious on the floor before the three minutes is up. However, the other angry patrons canít even leave until Jimís finished playing the track and gives them a quizzical look as he leads the battered Simple Minds outside.

Great fun. Great video.

Seen The Lights - A Visual History Promo DVD Seen The Lights - A Visual History DVD

Australian music show All The Rage showed a mirrored version of the video (vertical bi-axial if you want absolute specifics) which rendered the whole video absolutely meaningless. It was basically reduced to loads of merged heads and disembodied limbs pulsating around the screen.

This visual scrambling was probably an attempt to censor Derek drugging peopleís drinks. Nowadays this should be shown as an educational video that you should never take your eye off your pint and take it to the toilet with you.

Interestingly, this video accommpanies the longer album version of the track. Many scenes are repeated, or slowed down, to cater for its extended length.

This version is still circulating through collectors' circles.

"I can give you the full story on this clip. It wasn't an attempt to "censor Derek drugging peopleís drinks" but hails back to the days in the late 70s and early 80s when the ABC had a 5-minute music video show, aired just before the nightly 6PM news, called Videodisc which was simulcast with a local FM radio station. They used to remaster the music clips with stereo soundtracks for this purpose because back in those days the originals were almost never in stereo."

"But when it came to Love Song there was a problem - they didn't have the single edit of the song used in the clip, so they re-cut the video themselves to fit the album version, and added in the "mirroring" themselves. Videodisc quite often re-edited their own versions of clips, even if they didn't need to, and amazingly as far as I know, no artist or director ever complained that their artistic integrity was being violated. More innocent days back then I guess."

"For some reason, this edited version remained in the ABC's vaults rather than the original, and so even today Rage plays this version - and they are probably none the wiser as to its history nor realise it is not the original authorised clip." - Brendan

Jim right eye was swollen during the shoot.

It was shot back-to-back with Sweat In Bullet at Kensington Roof Gardens.

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Jim's changing room.

Simple Minds on a mission to cause considerable agro.

Kenny dancing with the ladies.

Charlie getting a swift beating for messing up a crucial backgammon game

Jim's DJ booth.

Assault with some form of flat fish. Hand of MacNeil.

Derek drugs the guy, and he's going for the girl. Swift kicking ensues

No-one leaves until the band leaves.