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Daniel Kleinman

Studio performance

An elegant empty room gradually fills with toys, Simple Minds and TV screens before reaching a climax, and then everything disappears again, just leaving the empty room.

It's a simple idea and it works extremely well. The TV screens were required to show footage of The Breakfast Club, but other band members were also shown as Jim took centre stage. Viddy well, my friends, viddy well. Very Max Headroom.

Klienman never kept the camera still. The opening shot, dollying the camera through the chandelier was only the beginning. The most impressive shot was the circling pan which rotated to continuously pick up Jim with different band members. I can't see the joins today - it's that good.

This is a great video. Everyone did a good job.

My one critism is of the set dresser who simply overdid it. When moving around his marks, Jim had to look down where he was stepping because there was so much *stuff* lying around. Amusing, but doesn't deter from this excellent performance.

Apparently, Derek was unhappy with the video, and how it concentrated on Jim. He does have a point as the other band members were mostly confined to the back of the room, or appearing on the TV screens.

The video was shot on 35mm film and six reels of the rushes still exist in the archive. One was dated the 27th December, which confirms the band's slight annoyance at having to cut their Christmas break short.

Two versions of this raw footage were edited down to videotape over the next couple of weeks. Both had the title Won't You which tallies with the countdown clock on the final version. The first version is assumed to be just the band - whilst the second, and the version officially released, included clips from The Breakfast Club.

Seen The Lights - A Visual History Promo DVD Seen The Lights - A Visual History DVD

collectors' information
The Don't You (Forget About Me) video was included on the Virgin Video Compilation of August 1985 (produced by Doublevision). Featuring videos by many Virgin artists (including Phil Collins, UB 40, Scritti Politti and others), these were obviously intended either for press and/or instore play.

The countdown clock incorrectly identified the video as Won't You (Forget About Me)

A press release was also included in the video which lists the tracks:

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And here we go... dolly through the chandelier...

Mel in the background... Mel on the TVs... its very 1984

And the same with Derek.

Moody MacNeil shot - it's in the contract you know.

Breakfast Club footage

Charlie, unnamed teddy bear and Jim

Long shot of Jim on the jukebox