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5x5 live (record store day 2022)

  • "180g Red, White and Blue Vinyl - first time on vinyl. Formed in Glasgow in 1977, Simple Minds are one of the UK's most successful bands, having achieved critical acclaim and a number of chart-topping albums. First released in 2012, 5x5 Live is a live album recorded across Europe, featuring recordings of five songs from each of the band's first five albums as well as a selection of bonus tracks. Highlights include performances of classic songs including Someone Somewhere In Summertime, Glittering Prize and Theme For Great Cities. The complete album is now released on vinyl for the first time, pressed on three 180g red, white and blue vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day 2022."

  • After the success of the Rejuvination box-sets, Demon Records were looking into other ways they could freshen the Minds' catalogue. With an option on the band's material from 2000 onwards, and having already released Graffiti Soul as a Record Store Day exclusive, then they decided to issue the popular 5x5 Live as a vinyl set for Record Store Day 2022. The original CD boxes were becoming quite rare so it was a natural decision to offer it as a new format.

  • The contents of the original two CDs neatly fitted across three vinyl LPs. This required a rethink of the artwork: the original set included two CDs, their inner sleeves, booklet, poster and clam-shell box, so elements of these designs were incorporated into the new sleeve and inner bags. Alternative photographs were used, some were now presented in colour, and additional photographs were sourced just for this release. Rather than use the 5x5 logos for the LP labels, elements of the original poster were used for the LPs.

  • 2000 copies were pressed using red, white and blue vinyl. These matched the primary colours of the original artwork. 1000 were intended for the UK whilst the other 1000 were expored overseas.

  • The front sticker design used for the original CD release, which included title and contents, was suitably modified for this release. The old "Virgin Records Present" on the front sticker was replaced by "3x180g RED / WHITE / BLUE VINYL" and there was a reference added for Record Store Day 2022.

  • Copies were also exported to other overseas territories, making this a worldwide release. These could be identified by the DECREC991X catalogue number on the title sticker and the inclusion of an extra "This Is An Official Record Store Day Import From The U.K." sticker. There were no other differences between the domestic and these export versions.

5x5 live lp: quick reference
LP       5X5 Live Demon Records DEMREC991
A1. 5X5 Intro Reel(2:14)
A2. I Travel[Live](4:53)
A3. Thirty Frames A Second[Live](4:25)
A4. Today I Died Again[Live](3:31)
A5. Celebrate[Live](5:17)
A6. Life In A Day[Live](3:47)

B1. Calling Your Name[Live](5:21)
B2. Scar[Live](3:23)
B3. King Is White And In The Crowd[Live](4:19)
B4. Hunter And The Hunted[Live](5:21)
B5. Wasteland[Live](3:26)

LP       5X5 Live Demon Records DEMREC991
C1. Love Song[Live](4:42)
C2. This Fear Of Gods[Live](5:02)
C3. Pleasantly Disturbed[Live](6:39)
C4. Room[Live](5:22)

D1. The American[Live](5:01)
D2. 70 Cities As Love Brings The Fall[Live](4:40)
D3. In Trance As Mission[Live](4:14)
D4. Sons And Fascination[Live](4:12)
D5. Sweat In Bullet[Live](4:03)
D6. Changeling[Live](4:05)

LP       5X5 Live Demon Records DEMREC991
E1. Factory[Live](4:39)
E2. Big Sleep[Live](4:03)
E3. Premonition[Live](5:11)
E4. Promised You A Miracle[Live](4:18)
E5. Someone Somewhere In Summertime[Live](5:04)

F1. Theme For Great Cities[Live](4:33)
F2. Glittering Prize[Live](4:13)
F3. Someone[Live](3:58)
F4. Chelsea Girl[Live](4:03)
F5. New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)[Live](5:13)

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