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scotland rocks for kosovo

"This kind of concert has never been done before in Scotland, and it's ironic that it has taken the Kosovo tragedy to pull it together. The brilliant thing is that all proceeds will go to help the innocent victims."

"We have been inspired by how the Scottish public has responded to get aid to the refugees. As musicians, we've got the chance to offer our services and put on a great night of entertainment. As a band, Simple Minds will give heart and soul to this event." - Jim

Simple Minds were firmly entrenched in various recording studios around Glasgow adding the finishing touches to Our Secrets Are The Same when the call came through asking if the band would play the benefit Scotland Rocks For Kosovo gig in aid of refugees settling in the country.

It was an immediate "yes" and the recording line-up rehearsed a set-list of favourite live tracks. This would be both Mark Kerr and Eddie Duffy’s first appearance live with the band.

Unfortunately, no-one told Derek Forbes and Mel Gaynor who put their own band together for the gig. They subsequently played a couple of gigs in Italy as Forbes/Gaynor And Friends covering classic Simple Minds songs. This marked the beginning of various former band members grouping together to form bands.

The glossy 24 page tour programme included biographies of all the acts.

Event flyer

SECC, Glasgow, UK
31st May, 1999
Main Set: Waterfront / Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) / Alive And Kicking / Don't You (Forget About Me)


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