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jim mcdermott
associated with simple minds: 1997, 2007

Jim McDermott "The last two days rehearsing have been great. I wish we were doing more songs - there's a whole plethora of hits in there which I wished we'd just dug out and done about twenty songs instead of five."

"I worked with Simple Minds previously in 1998 recording an album called Neapolis, which was done at Lochearnhead when they had the studio there in Perthshire, Scotland. I had a great time up there recording that. It was a fantastic experience."

"I've always been a Simple Minds fan - ever since watching the first live gig I saw - I saw them on TV, The Tube, at The Ahoy stadium, Rotterdam, and I thought that's the kind of band I'd love to be in. Just that big sound, big drumbeats - all that stuff taken from Sparkle In The Rain, and Mel Gaynor's fills - fantastic, really good." - Jim McDermott speaking on Live Bundle #7

Jim McDermott was one of two main drummers on Neapolis; and sat in behind the drums for the Lisbon Lions gig when Mel Gaynor wasn't available.

"At the tender age of sixteen, Jim McDermott, a fresh faced Glasgow school-leaver, destined for a post office job, was asked by a BBC producer to play some drums on a new rock n roll comedy drama, starring a few hopeful actors (Emma Thompson, Robbie Coltrane), called Tutti-Frutti. Jim soon realised that sorting mail just wasn't gonna happen and was soon playing with some of the finest session players in the city. Since then he has been the drummer for The Kevin McDermott Orchestra, touring the US and UK stadium supports on the Island Records label with the likes of Rod Stewart at Wembley Stadium, Sting and Simple Minds."

"Additional drumming credits included the backbone of two UK top twenty hits with GUN, a studio album Neapolis with Simple Minds and French top ten album, Come, with The Silencers."

"He's currently a permanent fixture at Jools Holland's club house band in his new venture, The Jamhouse, in Edinburgh." - Zildjian - Artist Biography

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