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glitterball: information

  • As first single from Neapolis, and the first single from Chrysalis, Glitterball was intended to introduce the new Simple Minds' sound, promote the new album and tour and lead the way for the knock-out follow-up-single War Babies.

  • Chrysalis decided that the singles from the album would feature remixes of classic Simple Minds songs as B-sides and bonus tracks: so existing Simple Minds fans would purchase the singles for title tracks and new fans could discover the band's back catalogue through contemporary new mixes. (This wasn't their only choice however: although the band had only recorded enough material for the album, the live performance at Belfort, France was available for bonus tracks. Plus there were various alternative and instrumental mixes of some tracks. But these options weren't persued).

  • Chrysalis pressed up an eight track CD and distributed it to various contemporary artists on their roster to introduce them to the band and see if they'd be interested. Other groups who'd already featured Simple Minds reworkings, such as Utah Saints, were also considered.

  • Both standard CDs were sent out as promos. These have black-and-white promotional stickers on the back of the jewelcases:

  • Information coming soon

glitterball: quick reference
MC   Glitterball Chrysalis TCCHS 5078
1-1. Glitterball[Edit](4:25)
1-2. Waterfront[Union Jack Remix](7:24)

CD   Glitterball Chrysalis CDCHSS 5078
1. Glitterball(4:55)
2. Waterfront[Union Jack Remix](7:24)
3. Love Song[Philadelphia Bluntz Remix]     (6:40)

CD   Glitterball Chrysalis CDCHS 5078
1. Glitterball[Edit](4:25)
2. Don't You (Forget About Me)[Jam & Spoon Remix](7:56)
3. Theme For Great Cities[Fila Brazilia Remix](5:01)

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