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glitterball: information

  • As the first taster from Neapolis, and the first single from Chrysalis, Glitterball was intended to introduce the new Simple Minds' sound, promote the new album and tour, and lead the way for the knock-out follow-up-single War Babies.

  • Trial edits and single versions of Glitterball and War Babies were created during the album sessions and so were always considered the most commercial tracks. It wasn't until the final recording session, at Capri in October 1997, that the final master and single versions of Glitterball were committed to tape.

  • However, Jim and Charlie only delivered the eight tracks of the album. There were no potential B-sides or bonus songs for the singles.

  • There was an option to use live material, as the Base Du Malsaucy, Belfort, France (6th July 1997) was recorded, but this wasn't persued. Alternative mixes and extended versions of Glitterball were (oddly) ruled out as well.

  • In the end, Chrysalis decided to bulk out the singles with remixes of classic Simple Minds songs. The idea was that existing Simple Minds fans would purchase the singles for these new mixes whilst new fans could discover the band's back catalogue through these contemporary reworks.

  • Chrysalis pressed up an eight track CD in November/December 1997 and distributed it to various artists on their roster as an introduction to Simple Minds and to see if they'd be interested in contributing a remix. Other groups who'd already issued Simple Minds reworkings and covers, such as Utah Saints, were also considered. (This eight track CD remains a mystery as it isn't included in the Universal archive, but an odd entry called Tracks For Chrysalis Single did turn up on Virgin's on-line discography The Raft).

  • Utah Saint's remix of I Travel was initially in the front running, being promoted in both the album presenter and the Dotmusic interview. In the end, perhaps realising that it was one of the better remixes, and perferring to keep their powder dry, Chrysalis instead held the remix back for the War Babies single.

  • The remixes for both Glitterball and War Babies were collected in December 1997. Chrysalis then divided them between the two singles.

  • The full list of remixes considered for Glitterball were:

    1.  Love Song[Philly Bluntz Mix 1](6:11)
    2.  Love Song[Philly Bluntz Mix 2 / Shredded Beatz Mix](6:38)
    3.  Waterfront[Union Jack Mix 1](7:24)
    4.  Theme For Great Cities[Fila Brazilia Mix 1 / Master](5:36)
    5.  Theme For Great Cities[Fila Brazilia Mix 2](5:00)
    6.  Don't You (Forget About Me)[Jam N' Spoon Mix](7:56)
  • Chrysalis decided to limit the commerical single to Waterfront [Union Jack Remix], Love Song [Philadelphia Blunz Remix] aka [Philly Bluntz Mix 2], Don't You (Forget About Me) [Jam & Spoon Remix] and Theme For Great Cities [Fila Brazilia Remix] aka [Fila Brazilia Mix 2].

  • Glitterball was commercially released as two CDs and cassette single. The cassette single was the usual slip-case affair, carrying an edit of the title track, and the Union Jack remix of Waterfront. The CDs were more fleshed out, the first CD being issued as a double-pack with room for the second CD, and featured the two versions of Glitterball also with the four full-length remixes.

  • Both standard CDs were also sent out as promos. These had black-and-white promotional stickers on the back of the jewelcases:

  • Chrysalis promoted the single hard issuing a large number of promos for both radio and club play. These kept collectors busy for several months. Like the commerical editions, these were also smarly presented, and offered something more than a plain release in a die-cut sleeve.

  • A single-track promo CD was sent out for radio play and journalists. The most common of the promos, this featured a striking red sleeve and custom artwork. A second promotional CD, just entited Remixes was obviously intended for the same audience, and featured exclusive artwork along with unique radio edits of all the remixes released on the commerical formats.

  • Two 12" promos were pressed up for distribution to clubs and DJs. These both featured two remixes and were housed in glossy white die-cut sleeves with press releases. As Glitterball was not included - although it was mentioned on the press release - then these singles were also called the Waterfront 12" Promo and Love Song 12" Promo. Oddly the Philadelpha Bluntz Remix was called the Shredded Beatz Mix on the label. But, more interestingly, Fila Brazilia Mix 1 was erroneously included on the 12" - all the other formats included the Fila Brazilia Mix 2.

  • A rare promotional cassette of the Remixes was also distributed. The full titles of the remixes were included, confirming that Philly Bluntz Mix 2 and Fila Brazilia Mix 2 were selected for the commerical singles.

  • One of the most collectable overseas releases was a 12" issued by Dance Factory in Italy. This collected all the edits (including both Glitterball and all the remixes.) It was so rare that many collectors denied its existance. Unfortunately, the sleeve wasn't made of the most durable card, so the few copies that were made are now scuffed and suffering from ring wear. (This marked the start of Simple Minds licensing material through separate DJ labels - this would continue through the 2000s with releases on Remote Recordings and Absolutely Records.)

  • Another desirable promo was a French issue which included the single-track promotional CD mounted onto the back of a thick circular 7" glossy picture card. Unfortuantely the lugs holding the CD were very fragile and would snap - so finding a perfectly mint version would now be difficult.

glitterball: quick reference
MC   Glitterball Chrysalis TCCHS 5078
1-1. Glitterball[Edit](4:25)
1-2. Waterfront[Union Jack Remix](7:24)

CD   Glitterball Chrysalis CDCHSS 5078
1. Glitterball(4:55)
2. Waterfront[Union Jack Remix](7:24)
3. Love Song[Philadelphia Bluntz Remix]     (6:40)

CD   Glitterball Chrysalis CDCHS 5078
1. Glitterball[Edit](4:25)
2. Don't You (Forget About Me)[Jam & Spoon Remix](7:56)
3. Theme For Great Cities[Fila Brazilia Remix](5:01)

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