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life in a day: information

  • The Life In A Day single was issued as a taster for the forthcoming album and the band's first UK tour supporting Magazine. Its release also coincided with their first TV appearance on The Old Grey Whistle Test.

  • The master tape was produced at The Townhouse on the 4th March 1979 by John Leckie and George Chambers. It included a copy of the title track from the album's master tape; and the master of Special View (which was recorded during the album sessions as a B-side).

    The lacquer was then cut at Abbey Road Studios.

  • The B-side was the album out-take Special View which was recorded during the album sessions. It remained unique to this release until the X5 boxset of 2012.

  • Special View was initially given the incorrect track time of 4:00 on the master tape box, which led to the incorrect running time being added to the single's labels. (Although the track's running time of 4:14 is correctly written on the acetate.)

  • The packaging was exceptionally plain and just featured the band's name and the single's title. Most of the pressings also featured red die-injected labels but some copies had light blue labels instead.

  • The single was also released in Germany with a different B-side and different sleeve. This featured the band picture from the back of the LP sleeve.

  • A single by US-based PVC Records was rumoured, but no copies have ever surfaced. It could be a UK version with promotional sticker - like this copy of Chelsea Girl.

  • Its success (a lowly 62 by today's standards) led to the much glossier packaging of the next single Chelsea Girl.

  • It was the first commercial pressing to feature the name Simple Minds.

life in a day: quick reference
7" Life In A Day Zoom ZUM 10
A1. Life In A Day(4:00)
B1. Special View(4:14)

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