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celebrate: the collection

  • Celebrate: The Collection was prompted by Universal Record's desire to maximize the market for their newly acquired back catalogue from EMI Records (and, in turn, Virgin Records).

  • Therefore the Celebrate: The Greatest Hits + compilation was condensed into a single budget CD, intended for sale in diverse retail outlet across Europe e.g. supermarkets, petrol stations. The target was the casual purchaser, someone who wouldn't have bought the 2CD and 3CD sets, but would be tempted to try out a single, cheaper offering.

  • Unlike the US and Canadian versions of Celebrate: The Greatest Hits + (which was pure record company) and the ICON compilation (which was again pure record company), this CD was compiled by Simple Minds and their management.

  • The artwork was also changed slightly with designers Peacock tinting the background orange. More symbolic were the album's credits where the Virgin old-guard were replaced by new Universal personnel. Along with Classic Album Selection, it represented the start of a major reissue campaign.

celebrate: the collection: quick reference
CD     Celebrate: The Collection Spectrum Music SPEC 2196
1. Chelsea Girl[Edit]   (3:59)
2. I Travel[Edit](3:06)
3. Love Song[Edit](3:54)
4. Promised You A Miracle[Edit](3:59)
5. Waterfront(4:38)
6. Don't You (Forget About Me)[Single Version]   (4:20)
7. Alive And Kicking[Edit](4:45)
8. Sanctify Yourself[Edit](3:55)
9. Belfast Child[Edit](5:11)
10. This Is Your Land[Edit](4:45)
11. Let There Be Love[7" Mix](4:44)
12. See The Lights[7" Version Edit](3:55)
13. She's A River[Edit](4:29)
14. Hypnotised[TLA Edit](4:34)
15. Stars Will Lead The Way(3:26)
16. Broken Glass Park(4:12)

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