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classic album selection : information

  • Classic Album Selection was a series of multiple-album CD box-sets put together by Universal Music.

  • The Simple Minds box featured the 2002 remastered albums Sparkle In The Rain, Once Upon A Time, Street Fighting Years, Real Life and Good News From The Next World. No bonus material was added.

  • Each album was packaged in a glossy gatefold card sleeve. These in turn were collected into a sturdy outer box.

  • The box-set cover artwork was based on Live In The City Of Light (which was not included).

  • The artwork was also based on the 2002 remasters. This lead to further cropping of already cropped and badly formatted artwork. In many cases, the details at the edges of the sleeves was now lost.

  • All individual album information (lyrics, credits, acknowledgements etc.) was removed.

classic album selection: quick reference
universal 0600753460085
CD       Sparkle In The Rain Virgin 0600753460115
1. Up On The Catwalk(4:45)
2. Book Of Brilliant Things(4:20)
3. Speed Your Love To Me(4:25)
4. Waterfront(4:49)
5. East At Easter(3:30)
6. Street Hassle(5:15)
7. White Hot Day(4:33)
8. "C" Moon Cry Like A Baby(4:21)
9. The Kick Inside Of Me(4:45)
10. Shake Off The Ghosts(3:58)

CD       Once Upon A Time Virgin 0600753460146
1. Once Upon A Time(5:44)
2. All The Things She Said(4:16)
3. Ghost Dancing(4:46)
4. Alive And Kicking(5:24)
5. Oh Jungleland(5:12)
6. I Wish You Were Here(4:42)
7. Sanctify Yourself(5:00)
8. Come A Long Way(5:08)

CD       Street Fighting Years Virgin 0600753460122
1. Street Fighting Years(6:26)
2. Soul Crying Out(6:07)
3. Wall Of Love(5:20)
4. This Is Your Land(6:22)
5. Take A Step Back(4:23)
6. Kick It In(6:11)
7. Let It All Come Down(4:56)
8. Mandela Day(5:45)
9. Belfast Child(6:42)
10. Biko(7:34)
11. When Spirits Rise(2:01)

CD       Real Life Virgin 0600753460092
1. Real Life(4:53)
2. See The Lights(4:22)
3. Let There Be Love(4:57)
4. Woman(4:40)
5. Stand By Love(4:04)
6. Let The Children Speak(4:17)
7. African Skies(4:52)
8. Ghostrider(3:22)
9. Banging On The Door(5:40)
10. Travelling Man(3:35)
11. Rivers Of Ice(3:30)
12. When Two Worlds Collide(4:01)

CD       Good News From The Next World Virgin 0600753460108
1. She's A River(5:31)
2. Night Music(5:23)
3. Hypnotised(5:53)
4. Great Leap Forward(5:35)
5. 7 Deadly Sins(5:11)
6. And The Band Played On(5:32)
7. My Life(5:15)
8. Criminal World(5:03)
9. This Time(4:57)

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