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spaceface: information

  • Four months after the release of Cry, the situation had changed completely. It appeared Eagle had lost all faith in the album, despite a popular and well attended tour. The final Simple Minds Eagle single release in the UK smacked of a palty contractural obligation.

  • Even the timing of the single was odd, only being coincidental with the end of the European tour.

  • Initially it looked like Spaceface and Disconnected were in the running as the second single. An ultra rare coupling of the two tracks on an ultra rare Eagle CDR acetate with unique artwork suggested that the record company were still not sure of which track to release.

  • Whilst the artwork was extremely striking (and far better than the eventual packing-case shot), it was based on the Spaceface page illustration in the Cry CD booklet. (Long term fans should recognise the original artwork as originating from the Scotland Rocks For Kosovo gig, originally used for Travelling Man #3 and the Toorkwaz website thus put it firmly in the Our Secrets Are The Same period.)

  • With Spaceface finally decided upon, the lone bonus track picked was New Sunrise, an acoustic reworking of New Sunshine Morning recorded for the Billy Sloan show and broadcast on the 14th April 2002.

  • A proposed remix of the title track by Liquid People (of Monster fame) failed to appear.

  • But this wasn't the end of Spaceface story as Absolutely Records commissioned several new remixes and issued them themselves later in the year.

spaceface: quick reference
CD   Spaceface Eagle EAGXS 232
1. Spaceface(3:52)
2. New Sunrise(4:16)

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