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cry remixes: information

  • With Eagle selected as the band's distributor of their mainstream material, it fell to Absolutely Records, home of Phunk Investigation, to start issuing remixes and hard contemporary reinterpretations.

  • Eagle and Absolutely followed different release schedules, selected different tracks for remixing, borrowed and swapped tracks thus ensuring that keeping on top of all the various releases became quite difficult. Furthermore, Absolutely further muddied the water by issuing material under various guises: Taormina, Biba-Rom! and White Spaces to name a few.

  • The label issued The Floating World a couple of months earlier, but it wasn't until they released their Cry remixes that they registered on the radar.

  • White label promos were distributed around various specialist record shops and DJ outlets during May 2002. DJs targeted included Alan Thompson, John Kelly, Kev Hill, Stonebridge, Jt Vannelli, Coccoluto, Farfa, Chris Davies, Jeremy Haely, Jason Herd, Ian Dawes, AJ Gibson, Danny Rose and DJ Ralf.

  • Both Stonebridge and Farfa obviously liked what they heard, as they subsequently remixed Spaceface for Absolutely.

  • In June, two commerical 12"s were released. The first featured the contemporary reworkings of Cry by Phunk Investigation with the second featuring the remixing skills of Simon Duffy (working under his pseudonym of Tazz).

  • 2fluid_creative were behind the artwork and, again, borrowed a video still for the sleeve. This time they grabbed an image from the Cry video.

  • Like many of Absolutely's releases the single was only distributed through specialist DJ shops and through dance websites.

cry remixes: quick reference
12"   Cry Remixes Absolutely ABR 014
A1. Cry[Clubinvest Mix](6:56)
A2. Cry[Ph. I. Radio Edit]     (3:34)
B1. Cry[Dubinvest] (9:12)

12"   Cry Remixes Absolutely ABR 015
A1. Cry[Tazz Glasgoal Remix]      (7:00)
B1. Cry[Tazz Dub]      (7:05)

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