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spaceface remixes: information

  • After the disappointing Spaceface release by Eagle, it was left to Absolutely to fill the void with some newly commissioned reworks by up-and-coming remixers. They did not disappoint.

  • As with their previous Cry single, Absolutely issued a teaser promo before the actual release. Housed in a black die-cut sleeve, with just a white "Spaceface" title across the label, this anonymous one-sided 12" included Stonebridge's remix of the song.

  • It'd received high praise from Jim: "I just heard a great remix today of Spaceface. It's incredible. [It] was e-mailed - was MP3ed out from Scandinavian outfit called Stonebridge. It's really, really great."

  • Although no-one thought to pass that onto Stonebridge: "How cool was that? I'm amazed at this reaction. When you speak to Jim next, tell him I've been a big fan of theirs since the 80's, and always wanted to remix something of theirs. Also, I am one guy (not a team) from Stockholm, Sweden. Thanks for this, made my week!"

  • Absolutely finally issued a 12" featuring the Stonebridge and Farfa remixes of the track. Italian label Carosello handled the CD format, although they decided to use the more radio friendly edits for this two-track release.

  • Collectors were not disappointed: a limited number of white-label test pressings were distributed (complete with DJ Reaction sheets: "No feedback - no more promos") as well as some rough-and-ready CDR acetates (featuring the club mixes and radio mixes).

  • A couple of months later in January 2003, DJ Judge Jules promoted another remix on his Saturday show (the first airplay for a current Simple Minds single on Radio One for years). This harder reinterpretation, the Tomcraft remix, duly appeared with Harkakt (along with a second vinyl outing for Farfa) on a second 12". By now, Absolutely had reverted to a generic company die-cut sleeve design, which would be the norm for all their subsequent releases.

  • Absolutely had clearly done their homework and selected their remixers carefully: both Stonebridge and Tomcraft gained greater success and soon became well known remixers and DJs in their own right.

spaceface remixes: quick reference
12"   Spaceface Remixes Absolutely ABR 027
A1. Spaceface[Stonebridge Club Mix]      (7:17)
B1. Spaceface[Farfa Spacemix](9:23)

CD   Spaceface Remixes Carosello CARSH045-2
1. Spaceface[Stonebridge Radio Mix]      (4:40)
2. Spaceface[Farfa Edit Mix](4:04)

12"   Spaceface Remixes Absolutely ABR 036
A1. Spaceface[Tomcraft Remix]      (5:37)
A2. Spaceface[Hardakt Remix]      (7:05)
B1. Spaceface[Farfa Spacemix](9:23)

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