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new sunshine morning

Written by: J Kerr / Maggiorana / Nicita / Tignino / Legato

℗ Mandarin Music (2001 - 2017)
℗ BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd / Copyright Control (2018 -)

"magical properties, coffee and cool mountain air, Taormina Sicily" - Jim

The electronic, full-band version of this song appears on the Cry album. However, the track was also recorded acoustically for a session as New Sunrise.

"When the clocks change and with summer on it's way, Sicily is the perfect place. My first Spring in Sicily was in 1988, driving all the way down from Rome, via Naples and Calabria. Taking the early morning ferry from Reggio, over to the port of Messina, felt like making a crossing into another world. Into another realm entirely. It felt mystical in the early morning light. That is what Sicily feels like to me, and it is why I decided to make it part of my life."

"Hotel Villa Angela opens its doors this week for the 14th season. It always feel special returning to a place that has inspired many of our songs over the last two decades. New Sunrise/New Sunshine Morning being the first of many."

"With barely a few days free between finishing recording Simple Minds 17th album and the beginning of rehearsals for Simple Minds Acoustic I felt sure that I would not make it to "my beloved Sicily." But where there's a will - there's a way!" - Jim, 26th March 2017

The lyrics have never been published: a transcription follows

I tried to write this song.
I tried to memorize.
Such a long time ago,
More than I realize.

And are you bitter still?
Did we not pay the price once or twice?
Try to forgive me now please.
Try to forget about all those lies.

New sunshine morning,
Brightens up my eyes.
Takes me in its warmness,
???? to a sigh.

New sunshine morning,
Brightens up my eyes.
Takes me in its warmness,
???? to a sigh.

Much of the story isn't told.
Can you sympathize?
Seems like a lifetime ago.

You tried to wreck my soul.
I tried to cheat and lie.
You tried to kill me so.
Only a moment I realize.

New sunshine morning.
Opens up my day.
Carry, carry me homeward.
Into another place.

New sunshine morning,
Opens my eyes.
Carries, carries me onward,
Into a new sunrise.

Album Version (3:34)
Produced and arranged by: Jim Kerr
Assisted by: Gordy Goudie
Engineered by: Kevin Burleigh
Mixed by: Ren Swan
Mastering: Simon Heyworth

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