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live in paris 1995
1-1. She's A River[Live] 
1-2. Up On The Catwalk[Live] 
1-3. See The Lights[Live] 
1-4. The American[Live] 
1-5. Big Sleep[Live] 
1-6. Great Leap Forward[Live] 
1-7. Hypnotised[Live] 
1-8. Let There Be Love[Live] 
2-1. Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)[Live] 
2-2. Love Song[Live] 
2-3. Alive And Kicking[Live] 
2-4. Belfast Child[Live] 
2-5. Waterfront[Live] 
2-6. Don't You (Forget About Me)[Live] 
2-7. Sanctify Yourself[Live] 

Immortal IMA 104264

Double CD in double glossy digipak.

release date
April 2012

8/10 (31st October 1995)

additional information
"The mighty, veteran rock band Simple Minds in Paris, returning to rousing, arena-rock form for a huge, enthusiastic Paris crowd."

"The new album was Good News From The Next World - bringing Simple Minds immense success with powerful songs like She's A River, Hypnotised and Great Leap Forward all heard here. Vocalist Jim Kerr with long-term musical partner guitarist Charlie Burchill, supported by a crew of the hardest-driving players in rock, brings to those and other numbers all the tireless passion and vocal intensity fans have come to expect from Simple Minds."

"Yet the band's breakout 1980's days are hardly forgotten in this concert. Propulsive, sophisticated, keyboard-driven arrangements of favourites from See The Lights to Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) to Love Song to Belfast Child - along with an irresisible sing-along on Don't You (Forget About Me) - bring out the best in the band and drive the crowd into a frenzy."

The show at the L'Olympia on the 31st October 1995 was filmed and broadcast on German TV. There were also plans for an official release but this idea was eventually dropped. However, the legal status of the performance fell into a grey area, and was picked up by Immortal who seems to specialise in these semi-official not-sanctioned-by-the-band releases.

A CD and DVD were simultanously released in April 2012 by the label. Both were well packaged (despite a stock shot of Jim from the first Mandela Day show adorning the front cover) and featured a short essay about the band and concert by William Hogeland. The audio quality is good which is to be expected as it came from an official broadcast.

The band and their official website ignored the release despite it being available through mainstream retailers. Therefore it never gained official sanction and is considered a bootleg.

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