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theme for great cities: information

  • Producer John Leckie first announced the single when he wrote about Empires And Dance in the 5X5 Tour Brochure: "I'm currently mixing a new version of I Travel which the band will release on vinyl for Record Store Day in April. It still sounds a fantastic song more than 30 years on."

  • The single was confirmed in March when it appeared in the listings for Record Store Day. It was a limited edition run of 1000 12" records which would only be available at various record shops.

  • A remix of Theme For Great Cities by Simple Minds fan Moby was later revealed as the title track.

  • The artwork simply reused the old I Travel sleeve from 1980 although Virgin were more imaginative with the labels.

  • Jim and Charlie took part in a record signing on the 21st April at Sister Ray Records in London where they personally signed 100 copies. The queue took over three hours to reach the doors.

  • A signed copy was sold on eBay several hours later. It was quickly snapped up for 100.

  • (Those signed copies from Sister Ray should also come with the Sister Ray Record Store Day list, the Last Minute Info list, receipt and Sister Ray bag.)

  • It was the first commerical 12" single released by Virgin since 1991's Real Life single.

  • A tiny number of the limited stock were sent out as promos. These feature promo stickers over the barcodes:

  • An edited version of the Moby remix was produced for radio play. This version, which runs at 3:29, hasn't been commercially released.

  • Almost two years later, a watermarked promo CD of the release turned up. This featured the same two tracks as the 12" single, along with (poorly) printed artwork, and an individual number stamped on the back.

theme for great cities: quick reference
12"   Theme For Great Cities 12" Virgin SMRSD 1
A1. Theme For Great Cities[Moby Remix](6:04)
B1. I Travel 2012[John Leckie Remix]  (4:47)

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