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kick it in: information

  • The third single from Street Fighting Years was used to promote European tour, which was currently winding its way across the European mainland, and was about to hit the arenas and stadiums in the UK.

  • The sprawling title track was edited down for the single and radio play.

  • All the available bonus tracks had been issued on the previous single, but some preparation work had already taken place. Before the tour, in April 1989, Steve Lipson was working at The Townhouse, were he remixed Waterfront (for the single) and Theme For Great Cities (for the show intro music).

  • More material was available from the band's rehearsals at The Point in Dublin. The session from the 9th May was recorded and a live version of Big Sleep was selected. (This explains why this "live" version has no audience feedback as the only people clapping and cheering were the roadies and crew).

  • Chart rules now stipulated that cassettes should carry the same tracks as the 7". So, instead of being a version of the 12", the Kick It In cassette was the first to offer this reduced content, and also the first to sport the horrible "Cassette Single" logo as well.

  • The limited edition was a lavish affair. The gatefold 12" sleeve included a double-sided poster which featured Guido Harari's picture of Jim holding microphone aloft, backed with a fractal pattern of the band's previous albums. This was the only nod to the band's 10th anniversary by the record company. It also included the Unauthorised Mix, a radical reinterpretation of Kick It In, remixed especially for the single, but, presumably, not expressively requested by the band.

  • It was business as usual for the promotions department. A number of white-label 12" singles were pressed up - oddly these were distributed in the commercial sleeve suggesting they were sent out late in the day (as the artwork was available). The CD promo featured all the tracks from the standard editions, and should've had the catalogue number Virgin BRUCE 3, but it used Virgin's standard cataloguing instead. And, given that two remixes were available on this single, a second promotional 12" was issued which carried both reworks, probably for club and DJ play.

  • Some copies of the 7" were sent out as promos. These could be identified by compliment stickers on the front of the sleeve (as shown above by the red sticker in the centre). Some also included press releases.

  • European versions of the single differed slightly in terms of track listings, artwork and formatting.

kick it in: quick reference
7"   Kick It In Virgin SMX 5
A1. Kick It In[Edit](4:20)
B1. Waterfront['89 Remix]     (5:20)

MC   Kick It In Virgin SMXC 5
1-1. Kick It In[Edit](4:20)
1-2. Waterfront['89 Remix]     (5:20)

12"   Kick It In Virgin SMXT 5
A1. Kick It In(6:11)
B1. Waterfront['89 Remix]     (5:20)
B2. Big Sleep[Live]     (6:39)

3" CD   Kick It In Virgin SMXCD 5
A1. Kick It In(6:11)
B1. Waterfront['89 Remix]     (5:20)
B2. Big Sleep[Live]     (6:39)

12"   Kick It In Virgin SMXTG 5
A1. Kick It In(6:11)
A2. Waterfront['89 Remix]     (5:20)
B1. Kick It In[Unauthorised Mix]     (7:02)

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