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love song: information

  • Issued a month before the album, Love Song was a taster for things to come, although it would've been familar to those who'd seen the band during the short US and Canadian tour.

  • Love Song was recorded and mixed for the single. The band were still getting the album into shape, and hadn't decided on running order, lyrics or even track lengths. Given this confusion, it isn't surprising that a sticker on some 12" releases promised Extended Versions (when at the end of the day, only the album and an edit version turned up).

  • Whilst Love Song was being mixed, Mick was jamming away in a corner of the studio, and suddenly chanced upon the chords for This Earth That You Walk Upon.

  • They immediately recorded his jam as a two-track demo, and then went about recording it as the single's B-side.

  • After release, the band decided to give This Earth That You Walk Upon lyrics, and it was the new vocal recording which graced the album. This is why the labels on the single never indicated that this version of This Earth That You Walk Upon was an instrumental.

  • Although only issued on two formats in the UK, a rare, collectable promo turned up in Spain.

love song: quick reference
7"   Love Song Virgin VS 434
A1. Love Song[Edit](3:54)
B1. This Earth That You Walk Upon[Instrumental Edit]   (4:15)

12"   Love Song Virgin VS 434-12
A1. Love Song   (5:04)
B1. This Earth That You Walk Upon[Instrumental](5:26)

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