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the best of: newspaper cover cd (labels)

1-1. Don't You (Forget About Me)(4:20)
1-2. Promised You A Miracle[Edit](3:59)
1-3. Waterfront(4:49)
1-4. Alive And Kicking(5:24)
1-5. Glittering Prize[Edit](3:58)
1-6. All The Things She Said(4:16)
1-7. Sanctify Yourself(5:00)
1-8. Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)(4:38)
1-9. Ghost Dancing(4:46)
1-10. Up On The Catwalk[Edit](4:04)
1-11. Speed Your Love To Me[Edit](3:59)
1-12. Theme For Great Cities(5:50)
1-13. Love Song[Edit](3:54)
1-14. The American[Edit](3:32)
1-15. Sweat In Bullet(4:30)
1-16. Life In A Day(4:00)
1-17. I Travel(3:56)

2-1. Let There Be Love[Extended Album Mix]      (5:14)
2-2. This Is Your Land[DJ Version](5:05)
2-3. Kick It In[Edit](4:20)
2-4. Let It All Come Down[Edit](3:37)
2-5. See The Lights(4:22)
2-6. Stand By Love(4:04)
2-7. Real Life[Video Mix](4:53)
2-8. She's A River[Edit](4:29)
2-9. Hynpotised[Edit](4:46)
2-10. Glitterball[Edit](4:25)
2-11. War Babies[Edit](4:24)
2-12. Mandela Day(5:41)
2-13. Biko(7:32)
2-14. Belfast Child(6:40)

811258 2 1:1:1 EMI UK
811259 2 1:1:1 EMI UK

Two colour label CDs in slim double jewelcase with colour eight page booklet.                                

release date
July 2012

Digitally remastered by Simon Heyworth at Sanctuary Studios August/September 2001
Artwork by Bogdan Zarkowski
Sleeve notes by Billy Sloan, Glasgow 2001
Thanks to Jason Day and Paul Bromby at Virgin Records.

additional information
The Best Of was given away with the newspaper Donna Moderna in Italy as promotion for the band's 2012 summer gigs.

The Real Life by Raven Maize was omitted along with its credits in the booklet.

The CDs and booklets were fully reproduced with one or two small differences. The catalogue numbers and bar code were removed whilst an extra copyright notice for the newspaper appeared on the back sleeve. Unfortunately the now out-of-date discography was kept.

Unlike many newspaper cover discs, the CD wasn't fixed to the front of the newpaper, but was available separately. It was fixed to a double-sided piece of A4 card with a punched hole for hanging on a hook. The artwork was taken from the New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) and featured Mike Ogletree on the back with Mel Gaynor on the front. Arguably this packaging was far better than anything Virgin did over ten years previously.