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big music johnson somerset remixes ep: information

  • "For me Johnson Somerset's recently released remix of Midnight Walking is among the best ever Simple Minds remixes. Last time I was that impressed was Steve Lillywhite's extended mixes from some of the Sparkle In The Rain tunes." - Jim, 23rd April 2016

  • Johnson Somerset's name was well known within Simple Minds circles as he'd produced one of the best remixes of the Neapolis era, namely his reworking of the War Babies for the second single. (He also worked on Space for the doomed single from Our Secrets Are The Same.)

  • Therfeore his name was instantly recognised when his remix of Midnight Walking appeared as a download in April 2015. And there was a ripple of excitment through the fan community when his remix of Blindfolded appeared on his YouTube channel the next month.

  • When asked about the remixes, he revealed that he'd reworked four tracks from Big Music and that they were being considered for a limited edition 12" release on Record Store Day 2016. However, Live Big Music Tour 2015 appeared for that Record Store Day instead.

  • Johnson's remixes were promoted by the official site throughout April and May 2016. Each was presented as a "remix video" on every Thursday: Blindfolded appeared on the 14th April; Honest Town on the 21st April; Midnight Walking on the 28th April; and Big Music on the 5th May.

  • Each "remix video" was based on the original video for the song, slowed and/or looped so it covered the extended length of the track.

  • Promotional CDs of the four tracks appeared in late April 2016. These featured the four remixes pressed up on CD and housed in a brown graphic slip sleeve.

  • The downloads weren't available for another three months, finally appearing in early July 2016. The artwork for the download release was also changed, using a picture from the album artwork:

    "Some people are "energisers", bringing their abundant energy/vision/enthusiasm/talent to whatever situation. Current Simple Minds remixer Johnson Somerset is definitely one of those. We have known Johnson for quite sometime now (Well, ever since he did such a great job with his Space remix - way back in - who knows when? [1999 - but not released yet - Simon) and have always considered him a bit of a confidante, ally and supporter. Johnson's work - especially the Bryan Ferry - Avonmore - is a constant on my playlists, likewise his recent remixes of various Simple Minds tunes from Big Music. Check them out and see if you like them as much as we do." - Jim, 20th July 2016

remixes ep : quick reference
MP3   Downloads -
1. Blindfolded[Johnson Somerset Remix]    (10:11)
2. Midnight Walking[Johnson Somerset Remix](9:07)
3. Honest Town[Johnson Somerset Remix]    (10:15)
4. Big Music[Johnson Somerset Remix](11:05)

CD   Promo CD -
1. Big Music[Johnson Somerset Remix](11:05)
2. Midnight Walking[Johnson Somerset Remix](9:07)
3. Honest Town[Johnson Somerset Remix]    (10:15)
4. Blindfolded[Johnson Somerset Remix]    (10:11)

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