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space/jeweller to the stars: information

  • The album Our Secrets Are The Same was recorded between July and August 1999. Chrysalis quickly selected Jeweller To The Stars and Space as potential single material. But the financial concerns with the company, and of its parent EMI, put the album and single on hold until the next year.

  • Gary Wilkinson, producer of Badly Drawn Boy and Sophie Ellis Bextor, was first commissioned to produce a single mix. He booked time at Sarm Studios in London in March 2000 to work on a new mix of Space.

  • This was followed up by another session in April 2000, this time with Phil Bodger at the controls, remixing Jeweller To The Stars at Whitfield Street Studios.

  • Johnson Somerset was also commissioned and produced two new extended remix of Space. The Mercury Mix faithfully extended the "closet-mix" of the original album track whilst the Moscow Mix was a complete reworking and only retained the vocal of the original.

  • A 12" acetate featuring a radical reinterpretation of Alive And Kicking also surfaced from Whitfield Street in 2000. This was assumed to be part of the aborted single and suggested Chrysalis were considering issuing the new material backed with contemporary remixes of older material – the same strategy as the previous Neapolis single campaign.

  • The album was eventually shelved after disagreements between the record company and Simple Minds and so the single was cancelled. All the remixes were left in the vault.

  • Both Phil Bodger's and Gary Wilkinson’s remixes were finally issued on the Celebrate: The Greatest Hits+ retrospective in 2013.

space/jeweller... : quick reference
      Space/Jeweller To The Stars Chrysalis 7"/CD Single
     Space[Gary Wilkinson Single Mix]      (5:43)
     Jeweller To The Stars[Phil Bodger Single Mix]      (3:30)
     Alive And Kicking[Acetate Remix]      (8:32)

      Space/Jeweller To The Stars Chrysalis 12" Single
     Space[Johnson Somerset Mercury Mix]      (7:03)
     Space[Johnson Somerset Moscow Mix]      (7:00)

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