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Words: William Blake
Music: Hubert Parry

© 1916

The song was recorded during the initial Wisseloord sessions in October 1989 as simply an idea which could be discarded.

"Jim asked me if I knew Jerusalem. I said, 'What, THE Jerusalem?' He said, 'I think we should cover it.' Once we got in there, we had no option but to go full pomp; we took a shot at it and did it quite fast. We always thought we could bin it - no harm done." - Charlie - Street Fighting Years Super Deluxe

"We loved Jerusalem. It was being played as part of a film on CNN of starving children in war torn parts of the world, just acoustically on the piano. I thought that it sounded amazing. I got down, and I got the music, and learned how to play it properly. Of course, by the time I'd given it to Steve, he used about 20 seconds of our really scratchy piano thing, even though I'd recorded it on a full size Bosendorfer, and I'm thinking, "Wow, this is the best I've ever been - I can play Jerusalem, I'm really proud of myself.' Next second, he chucks pretty much the whole thing into the bin." - Mick - Street Fighting Years Super Deluxe

Twelve slightly different mixes were recorded which averaged in length at 3:25. The master was selected from these, and then edited down slightly, which is the version that was then released.

It was issued on the The Amsterdam EP in November 1989.

  • "The same for Jerusalem, really - for a song with such history, Jerusalem's melody is really quite playful. It was a fun idea to try, though I look back now and think 'That was a bit out there!'"- Charlie, Classic Pop Magazine, March 2020


    Single Version (2:57)
    Produced by: Stephen Lipson
    Engineered by: Heff Moraes

    The Amsterdam EP MC Promo The Amsterdam EP 12" Promo The Amsterdam EP CD Promo The Amsterdam EP 7" The Amsterdam EP MC The Amsterdam EP 12" The Amsterdam EP CD The Amsterdam EP Limited Edition 12" The Amsterdam EP Limited Edition CD The Amsterdam EP Jukebox 7" The Amsterdam EP Limited Edition German 12" Themes Volume Four Theme Nineteen: The Amsterdam EP CD Theme Nineteen: The Amsterdam EP MC Themes 18-20 Promo CDR Themes Volume One - Five