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kevin hunter
singer | composer | guitar
associated with simple minds: 1999

Kevin Hunter One of the founding members of Wire Train, Kevin Hunter became associated with Simple Minds when it was suggested he team up with Jim and Charlie. He was working with Sly Silver Sly at the time, which included Mark Kerr and Eddie Duffy and this team wrote and recorded Our Secrets Are The Same.

(Other songs written for this project also turned up on Cry album and Home single.)

Q: When did you first become a fan of Simple Minds?
A: I have been a fan of Jim and Charlie since the first Simple Minds record.

Q: What of your work do Jim and Charlie particularly enjoy?
A: I know Jim and Charlie really got into Stone Me from the No Soul No Strain Wire Train album.

Q: How many songs have you written?
A: Three of us have written about 15 songs over the last six months.

Q: How did you meet ?
A: We met because I was working with Jim brother Mark who has a great band called Sly Silver Sly.

Q: Who else have you worked with since Wire Train?
A: I have also worked with Blinker The Star, Royal Jelly, Lazlo Bane, Sue Hoffs, Charlie Sexton, Sheryl Crow, Billy Idol, Jane Wiedlin, Keith Gattis, Johnny Cash... etc.

Q: What have you been playing on the demos?
A: I have been playing a little slide and acoustic on some of the demos but Charlie is such an incredible musician I only play when something needs f****** up. I hope to help out on the record in any way that the guys need me. When we are writing mainly its Jim and Charlie who run with it but I'll add a little here or there and get the tea. Nobody has said anything about touring but I am a hell of a guitar polisher. I am just hanging with the guys and doing some music, in truth we are all just having some fun.

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