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alive and kicking by eastside beat: information

  • Several covers appeared in 1992, probably riding on the back of the popularity of the compilation album Glittering Prize 81/92.

  • Alive And Kicking by Eastside Beat was the first to appear. They'd previously scored a hit by covering Ride Like The Wind by Christopher Cross, and were probably hoping to repeat their success with Alive And Kicking. And, for an extra push, Ride Like The Wind was selected as the B-side.

  • The 7-inch and 12-inch mixes were closest to the original, although they sound strictly Old-Skool today (typical early 1990s fare). The Extended Mix additionally features the keyboard sounds of the era (think Gypsy Woman by Crystal Waters), whilst the Ken Wood Dub eerily predicts the future sound of remixes by sounding nothing like Alive And Kicking in any form.

  • The CD is the best format to get. The 12" only additionally offers the Ken Wood Dub which isn't worth it.

  • Some DMC production credits suggest it originated from the exclusive DJ market, but no DMC compilations seem to feature this remix.

  • This is probably the most popular of the Simple Minds cover versions - well, it's the one that people told me was missing from the discography most.

alive and kicking: quick reference
7" Alive And Kicking ffrr F 206
A1. Alive And Kicking[7-inch Mix](4:07)
B1. Ride Like The Wind[Factory Edit](3:48)

12" Alive And Kicking ffrr FX 206
A1. Alive And Kicking[12-inch Mix](6:51)
A2. Alive And Kicking[Ken Wood Dub](6:20)
B1. Alive And Kicking[Extended Mix](4:44)
B2. Ride Like The Wind[Extended Mix](6:19)

CD Alive And Kicking ffrr FXCD 206
1. Alive And Kicking[7-inch Mix](4:07)
2. Alive And Kicking[12-inch Mix](6:51)
3. Alive And Kicking[Extended Mix](4:44)
4. Ride Like The Wind[Extended Mix](6:19)

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