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An interview with Jim and Charlie about the Walk Between Worlds album and its key songs.

JK: We’re in Gorbals Sound Studio in Glasgow, which is the place Charlie and I, Simple Minds, have used for the past three or four years.
CB: This was where Jim and I ever first got up on stage together.

Caption: Magic

JK: The title of the new album is Walk Between Worlds. It's the 17th studio album. There are a couple of tracks on the album that are about an abstract idea of faith and it's interesting that the first song, Magic, opens the album – it's from a young person's point of view – probably us realising, we were putting the band together, that the odds of finding success, the odds of making this thing work around the world are stacked against you.
JK: Yet you would have to have some faith to get by.
JK: The album ends with the song Sense Of Discovery. This is also about faith. But it's from a much older person's point of view.

Caption: Sense Of Discovery

JK: Not really knowing what direction the album would take. It was more in the vein of Big Music and then halfway through we realised that we had something else in our hands - very much a two sided affair.
CB: After doing this acoustic album and tour, Jim and I realised that there was a lot more space in the music than previously.

Caption: Walk Between Worlds

JK: The title track Walk Between Worlds, we were talking about it the other day. We thought "It's Simple Minds, and it's Simple Minds now." Musically it's why we felt it would be good to be the calling card because the style of the music says where we are right now.
JK: Everyone seems to sense the chaos going on right now and it's almost calling out for some understanding.

Caption: Summer

JK: In the case of Summer, we were on a summer festival tour and it was near the start. It was up in Scandinavia. It was right in the middle of that twenty-four hour daylight - when you're sitting there at midnight and it's still daylight. There was a great vibe in the town, because the festival was going on. Everyone was leaving to go into the fields. We weren't going on until about two o'clock in the morning - which was still daylight. So there was something "Otherworldly" about it; estatic about it as well. And the tune I was working on seemed to have that in it.

Caption: In Dreams

Jk: Very soon into the acoustic tour, between the sounds which were coming through, between the energy of the people, between the creativity, Charlie and I started to think "Why does this line-up have to be a one-off? Why can't we take this line-up and see what more can be eked out of it?"
JK: It felt rejuvenated. It felt very charged, fresh ideas. Coming back to the album, after the acoustic tour, we thought "Let's have more of that." And that not only influenced the sound of the new album going forward but the band that we're about to take out on the road.

Interviews and rehearsals were filmed at Gorbals Sound in Glasgow, with some footage taken from Abbey Road during the recording of the string sections. It was first published on the 5th February 2018.


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Loads of monitors.

Jim and Charlie at Gorbals Sound

Rehearsals for tour

Recording at Abbey Road

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Final shot